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IGNOU Date Sheet June 2018 Available TEE BA/BSc/B.Com/MA/B.Ed Time Table

IGNOU Date Sheet

Available to Download updated IGNOU Date Sheet June from here for upcoming BA/BSc/B.Com/MA/B.Ed and other IGNOU TEE Exam. Indira Gandhi National Open University is all set to Term End Exam from 01-06-2018 to 22-06-2018.

Enrolled students in particular courses such as BLIS/BPCCHN / CCISTIK/DWM / PGDPM / PGDCC / CHCWM and other programs can get their IGNOU Date Sheet from here or through official web portal i.e. ignou.ac.in. Other relevant information about IGNOU TEE Time Table is provided below.

IGNOU TEE Exam Dates

IGNOU Term End Exam Will Commence From01-06-2018
TEE Exam Will End On22-06-2018

Press Here To Download IGNOU Date Sheet PDF

Indira Gandhi National Open University offers many UG or PG courses some names are DMT, DPVCPO, PGDHHM, PGDLAN/PGDMCHetc. Those contenders, who are keenly, wait for IGNOU Term End Exam Date Sheet, can download through this page.

Through updated IGNOU TEE Date Sheet, students can easily make the study plan for particular examination and start preparation accordingly. Go through this page of www.recruitmentinboxx.com and get complete details about IGNOU Date Sheet June 2018.

IGNOU Date Sheet

IGNOU Date Sheet June 2018

DatesFORENOON (10:00 AM TO 1:00 PM)


