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IGNOU Date Sheet 2022 for June TEE Exam Time Table @ignou.ac.in – Get PDF

IGNOU Date Sheet

Indira Gandhi National Open University has released the IGNOU Date Sheet 2022 for June Term End Examination (June TEE). Concerned students can get the complete IGNOU Time Table PDF for upcoming UG/PG/Diploma Exams from this page. The direct link to Download IGNOU June TEE Schedule is also available below in this page.

The IGNOU Date Sheet 2022 has been issued for the TEE Examinations scheduled to be conducted in the month of July 2022. Those who have successfully registered for upcoming University Exams can log on to the University’s official portal – ignou.ac.in for more details regarding the IGNOU Exam Schedule.

IGNOU June TEE Time Table PDF

This is a tentative Time Table and the University is expected to release the final dates in due course of time. The direct link to access IGNOU Exam Dates from the official website @ignou.ac.in shall be updated here soon after the official announcement.

We have also shared the step-wise instructions to download the IGNOU Time Table PDF from the official website in the below section of this article. To grab more details about IGNOU Date Sheet 2022 you need to explore this page completely which is well prepared by the  team of www.recruitmentinboxx.com.

Important Dates for IGNOU TEE June Exam 2022

Name of the EventDates
Exams begin for June TEE22-07-2022 (Friday)
Exams end05-09-2022 (Monday)
Practical Exam DateOctober – November 2022

IGNOU Date Sheet

Exam Timings:

  • Morning Session: 10 AM to 1 PM
  • Evening Session from 2 PM to 5 PM


MORNING( 10;00 AM TO 1;00 PM)EVENING (2;00 PM TO 5;00 PM)

