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Thiruvalluvar University Syllabus 2023 PDF Download UG/PG (All Sem)

Thiruvalluvar University Syllabus

The latest and updated Thiruvalluvar University Syllabus 2023 is available on this page. Students who are pursuing various UG and PG Courses from the Thiruvalluvar University, Vellore, Tamil Nadu, India can check the Syllabus for All Semesters here in this article. Download the Thiruvalluvar University Semester Syllabus PDF now.

We have provided the updated Syllabus of Thiruvalluvar University for BA, BSc, BCom, MA, MSc, MCom, MCA, BCA, BBA and all other proogrammes offered by the University. Moreover, the option of Thiruvalluvar University Syllabus PDF Download is also available in this page which allows the students to download and save the entire Syllabi in their devices so that they can refer to it offline whenever needed.

Download Thiruvalluvar Semester University Syllabus:

The University conducts Semester and Annual examinations for all its offered courses in order to evaluate and promote the students to higher levels. In this article, you will find the semester-wise Thiruvalluvar University Syllabus PDF links for all undergraduate and postgraduate courses. Furthermore, we have also mentioned step-by-step guidelines to download Thiruvalluvar University Exam Syllabus from the official website.

With the help of Thiruvalluvar University UG/PG Syllabus, students will come to know about the topics to be asked in the upcoming exams organized by the University. For more information about Thiruvalluvar University Syllabus 2023, scroll down and explore this page completely which is well designed by the team of www.recruitmentinboxx.com.

Thiruvalluvar University Syllabus

Direct Links to Download Thiruvalluvar University Syllabus

2014-15 Chemistry2018-19 Chemistry
2014-15 Economics2018-19 Economics
2014-15 English2018-19 English
2014-15 Mathematics2018-19 Mathematics
2014-15 Tamil2018-19 Tamil
2014-15 Zoology2018-19 Zoology
2014-15 Biotechnology2018-19 Biotechnology

Direct Links to Download Thiruvalluvar University UG Syllabus

B.A. TamilB.S.W.
B.Lit. TamilB.A. Political Science
B.A. EnglishB.A. Public Administration
B.A. ArabicB.A. Corporate Economics
B.A. HistoryB.A. Defence and strategic studies
B.A. Economics
B.Sc. MathematicsB.Sc. Physical Education
B.Sc. PhysicsB.Sc. Electronics Science
B.Sc. ChemistryB.Sc. Computer Science
B.Sc. BiochemistryB.Sc. Visual Communication
B.Sc. ZoologyB.Sc. Interior Design and Decor
B.Sc. MicrobiologyB.Sc. Environmental Management
B.Sc. BotanyB.Sc. Software Computer Science
B.Sc. BiotechnologyB.Sc. Information System Management
B.Sc. GeologyB.Sc. Industrial Chemistry (Vocational)
B.Sc. StatisticsB.C.A. (Computer Applications)
B.Sc. PsychologyB.Sc. Nutrition, Food Service Management and Dietetics
Commerce And Management Studies
B.Com.B.Com. (Finance and Accounts)
B.Com. (Corporate Secretaryship)B.B.A. (Business Administration)
B.Com. (Computer Applications)

Direct Links to Download Thiruvalluvar University PG Syllabus

M.A. TamilM.A. Economics
M.A. EnglishM.A. Political Science
M.A. HistoryM.A. Public Administration
M.S.W.M.A. Defence and Strategic Studies
M.Sc. PhysicsM.Sc. Applied Microbiology
M.Sc. ChemistryM.Sc. Foods and Nutrition
M.Sc. BiochemistryM.Sc. Biotechnology
M.Sc. ZoologyM.Sc. Computer Science
M.Sc. BotanyM.Sc. Information Technology
M.Sc. STATISTICSM.Sc. Bio-Informatics
M.Sc. GEOLOGYM.C.A. (Computer Application)
M.Sc. Mathematics
Commerce & Management Studies
M.Com.M.B.A (HRM)
M.B.A.M.Com. (Computer Application)
Syllabus For Compulsory Paper For All PG Courses
Human Rights

