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RKDF University Syllabus 2018 Bhopal BE/ME/B.Ed/LLB/BCA pdf Download

RKDF University Syllabus

Students, who are pursing BE/ME/B.Ed/LLB/BCA and other UG/PG Courses from the Ram Krishna Dharmarth Foundation (RKDF) Bhopal, can now download the RKDF University Syllabus 2018 in pdf format from this page.

Here in this page we have provided links to download RKDF University Syllabus for the various discipline of under graduation and post-graduation courses. Students can hit to download the RKDF University Exam Syllabus.

Download NOW – RKDF University Syllabus

With the help of RKDF University Syllabus, students will get an idea about the upcoming examination course. Candidates can download the RKDF University Bhopal syllabus and start preparing accordingly.

You can also follow some of the simple and necessary steps to get the RKDF University Syllabus 2018, from the official website which are well described below by the talented team members of www.recruitmentinboxx.com

RKDF University Syllabus

RKDF University Syllabus for BCA (Bachelor of Computer Application)

Computer Fundamentals First Year Semester – I

B.C.A. Computer Fundamentals (BCA-102)
Introduction of Computers: Computer System, System Characteristics and capabilities, Types of Computers: Analog, Digital (Micro, Mini, Mainframe & Super Computers), Generation of Computers.
Computer Organisation: Block Diagram of Computer and its functional units.

Input Devices – KeyBoard, Scanner, Mouse, Light Pen, Bar Code Reader, OMR, OCR, MICR., Track ball, Joystick, Touch Screen etc.,

Output Devices: Monitors – Classification of Monitors based on Technology (CRT Monitor & Flat panel LCD Monitor), Printers – Dot Matrix Printer, Ink Jet Printer, Laser Printer and Plotters, Types of Plotters – Drum Plotter and Flat Bed Plotters, LCD Projectors.

Storage Devices: Magnetic tapes, Floppy Disks, Hard Disks, Compact Disc – CD-ROM, CD-RW, VCD, DVD, DVD-RW.

Programming Languages: History, Classifications – Low Level, Assembly & High Level languages, Advantages & Disadvantages Programming Languages.
Types Of Software: System Software – Translators (Compilers, Interpreters, Assemblers), Operating System, Linkers, Libraries & Utilities, Application Software – Packaged & Tailored Software.

Operating Systems: Introduction, Types of O.S. – Single User, Multi User – Multi Programming, Multi-Tasking, Real Time, Time Sharing, Batch Processing, Parallel Processing, Distributed Processing.

Program Planning: Purpose of Program Planning, Steps in Program Development, Characteristics of a Good Program, Algorithms, Flow Charts through examples.

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RKDF University Syllabus for BCA (Bachelor of Computer Application)

PC Software First Year Semester – I

B.C.A. PC Software (BCA-103)
Microsoft Disk Operating System: Introduction, History and Versions of DOS, Fundamentals of DOS, Booting Process, Internal DOS Commands, Files and Directories, Elementary External DOS Commands : Scandisk, Format, Disk Copy, Tree, Deltree, Fdisk, More, Edit, Mem, Creating Batch Files.

Introduction to Windows: Control Panel & Accessories.

Introduction to Word Processing (MS Word): Advantages of Word Processing, Introduction and Installation, Editing a File, Using Paragraph Styles, Coping a block to another File, Newspaper Style Columns, Using Macro.
Advanced Word Processing: Headers And Footers, Finding Text, Setting Up Printers, Printing & its formatting, Mail Merge And Other Applications, Mathematical Calculations.

Print preview of Worksheet, Page Margins, setting & adding headers & footers before printing, removing grid lines from printout, printing the title rows.

Introduction To Spreadsheet (Excel): Definition And Advantages of Electronic Worksheet, Working on Spreadsheets, Range & Related Operations, Setting, Saving And Retrieving Worksheet File, Inserting, Deleting, Copying And Moving Of Data Cells, Inserting And Deleting Rows & Columns, Erasing The Worksheet.
Functions and Other Features: Classification And Usage Of Various Built-In-Functions In Worksheet, Passwords, Protecting A Worksheet Or Range, Transferring Data To And From Non Worksheet Files, Database Handling, Creating, Naming & Executing Macros In Worksheet Using @ If To Make A Formula, Default Settings.

