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RPVT Syllabus 2019 BVSc & AH/MVSC/Diploma (All Subjects)-Download PDF

RPVT Syllabus

Rajasthan University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences offers BVSc & AH/MVSC/Diploma courses. RPVT Syllabus for all subjects including Physics, Chemistry and Biology is available for the enrolled students in above said courses.

Apart from RPVT Entrance Exam 2019 Syllabus, students can avail RPVT Exam Pattern 2019 also from this page while for the comfort of the students, we have provided direct link of RPVT Syllabus 2019 PDF, so go ahead and download RPVT B.VSc Syllabus as per your need.

RPVT Syllabus for Physics, Chemistry, Biology (BVSc & AH/MVSC/Diploma):

RPVT Syllabus in Hindi for Physics, Chemistry Biology subjects is well placed on this page. As per Rajasthan Pre Veterinary Test Syllabus, questions will be based on 11th and 12th class under the 10+2 scheme/Pre-Medical/Intermediate Science pattern.

Contenders will be provided question paper booklet printed both in English as well as Hindi language. To gain more details about Rajasthan Pre Veterinary Test Syllabus, take a look of below page modified by team of www.recruitmentinboxx.com

RPVT Syllabus 2019

RPVT Physics Syllabus

Sr. No.Class 11Class 12
1.The physical world and measurementElectrostatics
2.KinematicsCurrent Electricity including in RPVT Test Syllabus
3.Laws of Motions world including in RPVT SyllabusMagnetic Effects of Current and Magnetism
4.Work, Energy and PowerElectromagnetic Induction and Alternating Currents
5.The motion of System of Particles and Rigid BodyElectromagnetic Waves
7.Properties of Bulk MatterDual Nature of Matter and Radiation
8.Properties of Bulk MatterDual Nature of Matter And Radiation
9.Thermodynamics world including in RPVT SyllabusAtoms and Nuclei
10.The behavior of perfect Gas And Kinetic TheoryElectronic Devices
11.Oscillations and Waves

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RPVT Chemistry Syllabus

Sr. No.Class 11Class 12
1.Some Basic Concepts of ChemistrySolid State
2.Structure of AtomSolutions including in RPVT Exam Syllabus
3.Classification of Elements and Periodicity in PropertiesElectrochemistry
4.Chemical Bonding and Molecular StructureChemistry Kinetic
5.States of Matter: Gases and LiquidsSurface Chemistry
6.Equilibrium world including in RPVT SyllabusP-Block Elements
7.Redox Reaction D and FBlock Elements
8.HydrogenCoordination Compounds
9.S-Block Element (Alkali and Alkaline earth metalsHaloalkanes and Haloarenes
10.Some P-Block ElementsAlcohols, Phenols and Ethers
11.Organic Chemistry-Some Basic Principles and techniquesAldehydes, Ketones and Carboxylic Acids
12.Environmental ChemistryBiomolecules including in Syllabus For RPVT
14.Chemistry in Everyday Life

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RPVT Biology Syllabus

Sr. No.Class 11Class 12
1.Diversity in living world including in RPVT SyllabusReproduction
2.Structural Organization in Animals and PlantsGenetics and Evolution
3.Cell Structure and FunctionBiology and Human Welfare
4.Plant PhysiologyBiotechnology and its Applications
5.Human PhysiologyEcology and Environment

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RPVT Exam Pattern

RPVT Exam Pattern 2019:

Apart from RPVT Syllabus, we have provided Exam Pattern also here.

  • As per Rajasthan Pre Veterinary Test Exam Pattern, Entrance Test shall consist of one paper containing 180 objective type questions.
  • Questions in RPVT Exam will be from Chemistry and Biology (Botany & Zoology).
  • You must use Black Ball Point Pen to answer questions.
  • The distribution of questions is well prescribed in tabular form.
SubjectNo. of Questions
Physics45 questions
Chemistry45 questions
Biology ( Botany & Zoology)90 questions
Total180 questions

RPVT Syllabus PDF Download

Get RPVT Syllabus Download by hitting on link placed here. You may plan your preparation by referring RPVT Entrance Exam Syllabus from here. Rajasthan Pre Veterinary Test Syllabus will guide you in best preparation.

RPVT Syllabus of B.V.Sc & AH (MSVE-2016)

Second YearDownload Here

RPVT Syllabus of B.V.Sc & AH (MSVE-2008)

Semester 1Download Here
Semester 2Download Here
Semester 3Download Here
Semester 4Download Here
Semester 5Download Here
Semester 6Download Here
Semester 7Download Here
Semester 8Download Here
Semester 9Download Here

RPVT Syllabus of M.V.Sc/ PHD

Veterinary And Animal Husbandry ExtensionDownload Here
Veterinary BiochemistryDownload Here
Veterinary PhysiologyDownload Here
Animal Genetics And BreedingDownload Here
Animal NutritionDownload Here
Livestock Production And Management LivestockDownload Here
Products Technology Poultry ScienceDownload Here

RPVT Syllabus of Diploma Courses

Paper – I- Introductory Veterinary AnatomyDownload Here
पेपर प्रथम- परिचयात्मक पशुचिकित्सा शरीर रचना विज्ञानDownload Here
Paper – II- Introductory Veterinary Physiology And BiochemistryDownload Here
पेपर – द्वितीय- परिचयात्मक पशुचिकित्सा शरीर क्रिया व जैव रसायन विज्ञानDownload Here


This is all about RPVT Syllabus 2019. To grab more stuff about Rajasthan Pre Veterinary Test Syllabus, check its Official Link. Stay tuned with us at www.recruitmentinboxx.com for knowing more updates.

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