22/07/2022 FRI

MAW001/ DECE01/ BNS041/ BPYC131/ BSOE144/MTT033/ MMPC014/ MIO005/ BECE002/ BHIC134/
23/07/2022 SATECO08/ BCOE108/ MFP04/DECE02/ BNS042/ MAW002/BMTE141 / BMTC131/CHE06/ BPY012/ MTT031/ BSOC134/ BHDE141/
25/07/2022 MONECO09/ MAW003/ DECE03/ BESC131 / BPCS187/MVA023/ MTT032/ BEGC134/ BHDE143/
26/07/2022 TUEMAW004/ BGDG172/ BEGG172/ BPAG172/ BPCG172 / BPYG172/BPSE212/ BPAG174/ BEGG174/ BPCG174/ BHDG174/ /
27/07/2022 WEDMER004/ TS06/ MTE08/ BECC132/BEGG171/ / BPAG171/ BPCG171/ BSOG171/ BABG171/ BPYG171/CHE04/ ESO14/ MVA020/ MMPC007/ MIO002/BPAG173/ BPCG173/ BHDG173/ BSOG173/ BEGG173/
28/07/2022 THUFST01/ BMTC132/ BPAS186/ BPCS188/ BEGS186/ BCOS186/MMPC013/ MIO004/ BPAC134/ BESC132/
29/07/2022 FRIMCO01/ MHD07/ MPSE03/ MSOE03/ MEC007/ MLIE101/ MGPE009/ MFN007/ MSWE010/ MES101/ MES111/ MES131/MES041/ MAE001/ MWG007/ MWG010/ MTT016/ MJM026/ MS07/ MS495/ MED007/ MLI007/ MSEI023/ MIP107/MEVE002/ MEDS005/ BCS051/ MPYE006/ MWR002/RBC005/ RCHE001/ RGGE103/ RGYE114/AED01/ BEG006/ BES017/ BFEE103/ BHC015/ BHME103/BNS031/ BNS115/ BPOI005/ BPOI105/BWEE004/ DCE05/CIT002/ MGY001/ MIR012/ MSW031 / MVE004/ BNRI104/BPVI034/ BRL010/ES344/ BPVI044/ BPVI023/ BHIC131/ BCOC133/ BGYCT133/ BTMC134/ BECC104/ BHIC103/ BPSC103/ BECE146/ BPCC112/ BPSC114/MEG07/ MPCE011/ MPCE021/ MPCE031/ MPA007/ MPA017/ MANE002/ MRDE101/ MCFT007/ MSW014/ MDE416/ MTM07/ MTTM07/ MEVE14/MDV105/ MGSE002/ MMT006/ MSTE002/ MSD017/ MBP007/ MCS22/ RANE102/RPCE105/RSOE004/AEC01/ BAB102/ / BSW042/ BSWE001/ MEV025/ TS07/ BSMA002/ OSEI044/BSSI015/BHT006/ ECO07/ BES142 /BPAC107/ BSOC107/ BANC108/ BBCCT115/ BEGC108/ BHDC108/ BPSC133/BGYCT137/BSOE142
30/07/2022 SATMED002/ MPYE015/ MS23/ MS43/ MS53/ MS63/ MS494/MFP05/ MES046/ MEDSE015/ MHA013/ RST004/ /ACC01/ BWEF002/ BPVI028/ BPVI038/ MDC001/MCS043/ TS01/ MVP004/ MCS214/ BLIE228/ ECO03/ PHE14/MEV18/MNM011/ BTH001/ MER008 / BSM012 / MRW001/BHDAE182/ BEGAE182/ BPSE146/
01/08/2022 MONMPSE013 / MSWE003/ MPYE014/ MS22/ MS42/ MS52/ MS62/MS425/ MES045/ MHA010/ MCO021/BNS106/ BPY007/ BWEE012/ BESE046/ CHE05/ CNCC01/BAPI007/ BLI011/BPSC131/ BGYCT131/ BCOE144/ BGGET141/ BHIC112/MEG16/ MTTM115/MTTM15/MTM15/ MMTE007/ MEDS044/ MCS042/MCS213/APM01/ BBHF/ BHDF101/ BPVI006/ BPVI015/ BLIE226/ BMAF001/ BSKF001/FAS01/ FBG01/ FEG02/ FGT01/ FKD01/ FML01/ FMT01/ FOR01/ FPB01/FTG01/ FTM01/ FUD01/ BSM008/BSOC108/ BANC110/ BEGC109/ BBCCT117/ BHDC109/ BPCC134/ BPSE141/
02/08/2022 TUEMS26/ MS46/ MS56/ MS66/ MGPE08/ MHA019/RST001/ BLII012/ATR01/ JMC02/MSK006/BWA001/ MDC002/BPAC131/ BZYCT131/ BGYET141/ BTMG171/BHIC113/BPSC113/ BPAE141/MCSE003/ MSW010/ MCS220/ CHE10/ BSW122/ BPC002/ BSM010/MNM012/ BTHI004/BCOC135/ / BPCC107/ BPAC108/ BSOC109/ / BEGC110/ BHDC110/BMTC133/
03/08/2022 WEDMPYE016/ MS24/ MS44/ MS54/ MS64/ MED008/ MES047/MHA014/ BNS107/ BPYE002/ MTE12/ BLII013/BHMCT103/ BHDC102/ BEGC102/ BBCCT103/ BSOC132/BGGET142/ BBCCT123/ BEGC112/ BHDC112/ BHMCT113/BSOE146 /MCS051/ TS02/ MCS215/ BLIE229/ LSE05/ BPVI007/ BPVI016/BSMA003/EPS11/BSW124/BANC133/ BCOC136/ BCHCT135/ BTMC135/ BECC106/ BHIC107/ BPSC109/BPCC108/
04/08/2022 THUMGP004/ MS29/ MS422/ MS58/ MS611/ MFP01/ MES048/MTE06/ MPYE007/MER001/ MSK004/ MDC003/ BLII014/BANC101/ BECC101/ BHIC101/ BPSC101/ BPCC101/BEGC101/ BHDC101/ BEGC111/ BHIC111/BPSC111/BPCC111/ BHIE145/MCS052/ TS03/ MCS218/ BSW123/ ECO14/ LSE09/ LSE12/ MMPC004/MNM013/ BTHI005/ BSM014 /BECC133/ BCOLA138/ BGGCT133/ BTMC136/ BPAC109/ BSOC110/BBCS183/
