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Punjabi University Syllabus 2021 BA/B.Sc/MBA/BCA (UG/PG) Syllabi pdf

Punjabi University Syllabus

Start your preparation for upcoming BA/B.Sc/MBA/BCA and other UG/PG programmes examination by referring Punjabi University Syllabus. Check complete Punjabi University Syllabus 2021 and exam pattern of each course from here.

Punjabi University Patiala Syllabus

With the help of latest Punjabi University Syllabus 2021, students can prepare well for the UG and PG Semester Examination. Punjabi University conduct exam to access the knowledge and skills of candidates for further studies.

Punjab University UG/ PG Syllabus!!!

Students can download Punjab University Semester Exam Syllabus 2021 for Post Graduate, Graduate, Professional, Integrated and dual degree, Diploma and certificate, Add on course, Vocational courses by pressing the direct link.

Apart from it, students can go through the official website of the organization to download Punjabi University Syllabus 2021 also by going through some guidelines that are well presented at the underneath section by the team members of www.recruitmentinboxx.com.

Punjabi University Syllabus

Punjabi University Syllabus 2021 M.A. (Anthropological Linguistics and Punjabi Language) (1st Semester)



  • Physiological Phonetics: Organs of Speech, Major Airstream Mechanisms, Articulatory Phonetics: Speech Sounds, Classification and Description of Speech Sounds, Consonants and Vowels, Contoids and Vocoids, Accoustics of sound.
  • The Syllable: Segments of Syllable; Syllabic and Non Syllabic Sounds, Syllabic Structure of Punjabi


  • Accent, Tone, Intonation, Combinatory Phonetics: Assimilation, Dissimilation, Inversion, Metathesis, Haplology, Sandhi.
  • Principles of the I.P.A. and transcription of Punjabi material into I.P.A., I.P.A. and Gurmukhi


Topic covered in Punjabi University Syllabus: The section C will have fifteen (15) short-answer type/objective questions covering the entire syllabus i.e., Section A & Section B. All the fifteen questions will be compulsory. Each question will carry two marks.



  • Syntax: The Science of Sentence Structure-Defining Sentence-Determining Constituency-Immediate Constituent Analysis-Traditional, Structuralist and Transformational Models.
  • Structural Categories: Morpheme, Word, Phrase, Clause, Sentence-X-Bar and Feature Syntax- The X-Bar Structure of Sentence.


  • Grammatical Categories: Gender, Number, Person, Tense, Aspect, Mood and Case-Functional Categories: Subject, Object, Predicate, Complement and Adjunct.
  • Syntactic Relations: Karakas and Vibhaktis, Post-positions and Conjunctions –Concord and Government–Word Order.


The section C will have fifteen (15) short-answer type/objective questions covering the entire syllabus i.e., Section A & Section B. All the fifteen questions will be compulsory. Each question will carry two marks.

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Language Technology-I

Section- A

  • Fundamentals of Computer: An Introduction; Definition, Application, Characteristics, Limitations & Block Diagram of a Computer; Introduction to CPU; Input, Output & Storage Units; Types of computers.
  • Microsoft Windows: Starting Up & Shutting Down Your Computer; Desktop; Icon: My Documents, My Computer and Recycle Bin; Taskbar; Components of Windows; Windows
  • Explorer: Parts, Views, Creating Folders, Cut, Copy, Paste, and Delete the Files and Folders; Search & Run; The Control Panel; File Types.

Section- B

  • S. Word: An Introduction; Starting Microsoft Word; Word Screen; Create a Document; Quitting MS-Word; Selecting & Deleting text; Saving a Document; Spelling and Grammar Check; Header and Footer; Page Setup, Preview & Printing a Document;
  • Font: Style and Size; Aligning Text; Paragraph Formatting; Line spacing and Paragraph Spacing; Indenting Text; Bullets , Numbering, Border and Shading; Column Settings; Tables: Creating a Table, Deleting Rows, Columns, Cells and Tables; Insert Rows and Columns; Properties of a Table; Splitting and Merging.
  • Character Encoding, Punjabi Fonts, Keyboards and Typing Techniques: Introduction to ASCII & Unicode System; Copying & Installing Fonts, Character Map; Different Types of Keyboards and Typing Techniques.


The section C will have fifteen (15) short-answer type/objective questions covering the entire syllabus i.e., Section A & Section B. All the fifteen questions will be compulsory. Each question will carry two marks.

Semiotics & Semiotics of Punjabi Culture


  • Man and his Languages. Sciences of Man and Sciences of Nature. The Place of Language in Human facts. Cosmological Semiotics & Anthropological Semiotics.
  • Saussure’s Concept of Language, Nature of Linguistic Sign. The Signifier and Signified. Langue & Parole. Syntagmatic and Paradigmatic Relations. Synchronic & Diachronic Perspectives of Language.


