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LPU Fee Structure 2022 for MBA/B.Tech/BBA/B.Com/Ph.D Course Fees

LPU Fee Structure

Lovely Professional University offers a wide variety of UG and PG courses.  Check latest LPU Fee Structure for MBA, B.Tech, BBA, B.Com, Ph.D and numerous other programmes for session 2022-23 here from this page. We have provided the complete List of LPU Courses with Fees Details in the below section.

Set up in 2005, LPU is one of the leading Universities situated in Jalandhar, Punjab, India. If you are planning to apply for LPU Admission in any undergraduate or post graduate course, you may ensure LPU Fee Structure 2022 from here.

LPU Fees Structure for MBA/B.Tech/BBA/B.Com/Ph.D:

With the help of Lovely Professional University Fee Structure, you will get to know that how much you have to pay as fee amount. It offers Courses at Diploma, Undergraduate, Graduate, Postgraduate, and Doctoral Levels.

This institute has been awarded by many educational Ministers and offers 100% Placements to the students. To grab more stuff about LPU Fee Structure 2022-23, take a look of below of page well designed by team of www.recruitmentinboxx.com

LPU Fee Structure

Applicants, who want to get admission in Bachelors, Masters or diploma courses may get the details of LPU Fee Structure for these courses. You must have a glance on it:

Lovely Professional University Distance Education offers course in below mentioned disciplines:

  • Management
  • Commerce
  • Arts
  • Computer Applications(CA)/Information Technology(IT)
  • Library and Information Sciences

LPU UG Courses Fee Structure 2022-23:

Course Name SpecializationFee
BA (Hons)₹ 138,380/-
Bachelor of Physical Education and Sports (BPES)₹ 138,500/-
BBA (Hons)₹ 137,960/-
BBA General₹ 137,800/-
BBA Lateral Entry₹ 137,940/-
BBA., LL.B. (Hons.)₹ 109,240/-
BCA₹ 137,480/-
BCA (Hons.)₹ 137,560/-
BCA Lateral Entry₹ 137,520/-
BFA Fine Arts₹ 138,400/-
BHMCT₹ 109,260/-
BHMCT Lateral Entry₹ 109,280/-
BPA Music Vocal₹ 138,440/-
BPA Theatre₹ 138,420/-
BPT₹ 138,520/-
BPT Lateral Entry₹ 138,540/-
Dual Degree B.Com. (Hons) –  MBA₹ 138,080/-
Dual Degree BBA – MBA₹ 138,020/-
Dual Degree BBA(Hons.) –  MBA₹ 137,980/-
Dual Degree BCA (Hons)   MCA (Hons.)₹ 137,580/-
Dual Degree BCA MCA₹ 137,500/-
Fine Arts₹ 138,360/-
Integrated B.Com MBA₹ 138,140/-
Integrated B.Sc and B.Ed₹ 138,480/-
Integrated BA B.Ed₹ 138,460/-
Integrated BBA – MBA₹ 138,000/-
Journalism and Mass Communication₹ 138,340/-
Music Vocal₹ 138,320/-
Theatre₹ 138,300/-

LPU PG Courses Fee Structure 2022-23:

Course Name SpecializationFee
MBA Finance₹2,32,000/-
MBA Human Resource Management₹2,32,020/-
MBA Marketing₹2,32,040/-
MBA Information Technology₹2,32,060/-
MBA International Business₹2,32,080/-
MBA Operations Management₹2,32,100/-
MBA Retail Management₹2,32,120/-
M.Com Commerce₹2,32,140/-
M.A. Economics₹ 53,200/-
M.A. Mathematics₹ 53,220/-
M.A. English₹ 53,240/-
M.A. History₹ 53,260/-
M.A. Sociology₹ 53,280/-
M.A. Political Science₹ 53,300/-
M.A. Hindi₹ 53,320/-
M.A. Education₹ 53,340/-

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LPU B.Tech Fee Structure 2022-23:

