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RRB ALP Analysis 2018-19 & Questions Asked (30/31 Aug CBT) All Shifts

RRB ALP Analysis

For 30/31 August Shift-1/2/3 CBT exam, RRB ALP Analysis has revealed. You may check Railway ALP Exam Review from this page. We have also provided here all the Questions which were asked in the today’s examination. 

With the reference of RRB ALP Analysis 2018, candidates can get a fair idea of the Exam Pattern and difficulty level of the questions asked in the RRB ALP Examination. Individuals who are preparing for the Examination and will appear in further shifts must go through the RRB ALP Exam Analysis.

RRB ALP Exam Analysis:

RRB ALP August Exam Analysis 2018 will help you to prepare for the Examination according to level and standard of the RRB ALP Question Paper. Both shift wise and subject wise RRB ALP 2018 Analysis is given in the below section of this page.

We the team of www.recruitmentinboxx.com are facilitating all the informative details regarding the RRB ALP Analysis 2018 of the Examination held on 30-08-2018 and 31-08-2018. Aspirants who are keen to know about RRB Tech/Loco Pilot CBT Exam Pattern must have a look below.

RRB ALP Analysis

Name Of The Conducting Body Railway Recruitment Board
Name Of The Vacancy ALP/Technician
Number Of Vacancies Available 60,000
Exam Started From 09-08-2018
Examination Continued Till 31-08-2018

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RRB ALP Analysis – 31st August 2018

RRB ALP Exam Analysis 2018 (All Shifts) of 31 Aug 2018:

SubjectLevel (10 to 11 AM)Good AttemptsLevel (1 to 2 PM)Good AttemptsLevel (4 to 5 PM)Good Attempts
Shift 1stShift 2ndShift 3rd
MathematicsEasy13 to 16Easy16 to 17Update SoonUpdate Soon
General Intelligence and ReasoningEasy to Moderate14 to 18Easy to Moderate18 to 21Update SoonUpdate Soon
General ScienceEasy to Moderate14 to 19Easy to Moderate16 to 17Update SoonUpdate Soon
General Awareness on Current AffairsEasy06 to 07Easy07 to 08Update SoonUpdate Soon
OverallEasy to Moderate52 to 56Easy to Moderate60 to 66Update SoonUpdate Soon

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Railway ALP Analysis and Questions asked on 31st August 2018 – 1st Shift:

General Awareness & Current Affairs:

  • The actor who performed in the Padman movie? – Akshay Kumar
  • Name the app launched by Sachin Tendulkar? – 100 mb
  • Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated which dam? – Sardar Sarovar Dam
  • Name the first Indian to receive the Nobel award? – Rabindranath Tagore
  • Who won the Pritzker award in 2018? – B. V. Doshi

RRB ALP Exam Analysis /RRB Tech Analysis of Mathematics:

  • Simplification 1Q
  • Trigonometry- 1Q
  • Pie Chart
  • Bar Graph
  • Age based
  • Simple Interest
  • Number series
  • HCF & LCM
  • Find the square root of 16384 – 128
  • If age ratio of any two person is 8:6, the sum of their age is 42. Find the age of the eldest person? – 24
  • -47,-44,-41 find the 20th term? – 10
  • Find the value 96 – 1.96 -19.6 – 0.96= 73.48

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RRB ALP exam Analysis of General Intelligence & Reasoning:

  • Syllogism – 1Q
  • Water image based – 1Q
  • Image-based – 3
  • Statement conclusion 5Q
  • Age based 2Q
  • Number Series 1Q
  • Venn Diagram
  • Calendar- What was the day on 11th January 2011? – Tuesday

RRB ALP Analysis of General Science:

  • Chemistry 7Q
  • Biology 7Q
  • Physics 6Q
  • What is the value of g? – 9.8 m/s2
  • Scientific name for Vitamin D? – Cholecalciferol (D3), Ergocalciferol (D2)
  • What’s the respiratory rate per minute? 13-15
  • Potato belongs to which family? – Solanaceae family
  • If force is 20 newtons, mass is 20kg. Find the Acceleration? – 2
  • Name the person who discovered Chloroform? – Sir James Young Simpson

RRB ALP Analysis – 30th August 2018

RRB ALP Exam Analysis of 30th August (All Shifts):