Semiotics of Folklore and Culture; Rites of Passage in Punjabi Society, Birth, Marriage, Death Ceremonies, Fairs & Festivals of Punjab, Folk Tales, Folk Songs, Folk Dances, Folk Games, Folk Medicines and Folk Art of Punjab.


The section C will have fifteen (15) short-answer type/objective questions covering the entire syllabus i.e., Section A & Section B. All the fifteen questions will be compulsory. Each question will carry two marks.

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Punjabi University Syllabus 2021 M.A. (Business Economics) (1st Semester)

Micro Economic Analysis


  • Consumer Demand
  • Equilibrium of the firm


  • Price-Output Decision
  • Pricing Methods and Factors Pricing

Quantitative Techniques


  • Matrices
  • Partial Derivatives


  • Measures of central tendency, Measures of dispersion, Coefficient of variation, correlation and Regression analysis. Interpolation and Extrapolation
  • Probability distribution function: Normal, Binomial and Poisson distribution, testing of hypothesis. Tests of significance relating to attributes. Large samples and small samples (including t, F, z and chi-square). Analysis of variance: one way and two way.

Information Technology


  • Simple Model of a Computer, Basic computer organization, input-output devices: Primary and Secondary storage devices, Computer generations, Binary arithmetic, Operating system and its types and functions.
  • Steps and terminology used in problem solving on a computer.
  • Introduction to C language: Data type, constants and variables; Operators and Expressions; Data Input and output; Control Statements (branching and loops).


  • Introduction of functions and arrays.
  • Simple programming Applications in C: Mean, Median, Standard Deviation, Simple Correlation, Simple Regression, Matrix manipulation (Read, Write, Addition, Subtraction and Inverse).
  • Database Management Systems: Basic terminology; Data transmission modes and media; network topologies.
  • Spreadsheet System: Terminology, Data and file handling utilities of a spreadsheet system.

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Marketing and Operations Management


  • Introduction to Marketing: The core concepts of marketing, tasks and philosophies of marketing. Role of marketing, marketing process, marketing planning and marketing strategy.
  • Analyzing Market Opportunities: Analyzing market environment, consumer markets and buying behavior, market segmentation and targeting, market measurement.


  • Marketing Mix-Decision: Product decisions, price decisions, marketing channels decisions, advertising and sales promotion decision.
  • The Operational Function: Managing operations, strategic planning decisions for operations, demand forecasting for operations, capacity planning and facility layout.

Organization Principles and Behavior


  • Nature of Management: its Principles and Functions Management of Work
  • Organizational behavior: Individual and group behavior. Theory X and Y. Communication System for Organization. Types of communication, Barriers to communication.
  • Motivation, Needs, Drives and Goals, Hierarchy of needs, Hygiene factors, money as motivator, individual and group incentives competence motive, affiliation motive, achievement motivation, employee expectations and motivation.


  • Topics covered in Punjabi University Syllabus: Human Resources Planning Appraisal, Training and Development, Leadership Styles, Trait and Situational Approaches, Managerial Grid, Leader’s Effectiveness.
  • Organizational Development; Change process and Strategies to resist changes, Intervention Techniques, Transactional Analysis and Management Games.

Download Punjabi University Syllabus 2021 PDF

Candidates can download the Punjabi University BA/B.Sc/MBA/BCA (UG/PG) Syllabus PDF by going through the below mentioned direct links while you can go through the given direct link also.

Post Graduate Courses

Faculty of Arts and Culture


Faculty of Business Studies

MBA correspondence course two year programme 2020-21 21-22
MBA DUAL DEGREE (Internation Business) 2020-21, 21-22

Under Graduate Courses

Faculty of Computing Science

Press Here For Punjabi University Syllabus

Steps to Download University of the Punjab Syllabus 2021

For downloading Punjabi university entrance exam syllabus, candidates need to follow the below mentioned instructions.

  • Firstly, visit official website that is punjabiuniversity.ac.in
  • After that, hit on “download syllabus” option, visible on left side of home page.
  • Then, press appropriate link of Punjab University Patiala Exam Syllabus 2021 and selected your course.
  • Now, hit on suitable link of University of the Punjab Chandigarh Syllabus 2021.
  • Punjabi University Chandigarh Syllabus 2021 will be shown at your computer screen in PDF format.
  • Download Punjabi University Exam Syllabus 2021 or take a print out of Punjabi University Exam Syllabi 2021 for future reference.

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