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MG University Syllabus 2018-19 Session For B.TECH/BCA/BCOM/MCA/MCOM/B.SC/MBA/BA Students

MG University Syllabus

Students, who enrolled for B.TECH / BCA / BCOM / MCA / MCOM / B.SC / MBA, BA and other programs in Mahatma Gandhi University, can get new MG University Syllabus for session 2018-19 from here. Mahatma Gandhi University organizes UG / PG courses exam, twice in a year, by using the semester system. And, updated syllabus of any examination is the best guidelines to start preparation for the exams. So, why Go Anywhere Else? Students, who’re going to appear in any one of the MG University Degree Exam, can download their MG University Syllabus 2018 through this page.

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MG University MCA 2018 Syllabus MG University 2018 B.Tech Syllabus
MG University BA Syllabus 2018 MG University MBA 2018 Syllabus
MG University 2018 B.SC Syllabus MG University BCA Syllabus 2018
MG University UG Syllabus How To Download MG University Syllabus

Mahatma Gandhi University, Kerela offers various UG / PG program through distance Education.  University’ s main motive is to cater the cost effective quality education to leading sections of the population including those living in remote and far flung areas. Students, who’re pursuing any distance education course from this university, can also download the CBCSS Syllabus MG University. Get complete details about MG University Syllabus 2018 – 19 from this web page that is created for student’s convenience by team of www.recruitmentinboxx.com

MG University Syllabus

MG University MCA Syllabus

In this section, we’re presenting you the latest MCA MG University Syllabus for Regular MCA, Lateral MCA & Integrated MCA. So, download the MCA Syllabus MG University from here…

MG University Syllabus For Regular MCA

Semester I:

Course No. Subjects
MCA101T Discrete Mathematics and Statistics
MCA101T Fundamentals of Data Structures
MCA101T Paradigms of Programming Languages
MCA101T Digital Systems & Computer Architecture
MCA101T Problem Solving and Programming in C
MCA106P C Practicals
MCA107P Data Structures through C – Practicals
MCA108T English for Professional Communication

Semester II:

  • MCA201T: Optimization Techniques & Numerical Methods
  • MCA202T: Operating Systems
  • MCA203T: Database Management Systems
  • MCA204T: Data Communications & Networks
  • MCA205T: Web Technologies
  • MCA206P: DBMS Practicals
  • MCA207P: Web Technologies Practicals

Semester III:

Course No. Subjects
MCA301T Principles of Management & Accounting
MCA302T Analysis & Design of Algorithms
MCA303T Object Oriented Programming through Java
MCA304T Software Engineering & Project Management
MCA305T Object Oriented Analysis & Design
MCA306P PHP Programming Practicals
MCA307P OOPS through Java Practicals

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Semester IV:

  • MCA401T: System Software
  • MCA402T: Data Mining
  • MCA403T: TCP/IP Protocols
  • MCA404T: Linux OS and Shell programming
  • MCA405E: Elective- I
  • MCA406P: Linux OS & Shell programming Practicals
  • MCA407D: Mini Project-Application Development

MCA 5th Sem Syllabus MG University:

Course No. Subjects
MCA501T User Interface Design
MCA502T Knowledge Management & Business Intelligence
MCA503T Enterprise Resource Planning
MCA504T Advanced Java Programming
MCA505E Elective – II
MCA506P Advanced Java Programming Practicals
MCA507P Python Programming – Practicals
MCA508S Main Seminar – Current Trends

Semester VI:

  • MCA601D: Project
  • MCA602V: Viva-voce

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MG University Syllabus For Integrated MCA

Semester I:

Course No. Subjects
IMCA101 English
IMCA102 Computer Organization & Architecture
IMCA103 Statistics-I
IMCA104 Introduction to Computers & PC hardware
IMCA105 Programming Methodology & C Programming
IMCA106 PC hardware Practicals- Office documents
IMCA107 C Practicals

Semester II:

  • IMCA201: Technical Communication
  • IMCA202: Statistics- II
  • IMCA203: Digital Systems & Logic Designs
  • IMCA204: Data Structures- C
  • IMCA205: Object Oriented Programming with C++
  • IMCA206: Data Structures Practicals in C
  • IMCA207: C ++Lab

Semester III:

Course No. Subjects
IMCA301 Mathematical Foundation of Computer Science
IMCA302 Operating Systems
IMCA303 Data Base Management Systems
IMCA304 Multimedia Systems
IMCA305 Visual Programming(VB.NET)
IMCA306 Microprocessors
IMCA307 Visual Programming Practicals

Semester IV:

  • IMCA401: Artificial Intelligence
  • IMCA402: Cryptography and Network Security
  • IMCA403: Elective I
  • IMCA404: Data Communications
  • IMCA405: Management Information Systems
  • IMCA406: DBMS Practicals
  • IMCA407: Microprocessors Practicals

Semester V:

Course No. Subjects
IMCA501 Operations Research
IMCA502 Compiler Design
IMCA503 Distributed Computing
IMCA504 Computer Networks
IMCA505 Software Engineering
IMCA506 Compiler Design Practicals
IMCA507 Cloud Computing Practicals

Semester VI:

  • IMCA601: Research Methodology
  • IMCA602: IT Infrastructure Management
  • IMCA603: Elective II
  • IMCA604: Seminar- I
  • IMCA605: Software Development- Project I

Semester VII:

Course No. Subjects
IMCA701 Principles of Management & Accounting
IMCA702 Analysis & Design of Algorithms
IMCA703 Object Oriented Programming through Java
IMCA704 Software Engineering & Project Management
IMCA706 PHP Programming Practicals
IMCA707 OOPS through Java Practicals

Semester VIII:

  • IMCA801: System Software And Automata
  • IMCA802: Data Mining & Warehousing
  • IMCA803: TCP/IP Protocols
  • IMCA804: Linux OS and Shell programming
  • IMCA805: Elective III
  • IMCA806: Linux OS & Shell programming Practicals
  • IMCA807: Mini Project – Application Development

Semester IX:

Course No. Subjects
IMCA901 User Interface Design
IMCA902 Knowledge Management & Applications
IMCA903 Enterprise Resource Planning
IMCA904 Mobile Application Development – Adv Java
IMCA905 Elective IV
IMCA906 Mobile Application Development – Practicals
IMCA907 Python Programming – Practicals
IMCA908 Main Seminar – Current Trends

Semester X:

  • IMCAX01: Main Project- Application Development
  • IMCAX02: Viva-Voce

Direct Link to Download: MG University Syllabus PDF

MCA Regular Download PDF
MCA Lateral Download PDF
Integrated MCA Download PDF

MG University B.Tech Syllabus

The 4-year B.Tech programs are offered for various engineering stream such as Civil, Mechanical and Electronics etc. Students, who’re looking for B.Tech Syllabus for various streams, can download the MG University B.Tech Syllabus PDF from below provided table.

Stream Wise B.Tech MG University Syllabus In PDF
CE MG University B.Tech Syllabus Civil Engineering
ME MG University Mechanical Engineering Syllabus
EEE MG University B.Tech Syllabus Electrical And Electronics Engineering
ECE MG university syllabus B.Tech ECE S6
EIE Electronics And Instrumentation Engineering Syllabus
CSE MG University CSE Syllabus
ICE Instrumentation And Control Engineering Syllabus
AEIE MG University Syllabus B.Tech
IT B.Tech Information Technology Syllabus
AE MG University Automobile Engineering Syllabus
PE B.Tech Polymer Engineering Syllabus
ARE MG University Aeronautical Engineering Syllabus
PE Mahatma Gandhi University Production Engineering Syllabus

Abbreviations Used In This Page:

  • CE: Civil Engineering
  • ME: Mechanical Engineering
  • EEE: Electrical And Electronics Engineering
  • ECE: Electronics And Communication Engineering
  • EIE: Electronics And Instrumentation Engineering
  • CSE: Computer Science And Engineering
  • ICE: Instrumentation And Control Engineering
  • AEIE: Applied Electronics And Instrumentation Engineering
  • IT: Information Technology
  • AE: Automobile Engineering
  • PE: Polymer Engineering
  • ARE: Aeronautical Engineering
  • PE: Production Engineering

MG University MCOM Syllabus

MCOM Syllabus of MG University is available to download from here. So, check semester wise MCOM MG University Syllabus and start preparation according.