ASP-01/BCE-025//BES-010/BET-011/BFN-001/ /BHY-053/BICE-014/BICSE016/BIEEE-016/BIELE-017/BIME-013/BLE-035/BME-001/BNMI-010/BNS101/BPC-006*/BPVI-021*/BULE-001/CHE-1/CHE-2/CIT-01/ CS-60/CTE-01/ES202/MANI-001/MCS-043/MCT-073MEC-001/MEC-101/MEDS-041/MEG01/MES-011/MES-051/ / /MGP-002/MGS-002/MGY-001*/MHD-1/MHI01//MHY-024/MIP-101/ /MIR-021/MJM-001/MPCE-011/MPCE-021/MPCE031/MPS-001/MPYE-016/MRR-101/MS-01/MSD-011/MSEI-021/ /MTT010/MWG-003/OEE-001/PHE-09*/REC-001/REC-101/RJM-101/MLI-001/
02-06-2018AOM-01/BAR-055/BAS-008/BCE-031/BCS-011/BEDS-001BEE-001//BEE031/BES-001/BFN-003/ /BHY-055/BICEE-009/BICEE-020/ /BICSE-003/ /BIELBAHI-003/BAS-020/BES-020/BES-126/BET-014/BFE-101/ /BFW-046/ /BHY003/BHY-022/BICE-003/BICE-007/BICEE-002/BIEE-001/ /BIME-002/ /BLE- 001/ / /BIMEE-004/BLE-037/BMS-003/BNRI-101*/BNS-102/BPC-001*/BPVI031*//BULE-003/CHE-04/CIT-02/CS-73/DHHM-001/ET-581F/MANI-002/MCO07/MEC-002/MEDS-042/MEG-03/MES-013/MES-052/ / /MGPE-012/MGY-002*/ MHD-03/ /MHY-011/MIP-102/MIR-022/MMDE-028/MMDE-033/MMDE038/MMT-006/MPCE-012/MPCE-022/MPCE-032/MPS-002/MPYE-006/MRR102/MS-03/MSD-012/MSEI-023/MST-001/MSW-012/MTM-04/MTT012/MTTM-04/MVE-001/MWG-008/OLP-001*/RJM-102/MAM-001* /MJM002/ MTE-14/MCC-001/BME-002/
04-06-2018AFW-01/BAR-056/BAS-009/BEGA-001/BES-012/ /BHDA-101/BHY-056/BICE006/ /BICS-024/ / /BIEL-023/ /BLE-002/BME-017/BME-053/BNMI-011/BRL012/BULE-004/CIC-05CLT-101/CS-64/CTE-04/ES-203/ET-523B/LT-01/MBP002/MCC-002/MCFTE-001/MCFTE-002/MCFTE-003/MDS-005/MEC-007/MEG04/MES-014/MES-055/MFC-002/ / /MGP-003/MHD-04/MHY-014/MIP103/MMD-054/MMTE-001/MPA-012/MPSE-012/MS-04/MSE-024/MSW002/MTE-08/ /MTT-013/MWG-011/OEY-003/REC-002/REC-102/BPVI-022*/ /MPSE-3/MLI-002/ MVE-002/MES-004/BCE-024/
05-06-2018/BARE-072/BARE-073/BARE-074/BARE-075/BAS-015//BEDS-002/BES004/BET-012/ /BICE-018/BIEEE-014BIELE-007/BIMEE-016/ /BME-003/BME060/BNRI-102*/BNS-011/BNS-103/BPC-002*/BPR-003/BPVI-032*//BRL010/BSWE-006//CIT-03/CNSHC-001/CPI/CTE-05/ECO-09/ES-213/ET-532A/ET535A/MAM-002/MAN-001/MCS-051/MEC-003MEC-103//MEDS-043/MEG05/MES-015/MES-053/ / / / /MGPE-015/MHD-05/MHY-022/ /MIR-023/MJM003/ /MMD-051/MMDE-029/MMDE-034/MMDE-039/ /MPCE-013/MPCE023/MPCE-033/MPS-003/MPYE-007/MRR-103/MS-05/MS-422/MS-65/MSD013/MSEI-025/MST-002/MSW-031/MTE-010/MTM-08/MTT-014/MTTM08/MWG-006/ONR-001*/MCC-003/MHI-02
06-06-2018ACS-01/BAR-063/BAS-010/BCS-031/BEDS-003/ /BFWE-003/BHY-012/BHY024/BICE-022/ /BICS-026/BIEE-026/BIEL-025/BIME-006/ /BIMEE-023/BME027/BME-055/BNS-015/BNS-104/BNS-115/BPVI-001*/BRL-001//CFN-03/ /CS612/ET-521B/MBP-003/ /MEC-008/MEC-108/MEDS-044/MEG-06/MES005/MES-016/MESE-060/MESE-061/MESE-064/MESE-066/MESE-067/MFC003/ /// / /MHA-13/MHD-06/MHY-004/MIP-104/MLE-012//MMD-014/MMT005/MPA-001/MPA-013/MPSE-013/MPYE-003/MS-06/MSD-014/MSEI026/MSW-003/MTE-03/MTM-02/MTT-015/MTTM-02/ /OAPI-011/OEY001/OLPI-001*/OUL-001/PHE-11*/RST-001/BPVI-023*/ /MPSE-4/MLI-003/ MVE-003*/MCC-004/BCEE-052/