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RKDF University Syllabus for LLB (BACHELOR OF LAW)

Law of Crimes – I (IPC) First Year Semester – I

LLB Law of Crimes – I (IPC) (LLB – 101)
Operation of the (ss 1-5), General explanations (ss 6 52A) Right of private defense (ss 96-106).
Abetment (ss 107-120) criminal conspiracy (ss 120 A 7 120 B) offences against the state ( 121- 130).
Offences relating to army, navy and air force (ss 131- 140) offences against public tranquility (ss 141-160).
Offences relating to public servants (ss 161- 171), offences relating to elections (171A-171I) contempt of lawful authority of public servants (ss 172-190). False evidences and offences against public justice (ss191-229) offences relating coins govt. stamps (ss 230-263 A).
Leading Cases:-

1. Amjod Khan Vs State of M.P. AIR 1952 SC165.

2. Kehar Singh Vs Union of India AIR 1989 SC 653.

3. Ram Ratan& Brothers Vs State of U.P. AIR 1977 SC 619.

4. Mahboob Shah Vs King En. AIR 1945 P.C.118.

5. Paras Ram VsStste of Punjab (1981- 2SCC 508)

6. YogendraMorargiVs State Gujrat (AIR 1980 SC 660)

RKDF University Syllabus for LLB (BACHELOR OF LAW)

Law of Crimes – II First Year Semester – II

LLB Law of Crimes – II (LLB – 202)
Public health, safety and convenience, offences relating to weights and measures, offences relating decency and morals (ss 268- 294 A) offences relating to relating (ss 295-298).
Offences relating to human body (ss 299- 377).
Offences relating to property (ss 378- 462).
Offences relating to breach of contract of services (ss 490- 492) offences relating to manage (ss 499- 503) criminal intimidation, insult (ss 503- 510) attempt to commit offences (ss 511).
Leading cases:-

1. Rex V. Govinda(1876) I Bcom 342

2. K.M.NanavatiVs. State, AIR 1962 SC 605.

3. KulwantraiVs. State of Punjab (AIR 1982 SC 126)

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RKDF University Syllabus for B.Ed (Education)

Semester – I CC 1

CC 1: Childhood & Growing Up
UNIT – I: Perspectives in Development
Concept , Meaning ,Scope and Function and Educational Psychology

Introduction to development: concept and introduction to perspectives in development, humanistic psychology and developmental theory

Enduring themes in the study of development: development as multidimensional and plural; Development as continuing through the life span; ways in which development is continuous/discontinuous? ; Socio-cultural contexts influencing development

Gathering data about children from different contexts: naturalistic observations; interviews; reflective journals about children; anecdotal records and narratives; clinical methods with reference to Piaget

Method: Longitudinal, Cross Sectional, Sequential, Cohort methods: Biographical, Case study and Observational method.

UNIT – II: Stages of Human Development
Child as a developing individual; a psycho-social entity; stages of development

Developmental characteristics of a child and an adolescent: physical, cognitive, social, emotional, moral and language; their interrelationships

Developmental tasks of childhood and adolescence and their implications

Factors influencing development such as heredity& environment, media, nutrition, child-rearing practices, siblings and peers

Commonalities and diversities within the notion of childhood and how multiple childhoods are constructed with particular reference to the Indian context-Living in an urban Slum, Growing girl, and Growing up in dalit household

UNIT – III: Social and Emotional Development
Basic understanding of emotions, how differential gender socialization occurs Personality development: Freud; psycho-social development-Erikson; influence of early childhood experiences on later personality.

Social theories and gender development: meaning of gender roles; influences on gender roles, stereotypes, gender in the playground.

Development of emotions: functions of emotions, attachment-Bowlby.

Concept of socialization: family and child relationships; parenting, child rearing practices

Schooling: peer influences, school culture, relationships with teachers, teacher expectations and school achievement; being out of school, overage learner

Relationships with peers: friendships and gender; competition and cooperation, competition and conflict; aggression and bullying from early childhood to adolescence.

Social, economic and cultural differences in socialization: implications for inclusion.

