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RRB Interview Question and Answer – Railway Interview Tips & Tricks Online

RRB Interview Question and Answer

How Can One Prepare for Perfect Interview? This is biggest question which comes in every one’s mind: So, here on this page, we are providing latest RRB Interview Question and Answer that may be ask from you in Interview. The interview is the final stage of getting selection for the post that you have applied.

Almost all people get anxious or nervous at the time of interview. But if you really want to perform best, you have to work on your strength and weaknesses. Here from this page, you can also get the online Railway Interview Tips & Tricks which will help you a lot to get success in Interview.

Previously we have already discussed that Interview is very tough to break. Practice yourself as per your strengths and in interview people, can only able to give answer of those questions, which they study well. So, applicants never scared about Interview as it is part of recruitment procedure.

You have to give your 100% in Interview in all situations & you will come out as a winner and your prize is selection. You need to go through the below section of this page of www.recruitmentinboxx.com to get complete information regarding RRB Interview Question and Answer.

RRB Interview Question and Answer

Most Common and Important RRB Interview Question and Answer:

Question 1: Tell me about yourself?


  • It is a first question that has been asked by the interviewer. You just have to tell him about yourself.
  • Clutch the interview with these simple and effective answers: “I can sum up about myself into three words…” Exhibit your ability concise, innovative and convincing”

Question 2: How do you Handle Criticisms?


  • Here, the way to impress the HR Manager is to tell criticisms as finest tools to progress.
  • You may tell them that you will never take criticisms individually and may also give some past conditions in your life as instances for the same.

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Question 3: Where do you find yourself after five years from now?


  • Your answer to this question must relate to objective line that you have precise on your Curriculum Vitae.
  • This will showcase your vision to HR Manager. Your positivity towards your career should be understood from answer you give to this question.

Question 4: Are you are team player?


  • Again, only a positive answer will defend your career.
  • Though, you must never fail to provide instances of your past achievements as a team member.
  • And your answer would be: Yes, the Team which I was a part of have effectively finished the work within deadlines or last date.

Question 5: What are your strengths and weaknesses?


  • Firstly tell about strengths as you can say like, you are an effective team player, energetic, creative.
  • Now to speak about your week nesses answer in this way like, you trusts people very slowly, you hate lie, and you are a little bit emotional.

Question 6: Can you do work under pressure?


  • Answer this question very confidently.
  • Tell about your experience that you have achieved under pressure and also about that how much you enjoyed work under pressure.

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Question 7: Why we should hire you?


Answer: you must have to answer this question in a pleasant way and tell about your all positive points and the skills that you have with which you can be very helpful for the organization.

Question 8: What Was The Toughest Decision You Ever Had To Make?


  • You can tell about the previous decisions that you have taken also at the time of your studies or before to it.
  • Make sure and enhance the answer and also explain what decision you have made on those conditions and upon which evidence that may be beneficial for you for upcoming.

Question 9: What are your salary expectations?


  • Describe that salary is not a primary thing for you. You are more interested in the job profile and were looking for such kind of job.
  • Then ask about the salary range for the position that you have applied.
  • Mention that you expecting a fair compensation that is comparable to the market for a similar positions and similar experience levels

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Question 10: Why did you leave your last job?


  • Although, you might be angry with your earlier boss or previous co-workers and this was the main reason why you are searching for a new job, do not state this as the reason.
  • You can say that you desire to work for a new company and new environment and wish to meet new co-workers.
  • You can also say that ‘I am looking for a job with more responsibilities’.

Indian Railway Quiz Questions and Answers

Question 1: After separation from India in 1947, Pakistan got how much long railway track?

Answer: 11,200 km

Question 2: When did Indian Railway Act Pass?

Answer: In 1890

Question 3: Which is the longest railway zone in India?

Answer: Northern Railway

Question 4: When did Metro Rail in Calcutta start?

Answer: 24 October, 1984

Question 5: Who was first female operator in Delhi Metro?

Answer: Minakshi Sharma.

Question 6: Where has National Rail Museum been transferred from Delhi?

Answer: Rewari (Haryana)

Question 7: First female to become the member of Railway Board?

Answer: Vijaylaxmi Vishwanathan

Question 8: Where is in India, longest platform situated?

Answer: Khadagpur (West Bengal)

Question 9: Where does the only train for women run?

Answer: From Churchgate to Boriwali in Mumbai

Question 10: How many Railway Recruitment Boards are there in India?

Answer: 19

Question 11: First telecommunication between guard and driver began in which train on 20 June, 1982?

Answer: Mumbai–New Delhi (Rajdhani Express)

Question 12: Whose formation took place on 14 April, 1951 as Regional Railway in Indian Railway?

Answer: Southern Railway.

Question 13: On 10, July 1988, Shatabdi Express began for the first time between which two stations?

Answer: Between New Delhi–Jhansi

Question 14: On 1st March 1969 first Rajdhani Express ran between which two stations?

Answer: New Delhi–Howrah

Question 15: Name the first DC electrical rail engine?

Answer: Lokmanya (CLW manufactured it in 1961)

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Interview Tips & Tricks

  • Look in the Mirror and do practice for speaking confidently in front of interviewer.
  • Be relaxed and calm while you are giving answers of the questions.
  • You should write-down your strengths and weaknesses.
  • The aspirants should prepare a short list of achievements.
  • Avoid smoking and eating at the time of Interview.
  • Be positive and make a positive image.
  • Talk slowly and clearly which will help the interviewer to understand you answers easily.
  • Never break up conversation with the interviewer.
  • Enhance your communication skills; it is the Mains thing which makes the difference.
  • Pay Attention & Regards to each of the member of Interview Panel.
  • Don’t argument in any situation with the Interviewer; it may leads to showing your negative characteristic.
  • Convey your Regards after Interview is over.
  • Show the best version of yourself in the Interview Hall. Give them every reason to select you.

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In the End: So, these are the Most Common Interview Questions and Answers which will help you a lot. Be confident enough when you attend job interviews & don’t make any mistake. Hopefully these tips and giving questions and answers will be helpful for your preparations for RRB Interview. To get more details and latest updates stay in our touch and keep visiting our official website www.recruitmentinboxx.com. If you want to ask anything regarding RRB Interview Question and Answer, then you can drop your comment in the comment box which is provided below.

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