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Miranda House Cut Offs 2018 DU – Sixth Cutoff List – BA, B.Sc Admission

Miranda House Cut Off

Students, who want to get admission in BA, B.Sc courses under Miranda House College, they can check Sixth Miranda House Cut Off from this page. The Miranda House Sixth Cut Off list has been announced by the University Of Delhi on 18-07-2018.

To check the Miranda House University Of Delhi Cut Off, aspirants can go through the official website of the university or can press the link available on this page. Miranda House Cut Offs 2018 presents the minimum marks that should be needed to get admission.

Miranda House Delhi University Cut Off of Sixth Round-Released:

After checking the Miranda House College Cut Offs List, students need to reach the college of his/her choice in order to get the admission. Students need to fill the college application form and verified their documents. Get Miranda House College Cut Offs from here.

For more details about the Miranda House Cut Offs 2018, students need to go through underneath section of this page which is created by team member of www.recruitmentinboxx.com

Miranda House Cut Off

Miranda House Delhi University 06th Cut Off:

Course NamePercent Cutoff
GeneralOBCSCSTPwDKashmiri Migrant
B.A. ProgrammeClosedClosed87.2589.0085.7586.00
B.A. (H) BengaliClosed58.00Closed55.0048.0055.00
B.A. (H) EconomicsClosed92.7588.2587.2584.00Closed
B.A. (H) English96.25ClosedClosedClosed87.5091.00
B.A. (H) GeographyClosedClosedClosedClosed82.0087.00
B.A. (H) HindiClosedClosedClosed71.50Closed77.00
B.A. (H) HistoryClosedClosedClosedClosed86.00Closed
B.A. (H) PhilosophyClosedClosed81.00Closed75.0080.00
B.A. (H) Political ScienceClosedClosedClosedClosedClosed87.00
B.A. (H) SanskritClosed59.00Closed56.0050.0055.00
B.A. (H) SociologyClosedClosed89.0090.2580.00Closed
B.Sc. (H) BotanyClosed92.0089.0085.0075.0085.00
B.Sc. (H) ChemistryClosed93.67ClosedClosed80.0086.00
B.Sc. (H) MathematicsClosedClosedClosedClosed75.00Closed
B.Sc. (H) PhysicsClosedClosedClosedClosed80.0086.67
B.Sc. (H) ZoologyClosed92.0088.00Closed75.00Closed
B.Sc. Life SciencesClosed89.6785.0076.0075.00Closed
B.Sc. Physical ScienceClosedClosedClosed74.0078.7584.00

Press Here for Miranda House 06th Cut Off

Miranda House 5th Cut Off List:

Course NamePercent Cutoff
GeneralOBCSCSTPwDKashmiri Migrant
B.A. ProgrammeClosedClosed87.50Closed86.0086.50
B.A. (H) BengaliClosed59.00Closed56.0050.0055.00
B.A. (H) Economics96.5092.7588.5087.5084.00Closed
B.A. (H) English96.25ClosedClosedClosedClosed92.00
Miranda House BA Cut Off (H) GeographyClosedClosedClosedClosed82.0087.00
B.A. (H) HindiClosedClosedClosed72.00Closed77.00
B.A. (H) HistoryClosedClosed90.25Closed88.00Closed
B.A. (H) PhilosophyClosedClosed81.25Closed79.0081.00
B.A. (H) Political ScienceClosedClosedClosed93.00Closed87.00
B.A. (H) Sanskrit65.0060.0061.0057.0056.0055.00
B.A. (H) Sociology94.75Closed89.2590.5083.00Closed
B.Sc. (H) BotanyClosed92.6789.6786.0077.0085.00
Miranda House B.Sc Cut Off (H) Chemistry96.0094.0088.67Closed84.0086.00
B.Sc. (H) MathematicsClosedClosedClosedClosed79.00Closed
B.Sc. (H) PhysicsClosedClosedClosedClosed84.0086.67
B.Sc. (H) ZoologyClosed92.6789.00Closed80.00Closed
B.Sc. Life Sciences94.3390.3386.0079.0078.00Closed
B.Sc. Physical Science94.00ClosedClosed76.0082.0084.00