Semester 1 & II:

Code Subjects   Code Subjects
AF01C01 Advanced Financial Accounting-1 AF02C06 Advanced Financial Accounting-11
PM01C02 Principles of Management and Organisational Behaviour SM02C07 Strategic Management
FM01C03 Financial Management Principles FM02C08 Financial Management Strategies
RM01C04 Research Methodology HR02C09 Human Resource Management
QT01C05 Quantitative Techniques OR02C10 Operations Research

Semester III:

  • MA03C11: Management Accounting
  • DT03C12: Direct Taxes- Law and Practice
  • 1B03C13: International Business
  • CG03C14: Corporate Governance
  • BE03C15: Business Environment

Semester IV:

Code Subjects   Code Subjects
Elective –Finance Elective –Management
AC04C16 Advanced Cost Accounting AC04C16 Advanced Cost Accounting
DT04C17 Direct Taxes- Assessment and Procedures DT04C17 Direct taxes- Assessment and Procedures
1F04E01 International Finance OM04E01 Operations Management
FM04E02 Financial Markets and Derivatives PM04E02 Product and Brand Management
SA04E03 Security Analysis and Portfolio Management HM04E03 Hospitality Management
PD04C18 Project/Dissertation PD04C18 Project/ Dissertation
VV04C19 Viva-Voce VV04C19 Viva-Voce

Elective –Banking and Insurance:

  • AC04C16: Advanced Cost Accounting
  • DT04C17: Direct Taxes- Assessment and Procedures
  • MB04E01: Modern Banking
  • IL04E02: Insurance Law and Practice
  • FE04E03: Foreign Exchange Management
  • PD04C18: Project/Dissertation
  • VV04C19: Viva-Voce
Code Subjects   Code Subjects
Elective –E commerce Elective –E Marketing
AC04C16 Advanced Cost Accounting AC04C16 Advanced Cost Accounting
DT04C17 Direct Taxes- Assessment and Procedures DT04C17 Direct Taxes- Assessment and Procedures
IT04E01 Information Technology and Business MM04E01 Marketing Management
EC04E02 Electronic Commerce MR04E02 Marketing Research
IW04E03 Internet and Web Page Designing MS04E03 Marketing Services
PD04C18 Project/ Dissertation PD04C18 Project/Dissertation
VV04C19 Viva-Voce VV04C19 Viva-Voce

 Direct Link To Download: MG University MCOM Syllabus PDF

MG University BA Syllabus

The bachelor’s Of Arts degree is honored for an UG (Under Graduate) program in either the liberal arts, sciences, or both. Candidates, who’re enrolled for BA programs, can start preparation for upcoming exams through updated syllabus.

Subjects Wise MG University BA Syllabus PDF
Sanskrit B.A Sanskrit Syllabus
Psychology B.A  Psychology
English (Revised) MG University BA English Syllabus
Visual Arts (I.D) BA In Visual Arts (I.D)
Economics MG University BA Economics Syllabus
Hindi B.A. Hindi Syllabus
Malayalam B.A Malayalam Syllabus
Sociology BA Sociology Syllabus MG University
History BA History Syllabus MG University
Mridangam B.A Mridangam Syllabus
Philosophy B.A Philosophy Syllabus
Politics B.A Politics Syllabus
Music B.A. Music Syllabus
Veena B.A Veena Syllabus
Violin B.A Violin Syllabus
Vocal B.A Vocal Syllabus

MG University MBA Syllabus

Going to appear in Master of Business Administration (MBA or M.B.A) Exam, download new MG University MBA Syllabus 2018 from here. All are required to get MBA MG University Syllabus for well preparation.

First Semester

Course No. Subjects
MBA1C01 Principles Of Management
MBA1C02 Organizational Behavior
MBA1C03 Economics For Business
MBA1C04 Managerial Communication
MBA1C05 Accounting For Managers
MBA1C06 Quantitative Methods For Management
MBA1C07 Computer Applications In Business
MBA1C08 Environmental Management
MBA1C09 Comprehensive Viva -I

Second Semester

  • MBA2C01: Human Resources Management
  • MBA2C02: Financial Managment
  • MBA2C03: Marketing Managment
  • MBA2C04: Management Information System
  • MBA2C05: Operations Management
  • MBA2C06: Operations Research
  • MBA2C07: Legal Environment Of Business
  • MBA2C08: Entrepreneurship Development
  • MBA2C09: Comprehensive Viva – II

Third Semester

Course No. Subjects
MBA3C01 Research Methodology
MBA3C02 Project Management
MBA3E01 Elective 1( Major)
MBA3E02 Elective 2( Major)
MBA3E03 Elective 3( Major)
MBA3E04 Elective 4( Major)
MBA3E05 Elective 5( Major)
MBA3E06 Elective 6( Major)
MBA3C03 Organization Centered Study
MBA3C04 Comprehensive Viva – III

