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Kanpur University Syllabus 2022- CSJMU BA/B.Ed/BCA/MA (UG/PG) PDF

Kanpur University Syllabus

Download here the latest and updated Kanpur University Syllabus!!! Students of Chhatrapati Shahu Ji Maharaj University (CSJMU) formerly known as the Kanpur University can check their Syllabus here from this page. We have provided the direct links to download Kanpur University Revised Syllabus for various UG & PG courses such as BA / B.Com /BBA / MA / MCA and others.

Candidates can go through the CSJMU Syllabus 2022 for various UG or PG Examinations and even download the Kanpur University (KU) Syllabus in PDF format so that they can refer to it offline whenever required. In order to prepare well for upcoming University Examinations, students need to explore this page completely which is well prepared by the team of www.recruitmentinboxx.com to obtain complete details about the Kanpur University Syllabus 2022.

Download Kanpur University Syllabus 2022 PDF

Kanpur University UG Syllabus 2022:

Bsc (Biotechnology)Download PDF
Bsc (Human Nutrition)Download PDF
BVoc (Fashion Technology)Download PDF

Kanpur University Syllabus for Postgraduate Courses:

LLMDownload PDF
MA (English Language and Litt) CampusDownload PDF
MA(Journalism and Mass Communication)Download PDF
MA(Psychology)Download PDF
MA-MSc(Statistics)Download PDF
Msc(Biochemistry)Download PDF
Msc(Bioinformatics)Download PDF
Msc(Biotechnology)Download PDF
Msc(Environmental Science)Download PDF
Msc(Food Technology)Download PDF
Msc(Industrial Chemistry)Download PDF
Msc(Microbiology)Download PDF
Msc(Nutrition-Science)Download PDF

Kanpur University Syllabus 2022 – Diploma/Certificate Courses

Advance Certificate Course(Garbh Sanskar)Download PDF
Advance PG Diploma(Bioinformatics)Download PDF
Certificate Course(Garbh Sanskar)Download PDF
Certificate Course(Happiness)Download PDF
DCADownload PDF
Diploma(Food Production)Download PDF
PG Diploma(Guidance and Counselling)Download PDF
PG Diploma(Journalism and Mass Communication)Download PDF

CSJMU Syllabus  PDF for Integrated Courses:

Integrated MSc (Electronics)Download PDF

Kanpur University Syllabus

Kanpur University BA Syllabus

Economic Geography

  • Development of Economic Geography
  • Forest types and their products
  • Marine resources and Aquarculture
  • Lactational factors of Industries
  • Means and modes of transport

Geography of India – Units

  • Forest resources
  • Indian Economy
  • Population-growth
  • Regional development

Practical: Division of Marks

  • Choice (Duration – Three Hours): 40 marks
  • Viva-Voce & sessional records: 10 marks

Kanpur University B.Sc. B.A. /B.Sc I (Maths) Syllabus

Paper I: Algebra And Trigonometry

  • Sequence and its convergence (basic idea), Convergence of infinite series, Comparison test, ratio test, root test, Raabe’s test, Logarithmic ratio test, Cauchy’s condensation test, DeMorgan etc
  • Definition of a group with examples and simple properties, Permutation groups, Subgroups, Centre and normalize etc
  • Homomorphism and isomorphism, Cayley’s theorem, Normal subgroups, Quotient group
  • Introduction to rings, subrings, integral domains and fields, Characteristic of a ring, Homomorphism of rings, Ideals, Quotient rings.
  • Complex functions and separation into real and imaginary parts, Exponential, direct and inverse trigonometric and hyperbolic function etc

Paper II: Calculus

  • ε−δ definition of the limit of a function, Continuous functions and classification of discontinuities, Differentiability, Chain rule of differentiability, Rolle’s theorem, First and second mean value theorems etc
  • Expansion of functions (in Taylor’s and Maclaurin’s series), Indeterminate forms, Partial differentiation and Euler’s theorem, Jacobians
  • Maxima and Minima (for functions of two variables), Tangents and normals (polar form only), Curvature, Envelopes and evolutes
  • Asymptotes, Tests for concavity and convexity, Points of inflexion, Multiple points, Tracing of curves in Cartesian and polar co-ordinates.
  • Reduction formulae, Beta and Gamma functions

Paper III: Geometry and Calculus

  • General equation of second degree, Tracing of conics, System of conics, Confocal conics, Polar equation of a conic and its properties.
  • Three dimensional system of co-ordinates, Projection and direction cosines, Plane, Straight line.
  • Sphere, cone and cylinder.
  • Central conicoids, Reduction of general equation of second degree, Tangent plane and normal to a conicoid, Pole and polar, Conjugate diameters, Generating lines, Plane sections.

CSJMU B.Com Syllabus for Environmental Studies

Multidisciplinary and General Nature of Environmental studies

  • Definition, scope and importance, Need and Benefits for public awareness
  • Environmental Ethics – Issues and possible solutions
  • Environmental Protection Act 1986 (Chapters II & III)
  • National Green Tribunal Act 2010 (Chapters III & IV)
  • Protection of Plant varieties and Farmers Right Act 2001- chapter I (definitions), VI & X.