05/08/2022 FRIMPSE012/MEDSE046/ MSWE007/ MPYE013/ MS21/ MS41/MS51/ MS61/ MS424/ MFP03/ MEDS011/ MHA009/ MES034/RST002/ BFLI001/ BWEE008/ DNHE03/ MME005/ BNRI107/BPVI037/ CTE04/ CTE05/ BESE066/ CTE104/ CTE105/BPVI027/ BPHE106/ PHE06/ SSB003/BPHCT131/ BHIC104/ BPSC104/ BPCC103/ BPAC103/BSOC103/ BSOC112/ BEGC104/ BHIC114/ BPCC113/BPAC112/ BBYET141/ BPCG176/MEG15/ MTM14/ MTTM14/ MGSE020/ MMTE006/ MCS041/ MCS212/MMPC003/Group-2(EHD02/BHDE108/BEGE102/ /EHI02 / BPAE102/ ERD01/ BRDE101/MTE02/ BPY003/ BULE002/ BPC004/ )/BSM013 / BSWE003/ BHY001/ MVP003/ MEVE13/ BSW125/BHDLA137/ BEGLA137/ BBCCT111/ BSOE148/
06/08/2022 SATMS25/ MS45/ MS55/ MS65/ MGPE007/ MHA018/ MDC004/RST003/ RST006/ BNS108/ JMC01/ MTE10/ BPCE011/BPCE013/ BPCE018/ BPCE019/ BPCE021/BPCC104/ BPAC104/ BSOC104/ BSKC131/ BTMG172/BPCC114/ BPAC113/ BSOC113/ BMTE144/MCS053/ MCS219/BPVI008/ BPVI017/ BPY008/ PHE10/ TS04/ ECO02/ BSM009/MNM014/BBCCT119/ BCOC137/BGYCT135/ BHIC108/ BSOC133/ BHDE144/
08/08/2022 MONMCO03/ MHD09/ MHD13/ MHD17/ MHD21/ MPSE04/MSOE04/ MEC108 / MLIE102/ MGPE014/ MFN008/ MSW032MES102/ MAE002/ MPY002/ MTT017/ MJM027/ MS08/MSEI025/ MIP108/ MEVE003/ BCS052/ MES112/ MES132/MES042/ MEDS006/ REG101/BJM002/ BLE002/ BLE012/ BLE032/ BLE036/ BAL002/BAQ002/ BEDS002/ BEE002/ BES008/ BFE102/ BFLI002/BHC012/ BHM102/ BHT002/ BHT012/ BHT017/ BJLI002/BNS012/ BNS101/BNS201/ BPOI007/ BPR002/ CPI102/ DCE02/DTG002/ MACP001/ MACP002/ MAM002/ MCMM002/MCMM102/ CIT003/ MIR022/ MNR002/ MTT002/ OEE002/OEY002/ OLPI001/ BAPI003/ MTT005/ CDM02/ OAPI011/OVA001/ ES345/ NES102/ BLPI003/ MVEI013/ BCOA001/BHDLA136/ BEGLA136/ BSOG176 / BPHET141/ /MCFTE001/ MCFTE002/ MCFTE003/ MSW015/ MDE417/ MTM08/MTTM08/ MEVE15/ MDV108/ MGSE003/ MMT008/ MCS23/Group-4 /(EHD06/BHDE106/BEGE105/EPS07/EHI04/ EEC14/ BECE214/ EPA04/ BPAE104/ MTE09/ BPY006/ BSWE06/ BULE004/)/ BGL002/ BHY002/ BLI221/ BPEL011/ DHHM02/ MEV022/ BKL002/ BSW041/OUL003/ ONR003/ BHT007/ ORUL002/ BSM004/ BES143/ BSW126/ BPHCT137/ BPAC133//
10/08/2022 WEDMCO04/ MPSE05/ MEC009/ MEC109/ MLIE103/ MGP005/MFN009/ MSW007/ MES103/ MES113/ MES043/ MES133/MAE003/ MTT018/ MJM028/ MS09/ MSEI026/ MEVE004/MHD10/ MHD14/ MHD18/ MHD22/ MEDS008/ BCS053/MHA004/ MWR003/ RBC006/ CTE02/ CTE102/ BNRI105/BPVI035/ BPC005/ BRL012/ MVEI014/ PHE07/ ES334/BPVI045/ BPVI024/ BAPI006/BPCC131/ BCOC134/ BGGCT131/ BTMS185/ BPFT143/BPCE145/MEG09/ MHI08/ MPCE013/ MPCE023/ MPCE033/ MANE004/ MRDE003/MPA006/ MPA016/ MSW016/ MDE419/ MTM09/ MTTM09/ MEVE16/MDV110/ MGSE004/ MMT009/ MCS24/ MMPC001/ACS01/ BES144/RPCE106/ RSOE005/ MNM015/ MRW002/BPSE144/ BBCCT109/ BZYCT137/ BSKC134/
12/08/2022 FRIMCO05/ MPSE06/ MECE001/ MLIE104/ MGPE012/ MFN010/MSW008/ MES104/ MES114/ MES134/ MES044/ MPYE008/MTT019/ MJM029/ MS10/ MED004/ MSEI027/ MHD11/MHD15/ MHD19/ MHD23/BCS054/ REG102/ BLE003/ BLE013/ BLE033/ BLE037/BAQ003/ BEE003/ BEG004/ BES009/ BFEE101/ BFLI003/BHC013/ BHME101/ BJLI003/ BNS013/ BPR003/ CDM01/CPI103/ DCE03/ DTG003/ MACP003/ MACP004/ MAM003/MCMM003/ MCMM103/ MIR023/ MNRE015/ MTT003/OEY003/ OLPI002/ OVA002/ NES103/ OAPI012/BRL013/ES335/ BLP004/ MVE005/ BPHE104/ PHE04/ PHE05/BHIC132/ BZYET143/ BPAE144/MEG10/ MANE005/ MRDE004/ MTM10/ MTTM10/ MEVE17/ MDV111/MGSE006/ MMTE001/ MVP001/ MCS031/MHI09/MCS224/ BHY003/Group-3 ( EHD3/BEGE103/BEGE108/EHI03/EEC10/ EEC13/ EPS03/ EPS08/EPA03/ ESO13/ MTE07/ BPY005/ BSWE05/ BULE03/ BPC06)/ BES126/BEDS003/ BGL003/ BPEL012/ DHHM03/ MEV023/ MHY042/ BPVI001/BPVI018/BUDC134/ BHIE142/

