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Periyar University Syllabus 2022 BA/B.Sc/B.Com/MA/M.Com (UG/PG)

Periyar University Syllabus

Latest and Updated Periyar University Syllabus is available on this page. Students pusuing various UG/PG courses such as BA, B.Sc, B.Com, MA, M.Sc, M.Com, etc. from Periyar University can download the entire course Syllabi from here. The Periyar University Salem Syllabus PDFs are available below in the page.

The University conducts semester and annual examinations for all of its offered Undergraduate and Postgraduate programmes. Periyar University Exam Syllabus provided here will play a crucial part in preparing for all types of upcoming University Examinations.

Periyar University Syllabus PDF!! Available

For your convenience, we have also provided the facility to download the entire Periyar University Syllabus in PDF format so that you can access it offline whenever needed. You can find the direct links to download Periyar University Syllabi PDF in the below section.

Apart from the PDF links, proper guidelines to access the Syllabus of Periyar University from the official website are also shared below in the article. To grab more details about Periyar University Syllabus 2022 scroll down and explore this page completely which is well prepared by the team of www.recruitmentinboxx.com.

Periyar University Syllabus

Periyar University Syllabus 2022 PDF Download:

You can access the Syllabus PDFs for all Undergraduate and Postgraduate programmes offered by the University from this section. The direct links to download Periyar University Syllabus PDF for UG & PG Courses are tabulated below.

Download Periyar University UG Syllabus 2022:

Periyar University Syllabus Arts Programmes
B.A. EconomicsB.B.A. (Retail Management)
B.A. EnglishB.Com
B.A. English (C.A)B.Com (Accounting and Finance)
B.A. HistoryB.Com (Banking and Insurance)
B.A. Journalism and Mass CommunicationB.Com (Computer Application)
B.A. Political ScienceB.Com (Corporate Secretaryship)
B.A. Public AdministrationB.Com (Co-Operation)
B.A. SociologyB.Com (Electronic Banking)
B.A. TamilB.Com (Financial Marketing Analytics)
B.A Tourism and Travel ManagementB.Com (Professional Accounting)
B.B.A.B.Com (Security Marketing Practices)
B.B.A. (Computer Application)B.Lit Tamil
B.B.A. (International Business)B.S.W
Periyar University Syllabus for Science Programmes
B.C.A.B.Sc. Hotel Management and Catering Science
B.Sc. Applied GeologyB.Sc. Hospitality Management
B.Sc. BiochemistryB.Sc. Information Science
B.Sc. BioinformaticsB.Sc. Mathematics
B.Sc. BiotechnologyB.Sc. Mathematics (Actuarial Science)
B.Sc. BotanyB.Sc. Mathematics (Computer Application)
B.Sc. ChemistryB.Sc. Medical Biochemistry
B.Sc. Computer ScienceB.Sc. Microbiology
B.Sc. Costume Design and FashionB.Sc. Nutrition and Dietetics
B.Sc. Culinary Arts and Chef ManagementB.Sc. Psychology
B.Sc. Digital Print MediaB.Sc. Physics
B.Sc. Electronics and CommunicationB.Sc. Statistics
B.Sc. Fashion TechnologyB.Sc. Textile and Fashion Designing
B.Sc. Forensic ScienceB.Sc. Visual Communication
B.Sc. GeographyB.Sc. Zoology
B.Sc. Geology
Common Paper for all UG Programmes
Value EducationEnvironmental Studies

Download Periyar University PG Syllabus 2022:

Periyar University Syllabus for Arts Programmes
M.A. EconomicsM.B.A (Hotel Management)
M.A. EnglishM.Com
M.A. HistoryM.Com (Computer Application)
M.A. Political ScienceM.Com (Corporate Secretaryship)
M.A. Public AdministrationM.Com (Co-Operation)
M.A. TamilM.S.W
Periyar University Syllabus for Science Programmes
M.C.A.M.Sc. Food Processing
M.Sc. Analytical ChemistryM.Sc. Geography
M.Sc. BiochemistryM.Sc. Mathematics
M.Sc. BioinformaticsM.Sc. Mathematics (C.A)
M.Sc. BiotechnologyM.Sc. Medical Biochemistry
M.Sc. BotanyM.Sc. Microbiology
M.Sc. ChemistryM.Sc. Nutrition and Dietetics
M.Sc. Computer ScienceM.Sc. Organic Chemistry
M.Sc. Computer Science (Data Analytics)M.Sc. Physics
M.Sc. Costume Design and FashionM.Sc. Statistics
M.Sc. Electronics and CommunicationM.Sc. Textile and Fashion Designing
M.Sc. Food and NutritionM.Sc. Zoology
Common Paper for all PG Programmes
Human Rights 

