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RPSC Syllabus 2019 pdf Lecturer/Headmaster/Teacher Exam Pattern हिंदी

RPSC Syllabus

Download Latest RPSC Syllabus PDF and Exam Pattern of Lecturer/Headmaster/Teacher Exam here!!! Rajasthan Public Service Commission will conduct Prelims, Mains Exam and Interview to evaluate the performance of the appliers for Latest RPSC Recruitment notification.

Applied contenders can download RPSC Exam Syllabus in English or Hindi and start preparation accordingly. RPSC Latest Syllabus PDF can help you to be avail information regarding the topics from which questions will be asked in the examination, so what are you waiting for? Go ahead and check complete details soon.

लेक्चरर / हेडमास्टर / टीचर परीक्षा के नवीनतम आरपीएससी पाठ्यक्रम पीडीएफ और परीक्षा पैटर्न: यहां डाउनलोड करें

राजस्थान लोक सेवा आयोग नवीनतम आरपीएससी भर्ती अधिसूचना के लिए एप्लायर्स के प्रदर्शन का मूल्यांकन करने के लिए प्रीलिम, मेन परीक्षा और साक्षात्कार आयोजित करेगा। एप्लाइड दावेदार अंग्रेजी या हिंदी में आरपीएससी परीक्षा पाठ्यक्रम डाउनलोड कर सकते हैं और तदनुसार तैयारी शुरू कर सकते हैं।

आरपीएससी नवीनतम पाठ्यक्रम पीडीएफ आपको उन विषयों के बारे में जानकारी प्राप्त करने में मदद कर सकता है जिनसे परीक्षा में प्रश्न पूछे जाएंगे, तो आप किसके लिए प्रतीक्षा कर रहे हैं? आगे बढ़ें और जल्द ही पूरा विवरण देखें जो www.recruitmentinboxx.com की टीम द्वारा अच्छी तरह से तैयार किया गया है।

RPSC Syllabus

RPSC Surveyor Syllabus

To qualify Screening Test For The Post Of Group Instructor/ Surveyor/ Assistant Apprenticeship Advisor Group II For Technical Education Department, candidates need to start their preparation according to updated syllabus of RPSC:

  • Safety precautions, first aid, fire fighting equipments, treatment of electric shock, burns and cuts. General purchase procedures, inspection of material, maintenance of store records and store keeping.
  • General principles governing layout of workshops. Factories Act – 1948, Apprenticeship Act – 1961.
  • Law of parallelogram of forces. Resultant of two or more forces. Basic conditions of equilibrium, law of polygon of forces. Moment and applications of moments.
  • Newton’s laws of motion. Work, power and energy, work done by a constant force.
  • Nature of electricity, E.M.F., voltage, current, work, power, energy, A.C. and D.C. supply.
  • Ohm’s law, Kirchhoff’s laws, General concept of cell and battery & their defects & remedies.
  • Calculation of voltage, current and power in A.C. circuits. Wire Joints, types of domestic and power wiring and their applications.
  • Brief idea of conductors, insulators and semi conductors. Different types of electrical and electronic components & their symbols. Different types of resistors, capacitors, inductor, switches and connectors.
  • Digital and analog signals. Basic logic functions and basic logic gates. Decimal, Binary, Octal and Hexadecimal number system.
  • Basic idea of Audio CD player, Audio conferencing, Digital versatile disk (DVD), Home theatre system, LCD & LED TV, Plasma TV & Blue ray disc.
  • Different types of woods, their uses, seasoning of wood, different types of paintings and varnishing. Brief description and uses of carpenter’s tools and machines.
  • Lettering, construction of plain geometrical figures (lines, angles, triangles, rhombus, quadrilaterals, polygons, ellipses, parabola, hyperbola, etc.) orthographic projections. Principles, representation and construction of different types of scales, graphic scales. Isometric projection of geometrical solids.
  • Basic principles of building planning and building bye laws. Different types of pollutants in environment, land, soil, water and noise pollution.

