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IPU CET Sample Papers 2019 | IP University CET Previous Year Exam Papers

IPU CET Sample Papers

Candidates who are preparing for the Indraprastha University Common Entrance Test must download the IPU CET Sample Papers 2019. By going through the IP University CET Previous Year Exam Papers, candidates will be able to know about the paper pattern and start their preparation accordingly.

IPU CET Sample Papers 2019 Available Here!!

With the help of IP University CET Sample Papers, candidates will be able to know about the important topics and concepts for the IPU Entrance Exam and prepare according to it. You will also be able to improve your speed, accuracy and time management skills by regularly practicing the IPU CET Previous Year Papers.

IP University Entrance Exam Sample Papers

Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University conducts CET exam for admission in various courses like B.Tech, BBA, LLB, MCA, M.Tech, LLM etc. IP University CET Exam is going to be conducted in the month of May 2019.

Through IPU CET Question Paper, candidates will be able to know about details of different sections of the paper, marking pattern, the total number of questions etc. For more information about the IPU CET Sample Papers 2019, keep reading this page of www.recruitmentinboxx.com

IPU CET Sample Papers 2019

IPU CET Previous Year Exam Papers

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 IP University Previous Year Question

Ques1. The working principle of a washing machine is

  1. reverse osmosis
  2. diffusion
  3. centrifugation
  4. dialysis

Answer: centrifugation       

Ques2. Nuclear sizes are expressed in a unit named

  1. Fermi
  2. Angstrom
  3. Newton
  4. Tesla

Answer: Fermi        

Ques3. The speed of light will be minimum while passing through

  1. Water
  2. vaccum
  3. air
  4. glass

Answer: glass

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Ques4. Which of the following is not a vector quantity?

  1. speed
  2. velocity
  3. torque
  4. displacement

Answer: speed

Ques5. Two electric bulbs marked 25W – 220V and 100W – 220V are connected in series to a 440Vsupply. Which of the bulbs will fuse?

  1. 25 W
  2. Both
  3. 100 W
  4. Neither

Answer: 25W

Ques6. Rain drops acquire spherical shape due to

  1. viscosity
  2. surface tension
  3. friction
  4. elasticity

Answer: surface tension

Ques7. The nucleus of an atom consists of

  1. electrons and neutrons
  2. electrons and protons
  3. protons and neutrons
  4. All of the above

Answer: protons and neutrons

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Ques8. The number of moles of solute present in 1 kg of a solvent is called its

  1. molality
  2. molarity
  3. normality
  4. formality

Answer: molality

Ques9. The most electronegative element among the following is

  1. sodium
  2. bromine
  3. fluorine
  4. oxygen

Answer: fluorine

Ques10. The number of d-electrons in Fe2+ (Z = 26) is not equal to that of

  1. p-electrons in Ne(Z = 10)
  2. s-electrons in Mg(Z = 12)
  3. d-electrons in Fe(Z = 26)
  4. p-electrons in CI(Z = 17)

Answer: p-electrons in CI(Z = 17)

Ques11. The metallurgical process in which a metal is obtained in a fused state is called

  1. smelting
  2. roasting
  3. calcinations
  4. froth floatation

Answer: smelting

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Ques12. The molecules of which gas have highest speed?

  1. H2 at -73oC
  2. CH4 at 300 K
  3. N2 at 1,027oC
  4. O2 at 0oC

Answer: H2 at -73oC

Ques13. The law which states that the amount of gas dissolved in a liquid is proportional to its partial pressure is

  1. Dalton’s law
  2. Gay Lussac’s law
  3. Henry’s law
  4. Raoult’s law

Answer: Henry’s law

Ques14. The main buffer system of the human blood is

  1. H2CO3 – HCO3
  2. H2CO3 – CO32-
  3. CH3COOH – CH3COO-
  4. NH2CONH2 – NH2CONH+

Answer: H2CO3 – HCO3

Ques15. The gas present in the stratosphere which filters out some of the sun’s ultraviolet light and provides an effective shield against radiation damage to living things is

  1. helium
  2. ozone
  3. oxygen
  4. methane

Answer: ozone

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IPU CET Exam Pattern

  • Exam mode: IPU CET is offline mode (OMR) based exam.
  • Language: IPU Common Entrance Test is conducted in the English language.
  • Number of Questions: All CETs contains 150 questions (except B.Tech Biotechnology which contains 200 questions. The paper-1 of M.Phil contains 100 objective type questions).
  • The medium of Question Paper: The medium of question paper is English (Except B.Ed for which paper medium is English as well as Hindi).
  • Time Duration: The paper for Indraprastha University CET is of 2:30 hours and of 3hr for B-tech
  • Marking /filling OMR Material: Only black ball pen will be allowed.
  • Marks: 4 marks for every right answer and 1 mark of negative marking for every wrong answer.

Download Here: IPU CET Previous Year Papers

Final Note

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