Course Name SpecializationFee
B.Tech. Aerospace Engineering₹ 5,48,260/-
B.Tech. Automobile Engineering₹ 5,48,340/-
B.Tech. Bioinformatics₹ 5,48,440/-
B.Tech. Biomedical Engineering₹ 5,48,480/-
B.Tech. Biotechnology (BT)₹ 5,48,420/-
B.Tech. Chemical Engineering₹ 5,48,360/-
B.Tech. Civil Engineering (CE)₹ 5,48,280/-
B.Tech. Computer Science and Engineering (CSE)₹ 5,48,020/-
B.Tech. CSE  Full Stack Web Development₹ 5,48,120/-
B.Tech. CSE – Android Application Development₹ 5,48,060/-
B.Tech. CSE – Big Data₹ 5,48,100/-
B.Tech. CSE – Cloud Computing₹ 5,48,180/-
B.Tech. CSE – Cyber Security₹ 5,48,160/-
B.Tech. CSE – Data Science₹ 5,48,080/-
B.Tech. CSE – Internet of Things₹ 5,48,040/-
B.Tech. CSE – Machine Learning₹ 5,48,140/-
B.Tech. Electrical and Electronics Engineering (EEE)₹ 5,48,320/-
B.Tech. Electrical Engineering₹ 5,48,300/-
B.Tech. Electronics and Communications Engineering (ECE)₹ 5,48,000/-
B.Tech. Food Technology₹ 5,48,460/-
B.Tech. Information Technology (IT)₹ 5,48,200/-
B.Tech. ME   Mechatronics₹ 5,48,240/-
B.Tech. Mechanical Engineering (ME)₹ 5,48,220/-
B.Tech. Petroleum Engineering₹ 5,48,380/-
B.Tech. Robotics and Automation₹ 5,48,400/-

LPU B.Tech (LE) Fee Structure 2022-23:

Course Name SpecializationFee
B.Tech Lateral Entry Aerospace Engineering₹ 5,48,720/-
B.Tech Lateral Entry Automobile Engineering₹ 5,48,700/-
B.Tech Lateral Entry Biomedical Engineering₹ 5,48,780/-
B.Tech Lateral Entry Biotechnology₹ 5,48,660/-
B.Tech Lateral Entry Chemical Engineering₹ 5,48,740/-
B.Tech Lateral Entry Civil Engineering₹ 5,48,600/-
B.Tech Lateral Entry Computer Science &
₹ 5,48,520/-
B.Tech Lateral Entry Electrical and
Electronics Engineering
₹ 5,48,640/-
B.Tech Lateral Entry Electrical Engineering₹ 5,48,620/-
B.Tech Lateral Entry Electronics and
Communications Engineering (ECE)
₹ 5,48,500/-
B.Tech Lateral Entry Food Technology₹ 5,48,680/-
B.Tech Lateral Entry Information Technology₹ 5,48,540/-
B.Tech Lateral Entry ME – Mechatronics₹ 5,48,580/-
B.Tech Lateral Entry Mechanical Engineering₹ 5,48,560/-
B.Tech Lateral Entry Petroleum Engineering₹ 5,48,760/-
Course Name SpecializationFee
B.Tech. (Hons) Computer Science &
Engineering (CSE)
₹ 5,48,820/-
B.Tech. (Hons) Electronics and
Communications Engineering (ECE)
₹ 5,48,800/-
Dual degree B.Tech  MBA  Computer
Science & Engineering
₹ 156,840/-
Dual degree B.Tech M.Tech Computer
Science & Engineering
₹ 156,860/-
Integrated B.Tech – M.Tech  Computer
Science & Engineering
₹ 156,800/-
Integrated B.Tech – MBA Computer
Science & Engineering
₹ 156,820/-

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LPU M.Tech Fee Structure 2022-23:

Course Name SpecializationFee
M.Tech Automobile Engineering₹1,09,160/-
M.Tech Biotechnology₹1,09,300/-
M.Tech Computer Science and Engineering₹1,09,040/-
M.Tech Construction Management₹1,09,220/-
M.Tech Data Science and Analytics₹1,09,100/-
M.Tech Electronics and Communication Engineering₹1,09,000/-
M.Tech Food Technology₹1,09,260/-
M.Tech Geotechnical Engineering₹1,09,080/-
M.Tech Information Security and Cyber Forensics₹1,09,120/-
M.Tech Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence₹1,09,060/-
M.Tech Power Systems₹1,09,240/-
M.Tech Renewable Energy₹1,09,280/-
M.Tech Robotics₹1,09,020/-
M.Tech Structural Engineering₹1,09,200/-
M.Tech Thermal Engineering₹1,09,140/-
M.Tech Transportation Engineering₹1,09,180/-
M.Tech VLSI Design₹1,09,320/-