  • Concept of an ecosystem.
  • Structure and function of an ecosystem.
  • Producers, Consumers and Decomposers.
  • Energy flow in the ecosystem.
  • Ecological succession.
  • Food chains, food webs and ecological pyramids.
  • Introduction, types, characteristic features, structure and function of the following ecosystem

Biodiversity and its Conservation

  • Introduction- Definition: Genetic, Species and Ecosystem diversity
  • Brief introduction to Bio-geographical classification of India.
  • Value of Biodiversity: Consumptive use, Productive use, social, ethical, aesthetic and optional values.
  • Biodiversity at global, National and Local levels.
  • India as a mega-diversity nation.
  • Hot-sports of biodiversity.
  • Threats to Biodiversity: habitat loss, Poaching of wildlife, man-wildlife conflicts.
  • Endangered and endemic species of India.
  • Conservation of Biodiversity: In-situ and Ex-situ conservation of Biodiversity.

Natural Resources

  • Renewable and Non-renewable resources:
  • Natural Resources and Associated problems.
  • Role of an individual in conservation of Natural Resources.
  • Equitable use of Resources for sustainable Development and Lifestyles

CSJMU BCA Syllabus 2022

BCA Mathematics II

Equal Sets Universal Sets
Finite and Infinite Sets
Operation on Sets
Intersection and Complements of Sets
Cartesian Product
Cardinality of Set
Simple Applications
Properties of Relations
Equivalence Relation
Partial Order Relation Function: Domain and Range, Onto, Into and One to One Functions, Composite and Inverse Functions, Introduction of Trignometric, Logarithmic and Exponential Functions.
Partial Order Sets
Representation of POSETS using Hasse diagram
Chains, Maximal and Minimal Point
Glb, lub
Lattices & Algebric Systems
Principle of Duality
Basic Properties
Distributed & Complemented Lattics
Partial Differentiation
Change of Variables
Chain Rule
Extrema of Functions of 2 Variables
Euler’s Theorem
3D Coordinate Geometry: Coordinates in Space, Direction Cosines, Angle Between Two Lines, Projection of Join of Two Points on a Plane, Equations of Plane, Straight Lines, Conditions for a line to lie on a plane, Conditions for Two Lines to be Coplanar, Shortest Distance Between Two Lines, Equations of Sphere, Tangent plane at a point on the sphere.
Double Integral in Cartesian and Polar Coordinates to find Area
Change of Order of Integration
Triple Integral to Find Volume of Simple Shapes in Cartesian Coordinates

Kanpur University Exam 2022 Details

Kanpur University conducts the Under Graduate / Post Graduate Examinations twice in a year. This University stands as hallmark of higher learning and it is an educational community where applicants of different religions and cultural backgrounds study and work jointly in a friendly atmosphere. Recognized in 1966, it has not looked back, now it has 170 accredited colleges in 15 districts.

While the UG and PG Courses in streams of Art, Science, Commerce, Law, and Engineering Medicines are offered in accredited colleges and institutions, the residential wing of the campus includes faculties of Life Sciences, Business Management, Education and English. Kanpur University invites the online application form for providing admission to UG / UG Courses. Applicants can get the admission through Common Entrance Exam.

Kanpur University Study Material

For B.A. /B.Sc Exam:

  • Monkhouse, F.J. : Maps & Diagrams.
  • Robinson, A.H : Elements of Practical Geography.
  • Singh, R.L. Elements of Practical Geography.
  • Spencer, J.E. and Thomas, W.L. Introducting Cultural Geography.
  • Thomas, W.L. (ed.) Man’s Role in Changing the Face of the Earth.
  • Peripillou, Human Geography

For B.A. /B.Sc. Part-III:

  • N. Nigam- Mansoon Ka Asia
  • Vishwanath Tiwari – Asia Ka Bhaugolik Swaroop
  • Jagdish Singh – Monsoon Asia
  • K. Srivastava – Asia
  • Dudely Stamp : Asia
  • Willcocks : The Irrigation of Messopotamia.
  • Jones : Turkey
  • The Statesmans Year book : 2001-2002
  • K. Srivastava, Environmental and Ecology (Hindi)
  • Griffith Taylor, Environmental race and migration.
  • Hartshorne, R : Perspective on Nature of Geography, Rand McNally & Co. 1959.
  • Husain, M.: Evolution of Geographic Thought, Rawat Pub.: Jaipur. 1984.

For B.Ed Exam:

  • Goyal V.P. Internet Zane Mangaldeep Publication Jaipur
  • S. Walia. Educational Technology Paul Publications Jalandhar, Punjab
  • Gurrey, P, Teaching English as a Foreign Longmons.
  • O’conner,J.D: Better English – Pronunciation
  • Mishra, Prabhakar – Sanskrit Shikshanvidhi.
  • Pandey Ram Sakal – Sanskrit Shikshanvidhi, VinodPustakMandir Agra.
  • Safaya, Raghunath – Sanskrit Shikshanvidhi, PanjabKitabGhar Jalandhar.
  • Bhandari and other : Teaching of English – Longmans
  • Brence: The Teaching of English Abroad , Part I , II ,III

For M.Com Exam:

  • Y.Khan, P.K.Jain – Management Accounting – Tata Mcgraw Hill.
  • Horngren, Sundem, Stratton – Introduction to Management Accounting -Pearson Education
  • Utilising Human Resources, Prentice Hall, New Delhi.
  • Ivancevich; John and Micheeol T. Matheson: Organisational Behaviour andManagement, Tata McGraw-Hill, New Delhi.
  • Bedi – Business Environment
  • Fransis Cherunilam – Business Environment – Himalya Publishing House.
  • Ghosh – Business & Government – Sultan Chand & Sons.
  • Stonier, W and Hauge D: A Text Book of Economic Theory

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