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Alagappa University Syllabus 2022 Download UG/PG/Diploma Syllabi PDF

Alagappa University Syllabus      

Get here the updated Alagappa University Syllabus!!! Students who are pursuing various UG, PF, Diploma or any other courses offered by the Alagappa University, Karaikudi, Tamil Nadu, India can download the detailed Syllabi PDFs from this page. 

Here we have provided direct links to download course-wise Alagappa University Syllabus 2022 PDF for BA, B.Sc, BBA, B.COM, MA, MSc, and several other programmes. It is necessary to have proper knowledge of the prescribed Alagappa University Syllabi in order to crack the upcoming annual and semester examinations.

Download Alagappa University UG/PG Syllabus 2022

Here you can separately download UG/PG/Diploma Syllabus for any course you want to. Moreover, the PDF downloading links facilitated here will enable you to save the entire Syllabus to your device so that you have an unlimited access to it whenever required.

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Alagappa University Syllabus

Download Alagappa University Semester Exam Syllabi 2022 PDF

Students can download their Alagappa University UG/ PG Course Syllabus 2022 by going through the below mentioned direct link also, so why are you still waiting? Move your cursor downwards and grab complete information soon.

Alagappa University Syllabus 2022 DetailsLinks
Alagappa University UG SyllabusDownload PDF
Alagappa University PG SyllabusDownload PDF
MCA 2 Year ProgrammeDownload PDF
MBADownload PDF
PG DiplomaDownload PDF
BEdDownload PDF
B.A (Tamil) SyllabusDownload PDF
M.Sc SyllabusDownload PDF
MA English SyllabusDownload PDF

Syllabus for Diploma Courses:

Diploma in Artificial Intelligence and Machine LearningDownload PDF
Diploma in Cyber SecurityDownload PDF
Diploma in MontessoriDownload PDF
Diploma in Computer Applications (DCA)Download PDF

Syllabus for Certificate Courses:

Certificate Course in Office AutomationDownload PDF
Certificate Course in GSTDownload PDF
Certificate Course in C ProgrammingDownload PDF
Certificate Course in Web DesigningDownload PDF
Certificate Course in Computer FundamentalsDownload PDF
Certificate Course in Gender StudiesDownload PDF
Certificate Course in AstrologyDownload PDF

Students can check the updated Alagappa University Syllabus 2022 of various UG/ PG Programmes by going through this page easily. Apart from it, you can download the Syllabus PDFs also, so what are you waiting for? Go ahead as soon as possible.

Alagappa University Exam Syllabus for M.Sc Maths I Year – I Semester

Unit I
Group Theory: Definition of a group – Some examples of a groups – some preliminary Lemmas – Subgroups – a counting principle – Normal subgroups and Quotient groups – Homomorphisms – Automorphisms – Cayley’s Theorem – Permutation groups.
Unit II
Another counting Principle – Sylow’s Theorem – Direct products
Unit III
Ring Theory: Definition and examples of rings – some special classes of Rings – Homomorphisms.
Unit IV
Ideals and Quotient Rings – More ideals and Quotient Rings – The field of quotients of an Integral Domain
Unit V
Enclidean Rings – A Particular Euclidean Ring – Polynomial Rings – Polynomials over the Rational Field – Polynomial Rings over commutative Rings.

Alagappa University Syllabus 2022 MA English I Year I Sem

Core Course IV – Aspects Of English Language And Linguistics

Unit I: The English Language
  • The Origin of Language
  • Place of English in the Indo-European family of Languages
  • Grimm’s Law and Verner’s Law
  • Word Making in English
  • Standard English
  • American English
Unit II: Phonology
  • Organs of Speech
  • The Vowels of English
  • Diphthongs of English
  • Consonants of English
  • Transcription
  • The Syllable and Received Pronunciation
  • Accent, Rhythm and Intonation
  • Received Pronunciation
Unit III: Linguistics
  • Characteristics of Language
  • What is Linguistics?
  • Dialect-Idiolect-Register-Psycho Linguistics- Socio Linguistics
  • What is Grammar?
  • Structural Phonology & Morphology
Unit IV: Grammar and Usage
  • Traditional Grammar –its limitation and problems
  • Structural Grammar, IC analysis
  • Theories of Semantics
  • Pragmatics and Discourse
Unit V: Error Analysis
  • Common Mistakes committed by the students in English –Suggested Remedial Measures

Alagappa University BBA Syllabus 2022

Managerial Economics Syllabus:

Unit I
Managerial Economics: Meaning, Nature and Scope ; Managerial Economics and Bussiness Decision Manking – Demand analysis­ – Types of Demand – Determinants of Demand – Why the Law of demand – Why Demand curve slopes downward – Law of supply – Law of diminishing Marginal Utility –  Concept of Consumer Surplus.
Unit II
Elasticity of Demand – Types – Indifference curve analysis – Returns to Scale – Increasing returns to scale – Diminishing and constant returns to scale.
Unit III
Concept of Cost – Break Even Point – National Income – Measurement and its difficulties.
Unit IV
Concept of Normal Profit – Scales maximization Principle. Monopoly – Monopolistic Competition – Economics of Bulk Purchase. Perfect competition – Imperfect Competition, Oligopoly.
Unit V
Functions of Money – Role of Commercial Banks – RBI – Methods of credit control –Monetary and Fiscal Policies.