RPSC Surveyor Exam Pattern

  • Objective Type Paper
  • Maximum Marks : 450
  • Number of Questions : 150
  • Duration of Paper : 2:30 hours
  • All Questions carry equal marks
  • There will be Negative Marking

Press Here To Download RPSC Syllabus PDF For Surveyor

RPSC Assistant Agriculture Officer Syllabus

Contenders, applying for RPSC Recruitment Advertisement for filling up Latest Vacancies of Agriculture Officer can check RPSC Syllabus 2019 of the upcoming examination from here.


  • Agro-climatology-elements and effect on plant growth
  • weather abnormalities and protective measures
  • Elements of crop production
  • classification of crops
  • farming systems
  • Tillage, Soil erosion, soil and water conservation.
  • Soil productivity fertility and management of problematic soils, Soils organic matter, organic manures, fertilizers and their use efficiency.
  • Irrigation – role of water responses, quality of water and water pollution, water requirements of crops, methods of irrigation, drainage.
  • Concept, scope and problems of dry land agriculture, Problem of weeds and control measures.
  • Seed quality and certification. Agronomy of important crops like cereals, pulses, oilseeds, fiber crops, forage crops, sugarcane, sugarbeet, potato, cumin, isabgol etc.
  • Objectives and methods of plant breeding, Mendel’s laws of inheritance, heterosis mutations, gene concept, plant water relationship, seed testing, type of seeds, seed production, recommended varieties of important crops of Rajasthan.
  • Peculiarities of Indian agriculture, place of agriculture in national economy.
  • Pattern of land utilization, size of holding, prices of agricultural commodities, agricultural marketing, marketing functions and institutions, marketing cost and price spread.

In order to check Complete RPSC Syllabus for Assistant Agriculture Officer (TSP Area), you may go through the below mentioned Link also.

Assistant Agriculture Officer Exam 2015 (TSP AREA)Download Here

Assistant Agriculture Officer Exam 2015 (NON-TSP)

Download Here

RPSC Assistant Agriculture Research Officer Syllabus:

Through the competitive written examination, Rajasthan Public Service Commission wants to fill 52 Posts of Assistant Agriculture Research Officer. Recently, New RPSC AARO Syllabus has been published on its official website. Download RPSC AARO Syllabus 2019 from here and start preparation accordingly.

RPSC Syllabus of Assistant Agriculture Research Officer

History and Scope of Plant Pathology

  • History of plant pathology with particular reference to India.
  • Major epidemics and their social impacts.
  • Historical developments of chemicals, legislative, cultural and biological protection measures.
  • Scope and application of microbes in agriculture industry, pollution and biological control of pests.

Plant Disease Management

    • Principles of plant disease management by cultural, physical, biological, chemical methods of plant disease control, integrated control measures of plant diseases.
    • Quarantine, exotic pathogens and pathogens introduced into India.
    • Genetic basis of disease resistance and pathogenicity, gene for gene hypothesis, breeding for disease resistance.
    • Seed certification.
  • Chemical nature and classification of fungicides and antibiotics.
  • Method of application of fungicides. Spraying and dusting equipment, their care and maintenances.
Name of Discipline RPSC AARO Syllabus PDF
Assistant Agriculture Research Officer For Plant PathologyDownload PDF
Assistant Agriculture Research Officer For Agriculture ChemistryDownload PDF
Assistant Agriculture Research Officer For BotanyDownload PDF

RPSC Headmaster Syllabus 2019:

Those applicants who have submitted the RPSC Headmaster 1200 Application Form on time, they may start their preparation with the help of latest RPSC Headmaster Syllabus. For the easiness of applicants, we have provided the RPSC Headmaster Exam Syllabus PDF on below section of this page.