(10 to 11 AM)




(1 to 2 PM)




(4 to 5 PM)



Shift 1stShift 2ndShift 3rd
General Intelligence and25Easy to Moderate19-22Easy to Moderate18-21Easy to Moderate19-22
General Science20Easy to Moderate16-18Easy to Moderate16-17Easy to Moderate16-18
General Awareness on Current Affairs10Easy7-8Easy7-8Easy7-8
Overall75Easy to Moderate60-68Easy to Moderate60-66Easy to Moderate60-68

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RRB ALP Analysis and Questions 30th August 2018 – 1st Shift:

General Awareness & Current Affairs:

  • Who’s Chairman of Railways – Ashwani Lohani
  • When was Swachh Bharat Abhiyan initiated?- 2nd October 2014
  • Name the Indian bank which has the maximum number of branches in India? – SBI Bank
  • Which dam is situated on the banks of Krishna River? – Nagarjuna Sagar Dam
  • Where was the 2018 Bimstec Summit 2018 held?- Nepal
  • In which State is ‘Adhai Din Ka Jhonpra’ Mosque is situated? – Ajmer, Rajasthan
  • When was Magna- Carta system started in India?- 1215
  • Which river is situated in the Panjim city?- Mandovi
  • Who is the chairperson of FTII? – Anupam Kher
  • In 2017, who received the Moortidevi Award? – Joy Goswami
  • Indian Cricket Team coach in 2017 – Ravi Shastri

RRB ALP Exam Analysis of Mathematics:

  • Data Interpretation – Bar graph – 1Q, Table – 1Q
  • Time & work-based – 3Q
  • Pipes cistern – 1Q
  • Pipe A can fill the whole tank in 25 mins, pipe B in 30 mins, and pipe C empties 3 gallons/min. Together if they will fill the tank in 15 mins. What is the tank’s capacity? – 450 gallons
  • Simplification – 3-4Qs
  • Square Root – 1Q
  • Mensuration – 2Q
  • Rhombus one side was given and the area is also given. You need to find the sum of lengths of diagonals.
  • 122+372 – 3/1116*372 ? – 493
  • If the present age ratio of A & B is 1: 2, 5 years ago the ratio was 1:3, what will be the age ratio 5 years henceforth?- 3:5
  • LCM of 37,111,148 = 444
  • SinA = CosA then, 2sin2A – 3Cos2A = – 0.5
  • 72 % of x = 90? – 125
  • 2/3rd of Pizza cost – 45 Rs, then 3/5th of Pizza is? – Rs. 40.5
  • In classroom total number of students are 45, if 3/5th of the total students are boys, then find the number of boys? – 27
  • Profit and loss – 2Qs
  • Average based – 2Qs
  • HCF – 1Q

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Railway ALP Exam Analysis of General Science:

  • What connects muscles to the bone? – Tendon
  • What is the Formula for Sodium Carbonate- Na2CO3
  • Which instrument is used to measure blood pressure? – Sphygmomanometer
  • Chemical reaction for Nacl + H2O= NaoH +Hcl
  • Alkali elements come in which group? – Group 1 of the periodic table
  • Periodic table – 3Qs
  • Respiratory system – 1Q
  • Numerical type question based on work done- 1Q
  • Coulomb’s law – 1Q
  • Mechanical energy =?
  • Kinetic energy + Potential energy
  • Potential energy + Heat energy
  • Potential energy + Sound energy
  • In archery after the release of the bow, potential energy is converted into?
  • Kinetic energy
  • Heat energy
  • Sound energy
  • Isotopes, Atomic Radius and Valency number – 1Q

RRB Analysis of General Intelligence & Reasoning:

  • Conclusions based 2-3Qs
  • Age-Based – 1Q
  • Mirror Image Based – 1Q
  • If 22nd March is Monday, then which day would be 5th May? – Tuesday
  • Angle Based -1Q
  • Clock-Based – 2Q
  • Syllogism – 1Q
  • Water image based – 1Q
  • X and Y are walking in the opposite direction if the Y’s shadow is on X when they meet. Then X faces which direction? – East or West [Depending upon what part of the day it is A.M or P.M]
  • Image-based – 3Qs
  • Images where given, and choose the fourth image.
  • Data Sufficiency – 2Qs
  • Coding & Decoding- 1Q
  • Number of Triangles – 1Q
  • Missing letter – 1Q
  • Alphabet series – 2Q