07-06-2018AMK-01/BAPI-002/BAR-014/BAS-018/BEDS-004/BES-053/BES-122/BET016/BFLI-001/ / / /BFWE-011/BFWE-016/ /BHY-048/BICE-015/BICE-026/ /BICS-021/BIEE-021/ /BIEL-019/BIME-010/BIME-014/BLE-031/BNMI006/BNRI-103*/BNS-012/BNS-105/ BPVI-033*/ CS-70/CYP-06/DECE03/DNHE-02/ /ES-332/ /ET-536B/ET-581B/LMT-01/LSE-02/MAE-002/MAM003/MANI-003/ /MCFT-007/MCMM-001/MCS-012/MDE-415/MEC004/MEDSE-046/MES-042/MES-081/MES-102/MFN-009/ / / / / /MGP-005/ MGY-003*/MIR-011//MPA-002/MPA-014/MPS-004/MS-08/MSEI-027/MSOE003/MSW-004/MTT-017/MVEI-011/ONR-002*/OVA-001/PGDT-04/RDD007/REC-003/REC-103//RITS-001/DHHM-002/MCC-005/MHI-04/
08-06-2018BAS-021/BCE-043/BES-123/ / /BFWE-012/ / /BHDF-101/BHY-044/BICS022/BIEE-022/BIEL-020/BIELE-015/BIME-017/BIMEE-001/BLE-033/ /BME010/BNMI-013/ /BPR-001/BPVI-003*/BPY-010/BRL-003/CFN-01/CS-06/DECE01/ECO-05/ES-316/ET-523A/IBO-01/LSE-05/MANE-001/MCFT-006/MCH-001/ /MCS-015/MDS-001/MEC-005/MEC-105/MED-003*/MED-009/MEG-11/MESAPM-01//BAR-073/BAS-011/BET-023/ /BHY-031/BICE-019/BICSE012/BIEEE-012/BIELE-013/BIME-004/BIMEE-022/ / /BLII-013/ //BME035/BME-057/BNS-018/BOS-011/BPOI-003/BPVI-013*/ /BPYE-002/BRL002/ES-343/ /ET-535B/ET-536A/GR-3/MAE-005/MCFT-001/MCO-05/MDS011/MEDS-008/MES-112/MFN-022/MFT-004/ / / / / /MGSE-004/MHA- 103/MESE-062/ / / / / /MGPE-008/MHY-010/MIP-106/MMT-002/MPA003//MPYE-012/MS-10/MSW-013/MTM-03/MTT-019/MTTM-03/MVE004*/MWG-002//OLPI-002*/OAPI-012*/BPVI-024*/ MLI-004/ MSEI022/MES-006/MCC-006/MHI-06//
09-06-2018BAQ-001//BAR-045/BEG-005/BES-018/ / / /BHY-035/BHY-045/BICEE010/BICEE-024/BICS-003/BICSE-008/BICSE-017/BIEE-003/BIEEE-007/BIEL002/BIELE-008/BIMEE-006/BME-033/BNMI-014/ BPYE-001/CFN-02/CLT102/CLT-103/CLT-104/ CS-610/CYP-02/DHHM-003/ES-212/ES-317/ES-342/ET102/LSE-01/LT-02/LT-03/LT-04/MAE-004/MAM-004/MANE-002/MBP005//MCSE-003/MECE-001/MED-004*/MEG-10-/MES-071/MIR-012/MMTE007/MPC-003/MRR-006/MS-11/MSD-015/MSO-002//MSW-032/MSWE003/MTM-14/MTT-020/NES-102/ONR-003/OULE-002/RGY-101/RMD002/BNRI-104*/BPVI-034*/MES-007/MCC-007/BNS-106/BNS-013/MHD09/RST-002/CHE-06/MST-003/MHI-05/BEE-002/BCE-032/
11-06-2018AEC-01/BAR-074/BAS-006/BCE-052/BES-016/ // / /BFW-045/ / /BHY-033/BHY036/BHY-039/BHY-041/BHY-042/BICE-004/BICE-020/BICE-021/ / /BICS-010/ / /BICSE-002/BIEE-010/BIEE-013/BIEE-014/ / /BIEEE-001/BIEL-008/BIEL-024/ / /BIELE-003/BIELE-011/BIME-018/BIME-020/ / /BIME-031/BIMEE-003/BIMEE012/BLE-001/ /BME-013/BNRI-105*/BNS-014/BNS-107/BPVI-004*/ECO06/ECO-13/ES-204//ET-501B/ET-534C/MCMM-003/MCS-022/MES-008/ /MIP107/MIR-013/MMTE-006/MPSE-008/ /MS-95/MSD-016/MSWE-041/[email protected]/[email protected]/[email protected]/RGY-102/OAPI-013*/ BPVI-035*/BPVI025*/MHI-8/MLI-005/ MVE-005/MHD-10/
12-06-2018AST-01/BAS-022/BCE-044/BES-141/BFEE-102/ / / /BICEE-012/BICSE014/BIEE-015/ /BIELE-010/BIMEE-010/BME-014/BME-056/BNMI-001/BNS108/BPVI-005*/BPY-012/CYP-04/DCE-03/DECE-02/ES-334/ET-204A/ET507B/JMC-03/MANE-004//MDE-411/MEG-07/MES-031/MES-048/MFN002/MFP-03/ / / /MHD-16/MHD-20/ /MIP-108/ /MMTE-005/MPA-006/MPA017/MS-25/MS-424/MS-53/MS-63/MSWE-001/RAN-001/RAN-101/CHE-05
