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Tips to Crack GATE Exam 2019 in First Attempt | 4 Months without Coaching Tricks

Tips to Crack GATE Exam 2019

Are you also thinking of crack the GATE exam in First Attempt? If yes then go through this article and get Tips to Crack GATE Exam 2019. You can prepare for Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering without coaching in 4 Months by following the tricks provided in this article.

Here are some strategies for students, which will be very helpful for them. GATE exams will have multiple choice and numerical answer type questions. But the special thing is that there will be no choice for Numerical Answer type questions.

Tips to Crack GATE Exam

So you have to prepare better for examination if you want to get qualifiying marks in examination. This examination will be organized on the basis of rotation by IIT and IISc. GATE (Graduate Aptitude Test En Engineering) is a national level examination. Through this examination, students will get M.Tech and Ph. D courses will be available. This course is done by IIT, IISc and various other institutions / universities in India.

Candidates may go through the below ward of this page, designed by the team of www.recruitmentinboxx.com and start their preparation for exams by following Tips to Crack Gate Exam 2019.

Tips To Crack GATE Exam 2019

Tips To Crack GATE Exam In First Attempt

The GATE exam is truly one of the challenging exams conducted in India. : Candidates are advised to prepare right from the beginning and in a systematic manner for the exam. In starting the very first thing hit on candidates mind is that How to crack Gate in your first attempt?

Candidates are not need to go anywhere we are providing you various strategies and other tips on our page you have to look below….

  • Strategic approach for GATE:

It doesn’t matter you are average student or a brilliant students you just only have the aim to qualify GATE. To crack Graduate Aptitude test in Engineering is not an easy task. You have to do lots of efforts to qualify the said exam.

For better preparation you have to take this as task and do preparation for it seriously by making strategies. So, on this page we are providing you Tips and Tricks regarding How To Crack Gate Exam?

Download PDF File From Here: GATE Syllabus

  • When to start preparations seriously then and how?

So many of candidates get confused about to frame the exact generalized time for GATE preparation. From this page you could get strategy to target your aim by following the Tips to crack GATE. Anybody can qualify the said exam by doing preparation seriously.

After starting of 5th semester of your graduation course it’s the best time to start preparation of your GATE examination. This is the perfect timing for you to start your preparation by shrinking your daily schedule to give time for preparation for the said exam.

Exam would contain questions of two different types in various papers:

  1. Multiple Choice Questions of 1 or 2 marks each.
  2. Numerical Answer Questions of 1 or 2 marks each. No choices will be shown for this type of questions.

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The questions in a paper may be designed to test the following abilities:

Memory: These are based on facts, principles, laws of the discipline of the paper. aspirants are expected to answer either from his/her memory of the subject or at most from a one-line computation.

ComprehensionThese questions will test the candidate’s understanding of the basics of his/her field by making simple conclusions from fundamental ideas.

Analysis and composite: In these questions, candidate has to present with data, diagrams, images etc. as these are the requirement of analysis before a question arise. Questions category can be, e.g., candidates in recognizing unstated assumptions, separating useful information from irrelevant information, etc.

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Tricks to prepare well for GATE Exams

If you want to qualify in the Gate Examination, you will have to start your preparations from the beginning that is to start preparing for 2 or 3 months in advance. You have to make a time table of equal time for every Subject and According to the plan you have to do Revision, Practice etc. let’s have a look on Tips to Crack Gate Exam…

Step 1: Information about the GATE Examination:

  • Get the information about it before the Gate Papers.
  • This is a 3 hour paper, in which there are 65 questions. There are alternatives and numerical responses.

Gate Exam Pattern

  • There are a total of 65 questions in this paper, of which 100 marks are available, there are questions about MCQ & Numerical Type & General aptitude.
  • Engineering Mathematics will carry around 15% of total marks
  • General Aptitude section will carry 15% of the total marks
  • Remaining 70% of total marks is devoted to the subject (technical section) of the paper.

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Step 2: You must have Entire information about the subject and course:

  • There are so many courses in GATE, so you can get the information about these courses well.
  • Choose the course according to your knowledge, and start studying accordingly.
  • After reading the past papers, get information about the subject, and make a goal for a score in a gate exam.

Step: 3 – Selection of Recommended Books and Material:

  • In the beginning of preparation for Gate Examination, a good selection of books and materials are required first.
  • 1 or 2 for a subject are enough for preparation. For preparation You must give priority to the book after then any other resource.
  • Apart from this, you can also study online video lectures, course material, coaching notes.
  • You can try to choose the same book for the GATE, from which you studied at the time of graduation.