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RRB ALP Analysis and Questions 30th August 2018 – 2nd Shift:

Railway ALP Analysis of Mathematics:

  • Mensuration 3Q
  • Simplification
  • Equation
  • x2 -5x+k=0, k is? – 6
  • A is ⅔= B of 75%=C is 0.6, what is A: B:C? – 9:8:10

RRB ALP Analysis of General Science:

  • Factory of Protein – Ribosome
  • What is the unit of Current? – Ampere
  • In which group does Cobalt and Nickel fall according to the modern periodic table? – Group 9 & Group 10
  • What causes Cholera disease? – Bacteria
  • General Awareness & Current Affairs
  • Which country was the runner up in the Blind Cricket world cup against India? – Pakistan
  • Who was the chief guest at the 2017 Republic day? – Crown Prince Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan
  • Which team was the runner up at 2017 women’s cricket world cup? – India
  • Where is the headquarter of Coir board situated? – Kochi
  • Which president of USA was elected twice but not consecutively? – Grover Cleveland
  • Name the book written by Shatrughan Sinha? – Anything but Khamosh
  • Name the Chief Minister of Tripura – Biplab Kumar Deb
  • Name the Chairperson of ISRO – Sivan

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General Intelligence & Reasoning:

  • Calendar – If 20th January 2013 is a Sunday, then what would 26th January 2015 be? – Monday
  • Blood Relations – If A is B’s sister, C is the father of A, D is the daughter of B then, what is the relationship between B and C? – Can’t be determined
  • Directions – If a person walking 15 kms east turns right and walks 20 kms and again turns right and walks 15 kms. What is the distance and direction of the person from the starting point? 20 km south

RRB ALP Analysis and Questions 30th August 2018 – 3rd Shift:


  • Profit & Loss 1Q
  • Simplification 1Q
  • Time & work 4Q
  • Pie chart 3Q
  • Pipe cistern – Tap A fills the tank in 6 hours and both the tape A and B are open the tank fills in 4 hrs. Initially the tap A is opened for 1 hour and then tap B is opened. In how much time tank will be filled?
  • HCF of 48, 96,156 –
  • Divisible by 9 – 7315,8712,3472,1252

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RRB ALP Analysis of General Science:

  • Calcium Phosphate formula- Ca3 (PO4)2
  • Convert 1 kilowatt hour into joule- 3.6e+6
  • Chemical formula for Silver Chloride- AgCl
  • Paleontology is the study of – Fossils
  • Which gas is released when Caocl2 + h2o? – Chlorine
  • A ball is thrown upward, and it returns to the ground in 10s what was the initial velocity of the ball? –
  • A household’s yearly consumption is 300 units per year. Convert the the amount into joules? –
  • Which of the following is the biggest atom? – Sulphur, Silicon, Phosphorus, Aluminum?
  • Name the element who has an isotope of 290 in which the number of neutrons is 196. Find the atomic number of that element?
  • General Awareness & Current Affairs
  • Digital library Sugamya Pustakalaya launched by PM. Narendra Modi is accessible to whom? – Visually Impaired
  • The last Queen of France Marie Antoinette was born in which country? – Hofburg, Vienna, Austria
  • Name the book written by Sanjay Manjrekar – Imperfect
  • The Adivasi Mahotsav 2017 was held in which City? – Raipur, Chhattisgarh
  • Name the Chief Minister of Sikkim – Pawan Kumar Chamling
  • Name the director of Dangal movie? – Nitesh Tiwari
  • NSE was established in which year? – 1992
  • The book ‘One Girl’ is written by which author? – Chetan Bhagat
  • Prime Minister Narendra Modi was the Cm of which state government? Gujarat
  • Capital of Australia- Canberra
  • Marathwada and vidarbha belongs to which state? Maharashtra

General Intelligence & Reasoning:

  • Figure Completion 3Q
  • Mirror Image 3Q
  • Blood relation 2Q
  • Direction 1Q
  • Find the odd man out- 51, 61,72,21

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