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Phone Interview Questions and Answers | for Freshers, with Recruiters

Phone Interview Questions and Answers

Telephone Interview is very efficient screening tool that will help a candidate streamline to their hiring process. Here on this page we are presenting the most commonly asked Phone Interview Questions and Answers for Freshers with Recruiters which will help them to face the phone interview very easily. To shortlist the best candidates, sometimes companies might feel that a phone interview is easier to manage.

There are two types of telephone interviews i.e. impromptu and arranged. An impromptu phone interview is when a company representative calls you either based on a resume submitted or a profile posted. An arranged interview is when you already set date and time for the phone interview. Remember, you are interviewing the company to make sure this job is right for you, so you have to prepare for it accordingly with full efforts.

Phone Interview Questions and Answers

Ques1: Tell me something about yourself.

Ans: Interviewer offers you the opportunity to prove that you are the best choice for the position under discussion. Candidates have to give some information about their relevant work experience, any specific qualities, educational background etc.

Ques2: Why do you think we should hire you for this position?

Ans: The interviewer wants to know your level of interest and your motivation for wanting to be there. A genuine answer of this question is like “This job is a great fit. My skills and background in A, B, and C mean that I would be successful.”

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Ques3: What do you know about the company?

Ans: Answer this question like you really did preparation. A short overview of the company, any memorable dates (such as when they were founded), and a basic mission statement is a great start.

Ques4: What salary are you seeking?

Ans: This is your advantage if the employer tells you the range first. Prepare by knowing the going rate in your area. Answer is like: “I am sure when the time comes, we can agree on a reasonable amount. In what range do you typically pay someone with my background?”

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Ques5: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Ans: 5 years down the line I see myself in a responsible position where the company treats me as its assets and gives me an opportunity to be a part of important decisions.

Ques6: Why did you leave (or why are you leaving) your job?

Ans: “I managed to survive two rounds of corporate downsizing, but the third round was a 20% reduction in the workforce, which included me.”

Focus on what you want in your next job: “After two years, I made the decision to look for a company which is well reputed and team spirit where I can add my experience”.

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Best 5 Phone Interview Tips

Take It seriously:

Phone interview is also a very important part of selection. Treat it like that only!!! Candidates have to set a proper time before the interview for preparation.

Before the phone rings, get up, get moving and get your vocal cords warmed up. Be comfortable!!!

Frame you mind and make up your mind according to the situation. If you’re slouching around and being lazy, it will come through in your interview. So take it very seriously.

Focus and reduce Distractions:

  • Make sure noting will distract you.
  • Turn off the TV.
  • If you’re distracted and delaying your answers to a potential employer, it will be treated as you’re reading it from the News isn’t going to score you any points.
  • Get comfortable, but don’t get too comfortable.
  • Find a good spot to sit down and have all your prep materials nearby for easy access.
  • Don’t lay down. Don’t slouch.

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Do Some Research Before The Interview:

Candidates have to do research before interview. Your best resource is Google. So candidates are required to Google the company. See how they’re doing and what they’re doing.

The best part about doing this research is it also allows you to tailor your answers when you start getting hit with those interview questions. Remember as you’re pouring over all those notes you culled about the company.

Facial expressions and body language:

It may sound odd but the facial expressions and body language are truly expressed by your words. A confident body language will definitely help you to blow their mind and to leave a footprint. Be calm and answer smoothly.

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Listen carefully and speak clearly:

Listen all the questions very carefully. If you think you may have not understood the question clearly, you can ask it again to be sure.

Make sure that you speak clearly, slowly and your voice is loud enough. Use a good connection to avoid disturbance and also speak respectfully in sweet voice.

Final Words!!!

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