Download Thiruvalluvar University Syllabus for Part 1 Languages


Thiruvalluvar University Syllabus for Part IV Subjects

Environmental StudiesSoft Skill
Value EducationBasic Tamil
Advanced Tamil

Thiruvalluvar University B.Com Syllabus

Semester I Syllabus: Financial Accounting

Unit- I: Introduction
Meaning of accounting – objectives of accounting – advantages and limitations of accounting- Accounting concepts and conventions – Methods of accounting -Rules of debit and credit- Journal – Ledger accounts– Trial Balance
Errors and their rectification – Rectification of Errors without suspense a/c – Rectification errors with suspense a/c (effect of rectification on profit and rectification during subsequent accounting year are excluded) – Bank Reconciliation Statement.
Unit – II: Depreciation, Provisions and Reserve
Meaning of depreciation – causes for depreciation – need for charging depreciation – Methods of calculating depreciation: straight line method and written down value method (change in method of depreciation is excluded)
Methods of recording depreciation: by charging depreciation to assets account or by creating provision for depreciation account
Unit – III: Bills of exchange
Meaning of bill of exchange – features and advantages of bill of exchange- types of bill of exchange: Trade bills and accommodation bills – Accounting treatment of trade bills (accommodation bills are excluded)
Unit – IV: Final accounts
Meaning of final accounts – adjustments in preparation of final accounts – preparation of trading, profit & loss account and balance sheet of sole proprietorship concern
Unit V: Accounts from incomplete records
Meaning of single entry system – features and limitations of single entry system – Distinction between single entry system and double entry system
Methods of calculation of profit: Statement of affairs method and Conversion method – Distinction between statement of affairs and balance sheet

Business Organization

Business meaning and types – Profession – meaning and importance of business Organization – Social Responsibilities of Business – Business Ethics
Forms of Business organization – sole trader – partnership – joint Hindu family – joint stock companies – co-operative societies – public utilities and public enterprises – Public Sector vs. Private Sector
Location of industry – factors influencing location – size of industry – optimum firm – advantages of large – scale operation – limitation of small scale operation – industrial estates – district industries centres
Stock Exchange – Function – Types – Working – Regulation of Stock Exchanges in India – Business Combination – Causes – Types – Effects of Combination in India
Trade association – Chamber of commerce – Functions – Objectives – Working in India

Thiruvalluvar University M.A. Economics Syllabus

Semester I Syllabus: Micro Economic Analysis –I

UNIT- I: Basic concepts

  • Choice and Scarcity
  • Positive Vs Normative Economics
  • Inductive and Deductive Methods
  • Static and Dynamic Analysis
  • Partial Vs General Equilibrium Analysis

UNIT-II: Theory of Demand

  • Utility and Preference Ordering
  • Demand and Supply Equilibrium
  • Price, Income and Cross Elasticity of Demand
  • Derivation of Demand curves (Hicks and Marshall)
  • Revealed Preference Theory

UNIT-III: Hicksian Analysis

  • Income and Substitution Effects
  • Slutsky Theorem
  • Revision of Demand theory by Hicks – Cobweb Theorem

UNIT-IV: Production and Costs

  • Production Functions
  • Least cost combination and Producers Equilibrium
  • Cobb – Douglas and CES Production Function
  • Law of Returns and Returns to Scale
  • Cost- Output Relationship
  • Short – run and long – run Cost Minimization
  • Modern theory of Costs

UNIT-V: Market Structure

  • Equilibrium of the Firm and Industry
  • Monopoly and Price Discrimination
  • Measures and Control of Monopoly
  • Monopolistic competition – Chamberlin’s approach
  • Marginal Cost Pricing
  • Collusive and Non – Collusive Oligopoly

Macro Economic Analysis- I

UNIT-I: National Income Accounts

  • National Income Components
  • Circular flow of income in two, three and four sector models
  • Stock – flow relationship
  • Concepts of Social accounting
  • Input – output accounting and balance of payments accounting
  • Measuring of Economic welfare

UNIT-II: Theory of Employment

  • Classical theory of employment – Say’s law
  • Keynesian determination of output and Employment
  • Vertical aggregate supply curve

UNIT-III: Consumption Theory

  • Short-run and long-run consumption function
  • Developments in consumption functions (Absolute income, Relative income, Permanent income and Life cycle hypothesis)
  • Empirical studies and policy implications of Consumption theory
  • Multiplier theory
  • Super – Multiplier theory

UNIT-IV: Investment Theory

  • Marginal Efficiency of capital and the rate of interest
  • Private and Public Investment
  • Interaction of Multiplier and Accelerator
  • Profit and Neo – Classical theory
  • Influence of policy measures on investment – empirical evidence

UNIT-V: Neo – Classical and Keynesian views on Interest

  • Keynes IS – LM curve
  • Secular Stagnation
  • IS – LM model with Government sector
  • Extension to open economy
  • IS – LM models with labour market and flexible prices

How to Download Thiruvalluvar University Syllabus?

The step-wise instructions to access the Syllabus for any programme from University’s official portal are stated as follows:

  • Visit the official website of Thiruvalluvar University – www.tvu.edu.in.
  • On the homepage, move your cursor towards ‘Examination’ tab. A drop down list will appear.
  • Select “Regulations and Syllabus” option from the dropped down menu.
  • A new page displaying Syllabus downloading links for various programmes will be opened.
  • Press the appropriate course link for which you are willing to download the Syllabus.
  • The Thiruvalluvar University Syllabus PDF will open up on your screen.
  • Download and save the Syllabus PDF to your device.
  • If required, youmay even keep a print copy of your Exam Syllabus and keep it safe for further usage.

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The above Thiruvalluvar University UG/ PG Syllabus is given for the convenience of those students who are going to attend semester wise examinations. Interested students can easily download the Syllabus in PDF format by hitting the direct links mentioned above in this page.

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