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RTU Syllabus 2022 B.Tech, M.Tech, MBA, MCA Semester Wise Syllabi

RTU Syllabus

Students, who are perusing B.Tech, B.Arch, M.Tech, MBA, MCA, or any other course from Rajasthan Technical University, may download the latest RTU Syllabus from this page. We have provided the Semester-wise RTU Kota Syllabus 2022 PDF for all courses offered by the University.

Candidates can download the PDF files of RTU Exam Syllabi for respective courses and start their exam preparation accordingly. Candidates must cover the entire RTU Syllabus 2022 to excel in the upcoming University Examinations.

Semester wise RTU B.Tech Syllabus 2022

Rajasthan Technical University is one of the well-known and reputed universities, which offers various UG/PG/Diploma/ Engineering courses in various streams. The university conducts semester-wise examinations twice a year.

Students must prepare for their semester exams with the help of RTU Syllabus 2022, available on the beneath segment of this page, which is well tailored by the team of www.recruitmentinboxx.com

RTU Syllabus

Download RTU BTech Syllabus PDF:

Here below we have provided direct links to download Rajasthan Technical University Exam Syllabus. You may hit on the respective link and your RTU BTech Syllabus will be displayed in PDF format on your computer screen.

Plastic Technology III & IV Semester2021-22DownloadDownload
Aeronautical Engineering_III2021-22DownloadDownload
Agricultural Engineering_III2021-22DownloadDownload
Automobile Engineering2021-22DownloadDownload
Ceramic Engineering_III2021-22DownloadDownload
Chemical Engineering_III2021-22DownloadDownload
Civil Engineering_III2021-22DownloadDownload
Computer Science and Engineering_III2021-22DownloadDownload
Electrical Engineering_III2021-22DownloadDownload
Information Technology_III2021-22DownloadDownload
Mechanical Engineering_III2021-22DownloadDownload
Mechatronics Engineering_III2021-22DownloadDownload
Mining Engineering_III2021-22DownloadDownload
Petrochemical Engineering_III2021-22DownloadDownload
Petroleum Engineering_III2021-22DownloadDownload
Textile Chemistry_III2021-22DownloadDownload
Textile Engineering_III2021-22DownloadDownload
Textile Technology_III2021-22DownloadDownload
Aeronautical Engineering2021-22DownloadDownload
Agricultural Engineering_IV2021-22DownloadDownload
Automobile Engineering_IV2021-22DownloadDownload
Ceramic Engineering_IV2021-22DownloadDownload
Chemical Engineering_IV2021-22DownloadDownload
Civil Engineering_IV2021-22DownloadDownload
Computer Science and Engineering_IV2021-22DownloadDownload
EEE- IV2021-22DownloadDownload
Electrical Engineering_IV2021-22DownloadDownload
Information Technology_IV2021-22DownloadDownload
Mechanical Engineering_IV2021-22DownloadDownload
Mechatronics Engineering_IV2021-22DownloadDownload
Mining Engineering_IV2021-22DownloadDownload
Petrochemical Engineering_IV2021-22DownloadDownload
Petroleum Engineering_IV2021-22DownloadDownload
Textile Chemistry_IV2021-22DownloadDownload
Textile Engineering_IV2021-22DownloadDownload
Textile Technology_IV2021-22DownloadDownload

RTU Syllabus for B.Tech (Electrical Engineering)

Semiconductor Physics:

  • Mobility and conductivity
  • charge densities in asemiconductor
  • Fermi Dirac distribution
  • Fermi-Dirac statistics and Boltzmann
  • aan approximationto the Fermi-Dirac statistics
  • carrier concentrations and Fermi levels in semiconductor
  • Generation and recombination of charges
  • diffusion and continuity equation
  • transport equations
  • Mass action Law
  • Hall effect

Junction Diodes:

  • Formation of homogenous and hetrojuntion diodes and their energy band diagrams
  • calculation of contact potential and depletion width
  • V-I characteristics
  • Small signal models of diode
  • Diode as a circuit element
  • Diode parameters and load line concept
  • C-V characteristics and dopant profile.
  • Applications of diodes in rectifier
  • Clipping
  • clamping circuits and voltage multipliers
  • Transient behavior of PN diode
  • Breakdown diodes
  • Schottky diodes, and Zener diode as voltage regulator
  • Construction
  • characteristics and operating principle of UJT

Check Here: RTU Time Table


  • Characteristics
  • Current Components
  • Current Gains: alpha and beta
  • Variation of transistor parameter with temperature and current level
  • Operating point
  • Hybrid model
  • DC model of transistor
  • h-parameter equivalent circuits.CE
  • CB and CC configuration DC and AC analysis of single stage CE
  • CC (Emitter follower) and CB amplifiers AC & DC load line
  • Ebers-Moll model.Biasing & stabilization techniques
  • Thermal runaway
  • Thermal stability

RTU Syllabus for Computer Architecture


  • Introduction to Computer Architecture and Organization. Von Neuman Architecture, Flynn
  • Register Transfer and Micro operations: Register transfer language, Arithmetic Micro-operations, Logic Micro-operations, Shift Micro-operations, Bus and memory
  • Computer Organization and Design:  Instruction  cycle,  computer  registers, common bus system, computer instructions, addressing modes, design of a basic computer


  • Central Processing Unit: General register organization, stack organization, Instruction formats,  Data  transfer  and  manipulation,  program control. RISC,  CISC characteristics.
  • Pipeline and Vector processing: Pipeline structure, speedup, efficiency, throughput and    Arithmetic  pipeline  and  Instruction pipeline.


Computer Arithmetic: Adder, Ripple carry Adder, carry look Ahead Adder, Multiplication: Add and Shift, Array multiplier and Booth Multiplier, Division: restoring and  Non-restoring  Techniques.  Floating  Point  Arithmetic:  Floating point  representation,  Add,  Subtract,  Multiplication,  Division.


Memory Organization: RAM, ROM, Memory Hierarchy, Organization, Associative memory, Cache memory, and Virtual memory: Paging and Segmentation.


Input-Output Organization: Input-Output Interface, Modes of Transfer, Priority Interrupt,  DMA,  IOP processor.

How to download RTU Syllabus 2022?

Candidates can download the RTU Kota Syllabus 2022 by following the steps as mentioned below:

  • First of all, you are required to visit the Official portal of university which is www.rtu.ac.in.
  • Now you need to hit on “Syllabus” link, available under “Admission” section available on home page.
  • On the next page, you will see the list of courses but you are required to hit the respective course link.
  • By hitting the suitable link you will get a PDF file of the Rajasthan Technical University Syllabus on your digital screen, you must check it very carefully.
  • At last, you should save the Syllabus file or take a printout of it for exam preparation.

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Students can prepare for examinations according to RTU Syllabus 2022. Stay in touch with our web portal www.recruitmentinboxx.com to get the latest updates as we update our pages from time to time.

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