Fourth Semester

  • MBA4C01: Strategic Managment
  • MBA4E01: Elective 7(Major)
  • MBA4E02: Elective 8(Major)
  • MBA4E03: Elective 9(Major)
  • MBA4E04: Elective 10(Major)
  • MBA4C02: Problem Centered Project Work
  • MBA4C03: Comprehensive Viva –IV

Details About Elective Subjects:

Elective 1 Finance Management
Elective 2 Human Resources Management
Elective 3 Marketing Management
Elective 4 Information Technology Management
Elective 5 Production and Operations Management
Elective 6 International Business

Direct Link To Download: MG University MBA Syllabus PDF

MG University B.SC Syllabus

Candidates, if you’re pursuing Bachelor of Science (B.SC) program, then offers theoretical as well as practical knowledge about different subject areas. The course is also valuable for those who wish to follow multi and inter-disciplinary science careers in future. Get stream wise modified syllabus from here…

Subjects MG University B.SC Syllabus PDF
Computer Science MG University B.Sc Computer Science Syllabus
Physics MG University B.Sc Physics Syllabus
Chemistry MG University B.Sc Chemistry Syllabus
Zoology MG University B.Sc Zoology Syllabus
Botany B.Sc Botany Syllabus MG University
Electronics B.Sc Electronics Syllabus MG University

MG University BCA Syllabus

I Semester 

Course No. Course
BCA101 English-I (Common)
BCA102 Mathematics (Complementary)
BCA103 Basic Statistics (Complementary)
BCA104 Introduction to Computers (Core)
BCA105 Methodology of Programming and programming in C (Core)
BCA106 Software Lab

II Semester

  • BCA201: English-II (Common)
  • BCA202: Discrete Mathematics (Complementary)
  • BCA203: Accounting & Programming in Cobol (Core)
  • BCA204: Data Structures (Core)
  • BCA205: Fundamentals of Digital Systems (Core)
  • BCA206: Software Lab- II (Core)

III Semester

Course No. Course
BCA301 Advanced Statistical Methods (Complementary)
BCA302 Design and Analysis Of Algorithms (Core)
BCA303 Computer Organization & Architecture. (Core)
BCA304 Computer Graphics (Core)
BCA305 Object Oriented Programming and C++ (Core)
BCA306 Software Lab III (Core)

IV Semester

  • BCA401: Operational Research (Complementary)
  • BCA402: Microprocessor & PC Hardware (Core)
  • BCA403: System Analysis & Design (Core)
  • BCA404: Database Management Systems (Core)
  • BCA405: Visual Programming Techniques (Core)
  • BCA406: Software Lab IV (Core)

V Semester 

Course No. Course
BCA501 Computer Networks (core)
BCA502 Operating Systems (core)
BCA503 Java Programming (core)
BCA504 Open Course (core)
BCA505 Software Lab V (core)
BCA506 Software Development Lab I (Mini Project) (core)

VI Semester

  • BCA601: Web Technology(core)
  • BCA602: Software Engineering (core)
  • BCA603: Elective (core)
  • BCA604: Seminar
  • BCA605: Software Development Lab II ( Main Project)

Direct Link To Download: MG University BCA Syllabus

How To Download MG University Syllabus?

Follow these guidelines to download MG University Exam Syllabus in pdf format, take a look…

  • Candidates need to open official web portal of Mahatma Gandhi University, Kerela that is www.mgu.ac.in
  • After reaching at official website, you need to select “Examination>>Course” link from top menu bar.
  • Then select “CBCSS Syllabus” link from next opened page, hit on relevant course link as per your search.
  • Later, MG University Open Course syllabus / MG University PG Syllabus will appear in front of you.
  • At last, download it and get printout of MG University Syllabus. Start preparation according to it.

Direct Link To Download: MG University Syllabus

Course Name Syllabus In PDF
B.Com MG University BCOM Syllabus
BBA MG University BBA Syllabus
B.B.M MG University BBM Syllabus
BTS MG University BTS Syllabus

Vital Note:

Candidates may visit this Official Link to get additional information about MG University Syllabus 2018. Bookmark our web portal www.recruitmentinboxx.com for taking most recent updates on your instant access.

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