RPSC Syllabus of General Studies

Rajasthan, Indian and world history with special emphasis on Rajasthan culture and Indian National Movement:

    • Indus Valley Civilization of Vedic Civilization.
    • Jainism & Buddhism.
    • Mauryan & Gupta Dynasties & Harshawardhan.
    • Literature, Architecture, Sculpture, Painting of Ancient India.
    • Age of Rajputs.
    • Sultanate Period – Various Dynasties and Achievements of the sultans in the Political, Social, Economics, Cultural and Religious Aspects – The Mughal Empire (1526-1707).
    • Shivaji Chatrapati – Achievements.
    • Carnatic, Mysore and Maratha Wars.
    • War of Independence (1857)
    • Administration of Lord Curzon.
    • Brahma Samaj, Arya Samaj, Vivekanand, Theosophical society.
    • French Revolution.
    • American war of Independence.
    • Russian Revolution.
    • First World War – Causes and effects.
    • Second World War.
    • Prithviraj Chauhan III, Maharana Kumbha, Maharana Sanga, Maharana Pratap, Meera Bai, Dadu Dayal, Sawai Jai Singh, Veer Rathod Durga Das.
    • Rajasthani Literature, Painting & Architecture.
    • Prajamandal Movement.
    • Integration of Rajput States.
    • Tilak, Gokhle, Gandhi, Nehru, Subhash Chandra Bose, Dr. Rajendra Prasad, Jinnah – Their contribution to National Movement.

Press Here to Download RPSC Headmaster Syllabus 2019

RPSC ASO Syllabus

Applicants, who want to qualify Assistant Statistical Officer Competitive Exam, 2019 Planning Department (Economics & Statistics), they can start their preparation according to RPSC Assistant Statistical Officer Exam Pattern and RPSC Syllabus.

RPSC Assistant Statistical Officer Syllabus For General Knowledge

Geography, Natural Resources and Socio- Economic Development of Rajasthan

  • Major physiographic divisions of Rajasthan
  • Vegetation and Soil, Natural Resources – Minerals
  • Forest, Water, Livestock, Wild Life and its Conservation
  • Environmental Conservation, major Irrigation Projects
  • Handicrafts, Development Programmes and Schemes of the State Government
  • Various Resources of power and Population in Rajasthan

RPSC Syllabus of History, Culture and Heritage of Rajasthan

History of Rajasthan
Famous Historical & Cultural Places of Rajasthan
Folk Literature, Folk Art, Folk Drama, Lok Devian- Devata
Folk Music and Dance, Fairs & Festivals. Customs, Jewellary, Famous Forts.
Temples and hawelies
Saints of Rajasthan, Paintings- various schools in Rajasthan.
Major tourist centres and Heritage Conservation

Other Topics To Be Covered In RPSC Syllabus

  • Current Events and Issues of Rajasthan and India
  • Major development in the field of Information Technology & Communication

RPSC ASO Syllabus 2019 For Statistics, Economics and Mathematics

Collection, Classification, Tabulation and Diagrammatic Presentation of data. Measures of Central Tendency, Dispersion, Moments, Skewness and Kurtosis.
Correlation and Regression: Correlation and its coefficients, Linear Regression.
Testing of Hypothesis: Concept of Hypothesis, Types of error in testing, Critical Region and level of significance, small and large samples.

RPSC Syllabus 2019 Design of Sample Survey

  • Sampling Unit, Sampling frame, Sampling fraction
  • Sampling with and without replacement
  • Population Parameter and Sample estimator
  • Efficiency, accuracy and precision
  • Sampling and non sampling errors
  • Simple random sampling, stratified random sampling
  • Systematic sampling, cluster sampling, multistage sampling
Time Series AnalysisComponents, Measurements of Trend, Seasonal, Cyclical and irregular variations.
Index NumberUses, types and limitations of index numbers, construction of index numbers, simple and weighted aggregate method, Simple and weighted average price-relatives, Chain base index numbers, Base shifting, Cost of Living index numbers.
Vital StatisticsCollection of vital statistics- Measures of Mortality and Fertility rates, life tables, Population growth.