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Step: 4 – Things to Remembe, while preparation:

  • Read the paper questions carefully and understand the questions of the previous years, understand the patterns of the paper by it.
  • Solve these papers more and more.
  • Understanding the concept, do practice as much as you can, and also do it on daily basis.
  • Most questions in the GATE are conceptual and numeric, so you can try, solve more and more questions in less time and get more score.

Step 5: Make plans for the GATE exam:

  • Preparation of 4-8 months can give a good score in the GATE.
  • To make each subject a reasonable time, plan daily or weekly basis.
  • In the plan, you should include the full range of Revision, Practice Test and all the courses.
  • According to your daily work, make time table. Once you start running daily according to the time table and weekly then according to the time table you will get good results in the exam.

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Step 6: Follow the plan to complete the course:

  • Keep such topics in Timetable that are simple and necessary. According to Toppers, mathematics and a basic technical subject should start with.
  • To complete a topic, read one topic after another.
  • While reading the topic, make notes for the same as well, while writing the main definition, formula etc.
  • After reading all the topics, according to the topic, please shed the gate papers of previous years.
  • Give quizzes and tests according to each topic and subject, which will determine your performance.
  • Remove all your suspicions at the time of preparation.
  • Share your doubts with others, discuss about it. Take part in the test, quiz with fellow people, this will help you to compare yourself with others.
  • During practice practice, you will also know about your weak topic and topic, which will help you to focus on those issues while understanding your weaknesses.

Some important Tips to Crack GATE Exam

  • Set Your Goal

First of all candidates need to set their mind set about their GATE exam and set their goal by making prefect schedule for preparation. To initiate with a great step, you must properly gain knowledge about all the fundamentals of your practical subject. Just the once your foundation is all set than test yourself on different factors (all aspects of exam).

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  • Check your Ability

You are needed to observe that where you stand in queue of competition. Simply, do your best without delaying, try to solve as much as you can and don’t ignore to attempt Mock test as this will give feed back  of  your preparations. That doesn’t matter you are an average candidate or brilliant student.

  • Clear your Doubts

Make it all clear! Small-big and every doubt on every particular topic. Practice hard on numerical portion as they can offer you a chance to score full marks. You can consult with your friends, teachers, or take help from the guide from which you are preparing yourself.

  • Know everything About your GATE exam

Gather and study the complete syllabus of the GATE exam as per your field. Start your studies with the part (section-wise) of the syllabus that you have already studied in your earlier classes, this will boost up your level of confidence.

  • How to Score Better Marks

In the GATE examination nearly 25 marks are for the mathematics section.  So, make this portion your way to get good marks as math is quite a simple as compared to other part of the syllabus. Give the concentration to aptitude part too as it carries 15 marks. From this portion one can easy to score extra marks.

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  • Keep in Mind Do’s & Don’ts

You must know about the exam pattern and syllabus that there is any negative marking or not. In GATE examinations there is negative mark, thus answer only those questions that you are sure of. Unless don’t waste your time thinking about one such question.

Tips to Crack Gate Exam 2019

  • Do practice of Mock Test Series. This will make it easier for you to test online Patterns. You will be able to assess your preparation. Based on the analysis of this kind of test, you will be able to focus on those areas where you are weak.
  • Keep your time table simple and necessary, give maximum attention to the math topic.
  • When you do the studies, then do a complete revision at the end once.
  • Focus on High Return Topics. 30 percent of the total marks are in the question of Engineering, Mathematics and General Ability and it is also easy to get a number.
  • Stay relaxed before the exam. Stop thinking about it one day before the exam.
  • Do more practice, so that you do not get confused at the time of the exam.

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Last Minute Strategy to crack GATE 2019

  • Do not read any new topics in the last 2 days.
  • Let’s pay more attention to this in two days.
  • Prepare an admit card, find out about the center.

Lastly, dear aspirants to crack Gate exam, one thing have to be done is ‘when the exams are near do not take any sort of worry or stress. For a good and excellent performance all you need is to have a stable mind. so that you can concentrate in a better way & also avoid social networking and social environment.

GATE Scoring Tips

Before beginning your preparation, take a clear note and thorough tour of the complete syllabus. After decided upon the paper you will appear for, check the syllabus for that particular paper only. Those subjects and topics that you already had studied in graduation but are not in GATE syllabus left them simply.


If you will follow these above said Tips to Crack Gate Exam 2019, then surely you will crack the exam in first attempt. Stay in touch with our web portal www.recruitmentinboxx.com to get latest updates as we update our pages time to time.

All The Best!!

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