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RGPV Syllabus 2022 Diploma/UG/PG (Semester Wise) – Download PDF

RGPV Syllabus

Students of Rajiv Gandhi Prodyogiki Vishwavidyalaya (RGPV) can obtain the Download RGPV Syllabus for all Diploma, Undergraduate and Postgraduate programmes from this page. Here we have provided the Semester-wise RGPV Exam Syllabus PDFs for PhD, B.Tech, BE, M.Tech, MBA and various other courses.

Along with the Exam Syllabus candidates can also get RGPV Exam Pattern form this page. Candidates can prepare for Under Graduate, Post Graduate and Diploma examination as according to RGPV Syllabus 2022 to get qualifying marks in exam.

RGPV Sem Exam Syllabus PDF

Rajiv Gandhi Prodyogiki Vishwavidyalaya is one of the known Technological Universities, which offers various UG/PG/Diploma and technical courses such as BE/ME/B.Tech/Diploma/MCA. Rajiv Gandhi Prodyogiki Vishwavidyalaya has converted CBSE from Credit Based Grading System (CBGS).

The institute is going to conduct examination for all programmes very soon. If you had also enrolled yourself for any course under this institute then you should download RGPV Syllabus 2022 from this page, which is well tailored by the team of www.recruitmentinboxx.com.

RGPV Syllabus

Download RGPV Syllabus 2022 PDFs

Download RGPV B.Tech Syllabus 2022

The university offers a four-year B.Tech programme in various types of specialisations. Admission to the B.Tech course is done based on the JEE Main Score. You may download Semester-Wise Syllabus PDFs for B.Tech. for each specializations from the following table:

SemesterSemester-Wise Syllabus for B.Tech
1st SemRGPV 1st Sem Common Syllabus
2nd SemRGPV 2nd Sem Common Syllabus
3rd Sem3rd Sem Automobile Engineering Syllabus
RGPV 3rd Sem Civil Engg. Syllabus
RGPV 3rd Sem Chemical Engg. Syllabus
RGPV 3rd Sem Computer Science Engg. Syllabus
RGPV 3rd Sem Electronics & Communication Engg. Syllabus
RGPV 3rd Sem Electrical Engg. Syllabus
RGPV 3rd Sem Information Technology Syllabus
4rd SemRGPV 4th Sem Civil Engg. Syllabus
RGPV 4th Sem Chemical Engg. Syllabus
RGPV 4th Sem Computer Science Engg. Syllabus
RGPV 4th Sem Electronics & Communication Engg. Syllabus
RGPV 4th Sem Information Technology Syllabus
RGPV 4th Sem Mechanical Engg Syllabus
5th SemRGPV 5th Sem Automobile Engg. Syllabus
RGPV 5th Sem Civil Engg. Syllabus
RGPV 5th Sem Chemical Engg. Syllabus
RGPV 5th Sem Electrical Engg. Syllabus
RGPV 5th Sem Information Technology Syllabus
RGPV 5th Sem Mechanical Engg. Syllabus
RGPV 5th Sem Computer Science & Engg. Syllabus
6th SemRGPV 6th Sem Automobile Engg. Syllabus
RGPV 6th Sem Civil Engg. Syllabus
RGPV 6th Sem Chemical Engg. Syllabus
RGPV 6th Sem Electronics & Communication Engg. Syllabus
RGPV 6th Sem Information Technology Syllabus
RGPV 6th Sem Mechanical Engg. Syllabus

RGPV M.Tech Syllabus 2022:

RGPV Bhopal offers a full-time regular two-year M.Tech course.  It is offered at the University Institute of Technology. The GATE score is used to decide the admission to this course. The Semester-Wise M.Tech. Syllabus PDFs for each specialization are available in table below:

SemesterSemester-Wise RGPV Syllabus for M.Tech
1st Sem1st Sem Information Technology Syllabus
1st Sem Computer Science & Engg. Syllabus
1st Sem Software Engg. Syllabus
1st Sem Chemical Engg. Syllabus
1st Sem Cyber Security Syllabus
2nd Sem2nd Sem Industrial Safety Syllabus
2nd Sem Information Technology Syllabus
2nd Sem Software Engg. Syllabus
2nd Sem Automobile Engg. Syllabus
3rd Sem3rd Sem Energy Technology Syllabus
3rd Sem Information Technology Syllabus
3rd Sem Digital Communication Syllabus
3rd Sem Software Engg. Syllabus
3rd Sem Power Electronics Syllabus
4th Sem4th Sem Information Technology Syllabus
4th Sem Software Engg. Syllabus
4th Sem Industrial Design Syllabus
4th Sem Biotechnology Syllabus
4th Sem Chemical Engg. Syllabus

RGPV MBA Syllabus 2022:

The university offers a five-year integrated postgraduate degree in applied management. Admission to the programme is done on the basis of results of the preceding qualifying examination. The Semester-Wise Syllabus for Master of Applied Management is tabulated below:

Semester-Wise RGPV Syllabus for MBA
RGPV MBA Syllabus for 1st SemRGPV MBA Syllabus for 6th Sem
RGPV MBA Syllabus for 2nd SemRGPV MBA Syllabus for 7th Sem
RGPV MBA Syllabus for 3rd SemRGPV MBA Syllabus for 8th Sem
RGPV MBA Syllabus for 4th SemRGPV MBA Syllabus for 9th Sem
RGPV MBA Syllabus for 5th SemRGPV MBA Syllabus for 10th Sem

RGPV MCA Syllabus 2022:

Tabulated below are the Semester-Wise Syllabus for MCA program:

Semester-Wise RGPV Syllabus for MCA
MCA 1st Sem SyllabusMCA 4th Sem Syllabus
MCA 2nd Sem SyllabusMCA 5th Sem Syllabus
MCA 3rd Sem SyllabusMCA 6th Sem Syllabus

RGPV M.Arch Syllabus 2022:

RGPV Bhopal offers a full-time regular Master’s degree in Pharmacy. Admission to this course is done based on the marks obtained in GPAT.

Semester-Wise RGPV Syllabus for M.Arch
M.Arch 1st Sem SyllabusM.Arch 3rd Sem Syllabus
M.Arch 2nd Sem SyllabusM.Arch 4th Sem Syllabus

RGPV B.Pharm Syllabus 2022:

Refer to the table placed below to download the Semester-Wise Syllabus of Bachelor of Pharmacy:

Semester-Wise RGPV Syllabus for B.Pharm
B.Pharm 1st Sem SyllabusB.Pharm 5th Sem Syllabus
B.Pharm 2nd Sem SyllabusB.Pharm 6th Sem Syllabus
B.Pharm 3rd Sem SyllabusB.Pharm 7th Sem Syllabus
B.Pharm 4th Sem SyllabusB.Pharm 8th Sem Syllabus

RGPV BTech Syllabus 2022

B.Tech 1st Sem Syllabus

Set (A)Set (B)
Engineering ChemistryEngineering Physics
EnglishBasic Mechanical Engineering
Basic Electrical and Electronics EngineeringBasic Civil Engineering & Engineering Mechanics
Engineering GraphicsBasic Computer Engineering
Workshop PracticeLanguage Lab

B.Tech 2nd Sem Syllabus

Set (A)Set (B)
Engineering PhysicsEngineering Chemistry
Basic Mechanical EngineeringEnglish
Basic Civil Engineering & Engineering MechanicsBasic Electrical and Electronics Engineering
Basic Computer EngineeringEngineering Graphics
Language LabWorkshop Practice

RGPV BE Syllabus 2022 Mining Engineering, III-Semester

Unit –I: Energy- Sources of Energy
Renewable & Non Renewable, Fossil fuel, Biomass Geothermal, Hydrogen, Solar, Wind, hydal, nuclear sources
Unit –II: Ecosystem Segments of Environment
  • Atmosphere, hydrosphere, Lithosphere, biosphere.
  • Cycles in Ecosystem – Water, Carbon, Nitrogen.
  • Biodiversity: Threats and conservation,
Unit –III: Air Pollution & Sound Pollution
Air Pollution:
  • Air pollutants, classification, (Primary & secondary Pollutants) Adverse effects of pollutants.
  • Causes of Air pollution chemical, photochemical, Greenhouse effect, ozone layer depletion, acid Rain.
Sound Pollution:

Causes, controlling measures, measurement of sound pollution (deciblage), Industrial and non – industrial

Unit –IV: Water Pollution– Water Pollution
  • Pollutants in water, adverse effects.
  • Treatment of Domestic & Industrial water effluent.
  • Soil Pollution – Soil Profile, Pollutants in soil, their adverse effects, controlling measures.
Unit –V: Society, Ethics & Human values
  • Impact of waste on society
  • Solid waste management Nuclear, Thermal, Plastic, medical, Agriculture, domestic and e-waste).
  • Ethics and moral values, ethical situations, objectives of ethics and its study.
  • Preliminary studies regarding Environmental Protection Acts, introduction to value education, self-exploration, sanyam & swasthya.

RGPV Diploma Electrical Syllabus

D.C. Circuits
Concept of charge
Ohm’s law
Series and parallel combination of resistances
Star to delta and delta to star transformation
Star-delta connection
A.C. Fundamentals
Concept of inductance
Inductive and capacitive circuit
Difference between AC and DC quantities
Average and RMS value form factor
Phasor diagram of pure resistive
R, L, C series and parallel combinations and phasor diagram
Sinusoidal waveform
Time Period
Magnetic effect of electric current
Concept of lines of force
Analogy of electric and magnetic circuit
Faraday’s laws of electromagnetic induction
Lenz’s laws
magnetic flux
magnetic field intensity
self and mutual induction
Fleming’s left and right hand rule
Heating effect of electric current
Heat produced
Work, power and energy, units
Chemical effect of electric current
Faradays laws of electrolysis
Primary and secondary cells
Electrical Engineering materials
Definition of conductors
Intrinsic and extrinsic semi-conductor materials
Semiconducting and insulating materials
B-H curve, soft and hard magnetic materials
Properties and applications
Insulators and Semiconductors
Properties and applications of conducting
Classification of insulating materials on the basis of temperature
Different magnetic materials