System & Statistical Organization in India & Rajasthan

  • System of National Accounting (SNA)
  • Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation (MoS&PI)
  • Central Statistical Office (CSO)
  • National Sample Survey Organisation (NSSO)
  • Registrar General of India (RGI)
  • NITI AYOG, Reserve Bank of India (RBI)
  • Directorate Economics & Statistics, Rajasthan (DES)
Economic ConceptsLaw of Demand and Supply, Concept of elasticity, Demand forcasting, Price determination under different markets, National Income, Economic Growth and Planning, Inflation, Money, Banking and Financial Inclusion.
Economy of RajasthanAgriculture, Industry, Livestock, Infrastructure Development, Public Finance, State Income, Poverty, Unemployment and Human Development.
Elementary MathematicsDecimal fraction, percentage, Rates & ratio, average, simple and compound interest, square roots.
Basic of ComputerMS Word, MS Excel and Power Point Presentation, Basic Knowledge of Internet.

RPSC ASO Exam Pattern

Part Subjects Max Ques.Max Marks
Time Duration: 02 Hours
Part-AGeneral Knowledge3030
Part-BStatistics, Economics and Mathematics7070

Press Here To Download RPSC Syllabus For ASO

RPSC College Lecturer Syllabus

Check from here, Syllabus for Screening Test for the Post of Lecturer in Home Science (Clothing-Textiles) For College Education Department.

UNIT-I: Textile Fibres

  • Classification of textile fibres.
  • General properties of textile fibres.
  • Origin, manufacture and properties of natural fibres.
  • Manmade and synthetic fibres – Rayon, Polyester, Polyamide, Acrylic, Olefin, Elastomeric fibres & Metallic fibres.
  • Mixture and blended fabrics – Quantitative and Qualitative analysis of Blends and Pure fabrics.

RPSC Syllabus of UNIT-II: Yarn and Fabric Construction

  • Spinning – Mechanical and Chemical.
  • Classification of Yarns, Yarn count and twist.
  • Basic loom, parts and operations
  • Weaving – types of weaves.
  • Other fabric construction methods – knitting, braiding, felting, bonding and knotting.

UNIT-III: Clothing Construction Processes

  • Sewing equipments.
  • Fabric selection, preparation ,layout, calculation of materials for different garments.
  • Body measurement, proportion, garment designing according to figures
  • Seams and Seam finishes, disposal of fullness, plackets, fasteners, yokes, necklines, collars and sleeves, trimmings, pockets.
  • Techniques in pattern making – Flat pattern, draping, drafting, application, principles and limitations, commercial paper pattern and grading.
  • Common fitting problems & their remedies.
  • Importance of computer application in clothing and textiles, CAD-CAM, system of textile design, colour mixing & matching.

RPSC Syllabus of UNIT-VI: Traditional Textiles and Embroideries, Historic Costumes

  • Objectives of finishes.
  • Basic finishes. Texturising finishes and Functional finishes.
  • Classification of dyes. Chemical composition and application of dyes to different fibres and blends.
  • Requisites of printing, preparation of fabric, printing styles.
  • Chemicals used in textile processing and their effect on ecology.
  • Eco-friendly processing of textiles. Application of natural
  • dyes & enzymes.

UNIT -V: Sociological and Psychological aspects of Clothing

  • Origins and theories of clothing
  • Role of clothing in personality development and self concept
  • Social impact of clothes-fashion, fads, role of uniforms, national costumes, occupational clothing etc.
  • Factors influencing choice of clothes-conformity, mobility,
  • class distinction, symbolism, customs and values
  • Structural and decorative designs
  • Elements and principles of designs
  • Selection criteria for household linens and furnishings
  • Clothing budget and family wardrobe planning

UNIT-VI: Traditional Textiles and Embroideries, Historic Costumes

  • Traditional embroideries of different states of India
  • Traditional textiles of different states of India
  • Indian costumes -ancient to date
  • Regional costumes of India
  • Historical development of woven textiles-origin of weaving and spinning
  • Clothing care, storage and maintenance

