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WBCHSE Syllabus 2018 Bengali/English/Commerce (Class XI-XII) Syllabus Online

WBCHSE Syllabus

It is essential to download WBCHSE Syllabus for those students who are going to attend Class XI- XII exams. Students will get the complete Commerce and other subject syllabus in Bengali and in English languages by hitting the mentioned below links.

You can also download the WBCHSE Syllabus through online mode by visiting the official website of the organization. With the help of syllabus and exam pattern, individuals can make their preparation better.

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The West Bengal Council of Higher Secondary Education conducts examinations with the purpose to check students’ knowledge and promote them to the next level.

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WBCHSE Syllabus

WBCHSE Class 12 New Syllabus

Syllabus of Modern Computer Application

Theory- 70 marks

Basic Concepts: (5 Marks)

  • Simple Binary Arithmetic – Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division
  • Different methods of Negative Number Representation
  • Signed Magnitude
  • One’s Complement
  • Two’s Complement

Logic Functions: (5 Marks)

  • Simple combinational circuit design using gates and simple cases of minimization
  • Combinational Circuits (conversion is not necessary)
  • Half Adder & Full Adder (only definition and representation)
  • Half Subtractor & Full Subtractor (only definition and representation)
  • Multiplexer (4×1) and Demultiplexer (1×4)
  • Decoder and Encoder (maximum 3 –bit

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Data Processing: (5 Marks)

  • File Organization: Serial, Sequential, Indexed Sequential
  • Record Structures
  • Fixed-length record
  • Variable-length record

Computer Networking: (20 Marks)

  • Introduction to Networking
  • Utility of Networking (importance and application areas)
  • Types of Network (LAN, MAN, WAN)
  • Point-to-Point & Multipoint Communication and concept of client-server
  • Network Topology (Bus, Ring, Star, Mess or Multipoint)
  • The OSI MODEL (Networking layers)
  • Concept of Internet and intranet
  • Dial-up and Leased line connections
  • ISP and URL
  • Services provided by Internet – WWW, Browser, E-mail
  • Web page design using HTML

Database Concepts: (20 Marks)

  • Introduction to Database
  • Introduction & Goals, Purpose of using DBMS
  • Disadvantages of File System and Advantages of DBMS
  • Different Data Key: Super key, Candidate Key, Primary Key, Foreign Key
  • Introduction to Access
  • Table creation using Design View and Wizard
  • Different data types in Access
  • Manipulation of data using Access facilities – Inserting, Updating, Deleting data
  • Creating Relationships between Tables
  • Form creation using Design View and Wizard
  • Query generation using Design View and Wizard
  • Report generation using Design View and Wizar

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Spreadsheet: (15 Marks)

  • Introduction to Excel
  • Concept of Workbook, Worksheet, Row, Column, Cell
  • Creating, Opening, Editing, Saving a Workbook
  • Changing Row and Column widths
  • Formatting cells
  • Different data types in Excel
  • Entering labels and values
  • Copying Cells – Relative and Absolute referencing
  • Making calculations and re-calculations
  • Conditional Formatting
  • Sorting and Filtering Data
  • Hiding Rows and Columns
  • Use of Macros
  • Creating Line Diagrams, Pie Charts, Bar Graphs

Practical- 30 marks

Project Work: (10 Marks)

  • Study of Systems related to School, Town, Village, Local Industries, People
  • Using Access creation of Database and populating Tables, Data Manipulation, Report Generation OR
  • Using Excel creation of Mark Sheet, Balance Sheet, Monthly/Yearly Expenditure, Reports
  • Webpage design and implementation

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Practical Examination: (10 Marks)

  • Study of email – email send/receive, use of search engine, collecting information from web
  • Using MS-Access and MS-Excel
  • Creating a Web Page

Sessional: Laboratory Notebook (5 Marks)

Viva Voce: (5 Marks)

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WBCHSE Class XI Syllabus

Commercial Law and Preliminaries of Auditing

WBCHSE Syllabus – Commercial Law (45 Marks)


a) Definition of Law,

b) Meaning of Commercial Law,

c) Sources of Indian Commercial Law

Law of Contract

a) Definition and meaning of agreement and contract – Essential elements of a contract.

b) Offer and acceptance – Definition and meaning of offer, offerer, offeree, promise, promisor, promisee; Rules regarding offer – Definition and meaning of acceptance;

Rules regarding acceptance – Methods of communication of offer and acceptance, Revocation of an offer and acceptance

c) Consideration – Definition and meaning of consideration – Types of consideration – Rules regarding consideration – “No consideration No Contract; Exceptions to the Rule.

d) Capacity of parties – Definition and meaning of capacity of parties – Definition and meaning of minority, The Law regarding Minor’s Agreement – Definition and meaning of persons of unsound mind, effects of agreements made by persons of unsound mind – meaning of disqualified persons.

e) Free consent – Definition and meaning of free consent – coercion, undue Influence, Misrepresentation, Fraud, Mistake; meaning, Rules regarding these.

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The-law relating to Sale of Goods

a) Definition of Buyer, Seller; Meaning and definition of Goods, classification of Goods – Existing, Future, Contingent – Sale and Agreement to sell, difference between these two

The essential dements of a contract for the sale of goods – conditions and warranties, Implied condition and Implied Warranties – The Doctrine of Caveat Emptor

b) Transfer of ownership – when does property pass from the seller to the Buyer – Transfer of title by Non-owner.