13-06-2018AED-01/BAR-024/BAS-005/BEE-003/BES-142/BESE-046/BET-015/BFEE-103// /BICEE-022/BICS-020/BIEE-017/BIMEE-011/ /BME-015/BME-050//BNS109/BPVI-006*/DCE-04/ECO-01/ET-202B/JMC-04/MDE-412/MECE-004/MEG08/MES-032/MES-074/MFN-005/MFP-04/ / / /MGP-001/MPC-004//MPSE006/MRD-004/MRS-003/MS-26/MS-54/MSOE-001/ /MSW-015/MSWE-002/ / /RAN-002/RAN-102/REG-101/RGYE-104/RGYE-107/RGYE-109/RGYE112/RGYE-113/RHI-102/RPA-101//RPS-101/RTT-101/BNRI-106*/BPVI036*/BPVI-026*/MHI-09/MLI-006/ MVE-006/MHD-11/MSD-017/MST-004/
14-06-2018AHE-01/BAS-003/BES-129//BHY-037/BICEE-003/BICEE-011/BICS-008/BICSE018/BIEE-008/ /BIEEE-004/BIMEE-021//BME-020/BME-058/BPVI-007*/BNS110//BPY-007/BSHF-101/ET-521A/ET-537A//MANE-005/MCS-024/MFN010/MGPE-011/ /MMT-003/MPC-005/MS-92/MS-93/MS-96/MS-97/MTM13/REG-102/RHI-103/RPA-102/ /RPS-102/RTT-102/RAN-003/RAN-103/RST003/BCE-051/
15-06-2018BAL-002/BCOE-108/BCS-062/BICEE-004/ /BIEL-006/BIME-011/BME021/BPC-003*/BSWE-002/ECO-08/ES-341/LSE-3/MES-056/MES-111/ /MSW008/MTM-011/MTTM-011/ /PHE-15*/REG-103/RPA-103/RPS-103/RTT103/RANE-002/RANE-101/RANE-102/RGYE-105/RGYE-110/RGYE114/BNRI-107*/BPVI-037*/BPVI-027*/ MMT-008/ MTE-06/MHI-10/MPC051/MLI-007/MCS-053/MHD-12/MST-005/BET-037/
18-06-2018ANC-01/BAS-019/BCS-055/BESE-066/BME-012//BNS-111/BPVI-008*/BPVI038*/CHE-09/MPC-006/MPSE-009/MS-423/ /MTM-012/REG-106/RHI-104/RPA104/RPS-104/RTT-104/BPVI-028*/MPC-052/RST-004/MSTE-001/MHI03/BCE-034/
19-06-2018AMT-01/BAR-049/BAS-016/ /BCS-053/BCS-061/BEG-004/BET-013/ /BFRP-015/ /BHY-034/BHY-043/BICE-009/BICEE-023/BICS-013/BICS-018/BIEE018/BIEEE-011/BIEL-011/BIEL-016/BIMEE-013/BLE-032/BME-005/BNMI012/BPC-004*/BPVI-002*/BRS-007/CS-69/CYP-01//DNHE-03/ES-315/ES333/ET-508B/ET-521D/ /IBO-02/LSE-06/MAE-003/MBP-004//MCS-042/MCT002/MDS-007/MEC-009/MEC-109/MED-007*/MEG-09/MES-104/MESE057/MESE-058/MESE-059/MFC-004/ / / / / /MGS-003/ MHY-023/MIP-105/MPC002/MPSE-002/MPYE-010/MRR-005/MS-09/MSO-001/ /MSW-009/MTM05/MTT-018/MTTM-005/ RLS-101/ /
20-06-2018AWR-01/BAR-039/BEGA-102/BES-125/BFEE-101/ /BFWE-014/ / /BHY046/BICE-010/ /BICS-014/BIEEE-013/BIEL-012/BIMEE-015/ /BME-016//BRL015/BRPA-101/CHE-10/CYP-03/DCE-01/ECO-12/ET-502A/IBO-03/JMC01/MAEE-002/MANE-003/MCH-004/MECE-003/MES-114/MFN-001/MFP-01/ / / / /MGPE-014/MHD-14/MHD-18/MIR-014/MMDE-062/MMDE-066/MMDE072/MMDE-076/MMTE-004/MPA-005/MPA-016/MS-23/MS-43/MS-56/MS-62/ /MTM-15/MWG-004/NES-104/OEE-002/ORUL-002/OULE-005/RHI-101/ MPC053/
22-06-2018BAL-001/BAQ-002/BAR-053/BAS-014/BES-019/BESE-135/BFN-002// /BHY054/BICE-016/BICS-025/ /BICSE-009/BIEEE-008/BIELE-009/BIMEE007/BIMEE-020/BLE-036/BME-007/CIC-02/CS-68/CNCC-02/CTE-02/ES221/ES-221®/ET-524B/LSE-09/MBP-001/ /MCS-031/MDS-009/MEC-006/MEG02/MES-012/MFC-001/ / /MGPE-009/ /MHD-02/ / /MMDE-061/MMDE065/MMDE-071/MMDE-075/MMTE-003/MPA-011/MPSE-011/ /MS-02//MSW001/MTT-011/NES-103/OUL-003/MPC-054/MSTE-002/ BPCE-011*/BPCE013*/BPCE-018*/BPCE-019*/BPCE-021*/BCE-045/