UNIT -VII: Textiles Apparel Quality and Current Trends

  • Fabric construction analysis-weaves, ends, picks, count, weight, thickness, porosity, air-permeability, thermal conductivity and dimensional stability
  • Measurement of breaking, bursting and tearing strength of fabrics
  • Apparel fabric properties-crease recovery, stiffness, drapability, pilling and abrasion and colour fastness.
  • Determination of yarn count, twist, crimp and tensile strength
  • Currents trends in dyeing, printing, finishing and garment construction
  • Labelling and standardization

UNIT -VIII: Fashion, Consumer Economics and Merchandising of Textiles

  • Determining fashion trends, fashion cycle, fashion careers,
  • fashion forecasting, history of fashion, fashion displays and fashion designers
  • History and importance of textile industry, problems of Indian textile industry, textile policy
  • Marketing of textiles, distribution channels, export trends, advertising and sales promotion
  • Brand standards, fashion shows and exhibitions
  • Problems of Indian consumers and their redressal

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Direct Link To Download: RPSC College Lecturer Syllabus PDF

General Studies Of Rajasthan Paper – IIIDownload PDF
Accountancy And Business Statistics Paper – IDownload PDF
Accountancy And Business Statistics Paper – IIDownload PDF
Botany Paper – IDownload PDF
Botany Paper – IIDownload PDF
Chemistry Paper – IDownload PDF
Chemistry Paper – IIDownload PDF

RPSC School Lecturer Syllabus

Rajasthan PSC Syllabus for History of Rajasthan

  • Freedom Struggle of 1857 and Rajasthan
  • Bhakti movement and cultural synthesis
  • Development of Art
  • Art and Architecture during Mughal Period
  • Ancient Indian education system and educational institutions of learning
  • Science and Literature during Mauryan and Gupta Periods
  • A rise of the Nationalist movement

Read Out Here Latest Facts: Rajasthan Current Affairs

RPSC School Lecturer Exam Syllabus For Mental Ability Test

  • Blood relations.
  • Logical Venn diagrams
  • Number ranking and time sequence test, mathematical operations
  • Analogy
  • Series completion
  • Coding-decoding
  • Data Interpretation
  • Data sufficiency
  • Construction of sequences and triangles
  • Alphabetical test
  • Arithmetical reasoning
  • Cubes and dice

START: Logical Reasoning Test

RPSC Syllabus For Statistics (Secondary Level)

  • Presentation of data
  • Graphical representation of data
  • Measures Bof central tendency
  • Collection of data
  • Mean, mode, the median of ungrouped and grouped data

RPSC School Lecturer Syllabus PDF For Mathematics (Secondary Level)

  • Real numbers and their decimal expansions
  • Natural
  • Operations on real numbers
  • Algebraic methods of solution of a pair of linear
  • Rational and irrational numbers
  • Division algorithm for the polynomial

Get here Basic/ Vedic Formulas Topic Wise: Maths Formulas

RPSC Lecturer Syllabus Language ability test: English

  • Voice: Active and Passive
  • Narration: Direct and Indirect
  • Use of Articles and Determiners
  • Use of Prepositions
  • Tenses/Sequence of Tenses
  • Forming new words by using prefixes and suffixes
  • Correction of sentences including subject, Verb, Agreement, Antonyms
  • Confusable words

RPSC Syllabus 2019 Current Affairs

  • Health and Hygiene Schemes of Rajasthan
  • Atomic Energy programmes
  • Poverty eradication programme
  • Youth employment programme
  • Contemporary events in Science and Technology in India
  • Chemical reactions and equations
  • Carbon and its compounds
  • Atoms and molecules
  • Tissues
  • Control and coordination
  • Force and laws of motion
  • Work and energy
  • Management of natural resources
  • Protection of the environment
  • Heredity and evolution
  • Biodiversity and sustainable development