 Financial Accounting Syllabus:

Unit IIntroduction to Financial Accounting – Book keeping – Meaning and objectives – Double entry system – Importance – advantages – Journal and ledger – Preparing Trial balance – Subsidiary books – Different types of Cash books – Bank Reconciliation Statement.
Unit IIFinal Accounts – Capital and Revenue items – Preparation of Trading, Profit and Loss account and Balance Sheet – Adjustment entries – Account Current – Average Due Date
Unit IIIAccounts from incomplete records – Defects – Ascertainment of profit – Conversion of single entry into double entry
Unit IVAccounts of Non–profit Organizations – Capital, Revenue, Deferred Revenue Expenditures – Preparation of Receipts and Payments Account and Income and Expenditure Account – Balance Sheet
Unit VDepreciation – Meaning – Causes – Needs – Provisions and Reserves.

Alagappa University BCA Semester I Syllabus 2022

Unit I- Introduction to computers:

1types of programming languages
2Introduction to C
3Structure of a C programs
4Constants, Variables
5data types
6operators and expressions
7Input and Output operations
8Decision making

Unit II- Arrays:

1one and two dimensional arrays
2character strings: Declaring and initializing string variables
3reading strings from terminal
4writing strings to screen
5arithmetic operations on characters
6string handling functions

Unit III-User defined functions:

2need for user defined functions
3the form of C functions
4return values and their types
5calling a function
6categories of functions
7nesting of functions
9functions with arrays
10the scope and lifetime of variables

Structures and Unions:

1Structure definition
2giving values to members
3structure initialization
4arrays of structures
5arrays within structures
6structures within structures
7structures and functions – unions

Unit IV- Pointers:

2understanding pointers
3accessing the address of a variable
4declaring and initializing pointers
5accessing a variable through it’s pointer
6pointer expressions
7pointer increments
8pointers and arrays
9pointers and functions
10Pointers and structures

Unit V-File Handling:

1defining and opening a file
2closing a file
3I/O operations on files
4error handling during I/O operations
5random access to files
6command line arguments


2Macro substitution
3file inclusion and compiler control directives.

Alagappa University B.Sc Semester I Syllabus 2022

Chemical bonding:

Valence Bond Theory(VBT)

Overlapping of atomic orbitalss–s, s–p and p–p overlapping– sigma- and pi- bonds
Hybridizationsp, sp2, sp3, sp3d and sp3d2 with suitable examples –Shapes of molecules – VSEPR theory.
Molecular orbital theory (MOT)Bonding and Antibonding molecular orbitals – Bond Order
MO diagramsHomonuclear diatomic molecules (N2, O2 and F2) and Heteronuclear diatomic molecules (HF, CO and NO)

Differences between VBT and MOT

Unit II

Hydrogenortho and para hydrogen – Position of Hydrogen in the Periodic Table.
HydridesTypes of Hydrides – preparation, properties and uses of LiAlH4 and NaBH4.
OxygenOxides and their classification – simple explanation with examples.
OzoneManufacture, oxidizing and reducing properties and uses.
Hydrogen peroxidepreparation, oxidizing and reducing properties and uses

 Unit III 

IUPAC Nomenclature of organic compounds

Molecular weight determination of organic acids and basesSilver salt and platinicchloride methods. Problems arriving empirical and molecular formula using percentage composition of elements and molecular weight.
Fundamental conceptsHomolytic fission and Heterolytic fission of carbon-carbon bonds.
Reaction intermediatesFormation and stability of Free radicals, carbonium ions and carbanions – nucleophilic and electrophilic reagents.
Types of reactionsSubstitution, addition, elimination, rearrangement and polymerization with suitable examples.
Inductive effect and electromeric effectExplanation with suitable examples.

Unit IV

Aliphatic hydrocarbons

AlkenesOzonolysis, Hydroboration and polymerization with suitable examples.
DienesClassification – preparation, properties and uses of Butadiene.
AlkynesAcidity of alkynes
Alkyl halidesSN1 and SN2 Mechanism – E1 and E2 Mechanism – Hofmann and Saytzeff’s rule.
Poly halogen derivativesPreparation and applications of Westron and Freon.
Halogen derivatives of unsaturated hydrocarbonsPreparation and uses of vinyl chloride, allyl chloride and allyl iodide.

Unit V

Nuclear chemistryConstitution of nuclei – stability of nuclei and (n-p) ratio – magic number– mass defect and binding energy – mass – energy relationship.
RadioactivityNatural radioactivity –– Soddy’s group displacement law – Radioactivity equilibrium – Rate of radioactive disintegration – half life period and average life period– radioactive disintegration series.
Nuclear fissionTheory – applications – principle of atom bomb.
Nuclear fusionTheory – Solar and Stellar energy – principle of hydrogen bomb
Applications of radioactivityMedicine – agriculture – industry – structural elucidations– carbon dating.
Particle acceleratorsLinear accelerator – cyclotron.

Procedure To Download Alagappa University Syllabus 2022

Candidates, who are pursuing in any of these courses, can hit on link which is given in front of that course and download their Syllabus in the form of PDF.

  • Candidate need to Official Website of University that is www.alagappauniversity.ac.in
  • On the home page hit on “DDE” tab from top menu bar of page.
  • From the drop down list select “Syllabi” option.
  • Now you may hit on relevant link of Alagappa University Undergraduate Syllabus 2022 as per your course applied.
  • Then your Alagappa University Postgraduate Syllabus 2022 will appear.
  • At last, download Alagappa University Annual Exam Syllabus 2022 and take a print out of Alagappa University Semester Exam Syllabi 2022 for a good preparation.

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