Press Here to Get Miranda House 5th Cutoff

Miranda House Fourth Cut Off:

Courses GeneralOBCSCSTPwDKashmiri Migrant
B.A. Programme94.7590.0088.00Closed86.2587.00
B.A. (H) BengaliClosed60.00Closed57.0052.0052.00
B.A. (H) Economics96.75Closed89.0088.5084.00Closed
B.A. (H) English96.5091.5089.0091.0088.00Closed
B.A. (H) GeographyClosedClosedClosedClosed83.0083.00
B.A. (H) HindiClosedClosedClosed74.00Closed76.00
B.A. (H) HistoryClosed92.7590.50Closed88.00Closed
B.A. (H) PhilosophyClosedClosed81.75Closed79.5081.50
B.A. (H) Political ScienceClosedClosedClosedClosedClosed86.00
B.A. (H) Sanskrit65.0062.0062.0058.0057.0056.00
B.A. (H) Sociology94.75Closed89.5090.7585.00Closed
B.Sc. (H) Botany95.0093.3390.0090.0077.0083.00
B.Sc. (H) Chemistry96.0094.33ClosedClosed84.0084.00
B.Sc. (H) MathematicsClosedClosedClosedClosed81.00Closed
B.Sc. (H) PhysicsClosedClosedClosedClosed84.0084.00
B.Sc. (H) Zoology95.6793.6790.00Closed80.00Closed
B.Sc. Life Sciences94.6791.0087.0082.0080.00Closed
B.Sc. Physical ScienceClosed87.00Closed78.0082.0082.00

 Miranda House Third Cut Off:

Courses GeneralOBCSCSTPwDKashmiri Migrant
B.A. Programme95.0091.5088.7589.0087.0088.00
B.A. (H) BengaliClosed61.00Closed58.0055.0055.00
B.A. (H) Economics97.0093.0090.0089.5084.00Closed
B.A. (H) English96.5092.5090.0091.5090.00Closed
B.A. (H) GeographyClosedClosedClosedClosed85.0085.00
B.A. (H) Hindi87.0081.5079.0076.00Closed78.00
B.A. (H) HistoryClosed93.0091.00Closed88.00Closed
B.A. (H) Philosophy88.5084.0082.0084.0080.0082.00
B.A. (H) Political ScienceClosedClosedClosedClosed87.0087.00
B.A. (H) Sanskrit67.0064.0063.0059.0057.0057.00
B.A. (H) Sociology95.0090.5089.7591.0086.00Closed
B.Sc. (H) Botany95.0094.3392.66Closed82.0085.00
B.Sc. (H) Chemistry96.3394.6789.00Closed86.0086.00
B.Sc. (H) MathematicsClosed94.2591.50Closed85.00Closed
B.Sc. (H) PhysicsClosedClosedClosedClosed86.0086.00
B.Sc. (H) Zoology96.0094.0091.0090.0085.00Closed
B.Sc. Life Sciences95.0092.0088.0084.0082.00Closed
B.Sc. Physical ScienceClosed88.00Closed79.0084.0084.00

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Miranda House Second Cut Off:

Courses GeneralOBCSCSTPwDKashmiri Migrant
B.A. Programme9692.758989.2587.7589
B.A. (H) BengaliClosed62Closed595959
B.A. (H) Economics97.25959390.258587
B.A. (H) English96.75939292ClosedClosed
B.A. (H) GeographyClosedClosedClosedClosed8888
B.A. (H) Hindi87828078Closed78
B.A. (H) History969391.50928989
B.A. (H) PhilosophyClosed8685868285
B.A. (H) Political ScienceClosed94.5092.5093.508990
B.A. (H) Sanskrit69656459.505858
B.A. (H) Sociology95.509189.759288Closed
B.Sc. (H) Botany95.3394.6793.33Closed8587
B.Sc. (H) Chemistry96.339589.33Closed8888
B.Sc. (H) Mathematics9694.7592ClosedClosedClosed
B.Sc. (H) Physics96.6795ClosedClosed8888
B.Sc. (H) Zoology9795.679492ClosedClosed
B.Sc. Life Sciences9593898685Closed
B.Sc. Physical ScienceClosed89Closed808787