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RKDF University Syllabus for B.E. (Common For EC/EX/EE/IT Branch)

First Year Semester – I

B.E. Common Engineering Mathematics-I (B.E.- 102)
MATRICES: Rank, Solution of Simultaneous equation by elementary transformation, Consistency of System of Simultaneous Linear Equation, Eigen Values and Eigen Vectors, Cayley-Hamilton Theorem and its Application to find the inverse
Algebra of Logic, Boolean Algebra, Principle of Duality, Basic Theorems, Boolean Expressions and Functions. Elementary Concept of Fuzzy Logic Graph Theory: Graphs, Subgraphs, Degree and Distance, Tree, cycles and Network, Vector Spaces :Definition and examples, linear dependence and independence, dual spaces, inner product spaces
DIFFERENTIAL CALCULUS: Expansion of functions by Maclaurin’s and Taylor’s theorem. Partial differentiation, Euler’s theorem and its application in approximation and errors, Maxima and Minima of function of two variables, Curvature : Radius of curvature, centre of curvature.
INTEGRAL CALCULUS: Definite Integrals: Definite Integrals as a limit of a sum , its application in Summation of series, Beta and Gamma Functions , Double and Triple Integrals, Change of Order of Integration, Area, Volume and Surfaces using double and triple Integral
DIFFERENTIAL EQUATIONS: Solution of Ordinary Differential Equation of first order and first degree for Exact Differential Equations, Solution of Ordinary Differential Equation of first order and higher degree (solvable for p, x and y, Clairauts Equation), Linear Differential Equations with Constant Coefficients, Cauchy’s Homogeneous differential Equation, Simultaneous differential Equations, Method of Variation of Parameters

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RKDF University Syllabus for B.E. (Common For EC/EX/EE/IT Branch)

First Year Semester – I

B.E. Common Communication Skill (B.E.- 103)
UNIT – I: Languages and skills of communication
Languages as a skill of communication , Linguistic techniques, Basic Grammar & Vocabulary (Synonyms /Antonyms, Analogies, sentence completion, correctly spelt words, idioms, proverbs, common errors). Modern usages, Reading comprehension, Oral presentation, Audition Communication, Processes of Communication, Verbal and Non Verbal Communication , Barriers to Communication, Modes of communication, forms of communication, Skills of communication. Moral values and ethics , defining good and bad, concluding comments.
UNIT – II: Application of linguistic ability
Writing of definitions of Engineering terms, Objects, Processes and Principles (Listening)Topics of General Interest, conversations on daily life, travel, health, buying and Selling, company structure, systems etc. Extempore , Interview practice, writing proposals, Memorandam.
UNIT – III: Letter Writing
Letter writing: basic principle & purpose, Body language of business letter, Tone of business letter, Types of business correspondence, Applications, Resume writing, Enquiry letters, Calling quotations, Tenders, Order and Complaint letters, Approval letters. Planning & Meetings, setting Agendas for the meetings, writing and circulating Minutes, Notices. Reading and Comprehension skills.
Precise Writing, Noting and drafting, Technical Description of simple engineering objects and processes (writing), Report writing, precise writing, unseen passage, Note writing, Slogan writing, comment, Speech, advertisement and need of advertisement. Paragraph writing, short notes.
Report writing: types of reports, parts of a report, qualities of good report, drafting reports- preparation, analysis & interpretation of reports .Writing Technical reports, types of observation report, Survey report, Report of trouble, Laboratory Report and Project

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Procedure to download the RKDF University Syllabus

The following are the steps that should be followed to get the RKDF University Syllabus 2018 from the officials-

  • Firstly, candidates are required to login to www.rkdf.ac.in to get the syllabus of RKDF University.
  • Further hit on the “Syllabus” link which is present in the “Academic” link on the top of the home page.
  • You will be directed to a new web page. Now select the course for which you have to download syllabus.
  • By hitting on the course, you will get the RKDF University Syllabus PDF on your digital screen.
  • Download the RKDF University Syllabus and take the hard copy of it for your convenience.

Direct links to get RKDF University Syllabus Other Courses

Students who are pursuing UG/PG courses from the RKDF University can hit on the direct links to get the RKDF University Syllabus-

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RKDF University PG Syllabus

RKDF University MA Syllabus for Hindi
RKDF University MSW Syllabus 
RKDF University M.COM Syllabus
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RKDF University M.Tech Syllabus
M.Tech (Computer Sc. and Engg.)M.Tech ( Digital Communication )
M.Tech ( Digital Communication )M.Tech (Power Electronics )
M.Tech (Construction )M.Tech ( Power System )
M.Tech ( VLSI Design. )M.Tech ( THERMAL .)
M.Tech ( Computer Sc. and Engg. ) 
RKDF University M.Sc Syllabus
RKDF University MBA Syllabus
MBA 1st YearMBA 3rd Sem(Old Scheme)
MBA 3rd Sem(New Scheme)MBA 4th Sem

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