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Mumbai University Syllabus 2019 FY SY TY (BA/B.Sc/B.Com) Download PDF

Mumbai University Syllabus 

Mumbai University Syllabus FY SY TY BA/ B.Sc/ B.Com/ MBA/ Engineering/ IT and other subjects is available on this page. Candidates can download Mumbai University Revised Syllabus PDF as per their course directly from here.

Students can check Detailed Mumbai University Latest Syllabus or FY SY TY separately also by moving their cursor downwards while to download BMM Syllabus Mumbai University PDF all just you need to hit the given link and start exam preparation accordingly.

Mumbai University FY SY TY (BA/B.Sc/B.Com) Syllabus – Download

Students can check Semester Wise, Year Wise and Subject Wise MU New Syllabus PDF. You may visit to the official website of Mumbai University to download Syllabus of FY/SY/TY by following the given hassle free guidelines.

Apart from it, you need to move your cursor downwards on this page for downloading Mumbai University Syllabus 2019 for FY SY TY (BA/B.Sc/B.Com and other subjects) which is well furnished by the team members of www.recruitmentinboxx.com

Mumbai University Syllabus 2019

Mumbai University Syllabus Download

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Download Mumbai University BA Syllabus 

Mumbai University B.A Syllabus FY

Mumbai University FYBA History and Archaeology SyllabusDownload Here
Mumbai University F.Y.B.A. Politics SyllabusDownload Here
Mumbai University F.Y.B.A. Marathi (Comp) SyllabusDownload Here
Mumbai University F.Y.B.A. in English Syllabus
(Introduction to Literature)
Download Here
Mumbai University F.Y.B.A. Geography SyllabusDownload Here

Mumbai University S.Y.B.A Syllabus 

Mumbai University S.Y.B.A. Mathematics SyllabusDownload Here
Mumbai University Hindi S.Y.B.A. SyllabusDownload Here
Mumbai University S.Y.B.A. English Syllabus
(Ancillary) & (Applied Component) Sem -III & IV
Download Here
Mumbai University S.Y.B.A. Geography Syllabus
Paper- II, (Climatology)
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Mumbai University S.Y.B.A. & S.Y.B.Sc
Mathematics Syllabus
for Sem III & IV
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 Mumbai University tyba Syllabus

Mumbai University tyba Geography SyllabusDownload Here
Mumbai University tyba History SyllabusDownload Here
Mumbai University  tyba of Statistics SyllabusDownload Here
Mumbai University tyba Syllabus of SociologyDownload Here
Mumbai University fyba Geography Syllabus (Agriculture)Download Here
Mumbai University Syba Advertising SyllabusDownload Here

Mumbai University BSc Syllabus

Mumbai University Bsc Aeronautics SyllabusDownload Here
FY Bsc Syllabus Mumbai University ChemistryDownload Here
Mumbai University  tybsc It SyllabusDownload Here
Mumbai University SY B.sc It SyllabusDownload Here
MU Syllabus sybsc MathematicsDownload Here
MU tybsc Zoology SyllabusDownload Here

Mumbai University Commerce Syllabus

MU Syllabus tybcom Literature in EnglishDownload Here
Mumbai University sybcom Business Economics SyllabusDownload Here
Mumbai University sybcom New Syllabus AdvertisingDownload Here
Mumbai University tybcom New Syllabus of Banking & InsuranceDownload Here

Mumbai University Course Syllabus

Mumbai University M.Phil SyllabusDownload Here
Mumbai University B. Ed New SyllabusDownload Here
Mumbai University MBA SyllabusDownload Here
Mumbai University Law SyllabusDownload Here
Mumbai University LLM SyllabusDownload Here
 Mumbai University B Pharm SyllabusDownload Here
Mumbai University Bms SyllabusDownload Here

FYBSC Syllabus Mumbai University 2019

Module 1: Utility Analysis: (12 lectures)

Preferences-strong ordering-weak ordering – completeness- transitivity-rational preferences-utility as representation of preferences-indifference curves and their properties -budget constraint-utility maximisation and consumer’s equilibrium-income effect-substitution effect- derivation of demand curves included in University of Mumbai Syllabus.

Module –II: Production Analysis: (12 lectures)

Production function- Cobb-Douglas production function-short run and long run returns to scale-Isoquants and their properties –MRTS-iso-cost curves-cost minimisation and producer’s equilibrium-derivation of factor demand curves included in TYBsc IT Syllabus Mumbai University.