RGPV Diploma Syllabus For Mechanical Engineering 2022

Fluid R01 Mechanics & Paper Code: Hydraulic Machines:

Fundamentals of Fluid Flow
Definition of fluid
Compressible and incompressible fluids
Specific weight
Dynamic and kinetic viscosity
Steady and unsteady
Continuity equation
Ideal and practical
Fluid properties density
Specific gravity
Types of flow- laminar and turbulent
Uniform and non-uniform
Simple numerical problems on continuity equation
Pressure and Its Measurement
Concept of pressure
Pascal’s law
Gauge pressure
Absolute pressure
U-tube manometer inclined manometer
Inverted Utube manometer Pressure gauges
Simple numerical problems on differential manometers
Intensity of pressure
Pressure head
Vacuum pressure
Manometers- Piezometer
Differential manometer
Bourdon tube pressure gauge
Basic Equation of Fluid Flow
Various Form Of Energies Applicable To Fluid Flow
Kinetic Energy
Total Energy Of Fluid Flow
Velocity And Total Head Of A Fluid Particle In Motion
Bernaulli’s Theorem
Bernaulli’s Theorem And Derivation Of Bernaulli’s Theorem
Pitot Tube
Working And Limitation
Orifice Meter
Potential Energy
Pressure Energy
Concept Of Datum Pressure
General Steady Flow Energy Equation
Assumptions Made In Deriving
Practical Applications Of Bernaulli’s Equation
Orifice- Meter
Flow Nozzle- Their Construction
Simple Problems On Venturimeter
Pitot Tube
Flow Through Orifices and Mouth Pieces and flow measurement
Definition and types of orifices
Coefficient of contraction
Discharge and resistance
Head loss due to sudden enlargement, contraction and obstruction in pipe
Time of emptying vessel by orifice (cylindrical, conical) Flow from one vessel to another large orifices
Volume flow meter
Vena contracta
Torricell’s theorem experimental determination of Cc, Cv and Cd.
Mouth pieces
Flow measurement by Rota meter
Flow Through Notches and Weirs
Weirs And Notches Definition
Flow Over Rectangular Weir With And Without Velocity Of Approach
Different Formula For Large Rectangular Weir
Advantages Of Triangular Notch Over Rectangular Notch
Broad Crested And Submerged Weirs
Spillway And Siphon Spillway, Guage Weir
Calibration Of Rectangular Weir
Time Required To Empty A Reservoir With Rectangular Weir, V-Notch
Trapezoidal Notch
Practical Application Of Weirs
Flow through Pipes
Laminar and turbulent flow
Differentiation of laminar and turbulent flow on the basis of Reynold’s number
Darcy’s formula and Chezy’s equation
Flow through long pipes
Raynold’s number
Loss of head due to friction in pipes
Hydraulic gradient and total energy line
Pipes in series and parallel simple problems based on above formulae water hammer and its effect surge tank
Impact of Jets
Impact of Jet on flat and curved plates stationary and moving
Velocity triangle
Numerical problems on axial
Work done by Pelton wheel
Radial flow
Water Turbines
Meaning Classification Impulse and reaction turbine
Francis and Kaplan turbines
Comparison description and working of Pelton
Fanlaws specific speed & Selection of turbines
Water Pumps
Centrifugal and reciprocating- principle construction
Comparison of centrifugal and reciprocating pumps
selection of pumps
indicator diagram
Horse power calculation in case of centrifugal pump
working classification and layout
Specific speed
Use of air vessels in reciprocating pump
horse power calculation in case of reciprocating pump
Operating characteristics
Model Analysis
Kinetic and dynamic similarity
Simple Problems
Hydel Power Station
Schematic Diagram
Function Of Various Elements
Advantage Over Other Power Stations

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RGPV New Syllabus and Scheme 2022

It is not possible to provide complete Syllabus for all courses offered by the University on one single page, therefore we have provided the direct links to download RGVP Syllabus PDF for various undergraduate and postgraduate courses in the above section. You just need to press the direct link in order to obtain the Syllabus PDFs for concerned programmes. Go ahead and download the Syllabus for better preparations of upcoming University Examinations 2022.

How to download RGPV Syllabus 2022 PDF?

Candidates can download Rajiv Gandhi Proudyogiki Vishwavidyalaya Syllabus 2022 by following the below mentioned steps:

Step1: Subsequently, contenders have to go through the official website of the organization that is www.rgpvdiploma.in.

Step2: Afterwards contenders are required to move their cursor towards “Scheme & Syllabus” under “Academics” section of the home page.

Step3: Now candidates have to enter details like upload type and Program.

Step4: Syllabus for the selected program will be displayed at your computer screen.

Step5: Afterwards candidates have to download Syllabus PDF.

Step6: You may take a printout of the Syllabus PDF also.

Step7: Make your own study plan and distribute topics according to the Syllabus.

Final Note:

Hope you are satisfied with this page of RGPV Syllabus 2022 and for acquiring more details in this regard you may visit to this Official Link also. Contenders are advised to be in touch with us for acquiring more details about the Syllabus also by pressing CTRL + D to bookmark our portal (www.recruitmentinboxx.com).

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