Must Read: IGNOU Question Paper

IGNOU Exam Date Sheet For After Noon Session

Date Afternoon
1.6.2018BAHI-001/BAP-001*/BAR-025/BAS-023/BCS-012/BES-143/BET-036/BFEE104/ / / /BHY-001/BHY-021/BICE-027/BICS-011/ /BIEEE-002/BIEL-009/ /BLE-011/BLI-011/BLI-221/BME-023/BNMI-003/BOS-001/ /BWEF-002/ /CS-72/DCE-05/ES-335/ET-508A/ MDE-413/MED-002*/MEDS001/MES-033/MES-047/MFN-003/ / / /MHA-01/MLI-101/MMD-011/MME201/MMT-001/MNR-001*/MPA-007/MPA-018/MPY-001/MRD-101/MS27/MS-44/MS-57/MS-611/MSW-016/MTM-01/MTTM-01/MTT-001/MWG007/PGDT-01/GR-1/ /MCS-023/MME-004/
2.6.2018BAHI-003/BAS-020/BES-020/BES-126/BET-014/BFE-101/ /BFW-046/ /BHY003/BHY-022/BICE-003/BICE-007/BICEE-002/BIEE-001/ /BIME-002/ /BLE- 013/BME-024/BME-051/BOS-003/[email protected]/[email protected]/BPOI-001CS75/ECO-002/ES-344//MAEE-001/MBP-006/MCSE-004/MEDS-002/MEG12/MES-072/MES-113/ / / / / /MCFT-004/MGSE-001/MHA-06/MHD-13/MHY003/ / /MMD-012/ /MPYE-001/MRRE-007/MRRE-008/MRRE-009/MRRE010/MS-22/MS-51/MSO-003/MSW-007/MTT-003/MWG-005/PCO/[email protected]/[email protected]/RBC-001/TS-03/ET-101A/BPVI-041*/
4.6.2018BAHI-004/BAHI-032/BAS-025/BCE-041/BES-051/BES-144/BESE-065/ /BFW047/ /BHY-007/BHY-011/BHY-028/BICE-008/BICS-012/ /BICSE-004/BIEEE015/BIEL-010/ /BLE-014/BOS-005/BPCE-014*/BPCE-015*/BPCE-017*/BPY008/BRL-006/CS-05/CYP-05/ET-302A/GR-2/LSE-13//MCO-03/MCS032/MDE-414/MES-034/MES-046/MFN-007/ / /MGSE-003/MHA-08/MHY017/MHY-021/ /MME-005//MPSE-007/MPYE-008/MRDE-101/MS-28/MS41/MS-58/MSOE-002/MSW-010/MTT-004/MVPI-001*/PGDT-02/PHE10*/RTS-001/RTS-101/TS-06/BPVI-042*/ MLII-101/BLI-222/MME-202/ /
5.6.2018BAHI-005/BAHI-036/BAPI-001*/BAS-001/BCE-061/BCOA-001/BES127/BFE-102/ /BFW-048/ /BHY-023/BICEE-017/BICS-007/BIEE-007/BIEE034/BIEL-005/ /BIMEE-008/BLII-012//BME-025/BNMI-002/ BOS-007/BPOI002/ BPY-004/BSWE-001/BWEE-005/CS-611/DCE-02/DTG-002/ES-345/ET105B/ /IBO-04/JMC-02/MBP-007/MCNE-071/MCS-011/MCT-003/MEDS003/MEG-14/MES-073/MES-115/MFN-004/MFP-02/ / / / / /MGS-005/MHA09/MHD-15/MHD-19/MHY-002/MHY-041 /MLE-011//MMD-013/MMT004/MNR-002*/MPSE-005/MPYE-002/MRD-103/MS-24/MS-52/MSO004/MSW-014/MTT-005/MWG-010/OMT-101/PHE-07*/RBC-002/TS07/BAR-059/
6.6.2018BAHI-006/BAR-044/BASE-002/BASE-003/BASE-005//BES-121/BET-022// / /BFWE-001/BHY-029/BICE-001/BIEEE-003/BIELE-004/BIME-016/BIMEE019/BME-009/BOS-008/BPVI-011*/BRL-007/CNCC-01/DNHE-01/ES-331/ET533B/ET-540B/FST-01/MAE-001/MAN-002/MCS-021/MEDS-005/MES054/MES-101/MFT-002/ / / / /MGSE-006/MHA-10/MHD-07/ /MHY-018/MHY036/MHYI-043/ /MPC-001/MPSE-001/MPYE-009/MRR-104/MS-07/MSW005/MVP-002*//MWG-001/BPVI-043* /MLI-102/BLI-223/MME-203//TS-01/