Module –III: Costs and revenue: (12 lectures)

Various concepts of costs and their inter-relationship – behaviour of costs in the short run and the long run -long run average cost curve and its derivation-implicit and explicit coststotal revenue-marginal revenue-average revenue included in SYBsc IT Syllabus Mumbai University.

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Module IV: Competitive Markets: (12 lectures)

Homogenous goods-no barriers to entry-no collusion among sellers-availability of market information – price equals marginal cost in competitive markets- supply curve and derivation in competitive markets- equilibrium of the firm and the industry – consumer’s surplus-producer’s surplus – economic efficiency in competitive markets included in Mumbai University Syllabus.

B.Com Syllabus Mumbai University of Business Economy

Unit I: Introduction (10 lectures)

  • Scope and Importance of Business Economics – basic tools- Opportunity Cost principle Incremental and Marginal Concepts.
  • Basic economic relations – functional relations: equations- Total, Average and Marginal relations- Use of Marginal analysis in decision making.
  • The basics of market demand, market supply and equilibrium price- shifts in the demand and supply curves and equilibrium included in B.Com Syllabus Mumbai University 2019.

Unit II: Demand Analysis (15 lectures)

  • Demand Function – nature of demand curve under different markets Meaning, significance, types and measurement of elasticity of demand (Price, income cross and promotional) – relationship between price elasticity of demand and revenue concepts included in University of Mumbai Syllabus.
  • Demand Estimation and forecasting: Meaning and significance – methods of demand estimation- survey and statistical methods (numerical examples on trend analysis and simple linear regression).

Unit III: Supply and Production Decisions: (10 lectures)

  • Production function: short run analysis with Law of Variable Proportions- Production function with two variable inputs- isoquants, ridge lines and least cost combination of inputs
  • Long run production function and Laws of Returns to Scale – expansion path – Economies and diseconomies of Scale and economies of scope included in MU Syllabus 2019.

Unit IV: Cost of Production: (10 lectures)

  • Cost concepts: accounting cost and economic cost, implicit and explicit cost, social and private cost, historical cost and replacement cost, sunk cost and incremental cost -fixed and variable cost – total, average and marginal cost – Cost Output Relationship in the Short Run and Long Run- (hypothetical numerical problems to be discussed)
  • Extension of cost analysis: Cost reduction through experience- LAC and Learning curve and Break Even Analysis (with business application).

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Mumbai University FYBA Philosophy Syllabus

Unit 1: Introduction to Moral Philosophy (15 lectures)

  • Definition, nature and scope (branches) of philosophy
  • Nature of moral philosophy (facts and values; intrinsic and extrinsic values) and areas of ethics (descriptive ethics, normative ethics, meta-ethics and applied ethics)
  • Ethical Relativism: arguments defending this position; critical evaluation

Unit 2: Moral concepts in Indian Philosophy (15 lectures)

  • Concepts of Rta, Rna, and purushartha
  • Philosophy of non-attachment (nishkama karma yoga)
  • Sthitaprajna: the moral ideal included in FYBA Syllabus Mumbai University In Marathi

Unit 3: The Good Life: Greek Ethics (15 lectures)

  • Socratic Ethics: virtue is knowledge; can ethics be taught?
  • The Four Virtues: Plato (in the context of Republic)
  • Ethics of Character: Aristotle included in University of Mumbai Syllabus

Unit 4: Freedom and Determinism (15 lectures)

    • Determinism: types of determinism: scientific determinism, religious determinism (i.e. predestination) and fatalism; critical appraisal of determinism
    • Indeterminism (i.e. libertarianism): arguments in support of free will; agency theory of freedom; critical appraisal of indeterminism
  • Compatibilism: reconciling determinism and freedom

Press Here To Download Mumbai University Syllabus PDF

Procedure to Download:

Students can download University of Mumbai Syllabus by following the steps mentioned below:

  • Firstly, visit official website which is mu.ac.in
  • Now you need to hit on “Syllabus” link, available under “Useful Links” section, at the bottom of home page.
  • From the next page you are required to hit on “New Syllabus” link.
  • On the next window you will get all subjects and stream’s syllabus.
  • You need to select that course you want to check Mumbai University Exam Syllabus.
  • You will get a PDF file of app syllabus on your digital screen, you have to check Mumbai University FY/SY/TY/FY/SY Syllabus carefully.
  • At last, save and download Syllabus and take a hard copy of MU Syllabus 2019 for future use.

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