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IGNOU MCA Syllabus 2023-24 Updated PDF For 1st–6th Sem – Download

IGNOU MCA Syllabus

Download the Updated IGNOU MCA Syllabus PDF for 1st–6th Semester Examination Online !! Applying students for IGNOU Master of Computer Applications Program are suggested to check IGNOU MCA Semester Syllabus for the academic year 2023 – 2024.

With the help of Latest MCA Entrance Syllabus you may be updated with the topics from which questions will be asked in the examination. You may check Code Wise Syllabus of Indira Gandhi National Open University directly from this page easily.

IGNOU MCA Semester Syllabus – Download Here

Candidates can download MCA Syllabus 1st Sem to 6th Sem directly from the official site of Indira Gandhi National Open University while they may hit the direct link to download Syllabus PDFs For MCA which is available here. For obtaining Updated Master of Computer Applications Syllabus or downloading IGNOU MCA Syllabus 2019 Updated PDF For 1st–6th Sem you need to scroll this web page which is well designed by the team of www.recruitmentinboxx.com

IGNOU MCA Syllabus

IGNOU Syllabus For MCA 1st and 2nd semester:

Course CodeTitle of the Course
IGNOU MCA 1 Sem Syllabus
MCS11Problem Solving and Programming
MCS12Computer Organization and Assembly Language Programming
MCS13Discrete Mathematics
MCS14Systems Analysis and Design
MCS15Communication Skills
MCSL16Internet Concepts and Web Design
MCSL17C and Assembly Language Programming Lab
IGNOU MCA Syllabus 2nd Sem
MCS21Data and File Structures and Programming
MCS22Operating System Concepts and Networking Management
MCS23Introduction to Database Management Systems
MCS24Object Oriented Technologies and Java Programming
MCSL25Lab (based on MCS-021, 022, 023 and 024)

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MCA Syllabus for 3rd & 4th Semester:

Course CodeTitle of the Course
3rd Sem Syllabus
MCS31Design and Analysis of Algorithms
MCS32Object Oriented Analysis and Design
MCS33Advanced Discrete Mathematics
MCS34Software Engineering
MCS35Accountancy and Financial Management
MCSL36Lab (based on MCS-032, 034 and 035)
4th Sem Syllabus
MCS41Operating Systems
MCS42Data Communication and Computer Networks
MCS43Advanced Database Mathematics Management Systems
MCS44Mini Project
MCSL45Lab (UNIX and Oracle)

IGNOU MCA Syllabus for 5th & 6TH Semester:

Course CodeTitle of the Course
5th Sem Syllabus
MCS51Advanced Internet Technologies
MCS52Principles of Management and Information systems
MCS53Computer Graphics and Multimedia
MCSL54Lab (based on MCS-051 and 053)
MCSE3Artificial Intelligence and Knowledge Management
MCSE4Numerical and Statistical Computing
MCSE11Parallel Computing
6th Sem Syllabus


IGNOU University MCA Syllabus 2019

BLOCK 1: An Introduction to C

Unit 1: Problem Solving

  • Problem – Solving Techniques
  • Steps for Problem – Solving
  • Using Computer as a Problem-Solving Tool
  • Design of Algorithms
  • Definition
  • Features of Algorithm
  • Criteria to be followed by an Algorithm
  • Top Down Design
  • Analysis of Algorithm Efficiency
  • Redundant Computations
  • Referencing Array Elements
  • Inefficiency Due to Late Termination o Early Detection of Desired Output
  • Condition
  • Trading Storage for Efficient Gains
  • Analysis of Algorithm Complexity
  • Computational Complexity o The Order of Notation
  • Rules for using the Big – O Notation o Worst and Average Case Behavior
  • Flowcharts
  • Basic Symbols used in Flowchart Design

Unit 2: Basics of C

  • What is a Program and what is a Programming Language?
  • Character Constants
  • String Constants
  • Symbolic Constants
  • C Language
  • History of C
  • Salient Features of C
  • Structure of a C Program
  • A Simple C Program
  • Writing a C Program
  • Compiling a C Program
  • The C Compiler
  • Syntax and Semantic Errors
  • Link and Run the C Program
  • Run the C Program through the Menu
  • Run from an Executable File
  • Linker Errors
  • Logical and Runtime Errors
  • Diagrammatic Representation of Program Execution Process