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LPU B.Sc Fee Structure 2022-23:

Course Name SpecializationFee
B.Sc Design Lateral Entry Fashion₹ 137,340/-
B.Sc Design Lateral Entry Interior & Furniture₹ 137,320/-
B.Sc Lateral Entry Airlines, Tourism & Hospitality₹ 137,460/-
B.Sc Lateral Entry Health and Physical Education₹ 137,400/-
B.Sc Lateral Entry Hotel Management₹ 137,440/-
B.Sc Lateral Entry Information Technology₹ 137,380/-
B.Sc Lateral Entry Medical Laboratory Technology₹ 137,420/-
B.Sc. (Hons) Agriculture₹ 137,600/-
B.Sc. (Hons) Biotechnology₹ 137,660/-
B.Sc. (Hons) Botany₹ 137,680/-
B.Sc. (Hons) Chemistry₹ 137,720/-
B.Sc. (Hons) Economics₹ 137,780/-
B.Sc. (Hons) Food Technology₹ 137,620/-
B.Sc. (Hons) Mathematics₹ 137,760/-
B.Sc. (Hons) Microbiology₹ 137,640/-
B.Sc. (Hons) Physics₹ 137,740/-
B.Sc. (Hons) Zoology₹ 137,700/-
B.Sc. Airlines, Tourism & Hospitality₹ 137,200/-
B.Sc. Computer Science₹ 137,220/-
B.Sc. Design Fashion₹ 137,220/-
B.Sc. Design Gaming₹ 137,280/-
B.Sc. Design Graphics₹ 137,300/-
B.Sc. Design Interior & Furniture₹ 137,240/-
B.Sc. Design Multimedia₹ 137,260/-
B.Sc. Film & TV Production₹ 137,260/-
B.Sc. Forensic Sciences₹ 137,340/-
B.Sc. Health and Physical Education₹ 137,360/-
B.Sc. Hotel Management₹ 109,300/-
B.Sc. Information Technology₹ 137,240/-
B.Sc. Medical Lab Sciences₹ 137,320/-
B.Sc. Medical Lab Technology₹ 137,300/-
B.Sc. Nutrition & Dietetics₹ 137,280/-

LPU MSc Fee Structure 2022-23:

Course Name SpecializationFee
M.Sc. (Hons.) Biochemistry₹ 157,100/-
M.Sc. (Hons.) Bioinformatics₹ 157,040/-
M.Sc. (Hons.) Biotechnology₹ 157,020/-
M.Sc. (Hons.) Botany₹ 157,120/-
M.Sc. (Hons.) Chemistry₹ 157,160/-
M.Sc. (Hons.) Economics₹ 157,060/-
M.Sc. (Hons.) Mathematics₹ 157,200/-
M.Sc. (Hons.) Microbiology₹ 157,080/-
M.Sc. (Hons.) Physics₹ 157,180/-
M.Sc. (Hons.) Zoology₹ 157,140/-
M.Sc. Agriculture Agronomy₹ 157,220/-
M.Sc. Agriculture Entomology₹ 157,280/-
M.Sc. Agriculture Genetics and Plant Breeding₹ 157,260/-
M.Sc. Agriculture Horticulture (Floriculture and Landscaping)₹ 157,340/-
M.Sc. Agriculture Horticulture (Fruit Science)₹ 157,360/-
M.Sc. Agriculture Horticulture (Vegetable Science)₹ 157,320/-
M.Sc. Agriculture Plant Pathology₹ 157,300/-
M.Sc. Agriculture Soil Science and Agriculture Chemistry₹ 157,240/-
M.Sc. Clinical Biochemistry₹ 157,000/-
M.Sc. Clinical Microbiology₹ 156,980/-
M.Sc. Computer Science₹ 156,840/-
M.Sc. Film and TV production₹ 156,920/-
M.Sc. Food Science and Technology₹ 156,880/-
M.Sc. Forensic sciences₹ 156,900/-
M.Sc. Geography₹ 156,820/-
M.Sc. Hotel Management₹ 156,800/-
M.Sc. Information Technology₹ 156,860/-
M.Sc. Nutrition & Dietetics₹ 156,940/-
M.Sc. Statics and Data Analytics₹ 156,960/-

LPU MBA Fee Structure 2022-23:

Course Name SpecializationFee
MBA (Hons.) ₹4,64,200/-
MBA Business Analytics ₹4,64,120/-
MBA Corporate Affairs and Governance ₹4,64,140/-
MBA Corporate Audit and Tax Management ₹4,64,160/-
MBA Cost Management & Financial Analysis ₹4,64,180/-
MBA Financial Markets ₹4,64,100/-
MBA General ₹4,64,000/-
MBA Hospital & Health Care Management ₹4,64,020/-
MBA International Business ₹4,64,040/-
MBA Supply Chain and Logistics ₹4,64,080/-
MBA Tourism and Hospitality ₹4,64,060/-

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LPU Diploma Courses Fee Structure 2022-23:

Course Name SpecializationFee
Diploma in Architectural Assistantship₹ 81,320/-
Diploma in Architectural Assistantship Lateral Entry₹ 81,340/-
Diploma in Business Administration₹ 81,240/-
Diploma in Engineering – Lateral Entry All Above Specializations₹ 81,480/-
Diploma in Engineering Automobile Engineering₹ 81,460/-
Diploma in Engineering Civil Engineering₹ 81,420/-
Diploma in Engineering Computer Science and Engineering₹ 81,380/-
Diploma in Engineering Electrical and Communication Engineering₹ 81,360/-
Diploma in Engineering Electrical Engineering₹ 81,440/-
Diploma in Engineering Mechanical Engineering₹ 81,400/-
Diploma in Fashion Design₹ 81,260/-
Diploma in Food Production₹ 81,300/-
Diploma in Medical Lab Technology₹ 81,280/-
Diploma in Airline Cabin Crew and Hospitality₹ 81,500/-
Diploma in Digital Photography₹ 81,220/-
Diploma in Library and Information Science₹ 81,200/-

LPU PhD Fee Structure 2022-23:

Course Name SpecializationFee
Ph.D. (Full Time) Aerospace Engineering₹ 95,600/-
Ph.D. (Full Time) Agronomy₹ 95,480/-
Ph.D. (Full Time) Ayurvedic Pharmacy₹ 95,240/-
Ph.D. (Full Time) Biochemistry₹ 95,320/-
Ph.D. (Full Time) Bioinformatics₹ 95,340/-
Ph.D. (Full Time) Biotechnology₹ 95,620/-
Ph.D. (Full Time) Botany₹ 95,360/-
Ph.D. (Full Time) Chemical Engineering₹ 95,640/-
Ph.D. (Full Time) Chemistry₹ 95,380/-
Ph.D. (Full Time) Clinical Biochemistry₹ 95,660/-
Ph.D. (Full Time) Clinical Microbiology₹ 95,400/-
Ph.D. (Full Time) Education₹ 95,800/-
Ph.D. (Full Time) Electrical Engineering₹ 95,680/-
Ph.D. (Full Time) Electronics and Communication Engineering₹ 95,420/-
Ph.D. (Full Time) Entomology₹ 95,500/-
Ph.D. (Full Time) Food Science & Technology₹ 95,260/-
Ph.D. (Full Time) Genetics and Plant Breeding₹ 95,520/-
Ph.D. (Full Time) Horticulture (Fruit Science)₹ 95,540/-
Ph.D. (Full Time) Horticulture (Vegetable Science)₹ 95,280/-
Ph.D. (Full Time) Hotel Management₹ 95,220/-
Ph.D. (Full Time) Management₹ 95,200/-
Ph.D. (Full Time) Mathematics₹ 95,720/-
Ph.D. (Full Time) Mechanical Engineering₹ 95,700/-
Ph.D. (Full Time) Microbiology₹ 95,740/-
Ph.D. (Full Time) Molecular Biology and Genetic Engineering₹ 95,440/-
Ph.D. (Full Time) Performing Arts Music₹ 95,560/-
Ph.D. (Full Time) Pharmaceutical Chemistry₹ 95,760/-
Ph.D. (Full Time) Pharmacognosy₹ 95,780/-
Ph.D. (Full Time) Physical Education₹ 95,820/-
Ph.D. (Full Time) Physics₹ 95,460/-
Ph.D. (Full Time) Plant Pathology₹ 95,580/-
Ph.D. (Full Time) Soil Science and Agriculture Chemistry₹ 95,300/-
Ph.D. (Part-Time) Aerospace Engineering₹ 95,940/-
Ph.D. (Part-Time) Ayurvedic Pharmacy₹ 96,020/-
Ph.D. (Part-Time) Biochemistry₹ 96,020/-
Ph.D. (Part Time) Bioinformatics₹ 95,980/-
Ph.D. (Part-Time) Biotechnology₹ 95,960/-
Ph.D. (Part-Time) Botany₹ 96,000/-
Ph.D. (Part-Time) Chemical Engineering₹ 95,900/-
Ph.D. (Part-Time) Chemistry₹ 96,020/-
Ph.D. (Part-Time) Clinical Biochemistry₹ 96,020/-
Ph.D. (Part-Time) Clinical Microbiology₹ 96,000/-
Ph.D. (Part-Time) Education₹ 96,020/-
Ph.D. (Part-Time) Electrical Engineering₹ 95,860/-
Ph.D. (Part-Time) Electronics and Communication Engineering₹ 95,840/-
Ph.D. (Part-Time) Hotel Management₹ 96,020/-
Ph.D. (Part-Time) Management₹ 96,000/-
Ph.D. (Part-Time) Mathematics₹ 96,020/-
Ph.D. (Part-Time) Mechanical Engineering₹ 95,880/-
Ph.D. (Part-Time) Microbiology₹ 96,000
Ph.D. (Part-Time) Molecular Biology and Genetic Engineering₹ 95,920/-
Ph.D. (Part-Time) Performing Arts Music₹ 96,000/-
Ph.D. (Part-Time) Pharmaceutical Chemistry₹ 96,020/-
Ph.D. (Part-Time) Pharmacognosy₹ 96,000/-
Ph.D. (Part-Time) Physical Education₹ 96,000/-
Ph.D. (Part-Time) Physics₹ 96,000/-

