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Vikram University Syllabus 2018-19 Ujjain BA/BBA/B.Ed/M.Ed/M.Phil Syllabi

Vikram University Syllabus

Students of Vikram University who are pursuing courses BA/BBA/B.Ed./M.Ed./M.Phil or any other academic exam are required to download Vikram University Syllabus to get clear in exam. You will get Vikram University Detailed Syllabi at the below section of this web.

To download Vikram University Ujjain Syllabus in PDF form, candidates can follow the basic steps or they can simply hit the mentioned below links. With the help of Vikram University Syllabi, students will come to know about the topics which are likely to be asked in upcoming exams.

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Vikram University Syllabus 2018

Vikram University B.B.A. Syllabus

Course CodeCourse Title
Semester – I
BBA 111English
BBA 112Environment and Management
BBA 113Introduction to Computers
BBA 114Financial Accounting
BBA 115Fundamentals of Management
Semester – II
BBA 121Hindi
BBA 122Managerial Economics
BBA 123Advanced Accounting
BBA 124Personnel Management
BBA 125Business Statistics
Semester – III
BBA 231Principles of Org. Behaviour
BBA 232Financial Management
BBA 233Business Law
BBA 234Business Communication
BBA 235Marketing Management
Semester – IV
BBA 241Management Accounting
BBA 242Business Mathematics
BBA 243Cost Administration & Control
BBA 244Computer Applications
BBA 245Business Taxation
Semester – V
BBA 351Production & Materials Management
BBA 352Principles of Advertising
BBA 353Corporate Finance
BBA 354Quantitative Techniques
BBA 355Entrepreneurship Development
Semester – VI
BBA 361Labour Laws
BBA 362Foreign Trade Management
BBA 363Sales Management
BBA 364Financial Services
BBA 365Management Information Sys.

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Vikram University B.Ed. Syllabus

Course CodeCourse Title
Semester – I
CC 1Educational Psychology
CC 2Education in India- Status, Problems and Issues
CC 3Language across the curriculum – Part 1
CC 4Curriculum Development &School
Semester – II
CC 1Learning & Teaching
CC 2Pedagogy of a School Subject – Part 1

(Subject: 1.Hindi 2.English 3.Sanskrit 4.Urdu

5. Biology 6. Mathematics 7 Social Science.

CC 3Pedagogy of a School (Part II): Subject Knowledge and the Related Pedagogic Dimensions (Subject: 1.Gen.Science. 2.Chemistry 3.Physics 4.History 5.Civics 6.Geography 7.Economics 8.Commerce
CC 4Language across the curriculum- Part -2
Semester – III
CC 1Action Research
Semester – IV
CC 1Gender, School & Society
CC 2Educational Technology & ICT
CC 3Creating an Inclusive School
CC 4Optional Course:(Any One of the Subject mentioned below)

a. Value Education

b. Futurology in Education

c. Health and Physical Education

d. Guidance and Counseling in School

e. Environmental Education

f. Population Education

Vikram University M.Ed. Syllabus

Course Title
Semester – I
Philosophical Perspectives Of Education
Educational Research – I
Information And Communication Technology
Critical Reading Of Literature
Semester – II
Psychological Perspectives Of Education
Research Data Analysis And Interpretation- I
Second Advance Level Course- I
Dissertation Proposal
Semester – III
Sociological Perspectives of Education
Educational Research-II
First Advance Level Course- I
Field Engagement
Semester – IV
Contemporary and FuturePerspectives of Education
Research Data Analysis and Interpretation-II
Second Advance Level Course- II

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Vikram University Syllabus for M. Phil. (English)

PAPER – I (Research Methodology, Quantitative Methods, Computer Application and History of English Literature)

Unit- I

(a) Research

  • Meaning & significance of Research.
  • Its objectives and types.
  • Characteristics of Research.
  • Research Problem, Choice and Analysis.
  • Methods of Research.

(b) Thesis and Assignment Writing

  •  Documentation
Unit- II

a. Basics of Computer Application

b. Basics of Quantitative Methods

Unit- III

a. English Literature from 1340 to 1550.

b. English Literature from 1550 to 1660.

Unit- IV

a. English Literature from 1660 to 1798.

b. English Literature from 1798 to 1914.

Unit- V

a. English Literature from 1914 onwards (English Literature and Movements).

b. Trends in Modern Literature

PAPER II (Contemporary Western Literary Criticism)
Section A – Literary Terms

Critics and criticism, New Criticism, Structuralism, Post Structuralism, Modernism, Post Modernism, Psychoanalysis, Socialism, Marxism, Russian Formalism, Geneva School, Chicago School, Semiotics, Speech Act Theory, Critics of Consciousness, Deconstruction, Defamiliarizing, Diachronic, Dialectical materialism, Difference/Difference, Ecriture, Feminism, Feminist criticism, Hermeneutics, Hierarchy, Intertextuality, Lexia, Lisible/Scriptible, Logocentrism/Graphocentricism, Metalingual, Mirror Stage, New Historicism, Reader Response Criticism, Teleology, Ontology, Etymology, Human Science, Humanism and other relevant critical terms.