Press Here for IGNOU TEE June Date Sheet 

How to Download IGNOU Time Table June 2022?

To download IGNOU Date Sheet you need to follow the below given steps, please have a look..!!

  • You are required to visit the official website of the Indira Gandhi National Open University that is www.ignou.ac.in to get the IGNOU Exam Date Sheet June 2022.
  • From home page only students will be finding the link as “Tentative Date Sheet for conduct of June 2022 Term End Examination” as available in the middle of the home page for IGNOU Exam Schedule or IGNOU UG Exam Dates.
  • Within few seconds, the Date Sheet PDF will be displayed on your computer screen.
  • At last students must download IGNOU UG/PG/Diploma Time Table on your desktop screen.
  • Retain a printout of IGNOU Time Table June to start preparation.

Also Check Here: IGNOU Study Material

Who will get permission to attend IGNOU June Exam 2022?

Candidates are advised to follow the conditions given below to get permission for appearing in the examination:

  • The registration of candidates for these courses must be valid and not time barred
  • Candidates are suggested to submit required number of assignments in the courses by due date and students must have completed the minimum time to pursue these courses as per the provision of their programme.
  • Must pay examination fee as per courses
  • In the case of non-compliance of any of the above conditions, the IGNOU June Exam Result of all such courses will not be declared.

Press Here To Check IGNOU Official Website

Final Words:

Get the complete details about IGNOU Date Sheet 2022 from this page, for more updates about the IGNOU UG Time Table you may check the Official Link.

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