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LPU Hostel Fee Structure

Hostel fee is also a part of LPU Fee Structure. Applicants must know about the charges of hostel, which they have to pay for live in hostel during their studies.

LPU University hostel fee structure for Male:

Room CategoryFeesFree Electricity
Four Seater (Air Cooled)43500375
Four Seater (Air Conditioned)53500375
Three Seater (Air Cooled)53500500
Three Seater (Air Conditioned)63500500
Two Seater (Air Cooled)67500750
Two Seater (Air Conditioned)82500750
One Seater (Air Cooled)825001500
One Seater (Air Conditioned)1025001500
Four Seater Apartment (Shared)79500375
Three Seater Apartment (Shared)79500500
Two Seater Apartment (Shared)92500750
One Seater Apartment (Shared)1025001500
Three Seater Apartment (Independent)92500500
Two Seater Apartment (Independent)102500750
One Seater Apartment (Independent)1325001500

LPU University hostel fee structure for Female:

Room CategoryFeeFree Electricity
Four Seater (Air Cooled)43500375
Four Seater (Air Conditioned)53500375
Three Seater (Air Cooled)49500500
Three Seater (Air Conditioned)59500500
Two Seater (Air Cooled)64500750
Two Seater (Air Conditioned)79500750
One Seater (Air Cooled)795001500
One Seater (Air Conditioned)995001500
Four Seater Apartment (Shared)79500375
Three Seater Apartment (Shared)79500500
Two Seater Apartment (Shared)89500750
One Seater Apartment (Shared)995001500
Three Seater Apartment (Independent)92500500
Two Seater Apartment (Independent)102500750
One Seater Apartment (Independent)1325001500

After getting the full LPU Fee Structure, if you think that you can afford it then must grab the admission in this well recognized university. If you think that fee charges are not affordable then there is no need of worry, you can apply for LPU scholarship, which helps you to afford the course.  You must check below about the Scholarship system.

LPU Scholarship:

Lovely Professional University also provides scholarship. This University offers India’s largest Private Scholarship Scheme. In last five years LPU has awarded scholarships to more than 30,000 students worth Rs. 300+ crores.

  • Lovely Professional University Scholarship is also accessible on the basis of:
  • Qualifying Exam’s Percentage
  • Marks in JEE (Main)
  • Performance in Sports, Cultural, R&D, Co-curricular, Social Service and Bravery Awards
  • Special Scholarship for Toppers of Education Board
  • Fee Concession for Defence, Central Armed Police Forces (CAPF) Personnel and their dependents.


LPU Fee Structure 2022 for MBA/B.Tech/BBA/B.Com/Ph.D Courses will be quite useful for you. To attain more details about LPU Admission 2022, stay connected with us at www.recruitmentinboxx.com

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