Direct Link To Download: RPSC Syllabus PDF For School Lecturer

Paper- I
(General Awareness
and General Studies)
Download PDF
SindhiDownload PDF
BiologyDownload PDF
ChemistryDownload PDF
CommerceDownload PDF
Drawing and PaintingDownload PDF
EconomicsDownload PDF
EnglishDownload PDF
GeographyDownload PDF
HindiDownload PDF
HistoryDownload PDF
Home ScienceDownload PDF
MathematicsDownload PDF
MusicDownload PDF
PhilosophyDownload PDF
PhysicsDownload PDF
Political ScienceDownload PDF
RajasthaniDownload PDF
SanskritDownload PDF
SociologyDownload PDF

RPSC School Lecturer Exam Pattern

Time Duration: 1 Hour 30 Minutes

Subject NamesMax
History of Rajasthan and Indian
History with special emphasis on
Indian National Movement
Mental Ability Test, Statistics,
Mathematics, Language Ability
Test: Hindi, English
Current Affairs1020
General Science, Indian Polity,
Geography of Rajasthan
Educational Management,
Educational Scenario in
Rajasthan, Right to Education
Act, 2009

RPSC Sr. Teacher Syllabus

RPSC Examination Syllabus for all subjects will be same as described above. RPSC Sr. Teacher Exam Syllabus of particular subjects is provided below. Please take a look below and download in pdf format.

Part – (i) 180 Marks (Secondary and Senior Secondary Standard)

RPSC Syllabus of Grammar And Usage

Parts of speechDeterminers
PrepositionsTransforming an
into Negative and
Passive VoiceDirect/
Indirect Speech
Phrasal VerbsJoining Sentences
TransformationSimple sentence into
compound and
complex sentence.
Other varied
Degree (Positive/
Sup. Degree).
Phonetic Transcription
and Word Stress.
Common Idioms
& Phrases
Editing /
Dialogue Completion

Direct Link To Download: RPSC Syllabus For Sr. Teacher

Subjects NameRPSC Sr. Teacher Syllabus PDF
HindiGet PDF
UrduGet PDF
ScienceGet PDF
Social ScienceGet PDF
SanskritGet PDF
MathematicsGet PDF
EnglishGet PDF
HindiGet PDF

RPSC SI Syllabus

RPSC Sub Inspector Syllabus For Paper I

RPSC Syllabus

RPSC Paper-I Exam Pattern

  • Maximum Marks – 200
  • Duration of Paper – 2 (Two) Hours
  • There will be 100 questions of multiple choice (Objective Type), carrying equal marks.
  • There will be negative marking. 1/3 mark will be deducted for each wrong answer.

Press Here To Download RPSC SI Syllabus PDF (Physical Test)

Press Here To Download RPSC Syllabus For SI (Paper I)

RPSC Syllabus For Paper II

History, Art, Culture, Literature, Tradition & Heritage of Rajasthan
Indian History
Geography of World and India
Geography of Rajasthan
Indian Constitution, Political System &Governance
Political and Administrative System of Rajasthan
Economic Concepts and Indian Economy
Economy of Rajasthan
Science & Technology
Reasoning & Mental Ability
Current Affairs

RPSC Paper-II Exam Pattern

  • Maximum Marks – 200
  • Duration of Paper – 2 (Two) Hours
  • There will be 100 questions of multiple choice (Objective Type), carryingequal marks.
  • There will be negative marking. 1/3 mark will be deducted for each wronganswer.

