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ONGC Placement Papers For (Inst/Mech/Chem/EC/CS) Engg PDF With Solution

ONGC Placement Papers

ONGC Placement PapersCandidates if you want to do job in Oil and Natural Gas Corporation, first you need to qualify the recruitment exam. For this concern, you need ONGC Placement Papers for better preparation. So here on the below section you may get ONGC Engineering (Inst, Mech, Chem, EC, CS) Placement Paper with solutions that will surely help you to crack the recruitment exam.

Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Limited is an Indian international oil and gas organization. This is a government organization. Everybody wish to make their career in this well reputed organization. Candidates may get the complete details regarding ONGC Placement Papers from the below section of this page which is created by the team members of www.recruitmentinboxx.com

ONGC Placement Papers

ONGC Placement Papers with Solution (Instrumentation):

Question 1: In a CRO which of the following is not a part of electron gun

  1. cathode
  2. grid
  3. accelerating anode
  4. X – Y plates

Answer: 4

Question 2: A moving coil instrument has a resistance of 0.6 Ω and full scale deflection at 0.1 A. To convert it into an ammeter of 0-15 A range, the resistance of shunt should be

  1. 6 Ω
  2. 06 Ω
  3. 004 Ω

Answer: 4

Question 3: An LVDT is used to measure displacement. The LVDT feeds a Voltmeter of 0-5 V range through a 250 gain amplifier. For a displacement 0.5 mm the output of LVDT is 2 mV. The sensitivity of instrument is

  1. V/mm
  2. 5 V/mm
  3. V/mm
  4. 5 V/mm

Answer: 3

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Question 4: A meter with a resistance of 100 Ω and a full scale deflection of current of 1 mA is to be converted into voltmeter of 0 – 5 V range. The multiplier resistance should be

  1. 490 Ω
  2. 5000 Ω
  3. 4900 Ω
  4. 5100 Ω

Answer: 3

Question 5: The household energy meter is

  1. indicating instrument
  2. recording instrument
  3. integrating instrument
  4. none of the above

Answer: 3

ONGC Placement Papers with Solution (Mechanical):

Question 6: The mechanical advantage of a lifting machine is the ratio of

  1. distance moved by effort to the distance moved by load
  2. load lifted to the effort applied
  3. output to the input
  4. all of the above

Answer: 2

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Question 7: A body will begin to move down an inclined plane if the angle of inclination of the plane is __________ the angle of friction.

  1. equal to
  2. less than
  3. greater than

Answer: 3

Question 8: The bodies which rebound after impact are called

  1. inelastic bodies
  2. elastic bodies
  3. neither elastic nor inelastic bodies
  4. none of these

Answer: 2

Question 9: The maximum frictional force, which comes into play, when a body just begins to slide over the surface of the other body, is known as

  1. static friction
  2. dynamic friction
  3. limiting friction
  4. coefficient of friction

Answer: 3

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Question 10: The algebraic sum of the resolved parts of a number of forces in a given direction is equal to the resolved part of their resultant in the same direction. This is known as

  1. principle of independence of forces
  2. principle of resolution of forces
  3. principle of transmissibility of forces
  4. none of these

Answer: 2

ONGC Placement Papers with Solution (Chemical):

Question 11: The softness or hardness of a grinding wheel depends upon the type & amount of bonding material used. For general purpose cutter grinding __________ grinding wheel is normally used.

  1. hard
  2. soft
  3. silicon carbide
  4. aluminium oxide

Answer: 4

Question 12: Friction factor for fluid flow in pipe does not depend upon the

  1. pipe length.
  2. pipe roughness.
  3. fluid density & viscosity.
  4. mass flow rate of fluid.

Answer: 1

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Question 13: All of the following alloying elements of steel increases hardness but sacrifice ductility, except

  1. nickel
  2. vanadium
  3. molybdenum
  4. chromium

Answer: 1

Question 14: A solar cell converts the sunlight directly into __________ energy.

  1. thermal
  2. electrical
  3. mechanical
  4. chemical

Answer: 2

Question 15: If a nuclear reactor produces more fissile nuclear fuel than it consumes, then it is called a __________ reactor.

  1. critical
  2. breeder
  3. fertile
  4. heterogenous

Answer: 2

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ONGC Placement Papers with Solution (Electrical):

Question 16: When these numbers are multiplied, (6 × 103) (5 × 105), the result is

  1. 3 × 108
  2. 30 × 108
  3. 300 × 109
  4. 3,000 × 107

Answer: 2

Question 17: When converting 7,000 nA to microamperes, the result is

  1. 007 µA
  2. 7 µA
  3. 700 µA
  4. 7 µA

Answer: 4

Question 18: The number of microamperes in 2 milliamperes is

  1. 2 µA
  2. 20 µA
  3. 200 µA
  4. 2,000 µA

Answer: 4

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Question 19: The number of millivolts in 0.06 kilovolts is

  1. 600 V
  2. 6,000 mV
  3. 60,000 mV
  4. 600,000 mV

Answer: 3

Question 20: Eighteen thousand watts is the same as

  1. 18 mW
  2. 18 MW
  3. 18 kW
  4. 18 µW

Answer: 3

ONGC Placement Papers with Solution (Computer Science):

Question 21: A computer assisted method for the recording and analyzing of existing or hypothetical systems is

  1. Data transmission
  2. Data flow
  3. Data capture
  4. Data processing
  5. None of the above

Answer: 2

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Question 22: The brain of any computer system is

  1. ALU
  2. Memory
  3. CPU
  4. Control unit
  5. None of the above

Answer: 3

Question 23: What could cause a fixed disk error.

  1. No-CD installed
  2. bad ram
  3. slow processor
  4. Incorrect CMOS settings
  5. None of the above

Answer: 4

Question 24:  Which command of MS-DOS is used to copy only files that have been modified on or after the date you specify?

  1. XCOPY/D : date
  2. COPY/D : date
  3. COPY/M
  4. XCOPY/V
  5. None of the above

Answer: 1

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Question 25: While working with MS-DOS, which command is used to restore files that were backed up using the BACKUP command?

  1. COPY
  4. STORE
  5. None of the above

Answer: 3

ONGC Interview Questions

Question 1: Hello, how are you today?

Question 2: Tell me about yourself.

Question 3: What are your key strengths?

Question 4: What is one thing, which you want to improve about yourself? (OR) what are your weaknesses?

Question 5: Where do you see yourself in 5 years from now?

Question 6: Have you been in some challenging situation? Explain how you handled it?

Question 7: Why should we hire you?

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