7.6.2018AOR-01/BAHI-007/BCE-042//BCE-062/BEE-042/BEGF-101/BES-017/ / / /BHY-030/BHY-040/BICE-017/BICS-019/ / /BICSE-010/BIEE-019/ /BIEEE009/BIEL-017/ /BIELE-018/ /BIMEE-014/BIMEE-018/BIMEE-032/ /BLE004/BME-018/BME-052/BNS-017/BNS-117/BOS-009//BRL-013/ /CS-74/ES211/ET-531A/ET-581C/FEG-01/FHD-02/IBO-06/MCH-003/MCS-052/MDS008/MDS-010/MED-001*/MEDS-006/MFN-021/ /MGPE-006//MHA-14/MHY009/MHY-015/MHYI-042/ /MMDE-055/MMDE-056/MMDE-057/MMTE002/MNRE-015*/MS-94/MWG-009/NES-101/OULE-001/RMD-001/
8.6.2018APM-01//BAR-073/BAS-011/BET-023/ /BHY-031/BICE-019/BICSE012/BIEEE-012/BIELE-013/BIME-004/BIMEE-022/ / /BLII-013/ //BME035/BME-057/BNS-018/BOS-011/BPOI-003/BPVI-013*/ /BPYE-002/BRL002/ES-343/ /ET-535B/ET-536A/GR-3/MAE-005/MCFT-001/MCO-05/MDS011/MEDS-008/MES-112/MFN-022/MFT-004/ / / / / /MGSE-004/MHA- 19/MHY-016/MHY-042/MIL/ MPA-004/MPA-015/MPYE-011/MS-21/MS55/MSW-006/MTE-12/MTM-07/MTTM-07/MVP-003/OSEI-041/ RBC003/RLS-103/BPVI-044*/MLII-102/BLI-224/MCS-034/
9.6.2018ACC-01//BAR-015/BAS-007/BES-054/BET-026/BFLI-002/ / / /BHY-026/BHY049/BHY-050/BHY-051/BICE-013/BICEE-019/BICS-009/ /BICSE-001/BIEE009/ /BIEEE-017/BIEL-007/BIEL-018/ /BIME-009/ /BME-029/BME-054/BMS002/BNS-032/BOS-012/BPOI-004//BWEE-008/CHR-11/ /CS-71//ET-501A/ET521C/MCO-06/MCS-014/MDE-416/MEDS-009/MES-043/MES-082/ /MGPE010/MHA-020/MHY-006/MHYI-044/MLE-014/MMDE-017/MMDE018/MMDE-019/MPYE-005/MRDE-002/MS-61/MSWE-042/MVEI-012/OEY002/OSEI-042/OVA-002/PHE-14*/ /RITS-002/BES-124/RCH-001/MGS004/MCMM-002/
11.6.2018BAS-017//BCS-040/BES-056/BES-128/BET-017/BHM-001/BHYL-004/BICE002/BICE-011/BICE-012/BICE-025/BICEE-013/BICS-015/BICS-017/ /BIEE004/BIEE-025/BIEEE-010/BIEL-013/BIEL-015/ /BIELE-001/BIELE002/BIME-012/BIME-034/BIMEE-009/BIMEE-017/BME-031/BME063/BNMI-007/BOS-013/BPVI-014*/ /ES-222ES-222®/ES-361/ET-505/ET523C/ET-581A/LSE-10/MCSE-011/MEDS-010/MES-041/MFN-006/ /MFT007/MFT-008/MFT-009/MFT-010/ /MGPE-007/MGSE-013//MS-46/MTM06/MTTM-06/MTT-016/OSE-043/RBC-004/ RLSE-113/RLSE-118/RLSE127/MRD-102/BPVI-045*/BWEE-012/ MLII-103/BLI-225/
12.6.2018BES-008/ /BHM-002/BHY-032/ /BICEE-001/ / /BIMEE-005//BME-019/BME044/BNMI-008/ /BPVI-015*/ OSEI-044/BPOI-005/RNS-001/BCE-046/ CS-66/ECO-14/ES-319//ET-524A/ET-534A/MCS-035/MCT-011/MDS003/MED-005*/MEDS-011/MGPE-016/MGS-001/MHY-012/MHYL-041/ /MPYE-014/MS-494/MS-66/MTE-04/MTE-05/MTM-09/MTTM-09/MVP004/RGG-101/RMS-001/RSO-102/TS-04/ BHM-101/
13.6.2018BAHI-045/BARE-076/BARE-077/BARE-79/BCEE-061/BCS-051/BES009/BHY-038/BICE-005/ /BICSE-015/BIEE-020/BIEE-024/ / /BIELE016/BIME-005/BIME-015/BLII-014/BME-006/BME-061/BNMI-009/BOS015/BPC-005*/BPVI-016*/BPV-046*/BPR-005//BRL-011/BRS-026/BULE002/ES-201/ET-525/ET-531B/ GR-4//MCFT-003/MCH-002/MCS-041/MCT072/MDS-004/MEDSE-015/MGSE-010/MHY-013/MHYL-044/ /MLE016/MMD-052/MMDE-030/MMDE-35/MMDE-040/MMT-009/MPYE-015/MS495/MS-68/ /MTM-10/MTTM-10/ /RMSE-001/RMSE-002/RMSE-004/RMSE005/RSOE-101/TS-05/BME-030/RCH-003/BLP-001*/ BHM-102/ MLII104/BLIE-226/BPOI-006/MCMM-004/BARE-078