WBCHSE Syllabus – Preliminaribs of Auditing (45 Marks)

UNIT – I Introduction to Auditing:

Definition of Auditing – Evolution of Auditing – Nature of Auditing – objectives of Auditing: Primary and Secondary – Importance of Auditing – Advantages of Auditing

Limitations – Relation and Differences between Accounting and Auditing – An Auditor is not an Accountant – Auditor: Professional and General Qualifications.

UNIT-2 Errors and Frauds and Auditor:

Errors in Accounting – Detection of Errors by Auditor * Frauds: Misappropriation and Manipulation – Detection of Frauds by Auditor – Duties of Auditor in relation to Errors and Frauds.

UNIT – 3 Different Types of Audit:

On the basis of Law: Statutory Audit – Non-statutory Audit – Government Audit. – On the basis of Time: Continuous Audit – Periodical Audit – Interim Audit. – On the basis of scope of work: Complete Audit – Partial Audit. – Interval Audit

Advantages and Limitations of Each Type of Audit – Distinction between: Continuous Audit and Periodical Audit, Statutory Audit and Non-statutory Audit – Interval Audit and Interim Audit.

UNIT – 4 Internal Control System

Definition, Features, Advantages and Limitations of Internal Control System – Internal Checking System: Definition – Objectives – Advantages – Limitations – Distinctions between Internal Control System and Internal Checking System – Relevance of Internal Control System in Auditing

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  1. Imagine yourself a buyer. Write a report of the steps you should follow in case of breach of contract of Sale of Goods.
  2. Visit a big Shopping Mall and prepare a report on its internal control/internal checking system.

WBCHSE 12th Syllabus – Commercial Law (40 Marks)

The Law of partnership

a) Introduction – Definition of partnership from, essential elements of a partnership – who can be a partner? -Legal status of partnership firms – classification of partnership and partners – Partnership Deed.

b) Registration of Partnership firms – The formalities of registration – Consequences of non-registration

c) Rights and liabilities of partner – Mutual rights and duties u/s 12,13 – The authority of a partner, Express and Implied authority, Limitations of implied authority, Alteration of authority, Authority in an emergency – Liability of partners to outsiders – Rights and duties of partners – Position of minor in partnership firm.

The Law relating to Negotiable Instruments

a) Introduction – Concept of Negotiable Instruments, Essential features of Negotiable Instruments, Types of Negotiable Instruments – Promissory Note: definition and essential elements – Bills of Exchange; definition and essential elements

Cheque: Definition, Features, Types – Difference between promissory Note and Bill of Exchange, Difference between bill of exchange and Cheque – Meaning of Holder and Holder in due course, Rights of a Holder in due course.

b) Acceptance, Negotiation, Endorsement – Acceptance: Definition, Types, When acceptance is not necessary; Time and place of presentment for acceptance, – Negotiation: Meaning, Negotiation by delivery, Negotiation by endorsement, Who may negotiate? – Endorsement: Definition, Effect, Types, Rules of endorsement

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The Law of Insurance

a) principles – Objects of insurance – contract of insurance; characteristics – meaning of the terms insurer, insured, insurance policy, premium, risk, cover note.

b) Life insurance – Definition, difference between life insurance and property insurance, types of life insurance, meaning of surrender value, Nomination, procedures, Effects of suicide.

c) Marine Insurance – Definition, features, types. Fire Insurance – Definition, features, types

WBCHSE XII Syllabus – Preliminaries of Auditing (40 Marks)

UNIT – I New Branches of Auditing

  • Cost Audit: Definition – Objectives – Advantages – Limitations
  • Management Audit: Definition – Objectives – Advantages – Limitations
  • Performance Audit: Definition – Objectives – Advantages – Limitations
  • Social Audit: Definition – objectives – Advantages – Limitations

UNIT – 2 Pre-Audit Procedure

  • Preparatory Steps before commencement of new audit
  • Audit Programme: Definition – Objectives – Features – Advantages – Limitations
  • Audit Memorandum: Definition – General Contents.
  • Explanation of the Terms: Audit File – Audit planning – Audit working papers (excluding detailed discussion)
  • Routine Checking: Definition – Scope – Objectives – Advantages – Limitations.
  • Test Checking: Definition – Factors to be considered – Advantages – Limitations

UNIT – 3 Vouching of Transactions

  • Vouching: Definition – Features – objectives – Importance – Important Factors to be considered in vouching
  • Voucher: Definition – classification – Features
  • Comparison between Routing checking and vouching

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  • Visit an Audit Firm, collect data on the pre-audit procedure and prepare a report.
  • Visit two partnership firms, go through their Partnership Deed and write a report.

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WBCHSE Commercial Law and Pre of Auditing SyllabusHit Here
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Steps to Download WBCHSE Syllabus 2018:

  • Firstly students need to go through official website of the organization i.e. www.wbchse.nic.in
  • Then check the left section of the home page and select Syllabus option.
  • Within few seconds you will redirected on a new page.
  • Select your class and subject.
  • A PDF file will be visible to you, which include the WBCHSE English syllabus and WBCHSE Bengali syllabus.
  • Read all the instructions and about subjects and exam.
  • Download the WBCHSE Syllabus and take a hard copy of the same for further use.

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