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IPU BCA Syllabus 2019 (1st to 6th Sem) – Topic Wise Complete Details

IPU BCA Syllabus

Download Updated IPU BCA Syllabus from here!!! Those students who have dream to get admission in Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University to complete their Bachelor of Computer Application have to qualify Common Entrance Test (CET).

For this, IPU BCA Syllabus 2019 from 1st Semester to 6th Semester with complete details can help them to acknowledge the each and every topic from which questions will be asked in the exam. Appearing contenders in the IPU CET 2019 Exam can Download GGSIPU BCA Syllabi Online PDF Semester Wise directly from the official by following some common guidelines given here.

IPU Bachelor of Computer Application Exam

Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University BCA Course includes studying computer applications such as software, hardware and other related matter. Here students can find all the basic particulars and Semester Wise Detailed BCA Course Syllabus for preparation of the entrance.

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IPU BCA Syllabus

Bachelor of Computer Applications First Semester Examination

Code No Paper L T/P Credits
BCA 101Mathematics – I 3 1 4
BCA 103Business Communication 3 0 3
BCA 105Programming with C 3 1 4
BCA 107Fundamentals of Information Technology 3 1 4
BCA 109 PRACTICALSBasics of Physics 3 1 4
BCA 151Practical – I 0 12 6
BCA 153General Proficiency – I 2 0 2
Total 17 16 27

Bachelor of Computer Applications Second Semester Examination

Code NoPaper L T/P Credits
BCA 102Mathematics – II 3 1 4
BCA 104Business Organization &


 3 0 3
BCA 106Digital Electronics 3 1 4
BCA 108Data Structures using C 3 1 4
BCA 110Database Management


 3 1 4
BCA 152Practical – II 0 12 6
BCA 154General Proficiency – II 2 0 2
Total 17 16 27

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Bachelor of Computer Applications Third Semester Examination

Code NoPaper L T/P Credits
BCA 201Mathematics – III 3 1 4
BCA 203Computer Architecture 3 0 3
BCA 205Front End Design Tools 3 1 4
BCA 207Financial Accounting 3 1 4
BCA 209Object Oriented Programming 3 1 4
BCA 251Practical – III 0 12 6
BCA 253General Proficiency – III 2 0 2
Total 17 16 27

Bachelor of Computer Applications Fourth Semester Examination

Code No.PaperLT/PCredits
BCA 202Mathematics – IV314
BCA 204Software Engineering314
BCA 206Java Programming & Website Design314
BCA 208Operating Systems314
BCA 210Business Economics314
BCA 252Practical – IV084
BCA 254*General Proficiency – IV202

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Bachelor of Computer Applications Fifth Semester Examination

Code No.PaperLT/PCredit
BCA 301Computer Networks314
BCA 303.net Programming314
BCA 305Linux Environment314
ELECTIVES (select any One)
BCA 307E-Commerce314
BCA 309Design and Analysis of Algorithms314
BCA 311Computer network Security314
BCA 351Practical –V084
BCA353*Summer Project/Training002
BCA 355Minor Project84
BCA 357**Seminar202

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Bachelor of Computer Applications Sixth Semester Examination

Code No.PaperLT/PCredits
BCA 302Management Information Systems314
BCA 304Mobile Computing314
BCA 306Computer Graphics & Multimedia Applications314
ELECTIVES (select any One)
BCA 308Internet Programming314
BCA 310Knowledge Management

&New Economy

BCA 312Artificial Intelligence314
BCA 352Practical –VI084
BCA 354Major Project105

IPU BCA Syllabus 2019 Mathematics

  • Unit- I

Determinants: Definition, Minors, Cofactors, Properties of Determinants

Matrices: Definition, Types of Matrices, Addition, Subtraction, Scalar Multiplication and Multiplication of Matrices, Adjoint, Inverse, Cramers Rule, Rank of Matrix Dependence of Vectors, Eigen – Vectors of a Matrix, Caley-Hamilton Theorem

  • Unit- II

Limits & Continuity: Limit at a Point, Properties of Limit, Computation of Limits of Various Types of Functions, Continuity at a Point, Continuity Over an Interval, Intermediate Value Theorem, Type of Discontinuities.

  • Unit-III

Differentiation: Derivative, Derivatives of Sum, Differences, Product & quotients, Chain Rule, Derivatives of Composite Functions, Logarithmic Differentiation, Rolle’s Theorem, Mean Value Theorem, Expansion of Functions (Maclaurin’s & Taylor’s), Indeterminate Forms, L’ Hospitals Rule, Maxima & Minima, Asymptote, Successive Differentiation & Liebnitz Theorem.

  • Unit- IV

Integration: Integral as Limit of Sum, Riemann Sum, Fundamental Theorem of Calculus, Indefinite Integrals, Methods of Integration Substitution, By Parts, Partial Fractions, Integration of Algebraic and transcedental Functions, Reduction Formulae for Trigonometric Functions, Gamma and Beta Functions.

