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MHT CET Sample Papers 2019 | Download – Previous Year PDF Solved Papers

MHT CET Sample Papers

For preparation of Maharashtra Common Entrance Test, candidates must check out the MHT CET Sample Papers 2019. Along with it, candidates can also download the MHT CET Previous Year Solved Papers PDF from this page.

By referring the MHT CET Sample Papers, candidates can get an idea about the important topics and questions that are asked in exam. By regularly practicing the MHT CET Solved Papers you will be able to improve your speed, accuracy and time management skills.

MHT CET Solved Question Papers

DTE Maharashtra is going to conduct the MHT CET 2019 in second week of May in offline mode. Every year MHT CET is held to give admission in various B.Tech programmes. Candidates can increase their chances of admission by seriously preparing for the MHT CET and covering all the important topics.

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MHT CET Sample Papers 2019

S.NoYear of the ExaminationSubjectsPaper CodeDownload Links
1MHT CET 2017Physics & ChemistryPaper Code 11Get Here
Paper Code 33Get Here
MathematicsPaper Code 11Get Here
Paper Code 44Get Here
2MHT CET 2016Physics & ChemistryPaper Code 11Get Here
Paper Code 22Get Here
Paper Code 33Get Here
Paper Code 44Get Here
MathematicsPaper Code 11Get Here
Paper Code 22Get Here
Paper Code 33Get Here
Paper Code 44Get Here

MHT CET Exam Pattern

PaperSubjectNo. of Questions from Class XINo. of Questions from Class XIIMarks Per QuestionsTotal Marks

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MHT CET Question Papers

MHT CET Important Questions

Candidates can practice through the below given important questions based on MHT CET Sample Papers 2019:

Ques1. The gas equation PV = constant is true for a constant mass of an ideal gas undergoing

  1. Isothermal change
  2. Adiabatic change
  3. Isobaric change
  4. Any type of change

Answer: Any type of change

Ques2. Gyromagnetic ratio is a ratio of magnetic dipole moment to

  1. mass of electron.
  2. momentum of electron.
  3. radius of electron.
  4. angular momentum of electron.

Answer: angular momentum of electron

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Ques3. 19 Lenz’s law gives

  1. the magnitude of the induced e.m.f.
  2. the direction of the induced current.
  3. both the magnitude and direction of the induced current.
  4. the magnitude of the induced current

Answer: the magnitude of the induced current

Ques4. When a body moves with a constant speed along a circle,

  1. no work is done on it.
  2. no acceleration is produced in the body.
  3. no force acts on the body.
  4. its velocity remains constant.

Answer: no force acts on the body

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Ques5. The graph between restoring force and time in case of S.H.M is

  1. a straight line
  2. a circle
  3. a parabola
  4. a sine curve

Answer: a sine curve

Ques6. The moment of inertia of a body does not depend upon

  1. the mass of the body.
  2. the distribution of the mass in the body.
  3. the axis of rotation of the body
  4. the angular velocity of the body.

Answer: the mass of the body

Ques7. The first line of Balmer series has wavelength 6563 Å. What will be the wavelength of the first member of Lyman series?

  1. 4 Å
  2. 2500 Å
  3. 7500 Å
  4. 600 Å

Answer: 1215.4 Å

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Ques8. In the linear packing arrangement in one dimension, the coordination number  is

  1. 1
  2. 2
  3. 3
  4. 4

Answer: 4

Ques9. An alkyl halide may be converted into an alcohol by        .

  1. addition
  2. substitution
  3. dehydrohalogenation
  4. elimination

Answer: addition

Ques10. C3H9N represents   .

  1. primary amine
  2. secondary amine
  3. tertiary amine
  4. all of these

Answer: tertiary amine

Ques11. Chemical reaction taking place at cathode is

  1. reduction
  2. oxidation
  3. ionization
  4. dissociation

Answer: oxidation

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Ques12. The oxidation state of oxygen in H2O2 is

  1. +1
  2. 0
  3. –1
  4. –2

Answer: -1

Ques13. Which of the following property is NOT expected to be shown by copper?

  1. High thermal conductivity
  2. Low electrical conductivity
  3. Ductility
  4. Malleability

Answer: Low electrical conductivity

Ques14. Amine that CANNOT be prepared by Gabriel phthalimide synthesis is   .

  1. Aniline
  2. Benzylamine
  3. Methylamine
  4. iso-Butylamine

Answer: iso-Butylamine

Ques15. The IUPAC name of Fe(CO)5 is     .

  1. pentacarbonylferrate (0)
  2. pentacarbonylferrate (III)
  3. pentacarbonyliron (0)
  4. pentacarbonyliron (II)

Answer: pentacarbonylferrate (0)

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Benefits of MHT CET Sample Papers 2019

MHT CET Sample Papers 2019 are based on latest Maharashtra Common Entrance Test syllabus prescribed by the DTE Maharashtra. All the previous year questions and important topic are covered in it. Candidates can get familiarize with the latest exam pattern. You can know about your weak points and focus on improving in that area. By regularly practicing from the MHT CET exam Papers, you can increase your chances to clear the MHT CET 2019

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Final Note

Candidates can download the MHT CET Sample Papers 2019 by the above given link. If you have any query about MHT CET Sample Papers 2019, do comment in the below given comment box. Subscribe to our free mail service to get latest mails and info directly in your mailbox. You can also follow us on Facebook or Google+.

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