14.6.2018BAHI-046/ / / / / / / /BFWE-013/ / / / /BHY-057/BICEE-016/BICS-023/ / /BICSE-013/BIEE-011/BIEE-023/ / /BIEL-021/ / /BIELE-014/BIME-008/BLE003/BME-004/BME-032//BPVI-017*/ECO-07/ET-101B/ /MCFT-005/MGSE007/MHD-17/MHYL-045/ /MS-91/PHE-06*/BPHE-106*/RCS-001/RFN001/RSOE-102/ES-362/RCO-001/ BHME-101/ RGG-102/ MLIE-101/BES362/
15.6.2018BAQ-003//BAS-013/BCS-052/BEG-006/BESE-131/BIMEE-024/BME011/BSWE-004/CTE-03/LSE-07/MFP-05/ /MHYL-046/ /ORU-001/ /RCO002/RCSE-001/RFNE-002/RHD-101/RLE-005/RSOE-004/RSW-001/BLPI002*/BWEE-004/ BHME-102/ MLIE-102/MCS-013/MGSE-020/RNS002/BME-034/BLIE-228/
18.6.2018ATR-01/BESE-132/BPVI-018*/BSWE-005/ECO-03/ET-201B/GR-5/MCS-033/ /MHYL-047/ / /RCSE-008/RGGE-103/RHD-102/RLE-006/RSOE-005/RSW002/RPF-001/RCHE-001/RCHE-002/RCHE-003/RCHE-004/ BHME-103/ BJM-001/ MLIE-103/BLIE-229/BNS-041/RNS-003/
19.6.2018BAHI-008/BAR-029/BCE-033/BCS-054/BES-052/BES-145/ / / /BFWE005/BHY-025/BHY-047/BICEE-014/BICEE-018/BICSE-007/BICSE-011/BIEE012/BIEEE-018/ /BIELE-012/BIME-003/BME-028/ /BME-062/BMS001/BNMI-005//BNS-031/BOS-010/BPVI-012*//BRL-008/BSWE-003/BWEE007/DTG-003/ECO-11/ET-201A/MCO-04/MDE-418/MFN-008/MFT-003/ /MGP-004/MHA-18/MHY-001/MHYI-041/ /MLE-013/ /MMDE-015/MMDE016/MMT-007/MPYE-004/MS-29/MS-42/MS-612/MSW-011/OUL-002/PGDT03/PHE-13*/RDD-06/BLPI-003*/ BHME-104/ MLIE-104/MCTE-23/
20.6.2018/BAHI-044/BAHI-082/BAPI-003/BAR-005/BAS-012/BCS-042//BES-002/BET024/BFLI-004/ /BHY-052/BHYL-008/BICEE-021/BICS-016/BIEE-016/BIEL014/BIMEE-002/BJM-002/BME-022/BME-059/BNM-002/BOS-014/ /BPR002/BRL-004/CDM-002/CS-63/CYP-07/DTG-004/ /ES-364/ET-202A/IBO05/LSE-12/MCFT-002/MCN-084/MDE-419/MDS-002/MED-006* /MES045/MES-084/ /MGPE-013/MGSE-009/MHY-005/MHY-008/MLE-015/ MNRE-016*//MPYE-013/MRDE-004/MS-425/MS-64/MSWE-044/MTT021/MVEI-014/ /RSO-101/TS-02/RCH-002/ BHME-105/ MLIE-105/BPOI007/RGGE-101/RGGE-102/RGGE-104/
21.6.2018BAHI-002/BAHI-031/BAR-004/BAS-024/BCS-041/BES-055/BET-021/BFLI003/ / /BHY-002/BHY-027/BICEE-015/BICS-005/BIEE-005/BIEL-003/BIME019/BLE-012/BME-008/BNM-001/BOS-004/BPY-002/CDM-01/CHR-12/CS62/DTG-001/ECO-10/ES-363/ET-301B/GR-6/MCO-01/MDE-417/MED008*/MES-044/MES-083/MFT-001/ /MGSE-002/MHA-04/MHY-007//MPY002/MRDE-003/MS-45/MSOE-004/MSWE-043/MTT-002/MVEI-013/MVP001/ODN-001/ / / /OMU-001/OMU-005/OSS-101/OTH-001/OVA-003/PHE16*/RTS-003/RTS-103/BLP-004*/ BHME-106/ MLIE-106/BWEE-006/BNS042/MCTE-24/