Periyar University B Com Syllabus 2022

B Com (Accounting And Finance)
UNIT – IBasic Concepts- Fundamentals of Book Keeping-Meaning-Definition-Book-keeping Vs. Accounting objectives- Advantages and limitations of accounting-Methods of accounting- Double entry system Meaning-Advantages- Types of accounts- Accounting Rules-Accounting concepts and conventions Journal- Ledger- Subsidiary books – Trial balance
UNIT – IIFinal accounts of a sole trading concern- Trading, Profit & Loss a/c and Balance sheet with adjustments, Difference between Trading a/c- P&L a/c and Balance sheet-Adjustment entries
UNIT-IIIFinal accounts of Non- trading concerns- Receipts and payments account- Income and expenditure account and Balance Sheet-Difference between Receipts and payments account& Income and expenditure account
UNIT – IVBank Reconciliation statement- Causes for difference- Preparation of Bank Reconciliation statement. Royalties – Dead rent and short working – Recoupment of short working – Accounting entries in the books of lessee and landlord (excluding sub-lease)
UNIT – VDepreciation – Meaning-Causes- Characteristics-Objectives- Methods-Fixed -Diminishing -Difference between Straight line method and W.D.V. method -Annuity-Depreciation fund Method- Provisions and reserves.
B Com (Business Communication)
UNIT – IBusiness Communication: Meaning – Objectives – Media – Barriers – Importance of Effective Business Communication- Modern Communication Methods – Business Letters: Need – Functions – Kinds – Essentials of Effective Business Letters – Layout.
UNIT – IIEnquiries – Replies – offers and quotations – Orders and their Execution – Credit and Status Enquiries – Meaning – Trade and bank references – Complaints and Adjustments – Collection Letters – How to write effective Collection letters – Sales Letters – Circular Letters.
UNIT – IIIBanking Correspondence – Introduction – correspondence with customer, Head office – Insurance Correspondence –Life insurance- Fire insurance – Marine insurance – Agency Correspondence.
UNIT – IVCompany Secretarial Correspondence – Agenda, Minutes and Report Writing – Types – Characteristics of good Report- Report of individuals.
UNIT – VApplication for Jobs: Preparation of resume- Interviews- Meaning- types of Interview- Candidates preparing for interview- guidelines to be observed during an interview- Business Report Presentations. E-mail Slide or Visual Presentation – Internet – Video conferencing – Group Discussion.
B Com (Business Economics)
UNIT – IPeriyar University UG Syllabus: Meaning and definition of Economics -Nature and Scope of Economics. Business Economics- Meaning, Objectives, Nature and Scope of Business Economics – Role and Responsibilities of a Business Economist.
UNIT –IIDemand – Meaning, definitions – Law of demand – Exceptions, Changes in Demand – Demand Determinants – Importance – Elasticity of Demand – Types – Measurement – its Importance – Demand Forecasting
UNIT- IIIProduction-Meaning- Production Function – Short Run and Long Run Production Function- Economies and Diseconomies of Scale – Supply – Determinants, Law of Supply- Elasticity of Supply – Meaning, Types.
UNIT -IVCost Concepts – Kinds of Cost – Cost and Output Relationship – Short-run and Long -Run Cost curves. Revenue – Total Revenue – Average Revenue – Marginal Revenue – Curves Under Perfect & Imperfect Competition – Break Even Analysis
UNIT- VMarket structure-Kinds of Markets, Pricing under Perfect Competition-Monopoly, Monopolistic Competition, Oligopoly- Price and Output Determination. Pricing: Objectives-Pricing methods- Inflation
B.com (Financial Accounting)
UNIT – IBranch Accounts- Meaning, definition. Dependent branches- Stock and debtor system- Independent branches (foreign branches excluded)
UNIT – IIDepartmental Accounts— Meaning, definitions, features, basis for allocation of expenses- Inter departmental transfer at cost or selling price.
UNIT – IIISingle Entry System- Meaning – Features – Statement of Affairs Method and Conversion Method.
UNIT-IVPartnership – Admission of a Partner – Retirement of a Partner – Death of a Partner.
UNIT – VDissolution of a Partner- Insolvency of a Partner gradual realization of – Garner Vs Murray — Piece Meal Distribution.
B.com (Banking Theory Law And Practice)
UNIT IOrigin and development of banks- Banking Regulations Act 1949-Definition of Banking-LicensingOpening of branches – Importance and Functions of Banks -Inspection.Relationship between Banker and Customer- Special types of Banker’s Customers
UNIT IICommercial banks- Universal Banking-Management of Deposits and Advances-Classification and nature of Deposit accounts – Advances-Types of Advances-Lending practice- Principles of sound bank lending
UNIT-IIICentral bank-Reserve Bank of India- Objectives- Organization-functions-monetary policy-Credit control measures and their effectiveness
UNIT-IVNegotiable Instrument-Definition-features-Promissory note-Bill of exchange and Cheque-Holder and holder in due course – Crossing of a cheque – Types of crossing-Endorsement-Negotiation&Dishonour and discharge of Negotiable instrument-Protection of Collecting Banker and Paying Banker
UNIT-VE-Banking- Meaning-benefits-elecronic transfer-NEFT,- ECS- ATM- Debit card and Credit card. RTGSMobile banking- WAP- Tele banking- Internet banking- Bank assurance- Banking ombudsman schemeDemat account