First Miranda House Du Cut Off

Course NameGeneralOBCSC
B.A. Programme96.5093.2589.25
B.A. (H) Bengali65.0063.0060.00
B.A. (H) Economics97.7595.7594.50
B.A. (H) English97.5095.5094.50
B.A. (H) Geography97.0094.0092.00
B.A. (H) Hindi88.0084.0082.00
B.A. (H) History96.5093.5092.00
B.A. (H) Philosophy91.5088.5086.50
B.A. (H) Political Science97.0095.0093.00
B.A. (H) Sanskrit70.0067.0065.00
B.A. (H) Sociology96.2593.5090.00
B.Sc. (H) Botany95.6795.0094.00
B.Sc. (H) Chemistry96.6795.3390.00
B.Sc. (H) Mathematics96.7595.2593.00
B.Sc. (H) Physics96.6795.3390.00
B.Sc. (H) Zoology97.6796.0095.00
B.Sc. Life Sciences95.3394.3392.00
B.Sc. Physical Science94.0091.0086.00

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Miranda House First Cut Off:

Course NameSTPwDKashmiri Migrant
B.A. Programme89.5088.0090.00
B.A. (H) Bengali60.0060.0060.00
B.A. (H) Economics91.7590.0092.00
B.A. (H) English95.0092.0092.00
B.A. (H) Geography93.0090.0090.00
B.A. (H) Hindi80.0080.0080.00
B.A. (H) History95.0090.0090.00
B.A. (H) Philosophy86.5084.0086.50
B.A. (H) Political Science94.5090.0092.00
B.A. (H) Sanskrit60.0060.0060.00
B.A. (H) Sociology94.0090.0090.00
B.Sc. (H) Botany91.0088.0088.00
B.Sc. (H) Chemistry83.0090.0090.00
B.Sc. (H) Mathematics90.0090.0090.00
B.Sc. (H) Physics85.0090.0090.00
B.Sc. (H) Zoology93.0088.0088.00
B.Sc. Life Sciences90.0088.0088.00
B.Sc. Physical Science83.0089.0089.00

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Steps To Check Miranda House Cut Off 2018:

Candidates can download the Miranda House Delhi University Cut Off with the help of below provided some simple and easy steps:

  • First of all, you have to visit the official web portal of the Miranda House College that is mirandahouse.ac.in for Miranda House Cut Of List
  • On the home page of the official web portal, you have to select “Focus” section given at the left side of the page for Miranda House DU Cut Of List
  • Now you to hit on “First Cutoff – Admissions 2018-19” link for Cut Off List Of Miranda House
  • Miranda House Cut Off 2018 will appear on your screen and you are suggested to go through the Miranda House Delhi Cut Off
  • Also you are suggested to download the Miranda House Delhi University Cut Off 2018
  • At last, you are suggested to take a print out of the Du Miranda House Cut Off and take print out of the Miranda House College Delhi Cut Off for further usage

Press Here For Miranda House Cut Offs 2018

Press Here For Miranda House Official Link

Miranda House Important Dates:

  • Availability Of Miranda House Second Cut Off: 25-06-2018
  • Availability Of Miranda House Third Cut Off: 30-06-2018
  • Availability Of Miranda House 4th Cut Off: 06-07-2018
  • Availability Of Miranda House 5th Cut Off: 11-07-2018
  • Availability Of Miranda House 06th Cut Off List: 18-07-2018

Final Words:

Candidates who want to attain more information regarding the Miranda House Cut Offs 2018 are suggested to follow the official web portal of the Miranda House University Of Delhi. Also stay connected with web portal of (www.recruitmentinboxx.com) to get all the latest updates time to time.

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