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NEET Previous Year Question Papers | 2018 – 2013 with Solutions Free PDF

NEET Previous Year Question Papers

Download Free PDF of NEET Previous Year Question Papers for the year from 2013 to 2018 with Solutions from here. National Testing Agency is going to conduct NEET Exam twice a year from now.

NEET Feb Exam is scheduled to be held from 03-02-2019 to 17-02-2019. For the NEET 2019, National Testing Agency will release NEET Application Form from 01-10-2018 to 31-10-2018. Applying candidates must download NEET Previous Year Question Papers PDF from here.

NEET Previous Year Question Papers Download PDF Here

As we know that the competition is high in National Eligibility cum Entrance Test thus it is not an easy task to crack NEET Exam easily. So, aspirants who had applied for this exam are suggested to practice NEET Previous Year Solved Question Papers daily.

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NEET Previous Year Question Papers

NEET Previous Year Question Papers PDF

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NEET Previous Year Question with Solutions

Question1: Mixture of chloroxylenol and terpineol acts as

  1. Analgestic
  2. Antiseptic
  3. Antipyretic
  4. Antibiotic

 Answer: 2

Question2: Which one is the correct order of acidity?

  1. ??2 = ??2 > ??3 − ?? = ??2 > ??3 − ? ≡ ?? > ?? ≡ ??
  2. ?? ≡ ?? > ??3 − ? ≡ ?? > ??2 = ??2 > ??3 − ??3
  3. ?? ≡ ?? > ??2 = ??2 > ??3 − ? ≡ ?? > ??3 − ??3
  4. ??3 − ??3 > ??2 = ??2 > ??3 − ? ≡ ?? > ?? ≡ ?H

Answer: 2

Question3: The most suitable method of separation of 1 ∶ 1 mixture of ortho and para-nitrophenoles is:

  1. Sublimation
  2. Chromatography
  3. Crystallisation
  4. Steam distillation

Answer: 4

Question4: With respect to the conformers of ethane, which of the following statements is true?

  1. Bond angle remains same but bond length changes
  2. Bond angle changes but bond length remains same
  3. Both bond angle and bond length change
  4. Both bond angles and bond length remains same

Answer: 3

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Question5: A first order reaction has a specific reaction rate 10−2 sec−1. How much time will it take for 20g the reactant to reduce to 5g?

  1. 6 second
  2. 6 second
  3. 5 second
  4. 0 second

Answer: 3

Question6: An example of a sigma bonded organometallic compound is:

  1. Ruthenocene
  2. Grignard’s reagent
  3. Ferrocene
  4. Cobaltocene

Answer: 1

Question7: Pick out the correct statement with respect to [?(??3 )] 3−:

  1. It is ?? 3? 2 hybridised and octahedral
  2. It is ?? 3? 2 hybridised and tetrahedral
  3. It is ? 2 ?? 3 hybridised and octahedral
  4. It is ??? 2 hybridised and square planar

Answer: 4

Question8: Which is the incorrect statement?

  1. ???98 has non stoichiometric metal deficiency defect
  2. Density decreases in case of crystals with schottky’s defect
  3. ????(?) is insulator, silicon is semiconductor, silver is conductor, quartz is piezo electric crystal
  4. Frenkel defect is favoured in those ionic compounds in which sizes of cation and anions are almost equal

Answer: 3

Question9: Extraction of gold and silver involves leaching with ??− ion. Silver is later recovered by:

  1. Liquation
  2. Distillation
  3. Zone refining
  4. Displacement with Zn

Answer: 2

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Question10: Which of the following in sewage treatment removes suspended solids?

  1. Tertiary treatment
  2. Secondary treatment
  3. Primary treatment
  4. Sludge treatment

Answer: 4

Question11: Which one of the following statements is not valid for aerosols?

  1. They are harmful to human health
  2. They alter rainfall and monsoon patterns
  3. They cause increased agricultural productivity
  4. They have negative impact on agricultural land

Answer: 2

Question12: Which cells of ‘Crypts of Lieberkuhn’ secrete antibacterial lysozyme?

  1. Argentaffin cells
  2. Paneth cells
  3. Zymogen cells
  4. Kupffer cells

Answer: 4

Question13: Viroids differ from viruses in having :

  1. DNA molecules with protein coat
  2. DNA molecules without protein coat
  3. RNA molecules with protein coat
  4. RNA molecules without protein coat

Answer: 4

Question14: A decrease in blood pressure⁄volume will not cause the release of

  1. Renin
  2. Atrial Natriuretic Factor
  3. Aldosterone
  4. ADH

Answer: 4

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Question15: Which of the following facilitates opening of stomatal aperture?

  1. Contraction of outer wall of guard cells
  2. Decrease in turgidity of guard cells
  3. Radial orientation of cellulose microfibrils in the cell wall of guard cells
  4. Longitudinal orientation of cellulose microfibrils in the cell wall of guard cells

Answer: 3

Question16: Which of the following are found in extreme saline conditions?

  1. Archaebacteria
  2. Eubacteria
  3. Cyanobacteria
  4. Mycobacteria

Answer: 2

Question17: Which of the following represents order of ‘Horse’?

  1. Equidae
  2. Perissodactyla
  3. Caballus
  4. Ferus

Answer: 4

Question18: In a common emitter transistor amplifier the audio signal voltage across the collector is 3 V. The resistance of collector is 3 ?Ω. If current gain is 100 and the base resistance is 2 ?Ω, the voltage and power gain of the amplifier is

  1. 200 and 1000
  2. 15 and 200
  3. 150 and 15000
  4. 20 and 2000

Answer: 3

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Question19: Two astronauts are floating in gravitational free space after having lost contact with their spaceship. The two will:

  1. Keep floating at the same distance between them
  2. Move towards each other
  3. Move away from each other
  4. Will become stationary

Answer: 4

Question20: A capacitor is charged by a battery. The battery is removed and another identical uncharged capacitor is connected in parallel. The total electrostatic energy of resulting system

  1. Increases by a factor of 4
  2. Decreases by a factor of 2
  3. Remains the same
  4. Increases by a factor of 2

Answer: 2

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NEET Preparation Books

Biology Books
  • NCERT Biology of Class XI and XII
  • Trueman’s Biology Vol 1 and 2
  • Objective Biology by Dinesh
Physics Books
  • Concepts of Physics by H. C. Verma
  • NCERT- Physics Part 1 and Part 2
  • D C Pandey Objective Physics
Chemistry Books
  • NCERT Chemistry
  • Physical Chemistry by O.P. Tandon
  • Organic Chemistry by Morrison and
    Boyd for Organic Chemistry

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From Now National Testing Agency will conduct NEET Examination!!! NEET February Exam will be held from 03-02-2019 to 17-02-2019. After that the board will declare NEET Result in First week of March 2019.

Online submission of NEET Application Form will begin on 01-10-2018 for February Session. Last date to submit NEET Application Form 2019 shall be 31-10-2018. After that candidates will be able to download NEET Admit Card.

On this web page we provided NEET previous year question papers; we hope that it will help you to crack the exam easily. Candidates who want to get upcoming details concerning NEET UG/PG previous year question papers can bookmark this web portal www.recruitmentinboxx.com by using ctrl+d.

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