Press Here To Download RPSC Syllabus For SI (Paper II)

RPSC Asst Engg Syllabus

RPSC Syllabus of  Assistant Engineer (Civil):

  • Construction Materials, Technology And Management
  • Surveying, Estimating & Costing
  • Strength Of Mateials And Theory Of Structures
  • Design Of Structures
  • Soil Mechanics And Foundation Engineering
  • Hydraulics And Hydraulic Machines
  • Hydrology And Water Resources Engineering
  • Environmental Engineering
  • Transportation Engineering

Press Here To Download RPSC Asst Engg Syllabus PDF

Rajasthan PSC Syllabus 2019 For Asst Engg (Mechanical)

  • Fluid Mechanics And Fluid Machinery
  • Thermal Engineering
  • Industrial Engineering
  • Machine Design
  • Production And Operations Research

Press Here To Download RPSC Syllabus For Asst Engg (Mechanical)

RPSC Asst Engg Exam Pattern

The question paper will be of Objective Type Paper and All Questions carry equal marks. There will be Negative Marking in this exam.

Maximum Marks100
Number of Questions100
Duration of Paper

02 Hour

 RPSC Protection Officer Exam Syllabus:

There will be two papers for संरक्षण अधिकारी exam as per RPSC Syllabus of Protection Officer:

  • Paper – I – Compulsory (General Studies)
  • Paper – II – Optional (Social Work/Law)

RPSC संरक्षण अधिकारी Syllabus for Paper – I – Compulsory (General Studies)

  • Sports
  • History & Culture
  • Geography
  • Economic scene
  • General Polity including Indian Constitution
  • Scientific Research
  • Indian Constitution
  • General Politics
  • Spatial Visualization
  • Science & Technology
  • Figures Classification
  • Current Events – National, International
  • Spatial Orientation
  • Visual Memory
  • Social Events related to India etc

Do You Know: How To Prepare General Knowledge

RPSC Syllabus for Paper – II – Optional (Social Work/Law)

Unit 1: History of Social Work: Historical Development of Social Work and Social Work Education in India: Ancient, Medieval and Modern, History of Social Work in the United Kingdom and USA.

Unit 2: Social Work: Meaning, Objectives and Scope of Social Work; Philosophy of Social Work as a profession in India; Roles and functions of social work.

Unit 3: Social Case Work: Meaning, scope, components, processes and clientworker relationship; Social Group Work- meaning, objectives, principles, skills and role of Social Group Worker; Community Organizationmeaning, objectives, principles and Role of Community Organizer.

Unit 4: Indian Social Values and Social Work: Social Reform Movements in India- Arya Samaj, Brahmo Samaj and uplift of Dalits; Ideology of Indian Constitution, Voluntary action and voluntary Organization, Role of Voluntary Organizations and emerging trends.

Check Here: RPSC Previous Question Paper

RPSC Exam Pattern for Protection Officer

Subject Total Marks Time Duration
a) General Studies

b) Social work/ Law

3003 hours

Press Here To Download RPSC Protection Officer Syllabus PDF

RPSC Lecturer (Sarangi Instrument) Syllabus


  • Define Nad, Shruti, Swar, Saptak & Swarsthan according to ancient to Modern Music Scholars.
  • General idea regarding Varna, lakshan-geet Kaku, Gram, Moorchhana, Rag, Jati, Prabhandh and dhatu, alapti, ashray rag, Rag lakshan, Swasthan – niyam, Alpatva – Bahutva, Aavirbhav – Tirobhav etc.
  • ‘That’ and its importance in music. Classification and construction of ‘That’ according to Pt. Bhatkhande and Pt. Vayankat Makhi.
  • Raga – Evolution & development.
  • Define Rag Vargikaran and Samay-sidhant.
  • Scale – Hindustani & Western – Comparative study. General Knowledge about Diatonic Chromatic and equally tempered Scale.