Periyar University BBA Syllabus 2022

Semester 1
  • Tamil or anyone of the modern (Indian or foreign) or classical Languages – I
  • English – I
  • Principles of Management
  • Business Communication
  • Business Mathematics and Statistics – I
  • Environmental Studies
  • Yoga
Semester 2
  • Tamil or anyone of the modern (Indian or foreign) or classical Languages – II
  • English – II
  • Organisational Psychology
  • Business Environment (or) Entrepreneurial Development
  • Business Mathematics and Statistics – II
  • Environmental Studies
Semester 3
  • Introduction to Operations Research – I
  • Financial Accounting
  • Business Law
  • Business Economics
  • Functional English for Executive
  • Elements of Insurance
  • Business Process Outsourcing
  • Principles of Management
Semester 4
  • Introduction to Operations Research – II
  • Management Accounting
  • Company Law
  • Money Banking and Global Business
  • Practice of Public Relations
  • Export and Import Document & Procedures
  • Inplant Training
  • Human Resource Management
Semester 5
  • Financial Management
  • Human Resource Management
  • Marketing Management
  • Production and Material Management
Semester 6
  • Business Policy & Strategic Management
  • Financial Institutions and Services
  • Marketing Research
  • Project Work

Periyar University B.Sc Syllabus 2022

Semester 1
  • Tamil
  • English
  • Digital Computer Fundamentals and Microprocessor
  • Value Education
Semester 2
  • Tamil – II
  • English – II
  • Programming in C
  • Basics of Internet
  • Studies
Semester 3
  • Tamil – III
  • English – III
  • Programming in C++
  • Data Structures and Algorithms
  • Practical – III (Data Structures using C++)
  • Tamil/ Advanced Tamil (OR) Non –Major elective – I NMEC –I
Semester 4
  • Tamil – IV
  • English – IV
  • Programming in Java
  • SBEC – II (Exploring on Word )
Semester 5
  • Visual Programming
  • Operating Systems
  • Software Engineering
  • Elective – I
Semester 6
  • Relational Database Management Systems
  • Web Designing
  • SBEC –V (Excel & PowerPoint)
  • SBEC –VI ( Flash)

Periyar University BA English Syllabus

Core Paper – 1
UNIT – I & II Charlotte Bronte Jane Eyre
UNIT – III & IV Thomas HardyThe Mayor of Casterbridge
UNIT –V Aldous HuxleyBrave New World
Core Paper – II Grammar And Usage
UNIT – I1. Nouns: Countable, Un-countable, Common, Proper-Noun, Concrete, Abstract Properties of Noun: Gender, Number, Person, Case 2. Pronouns 3. Articles
UNIT – II4. Adjectives 5. Prepositions 6. Verbs: Regular, Irregular, Transitive, Intransitive, Finite, Nonfinite, Gerunds, Participles, Infinitives, Tenses
UNIT – III7. Adverbs 8. Conjunctions and Interjections
UNIT – IV9. The Sentence: Subject and Predicate 10. Types of Sentences 11. Sentence Patterns

Guidelines to Download The Periyar University Syllabus 2022:

Candidates who want to download Periyar University Exam syllabus they may go through below important steps:-

  • Students need to logon the official site i.e. www.periyaruniversity.ac.in for Periyar University Syllabus
  • On the home page you will get “Downloads” option, go for it.
  • Select the correct link as per your Course.
  • On opening that link, the Periyar University Syllabus will display in PDF Format.
  • Candidates may download Periyar University PG Syllabus or UG Syllabus or save it into their PC.

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