You Can Also Check: IGNOU Sample Papers

Check The Easy and Simple Steps to Download IGNOU Date Sheet:

Those candidates are going to appear in exam and looking for IGNOU Time Table 2018and want to know the TEE Exam Schedule must go behind all the steps as customized below:

  • Candidates, who are planning to appear for TERM-END Exam, are required to firstly visit the official website of the Indira Gandhi National Open University that is www.ignou.ac.in
  • On the home page only students will be finding the link as “Downloads” as available in the middle of the home page.
  • Then, in the left column of the new page, choose “Pre-Exam Information” link.
  • After this, applicants must strike on the link that is “Date Sheet for June 2018 TEE” link.
  • Now, IGNOU date sheet June 2018 PDF will be displayed on your computer screen.
  • At last students must download it and take a printout of it and also start preparation according to the exam time table.

Read Also: How To Download Time Table

Do you know about IGNOU Date Sheet Issued!!

IGNOU is also known as Indira Gandhi National Open University which was founded in the year of 1985 by the Act of Parliament. Indira Gandhi National Open University provides UG/PG Courses, diploma, degree and doctoral programmes courses to brush up the skills of students and to show them path towards their career. IGNOU stands up with the aim to provide higher education to the students in India and across other countries.

At Present, Term-end exam Date Sheet has announced by the university which are conducting graduate and post graduate and diploma courses examination in the month of June 2018 . So, students who are pursuing these courses must scroll this page and with the help of easy steps contenders can download date sheet of IGNOU University through online mode in PDF Format.

Press Here To Check IGNOU Date Sheet Link


The University conducts the term end exam twice in a year, in the month of June and December. Here we have provided IGNOU Date Sheet June. Candidates can go through it and start their preparation accordingly.

You may verify its Official Link for further details about IGNOU Date Sheet 2018. Candidates may subscribe our free e-mail services to acquire latest information about IGNOU TEE Exam Time Table and may also follow us (www.recruitmentinboxx.com) on Facebook or Goggle plus to fetch details on your timeline directly.

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  1. ehi 3 ehi4 ehi5 ehi6 and acc1 sir pls tell me the dates if examinations…

    • Hi Arzoo Suhag,
      Check exam dates here:-
      • EHI-03:- 04-06-2018
      • EHI-04:- 05-06-2018
      • EHI-06:- 07-06-2018
      • ACC-01:- 13-06-2018

  2. Sir,
    Please send me date sheet of first year june 2018
    Of subject Mso1&Mso2

    that will be your kindness.

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  4. Hi sir
    Sunil kumar
    Mera ba exam June 2018
    My subject
    Ehi 03
    Mera subject ka date batado
    Sir please request hai

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    1) BEGF-101
    2) BSHF-101
    3) FEG- 2
    4) ESO-12
    5) ESO-11
    It seems from the tentative date chart that BEGF-101 and BSHF-101 having clashed fallen on the same date and tim i.e. on 07/06/2018 (afternoon session) seeking remedy also.
    With best regards.

  7. Please send me BA1st year exam date sheet
    BSHF 101
    BEGF 101
    BHDF 101
    BHIE 107
    BPSE 212

    please sir send me

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    NOT finding the exam dates in the date sheet for the below papers…


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    I am a student of mcom in jully TEE session 2017.I Have a ask one question why you are made the date sheet of exam in jully session is to shortly leave in the all subject. And very important question is i have a ask you sir my question is – Why u are made the exam date is mcom subject IBO -O3 & IBO-05 is one day?Sir both of subject is 100 marks so why u are made this type of date sheet in 1st year mcom exam in jully session 2017.
    i am a request u sir plz change the date of exam of two subject (IBO-03 & IBO-05). Plz do this earlier as soon as possible.

    Yours Faithful
    NIdhi Pal

  16. Shubham Shrestha

    Sir could please send the dates of che02,mte01,fst01 & feg02 for the june 2017 exam(1st year bsc)

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    I m nt able to find it in given in the lengthy datesheet of all courses…

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    I m nt able to find it in given in the lengthy datesheet of all courses….

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  39. Hii..
    IGNOU Date Sheet for June Exam has been published.
    PDF’s files are given on the above section of this page for Comprehensive Date Sheet & Day Wise Date Sheet.
    You can easily download from there and start preparing for the examination.

  40. FEG-1, FEG-2, B.E.G.E-101, B.E.G.E-102, B.SH.F-101 in sab ka exam kaun se date me hai sir pta nahi chal rha hai datesheet se…..Plz send me examination date of above subject…B.A part 1 june 2017

  41. Dear sir,
    I requested to u please provide me my BDP 3rd year Hall ticket/Admit card for urgent required 01 June 2017 paper start so please give me through bye mail & updated for online show.?
    Jaspal Rawat
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    My name is j.v. Naga raju I am bcom 1st year please tell me exam subjects dates,
    Please tell me sir/madem.

  49. Is this time table a datesheet? I am MEG first year student and According to this time table , My exam will start on 1st of june and will end on 4th. Is that serious, I don’t have a single holiday for the preparation.

    • Hii Amandeep Kour,
      The Dates given are tentative. Check this “TENTATIVE DATE SHEET FOR TERM-END EXAMINATION, JUNE, 2017” by downloading the PDF File given on this same page.
      May be the university, will change the date sheet. As soon as we get some information, we will update this same page. So, stay connected with us. Bookmark this page by pressing CTRL+D. All the Best for your Exams.

  50. Hllo mam nd sir m ignou ki student hu sir mne dec2016 m bcom 1st ke exm die the to unme se mare 3 exm rhte h jo 2 clear nhi hue FEG1 nd FEG2 or yk exm mera foam m glt fill ho geya tha so plz sir muje ye exm june 2017 m dane h mne revolution foam feel kr dia tha ab muje inke date sheet chiye sir help me

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    Thanking you
    Your’s Faithfully

    Sandeep Kumar

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    Your faithfully
    Mob. No. 9953662653

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    Sandeep Singh Negi

    EMail id:- [email protected]

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