Section B – Contemporary Models

New Criticism & the Transitionists

  •  I.A. Richards- Imagination
  • J. W. Krutch- The Tragic Fallacy


  • Saussure- Nature of the Linguistic Sign.
  • Roland Barthes- From Work to Text

Post Structuralism

(a) Deconstruction

  • Derrida- Structure, Sign and Play in the Discourse of the Human Sciences.
  • M. H. Abrams- The Deconstructive Angel.

(b) Psychoanalysis

  •  Harold Bloom- Poetic Origins and Final Phases.
  • Geoffrey Hartman- The Interpreters Freud.

(c) Focus on Society

  • Foucault- What is an Author.
  • Edward Said- Crisis in Orientalism

(d) Feminism

  • Elain Showlater- Towards a Feminist Poetics.
  • Juliet Mitchelle- Femininity- Narrative and Psycho Analysis.

(e) Reader Response Theory

  • Stanley Fish- Is There a Text in the Class?
Section C (Practical Criticism& Stylistics)

Critical analysis of given texts, 2 each from prose and poetry to be set, one each to be attempted.

PAPER III (Indian Literary Criticism)

History of Indian Poetics


1. Shabda-Vritti (Abhidha, Lakshana, Vyanjana)

2. Rasa-Nishpatti -Bharata Muni’s Natyashastra-(VI Adhyaya)

(Rasa, Vibhava, Anubhava, Vyabhicharibhava, SadharaniKarana, Sahridaya)

3. Kavya-Guna

4. Kavya-Dosha

5. Kavya-Alankara


  • DhvaniSiddhanta

Anandavardhana – Dhvanyaloka- ( I Udyota)

  • VakroktiSiddhanta

Acharya Kuntaka- Vakroktijivitam- (I Unmesha)


  •  Auchitya Siddhanta


  • Rajshekhara -KavyaMimansa (I-V Adhyayas)

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Direct Links for Vikram University Ujjain BA/BBA/B.Ed./M.Ed./M.Phil. Syllabus 2018-19

The following table depicts the Vikram University Syllabus in PDF format-

S.No.Courses Syllabus Links
01.B.A./B.Sc.-Defence & Strategic StudiesHit Here
02.Ph.D./ M.Phil.  Course Work SyllabusHit Here
03.B.B.A. Three Year Proposed Syllabus (Annual Pattern)Hit Here
04.M.Phil./Ph.D. Social Sc/Lib.&Inf.Sc./Commerce FacultyHit Here
05.BA – Political Science(Hons.)Hit Here
06.BA (Hons.) HistoryHit Here
07.B.A.B.Ed.(VIII Semester) Integrated ProgrammeHit Here
08.B.Sc.B.Ed.(VIII Semester) Integrated ProgrammeHit Here
09.B.A. – EnglishHit Here
10.B.A. – SanskritHit Here
11.B.A. – A.I.H.C.& A.Hit Here
12.B.A. – EconomicsHit Here
13.B.A. – PhilosophyHit Here
14.B.A. – Home ScienceHit Here
15.B.A. – HistoryHit Here
16.B.A. – PsychologyHit Here
17.B.A. – SociologyHit Here
18.BA/BSc/B.Com/B.Sc. (Home Sc.)/BCA/B.A.(Mgt.) – Foundation CourseHit Here
19.B.Sc./B.A./B.Com.- Computer ApplicationHit Here
20.BBA – [Hons.]Hit Here
21.M.Phil. ChemistryHit Here
22.M.Phil. PhysicsHit Here
23.M.Phil. BiochemistryHit Here
24.M.Phil. – EconomicsHit Here
25.M.Phil. SanskritHit Here
26.M.Phil. – GeologyHit Here
27.M.Phil. – SociologyHit Here

Procedure to download Vikram University Syllabus

The following are the basic steps that should be followed in order to download Vikram University Ujjain Syllabus from Official website-

  • Login to the official website of Vikram University which isvikramuniv.ac.in to download the syllabi.
  • Hit on “Syllabus” present in “Academics” Tab on the top of the page.
  • You will be directed to a new page with the recently released Vikram University Syllabus.
  • Search for the desired Vikram University Syllabusand hit on it.
  • You will get your Vikram University Syllabus. You can also download the syllabus for your convenience.

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