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Human Resources Manager Salary 2022 – Average HR Pay Scale in India

Human Resources Manager Salary

Wondering how much an HR earns in India? Well, here we have discussed about the latest Human Resources Manager Salary based on different aspects. On this page, you can grab complete info regarding Average HR Pay Scale, Annual HR Manager Salary in India based on skills, experience, location, etc. 

Whether it’s big or small corporation, Human Resources (HR) Manager Salary 2022 is impressive. Moreover, Human Resources Manager Salary ranges between ₹291k – ₹2m per year based on various factors.

HR Manager Salary In India Details:

The average HR Manager Pay Scale is ₹ 598,661 per year in India. Besides this, he also gets bonus, overtime pay & others. Human Resources Manager acts as valuable resource for corporation.

They are the ones who oversee department functions and manage employees of corporation. For more details for HR Salary, go through this page designed by team of www.recruitmentinboxx.com

Human Resources Manager Salary

Human Resources Manager Salary in India 2022:

Base Salary₹291k – ₹2m
Bonus₹10k – ₹234k
Profit Sharing₹980 – ₹253k
Commission₹7 – ₹103k
Total Pay₹297k – ₹2m

HR Manager Salary based on Experience:

Level Of ExperiencePay By Percentage
Entry Level47%
Early Career37%
Mid Career1%
Late Career43%

Human Resources Manager Salaries in Top Companies:

Company NameAverage Annual SalarySalary Range
Confidential₹ 8.3L₹ 4.3L – ₹ 14.8L
TCS₹ 12.2L₹ 6.4L – ₹ 16.0L
ICICI Bank₹ 14.1L₹ 4.8L – ₹ 21.0L
Mahindra & Mahindra₹ 10.4L₹ 2.4L – ₹ 20.0L
Cognizant₹ 16.3L₹ 8.0L – ₹ 21.5L
Reliance Industries₹ 10.9L₹ 5.6L – ₹ 19.0L
Wipro₹ 17.1L₹ 5.1L – ₹ 24.8L
HCL Technologies₹ 10.2L₹ 4.9L – ₹ 15.0L
Genpact₹ 10.9L₹ 8.0L – ₹ 14.0L
Reliance Retail₹ 8.1L₹ 4.8L – ₹ 12.9L
L&T₹ 14.7L₹ 5.0L – ₹ 20.0L
Maruti Suzuki₹ 7.3L₹ 2.3L – ₹ 22.5L
Reliance Jio₹ 9.9L₹ 5.3L – ₹ 14.1L
Tata Projects₹ 14.6L₹ 11.8L – ₹ 19.0L
HDFC Bank₹ 10.3L₹ 1.9L – ₹ 15.9L
TATA Steel₹ 16.0L₹ 11.0L – ₹ 20.0L
N+A₹ 7.3L₹ 3.0L – ₹ 14.0L
HDB Financial Services₹ 8.0L₹ 5.0L – ₹ 11.2L
Accenture₹ 16.2L₹ 4.0L – ₹ 26.5L
ICICI Lombard General Insurance Company₹ 7.6L₹ 4.9L – ₹ 10.6L

Skills That Affect Human Resources (HR) Manager Salaries:

Different skills can affect your salary. Below are the most popular skills and their effect on salary.

SkillsEffect on Salary
Employee Engagement107%
Team Management99%
Global Mobility76%
Vendor Management59%
Strategic Planning52%
ADP Payroll System43%
International Human Resources (HR)43%
Organizational Development39%
Training Program Development39%

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Human Resources (HR) Manager Salary In India:

Do HR managers make good money? Yes Human Resources Manager Pay Scale In India is attractive. Human Resources (HR) Manager earns an average of Rs 613,085 per year. On the basis of experience, they shift corporation & enjoy best career opportunities.

HR Manager Pay Scale:

HR Manager is responsible for planning, directing and coordinating administrative functions of corporation. Human Resources Manager Salary In India in ICICI Bank is Rs. 1,252,807/yr while Tata Consultancy Services offers Rs.1,091,506/- per year.

Well Known Corporations appointing HR professionals:

As per BLS reports, listed industries employee human resources managers

Local Government
Employment Services
Companies and Enterprises
Computer Systems Design

Careers concerning HR Manager:

  • Compensation and Benefits Manager
  • Administrative Services Manager
  • Labor Relations Specialist
  • Training and Development Manage
  • Compensation, Benefits, and Job Analysis Specialist
  • Human Resources Specialist
  • Top Executive

Human Resources (HR) Manager Job Description:

Human Resources Manager work for benefit of corporation. Their main aim is to lead company towards growth & prosperity.

  • Advise and coach managers on HR policies and programs
  • Administration of policies, procedures and HR programs
  • business planning and budget development
  • Prepares budget of human resources operations.
  • Manage daily departmental operations
  • Plan, manage and coordinate all human resources initiatives
  • Recruits, interviews, tests, and selects employees

Entry Level HR Jobs for Recent Graduates:

  • Human Resources Generalist
  • Human Resources Coordinator
  • Human Resources Recruiter
  • Human Resources Representative
  • Human Resources Specialist

Final Words:

Hope, you get all details for Human Resources (HR) Manager Salary in India 2022. You may bookmark our web portal for more updates for interesting articles.

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