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KIITEE Question Paper 2019 Download Latest Sample Papers, Mock Test

KIITEE Question Paper 2019

The best way to prepare for any Examination is previous year question papers. Students who are preparing for upcoming KIITEE 2019 Exam can start their preparation from KIITEE Question Paper with Answers as mentioned below.

You can download Latest KIITEE Sample Papers of last year’s such as 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010 and 2009 from below part of this page. KIITEE Mock Test Paper will help you to prepare well for examination. You can know the difficulty level of exam and pattern of questions through KIITEE Sample Papers.

Download KIITEE Previous Year Question Papers:

Try to solve all questions as mentioned in KIITEE Question Paper 2019. By practicing Latest Sample Papers you will take less time in solving questions at time of KIITEE exam.

We, the team of www.recruitmentinboxx.com, are providing other details about KIITEE Question Paper 2019 right here. You may prepare well for your examination by going through the KIITEE Mock Test Paper with Answers available here.

KIITEE Question Paper

KIITEE 2019 Exam Dates:

EventKIITEE 2019 Dates
Last date to download KIITEE admit card05-04-2019
KIITEE 2019 Exam Date15-04-2019 to 24-04-2019
Declaration of KIITEE Result30-04-2019 
Commencement of KIITEE Counselling Process05-05-2019 

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KIITEE Question Paper

Download Official PDF of KIITEE Previous Year Question Paper of 2019

B.Tech.(4 Years)


Biotechnology-Dual Degree(B.Tech & M.Tech)- Maths/Biology


B.Sc Nursing:


M.TECH.(2 Years):



Part-2 (Electrical)
Part-2 (Civil)
Part-2 (ETC)
Part-2 (Mechanical)
Part-2 (CSE)
Part-2 (Physics)
Part-2 (Chemistry)
Part-2 (Mathematics)
Part-2 (English)
Part-2 (Biotech)
Part-2 (Economics)
Part-2 (Law)
Part-2 (Management)
Part-2 (Rual Management)
Part-2 (Sociology)

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Integrated LLB, BBA ,BCA, Bachelor of Design(Fashion/Textile), BFTP, Master of Mass Communication(Integrated)
MCA(3 Years)
MSc. Nursing

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KIITEE Question Paper With Answers

Question 1: Decision support programs are designed to help managers make:

  1. budget projections
  2. visual presentations
  3. business decisions
  4. vacation schedules

Answer: 3

Question 2: A alone can do a piece of work in 6 days and B alone in 8 days. A and B undertook to do it for Rs. 3200. With the help of C, they completed work in 3 days. How much is to be paid to C?

  1. 375
  2. 600
  3. 400
  4. 800

Answer: 3

Question 3: In first 10 overs of a cricket game, run rate was only 3.2. What should be run rate in remaining 40 overs to reach target of 282 runs?

  1. 25
  2. 5
  3. 75
  4. 7

Answer: 1

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Question 4: What stage of manufacturing process has been described as “the mapping of function onto form”?

  1. Design
  2. Distribution
  3. project management
  4. field service

Answer: 1

Question 5: What was originally called the “imitation game” by its creator?

  1. LISP
  2. The Turing Test
  3. The Logic Theorist
  4. Cybernetics

Answer: 2

Question 6: How many seconds will a 500 metre long train take to cross a man walking with a speed of 3 km/hr in direction of moving train if speed of train is 63 km/hr?

  1. 25
  2. 30
  3. 40
  4. 45

Answer: 2

Question 7: Two goods train each 500 m long, are running in opposite directions on parallel tracks. Their speeds are 45 km / hr and 30 km/hr respectively. Find time taken by slower train to pass driver of faster one.

  1. 12 sec
  2. 24 sec
  3. 48 sec
  4. 60 sec

Answer: 2

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Question 8: What is term used for describing the judgmental or commonsense part of problem solving?

  1. Heuristic
  2. Critical
  3. Value based
  4. Analytical

Answer: 1

Question 9: A grocer has a sale of Rs. 6435, Rs. 6927, Rs. 6855, Rs. 7230 and Rs. 6562 for 5 consecutive months. How much sale must he have in sixth month so that he gets an average sale of Rs. 6500?

  1. 6991
  2. 5991
  3. 6001
  4. 4991

Answer: 4

Question 10: Which kind of planning consists of successive representations of different levels of a plan?

  1. project planning
  2. non-hierarchical planning
  3. hierarchical planning
  4. All of the above

Answer: 3

Question 11: When NT Rama Rao become the first chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh

  1. 1978
  2. 1983
  3. 1985
  4. 1992

Answer: 2

Question 12: Total number of districts in Andhra Pradesh

  1. 10
  2. 12
  3. 13
  4. 17

Answer: 3

Question 13: Which one is the largest district by area wise in Andhra Pradesh

  1. Kurnool
  2. Anantapur
  3. Kadapa
  4. Nellore

Answer: 2 

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Question 14:  Who is the first sportsperson to received Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna award from Andhra Pradesh

  1. Pullela Gopichand
  2. Karnam Malleswari
  3. Saina Nehwal
  4. Sania Mirza

Answer: 2  

Question 15:  In which district, the Tirumala Venkateswara Temple is located

  1. Chittoor
  2. Krishna
  3. Kurnool
  4. Vizianagaram

Answer: 1 

Question 16: Before Hyderabad was made capital in 1956, which city was the capital of Andhra Pradesh?

  1. Warangal
  2. Vijayawada
  3. Visakhapatnam
  4. Kurnool

Answer: 4  

Question 17:  Who is not in the group known as Kavitraya (three great poets) of Telugu literature

  1. Nannaya
  2. Tikanna
  3. Yerrapragada
  4. Pothana

Answer: 4

Question 18:  Who was the first person to translate the Mahabharata into Telugu language

  1. Pothana
  2. Tikkana
  3. Nannayya
  4. Vemana

Answer: 3

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Question 19:  Which one was the first dynasty to rule Vijayanagara Empire

  1. Tuluva dynasty
  2. Saluva dynasty
  3. Sangama dynasty
  4. Aravidu dynasty

Answer: 3   

Question 20:  Which one is the only constituency from where NT Rama Rao defeated in assembly election

  1. Kalwakurthy
  2. Hindupur
  3. Tekkali
  4. Nalgonda

Answer: 1

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