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IPU BCA Syllabus 2019 Business Communication

  • UNIT-I

Concepts and Fundamentals: Meaning of communication, Importance of communication, Communication scope, Process of communication, Communication models and theories, Essentials of good communication – The seven Cs of communication, Factors responsible for growing importance of communication, Channels of communication, Verbal and Non-Verbal communication, Formal and Informal communication, Barriers of communication


Written Communication: Objectives of written Communication, Media of written communication, Merits and demerits of written communication, Planning business messages.

Writing Letters: Business letters, Office memorandum, Good news and bad news letters, Persuasive letters, Sales letters, Letter styles/ layout

Report Writing: Meaning & Definition, Types of report (Business report & Academic report), Format of report, Drafting the report, Layout of the report, Essential requirement of good report writing.

Language Skills: Improving command in English, Choice of words, Common problems with verbs, adjectives, adverbs, pronouns, conjunctions, punctuation, prefix, suffix etc

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Oral Communication: Principles of effective oral communication, Media of oral communication, Advantages of oral communication, Disadvantages of oral communication, Styles of oral communication.

Interviews: Meaning & Purpose, Art of interviewing, Types of interview, Interview styles, Essential Features, Structure, Guidelines for Interviewer, Guide lines for interviewee.

Meetings: Definition, Kind of meetings, Advantages and disadvantages of meetings/ committees, Planning and organization of meetings.

Job Application: Types of application, Form & Content of an application, drafting the application, Preparation of resume.

Project Presentations: Advantages & Disadvantages, Executive Summary, Charts, Distribution of time (presentation, questions & answers, summing up), Visual presentation, Guidelines for using visual aids, Electronic media (power-point presentation).

Arts of Listening: Good listening for improved communications, Art of listening, Meaning, nature and importance of listening, Principles of good listening, Barriers in listening


Business Negotiation: Definition of negotiation, Factors that can influence negotiation, what skills do we need to negotiate, Negotiation process (preparation, proposals, discussions, bargaining, agreement, implementation).

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IPU BCA Entrance Syllabus

BCA IPU Syllabus 2019 General Awareness

Computer BasicsOrganization of Computer
Central Processing Unit (CPU)Structure of instructions in CPU
Input / output devicesComputer Memory
Memory OrganizationBack-up devices

Syllabus BCA IPU 2019 English

Reading ComprehensionSentence Jumble
Sentence ImprovementSubject Verb Agreement
Sentence completionWord Usage
SynoymsIdioms and Pharses
Cloze TestAntonym
ConfusablesMigratory Words
Phrasal Verbs—-

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IPU Syllabus BCA 2019 General Knowledge and Current Affairs:

Politics Banking and FinanceBusiness
SportsInstitutions of India
Defence & SpaceIndian Judiciary
Awards & HonoursLiterature
EconomicsIndian Constitution
International RelationsScience and Technology
MoviesWho’s who
Indian IndustriesIndian Agriculture
Current AffairsHistory

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IPU CET BCA Syllabus 2019 Quantitative Ability

Data interpretationsData Sufficiency
Profit, Loss and DiscountPercentage
PartnershipPipes and Cisterns
Time and WorkTime, Speed
and Distance
Ratio & ProportionAverages
Alligation and MixtureCircular Track &
Compound interestRelative speed
Simple InterestAngles, lines
Properties of CirclesArea and Volume of
2D and 3D figures
BODMAS/SimplificationQuadratic equations
Number SystemProbability
LCM and HCFPermutation and Combination
Height and DistanceLogarithm
Linear EquationIndices
Arithmetic and
Geometric Progression
Set Theory &
Venn Diagram
Geometry and MensurationProperties of Quadrilaterals
Properties of Triangles

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Procedure to Download GGSIPU BCA Syllabi Online PDF Sem. Wise 2019

Students can download IPU BCA Syllabus 2019 by going through the following guidelines in appropriate manner.

  • Subsequently, students are required to visit to the official website of the organization that is ipu.ac.in to get IPU BCA Syllabus PDF.
  • Move your cursor towards the menu bar at the “Academics” section and hit the “scheme/ Syllabus” link FOR IPU BCA Syllabus.
  • Now various links of IPU BCA Syllabus 2019 will be shown at your computer screen.
  • You need to hit the appropriate link of BCA Syllabus IPU 2019.
  • Then “Bachelor of Computer Applications PDF” will be shown at your computer screen.
  • Download Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University (GGSIPU) BCA Syllabus 2019 or take a print out of Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University Syllabus 2019.
  • Keep Syllabus of Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University BCA 2019 safely for the exam purpose.

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Final Words!!

IPU BCA Syllabus 2019 can be downloaded by the contenders with the help of above mentioned direct link easily. Candidates can stay in touch with our portal www.recruitmentinboxx.com by subscribing our free email service for latest updates details directly on your timeline.

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