Unit 3: Variables and Constants

  • Character Set
  • Identifiers and Keywords
  • Rules for Forming Identifiers
  • Keywords
  • Data Types and Storage Data Type Qualifiers Variables
  • Declaring Variables Initialising Variables
  • Constants
  • Integer Constants
  • Floating Point Constants
  • Built-in String Functions and Applications
  • Strlen Function
  • Strcpy Function
  • Strcmp Function
  • Strcat Function
  • Strlwr Function
  • Strrev Function
  • Strspn Function
  • Other String Functions

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BLOCK 2: Control Statements, Arrays and Functions

Unit 5: Decision and Loop Control Statements

  • Decision Control Statements
  • The if Statement
  • The switch Statement
  • Loop Control Statements
  • The while Loop
  • The do-while Statement
  • The for Loop
  • The Nested Loop
  • The Goto Statement
  • The Break Statement
  • The Continue Statement

Unit 6: Arrays

  • Array Declaration
  • Syntax of Array Declaration o Size Specification
  • Initialization of Array Elements in the Declaration
  • Character Array Initialization Subscript
  • Processing the Arrays
  • Multi-Dimensional Arrays
  • Multi-Dimensional Array Declaration
  • Initialization of Two-Dimensional Arrays

Unit 7: Strings

  • Declaration and Initialization of Strings
  • Display of Strings Using Different
  • Formatting Techniques
  • Array of Strings
  • define to Create Functional Macros Reading from Other Files using # include
  • Conditional Selection of Code using #ifdef
  • Using #ifdef for different computertypes
  • Using #ifdef to temporarily remove program statements
  • Other Preprocessor Commands
  • Predefined Names Defined by Preprocessor Macros vs Functions

Unit 8: Functions

  • Definition of a Function
  • Declaration of a Function
  • Function Prototypes
  • The Return Statement
  • Types of Variables and Storage Classes
  • Automatic Variables o External Variables o Static Variables
  • Register Variables Types of Function Invoking Call by Value
  • Recursion

Block 3: Structures, Pointers and File Handling

Unit 9: Structures and Unions

  • Declaration of Structures
  • Accessing the Members of a Structure
  • Initializing Structures
  • Structures as Function Arguments
  • Structures and Arrays
  • Unions
  • Initializing an Union
  • Accessing the Members of an Union

Unit 10: Pointers

  • Pointers and their Characteristics Address and Indirection Operators Pointer Type Declaration and Assignment
  • Pointer to a Pointer
  • Null Pointer Assignment
  • Pointer Arithmetic
  • Passing Pointers to Functions
  • A Function Returning More than One Value
  • Function Returning a Pointer Arrays and Pointer
  • Array of Pointers Pointers and Strings

Unit 11: The C Preprocessor

  • # define to Implement Constants
  • Open a file using the function fopen ( )
  • Close a file using the function fclose( )
  • Input and Output using file pointers
  • Character Input and Output in Files o String Input / Output Functions
  • Formatted Input / Output Functions o Block Input / Output Functions Sequential Vs Random Access Files Positioning the File Pointer
  • The Unbufferred I/O – The UNIX like File Routines

Unit 12: Files

File Handling in C Using File Pointers Included in IGNOU MCA Revised Syllabus

Press Here For IGNOU MCA Syllabus PDF Download

Steps To Download IGNOU MCA Syllabus 2019 PDF:

Students who are studying under this university and going to appear master of computer application form exam they may follow the below some steps which are indicated below:­

  • First of all you need to log on the official website of the university that is ignou.ac.in
  • On the home page you have to move your cursor to the “About IGNOU” section and hit on the “School of Studies” link.
  • On the next page students need to press on the “School of Computer and Information Sciences” (SOCIS) link.
  • After that you have to select the “Programmes” section and select the “Master of Computer Applications (MCA)” link.
  • After hitting the above link you have to select the Programme Guide link for downloading MCA Syllabus In IGNOU.
  • Now IGNOU MCA Course Syllabus will be shown on your screen in pdf format.
  • You need to read the complete IGNOU MCA New Syllabus carefully and IGNOU MCA Syllabus Download and also take a print out for exam preparation.

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