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UPSC Geologist Question Papers | Download Previous Year Sample Papers

UPSC Geologist Question Papers

Download UPSC Geologist Question Papers from this page!!! Candidates who have planned to appear in UPSC Geologist and Geo-Scientist Examination must be keen to get UPSC Geologist Previous Year Sample Papers. So for their convenience we have provided UPSC Geologist previous Year Question Papers with Answers for past few years which will be very useful for the aspirants to prepare for the examination.

Union Public Service Commission held this examination every year with the aim to recruit deserving candidates for the reputed jobs in UPSC Geologist and Geo-Scientist departments. And to avail this opportunity large number of aspirants appears in this exam yearly with full preparation. So those applicants who want to crack this exam in first attempt are seeking for UPSC Geologist and Geoscientist previous year papers must be willing to prepare for exam through it.

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All the candidates who are preparing for UPSC Geologist and Geo-Scientist exam, they are informed that on the below section if this page we have also represented the UPSC Geologist questions with solutions for the ease of the contenders. Candidates are therefore required to go through the provided questions answers carefully to practice well for the examination.

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UPSC Geologist Question Papers

Practicing through Geologist last Year Exam Papers gives the candidate idea about the exam pattern and type of questions which are asked in the question paper. So aspirants can download UPSC Geologist and Geo-Scientist previous year Papers you just need to directly hit the pdf link provided below for past few years. Candidates may scroll down the page and go through the information provided below which is well created by the expertise team members of www.recruitmentinboxx.com

Ques 1. The approximate density of the earth is

a) 5.5
b) 5.8
c) 5.1
d) 5.2

Ans 1. a) 5.5

Ques 2.  Flat-topped seamounts are known as

a) Submarine volcanoes
b) Guyots
c) Groynes
d) Terraces

Ans 2. b) Guyots

Ques 3. Which of the following is a fresh water lake?

  1. a)  Wuler
    b) Chilka
    c) Pulicat
    d) Sambher

Ans 3. a) Wuler

Ques 4 The clinometers compass can be used to find the structural trend of rocks containing the minerals

a) Magnetite, Pyrite, Sphalerite
c) Chromite, Magnetite, Galena
b)  Galena, Sphalerite, Gold
d) None of the above

Ans 4. b) Galena, Sphalrite, Gold

Ques 5.  The specific gravity of a powdered mineral can be determined with the help of

a) Chemical balance
c) Pycnometer
b) Jolly’s  spring balance
d) Walker’s Steel Yard

Ans 5. c) Pycnometer

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Ques 6.  Which of the following is a fresh water fossil

a)  Physa
b) Cerethium
c) Nucula
d) Ammonite

Ans 6. a) Physa

Ques 7.  Find the odd man out

a) Lamination
b) Slaty cleavage
c) Schistosity
d) Foliation

Ans 7. a) Lamination

Ques 8. The most abundant sedimentary rock found in the Earth’s crust is

a) Shale
b) Sandstone
c) Limestone
d) None of the above

Ans 8. a) Shale

Ques 9.  Stromatolites are

a)  Green algae
c) Blue algae
b)  Organo-sedimentary structures
d) Sedimentary structure

Ans 9. b) Organo-sedimentary structures

Ques 10. Sill is a

a)  Horizontal igneous intrusive
b)  Vertical igneous intrusive
c)   Concave igneous pluton
d)  None of the above

Ans 10. a) Horizontal igneous intrusive

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Ques 11. The main raw material for ceramic industry is

a) Silica
b) Clay
c) Gypsum
d) Terracota

Ans 11. a) Silica

Ques 12. “Bleaching clays” are

a) Fire clays
b) Bentonites
c)  China clays
d)Fuller’s earth

Ans 12. d) Fuller’s earthz

Ques 13. The outcrop of manganese deposits exhibit ________ color

a) Black
b) Brown
c) Maroon
d) Waxy green
Ans 13. a) Black

Ques 14. As one moves from Tropical zones towards the Polar regions, the concentration of limestone

a) Increases
c) Decrease
b)  First increases then decreases
d) First decreases then increases

Ans 14. d) First decreases then increases

Ques 15. The Bauxite deposits of Orissa are associated with

a)  Positive topographic forms
b)  Negative topographic forms
c)   Structural elevations
d)  Tectonic deeps

Ans 15. b) Negative topographic forms

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Ques 16. The Graphite deposits of Kalahandi, the Granite deposits of Rajasthan and the Kyanite deposits of Singhbhum are associated with

a) Igneous rocks
c) Sedimentary rocks
b)  Metamorphic rocks
d) All of the above

Ans 16. b) Metamorphic rocks

Ques 17.  ‘Trenching’ involves

a)  Linear excavation
b)  Linear excavation in which one dimension is greater than other
c)   Drilling wedge-shaped bore holes
d)  Digging even-sized pits

Ans. 17. b) Linear excavation in which one dimension is greater than other

Ques 18. Diamond drilling can be used to bore holes in

a) Horizontal direction only
b) Vertical direction only
c)  Horizontal and vertical directions
d)  All directions

Ans 18. d) All Directions

Ques 19. The most useful drilling for penetrating hard or abrasive ground is

a) Diamond drilling
c) Percussion drilling
b)  Rotary drilling
d) Churn drilling

Ans 19. c) Percussion Drilling

Ques 20. Which of the following is a common method used for sampling of placer deposits

a) Churn drilling
c) Augur drilling
b)  Jet drilling
d) Rotary drilling

Ans 20. a) Churn drilling

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