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TCS Interview Experience | Questions/Answers for Freshers (Technical/HR)

TCS Interview Experience

In interview, your job is to convince a recruiter via your skills and knowledge.  In order to make an amazing impression on interviewer, refer TCS Interview Experience shared by Shubham Arora. Freshers may get Questions/Answers asked in Technical/HR Interview.

TCS Interview Experience will guide you a lot in preparation. All you need is to compare your skills and qualifications to the job requirements. Here, interviewee demonstrates his or her skills and abilities based on past experiences.

Questions/Answers for Freshers asked in Technical/HR Interview:

Generally MCQ questions from aptitude, logical sections are asked in HR Interview. Technical aptitude part covers questions from computer networks, operating system, data structures & others.

So, go through TCS Interview Experience shared by Shubham Arora. To know more about TCS Interview Experience & how to prepare for Technical/HR Interview, take a look of below page well created by team of www.recruitmentinboxx.com.

TCS Interview Experience

Name: Shubham Arora

Date of Interview: 02-10-2017

Place of Interview: Gurgaon IV, Plot No. 362-263, Phase IV,

Udyog Vihar, Gurgaon, Haryana 122016

Reporting time of interview: 10.00 AM

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Technical Interview

There were 2 Interviewers in my Panel.

Me: Excuse me, May I come in?

Int_1 & Int_2: Yes, Please come.

Me: Thank you. Wished them with delightful face

Int_2: Asked my CV. They had over looked my CV and asked me for my introduction.

Me: told…….

Int_1: About your Final year Project?

Me: Explained clearly

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Int _2: Explain your Mini Projects clearly?

Me: Explained plainly

Int_1: Share your knowledge about Softwares.

Me:- Explained about Internet of things clearly. They impressed.

Int_2: You are from Mechanical, then why do u want to join in TCS?

Me:- Give appropriate reason, Convinced

Int_2: Write the program for swapping 2 numbers without using 3 variable

Me:- Understood first then I wrote and explained neatly. They impressed.

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Int_1: If u got job in BHEL and TCS, then what will u do?

Me:- Gave answer smartly, Convinced & they impressed.

Int_2: Have u applied TCS before six months?

Me:- No

Int_1: What is your short term and Long term goals?

Me:told briefly

Int_1: u didn’t tell me about your family. So tell

Me:- told shortly

Int_2: Can u work at night shift?

Me:- told

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Int_1: Can u work at any where?

Me:- told

Int_2: Do u have any questions?

Me:- No, sir. I had a great time with u. Said thanks with great smile.

Within 20 minutes, the results announced. I got selected for HR, which will be held on next day.

HR Round

Me:- Excuse me mam, May I come in?

Int (madam): Yes please

Me:- Wished her with smile

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Int:- Asked my CV and started with basic question” introduce yourself”

Me:- told gently.

Int:- u are from Mechanical, then why do u want to join in TCS?

Me:- gave proper reason

Int: – Why should I hire u? tell me two reasons

Me:- Saying that my college taught me to learn new things easily….blah…blah..blah. Told, my strengths that make me fit for this job.. Mean while she cross questioned me.

Int:- u said Learning is your attitude. So tell me what have u been learning still now?

Me:- quite shocking, but I gave my best

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Int: – Tell me about IOT

Me:- said briefly

Int:- Difference between IT Service and IT product

Me:- said

Int : can u work at night shifts?

Me:- said Yes, I can

Int: – r u aware of TCS Policy, suppose if u r selected u have to stay for 2 years

Me:- I’m Ok for it, gentle smile on my face

Int: Do u have any questions?

Me:- said no & wished her again with great smile.

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My interview is over.

On 10th morning I got mail ….Thank God!!!!!!! I got selected

Some Useful Interview Tips:

We are furnishing some interview preparation guidelines for the Aspirants who are going to appear in interview.

  • Being punctual shows your seriousness towards the meeting.
  • Try to reach the interview place 15 minutes in advance in order that you’ll rest and obtain yourself able to deal the questions.
  • Dressing nicely contributes to your self-worth – this contains, nice outfits, footwear and well done hair.
  • Enter the interview room with a smile on your face and be confident.
  • Your manner of talking should be skilled and better level of confidence reflects from your words and tones however don’t be arrogant.

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Final Words:

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