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PTU B.tech Syllabus 2018 | First Year Civil Engg/Computer Science PDF Syllabus

PTU Syllabus B.Tech 

Those candidates who’ve enrolled themselves for PTU University and preparing for engineering examinations, they can download PTU Syllabus B.Tech through this page. Students can get the First Year Civil Engg/Computer Science Syllabus in PDF by hitting the direct link provided on this page. Candidates are advised to start their preparation according to the provided PTU Syllabus B.Tech 2018.

This examination is being conducted by the Punjab Technical University form the motive to check the skills and learning capacity of the scholars. Students who are going to participate in the Punjab Technical University Exams, they can easily get the  PTU B.Tech Syllabus PDF by going through this page. You can also follow the below mentioned steps, for downloading PTU B.Tech Syllabus 2018 PDF of any discipline of B.tech  by going through this page of www.recruitmentinboxx.com.

PTU Syllabus B.Tech 

PTU B.tech First Year Exam Scheme:

Course NameMarks Distribution
InternalExternal Total
Engineering Physics4060100
Engineering Mathematics-I4060100
Communicative English4060100
Basic Electrical and Electronics Engineering4060100
Human Values and Professional Ethics4060100
Engineering Physics Laboratory302050
Communicative English Laboratory302050
Basic Electrical and Electronics Engineering Laboratory302050
Manufacturing Practice6040100
Theory Courses Laboratory Courses350400750


  1. EM waves & Dielectrics: Physical significance of Gradient, Divergence Curl, Relationship between Electric Field & Potential, Dielectric polarization, displacement Current, Types of polarization, Maxwell‟s Equations, Equation of EM waves in free space, velocity of EM waves, Poynting vector, Electromagnetic Spectrum ( Basic ideas of different region).
  2. Magnetic Materials & Superconductivity: Basic ideas of Dia, Para, Ferro & Ferri, Ferrites, Magnetic Anisotropy, Magnetostriction its applications in production of Ultrasonic waves, Superconductivity, Superconductors as ideal diamagnetic materials, Signatures of Superconducting state, Meissner Effect, Type I & Type II superconductors, London Equations, Introduction to BCS theory.
  3. Elements of crystallography: Unit cell, Basis, Space lattice, Crystal Systems, Miller Indices of Planes & Directions in cubic system, Continuous & Characteristic X-Rays, X-Ray Diffraction & Bragg‟s law in Crystals, Bragg‟s spectrometer, X-ray radiography.
  4. Lasers: Spontaneous & Stimulated emissions, Einstein‟s Coefficients, Population Inversion, Pumping Mechanisms, Components of a laser System, Three & four level laser systems; Ruby, He-Ne, CO2 and semiconductor Lasers, Introduction to Holography. (5)

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B.Tech. 1st & 2nd Semester


  1. Fibre Optics: Introduction, Acceptance Angle, Numerical Aperture, Normalized frequency, Modes of propagation, material dispersion & pulse broadening in optical fibres, fibre connectors, splices and couplers, applications of optical fibres.
  2. Special Theory of Relativity: Concept of Ether, Michelson Morley Experiment, Einstein‟s postulates, Lorentz transformation equations; length, time and simultaneity in relativity, addition of velocity, variation of mass with velocity, Mass-Energy and Energy-momentum relations.
  3. Quantum Theory: Need and origin of quantum concept, Wave-particle duality, Matter waves, Group & Phase velocities, Uncertainty Principle, Significance & normalization of wave function, Schrodinger wave equation: time independent & dependent, Eigen functions & Eigen values, particle in a box.
  4. Nanophysics: Nanoscale, surface to volume ratio, electron confinement, nanoparticles (1D, 2D, 3D), Nanomaterials, Unusual properties of nanomaterials, synthesis of nanomaterials- ball milling and sol-gel techniques, Carbon nanotubes (synthesis and properties), applications of nanomaterials.

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Some Simple Steps To Download Punjab Technical University Syllabus:

  • Candidate who want to download their PTU exam syllabus they are required to visit official website of Punjab Technical University which is www.ptu.ac.in
  • Then aspirants have to choose ‘Syllabus’ link from the “Academics” tab display on the menu bar of the home page.
  • By selecting above mentioned link a new page will be opened on your system display having various Punjab Technical University B.Tech Syllabus link.
  • Thereafter contenders have to choose on appropriate course link for which you have enrolled for.
  • By selecting above said link a new page will be opened on your system display in PDF format having PTU Syllabus B.tech.
  • Aspirants should take a printout of PTU Syllabus 2018 for starting their preparation according to the latest updated PTU university syllabus.

Final Words:

Participated aspirants may get their PTU B.Tech Syllabus 2018 through Official Link. Students can bookmark this page of www.recruitmentinboxx.com with the help of ctrl + d key.

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