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AI Salary 2023 | Artificial Intelligence Salary in India

AI Salary 2023

Check AI Salary 2023 From Here…!!! As Artificial Intelligence continues to make its way through many Indian industries, the demand for skilled AI professionals has increased and will continue to rise in the near future. In India, an Artificial Intelligence salary is one of the highest packages currently in the country. But how much is worth, totally depends on the person’s skill, experience as well as the place.

AI Salaries in India 2023

Top-ranking AI job profiles with their respective average annual salaries:

AI Job ProfilesAI Average Annual Packages (In Lakhs)
Principal Data ScientistRs. 17,11,180
Computer ScientistRs. 16,24,615
ML EngineerRs. 9,50,000
Data EngineerRs. 8,35,755
Data ScientistRs. 6,99,928
Research EngineerRs. 6,52,230
Algorithm EngineerRs. 5,40,220
Data AnalystRs. 4,97,550
Computer Vision EngineerRs. 4,50,000

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Artificial Intelligence Salary in India 2023

Companies That Offer the Best AI Salary in India

There are some companies that are offering a good Artificial Intelligence Salary in India. These companies are eager to add AI specialists to their staff since this field is in great demand now. The top Artificial Intelligence employers who give AI developers salaries in India are listed below.

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Accenture –

This Corporation offers clients consulting services worldwide. It offers a great AI engineer salary in the country which is between Rs.8.3 lakhs to Rs.32.8 lakhs per annum, with an average annual income of Rs.17.3 lakhs.

Google –

It is a global technology corporation based in the US that specializes in Internet-related services and goods, including cloud computing and online advertising technologies, a search engine, and all other firms. In India, Google has been on the lookout for software as well as machine learning developers and is offering a great AI developer salary, between Rs.22 to Rs.100 lakhs per annum with an average annual income of Rs.51 lakhs.

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Microsoft –

Microsoft Corporation, based in the US, is a global tech company that makes consumer devices, computer software, as well as associated services. It is also one of the AI firms that is always hiring in the country. It offers a great artificial intelligence engineer salary, between Rs.10 lakhs – Rs. 40 lakhs per annum, with an average annual income of Rs.30.3 lakhs.

Apple –

It is the biggest technological corporation in the world that specializes in computer software, internet services as well as consumer devices. Apple is among the companies using AI that is always looking for roles such as machine learning engineer, A.I. annotation team head and many more. Apple offers a great AI engineer salary ranging between Rs.25 lakhs to Rs.98 lakhs per annum in the country.

PepsiCo –

Pepsi Bottling Group Inc. is the biggest beverage company in the world. This organization constantly hires A.I. associate managers and senior Machine Learning engineers. The average PepsiCo AI salary in India ranges between Rs.9 lakhs to Rs.30 lakhs per annum.

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The main influencer of the Artificial Intelligence Salary is the skills a person has, the experience that they have gained over time, and how quickly they grow and make the company grow. AI salary in 2023 totally depends on these factors. So if you want to build a career in AI, then this is the best time as there is ever-increasing demand and the need for qualified professionals with AI skills in the near future.

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