RPSC Syllabus of UNIT-II:

  • Origin of music evolution and development of Indian Music during ancient, Medieval and Modern Period.
  • Classification of Instruments and historical evalution of Pakhawas, Veena, Sitar, Sarod, Tabla and Flute.
  • General idea of the forms of Vedic Music.
  • Contribution of scholars to Indian Music and their Textual Tradition – Narad, Bharat, Datill, Matang, Sharangdeva, Nanyadeva lochan, Ramamatya, Pundrik-Viththal, Somanath, Pt. Damodar, Ahobal Hriday Narain Deva, Vyankatmakhi, Sriniwas, Pt. Bhat Khanade, V.D. Paluskar, Pt. Om Karnath Thakur, Acharya K.C.D., Brahaspati, Dr. Premlata Sharma and others.
  • Study of the Trinity of Music.
  • Evalution of Indian and Western notation system.

Check Here: PSC Exam Books for Preparation


  • General Idea of main classical dances of India i.e. Bharatnatyam, Kathak. Kathakali, Manipuri, oddissi, Kuchipudi, Chhau and Mohiniattam.
  • Knowledge of Drupad. Dhamar Thumri, Tappa, Tarana, Khayal, Chaturang etc.
  • Knowledge of Orchestra, its evolution and new trends in orchestra.
  • Defination of Tal and Laya – their importance in Indian Classical Music and general knowledge of Dugun Tigun – Chugan Chchagun etc.
  • Study of Gharana’s of Vocal and Instrumental Music.
  • General Knowledge of Karanatak music.


  • New Trends of Indian Music in Post Independence Era.
  • Anotomy and physiology of Human throat and ear, Human Voice and its technique, Knowledge about voice culture.
  • Elementary theory of sound.
  • Defination of Harmony, Melody, Homophony, Polyphony Chord. Symphony counter points, Authentic and pleqalmnodes etc.
  • Function & Role of the Music.
  • Rasa theory and its application in Indian Music.

RPSC Syllabus of UNIT-V:

  • General idea of Rabindra Sangeet.
  • Place of Music in Fine Arts.
  • Musical Aptitude Test.
  • Imagination an creation in Music.
  • Importance of Heridity and environment in Music.
  • General Characteristics of Folk Music with reference to Rajasthani Folk Music. Impact of Folk Music on Classical Music and Vice-Versa.

Read Out Here: PSC Question Papers

RPSC व्याख्याता Exam Pattern

The written examination shall consist of the following papers carrying the marks and time allowed, as shown against them:

ISubject concerned with the post753 Hours
IISubject concerned with the post753 Hours
IIIGeneral Studies of Rajasthan502 Hours
Total Marks200

Press Here To Download RPSC व्याख्याता (Sarangi Instrument) Syllabus PDF

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How to download RPSC Syllabus 2019?

Candidates can download the PDF files of Rajasthan Public Service Commission Syllabus by following the steps mentioned below:

Step 1: First of all you are required to go through the Official portal of commission that is rpsc.rajasthan.gov.in

Step 2: Now you need to hit on “Syllabus” link, available under the drop down list of “Candidates Information” tab, located in menu bar.

Step 3: On the next window you will see various links of Rajasthan PSC Syllabus but you are required to hit on an appropriate link related to संरक्षण अधिकारी/व्याख्याता.

Step 4: By hitting the suitable link you will get a PDF file of RPSC 2019 Syllabus.

Step 5: You must check it and save it to your desktop or take a print out of it for exam preparation.

Latest Rajasthan PSC Syllabus PDF

Posts NameRPSC Download PDF
Vice Principal/Superintendent ITI 2019Download Here
Physiotherapist (TSP) 2019Download Here
Physiotherapist (Non-TSP) 2019Download Here
Syllabus for Asst. Statistical Officer – 2019Download Here
Asst. Town Planner – 2019Download Here
Group Instructor/ Surveyor/ Asst
Apprenticeship Ad – 2019
Download Here
Sr. Teacher Gr II (Sec.Edu.Dept) Comp.
(Non TSP)Exam SINDHI- 2019
Download Here
Syllabus for School Lecturer (Sanskrit Edu.) – 2019
HistoryDownload Here
EnglishDownload Here
VyakaranamDownload Here
Samanya VyakaranamDownload Here
SahityaDownload Here
HindiDownload Here


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