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RTO Full Form – Meaning in Hindi (आरटीओ) – What does RTO stand for?

RTO Full Form

Are you familiar with what is the Meaning in Hindi (आरटीओ)? What does RTO stand for ? Candidates desirous to get driving licences need to registered with a department of the Indian Government and may know about RTO Full Form.

It is also among the general knowledge question asked in competitive exam. The full form of RTO is Regional Transport Office.  Collect all information about आरटीओ Full Form in Hindi & English from below of page.

आरटीओ Full Form

RTO Ka Full Form है क्षेत्रीय परिवहन कार्यालय।आरटीओ / आरटीए (क्षेत्रीय परिवहन कार्यालय या क्षेत्रीय परिवहन प्राधिकरण) भारत के विभिन्न राज्यों के लिए ड्राइवरों के डाटाबेस और वाहनों का डेटाबेस बनाए रखने के लिए जिम्मेदार भारतीय सरकार का संगठन है।आरटीओ ड्राइविंग लाइसेंस जारी करता है, वाहन उत्पाद शुल्क का संग्रह (रोड टैक्स और सड़क निधि लाइसेंस के रूप में भी जाना जाता है) का आयोजन करता है और व्यक्तिगत पंजीकरण बेचता है।

RTO Full Form in Hindi

आरटीओ कार्यालय हर जिले में हैं और उनका मुख्य काम वाहनों को पंजीकृत करना है। जिनके पास अपना स्वयं का वाहन है, उन्हें आरटीओ का नाम सुना होगा।वाहन के मालिक अक्सर आरटीओ कार्यालय में जाते हैं लेकिन 99% RTO Full Form In Hindi को नहीं जानते होंगे। RTO Ka Full Form In Hindi “क्षेत्रीय परिवहन कार्यालय”है।

RTO Full Form In English

The RTO Meaning In English is Regional Transport Office and RTA Full Form is Regional Transport Authority. There is also an area code before the number on all the plates on the vehicle. These are the आरटीओ कोड of all areas. It is also the work of the RTO to provide the number of the vehicle. Now, we’re presenting you RTO Codes for all states.

हमेशा पूछे जाने वाले प्रश्न: ये 11 सवाल दिला सकते है आपको नौकरी

What are the functions of RTO?

RTO/RTA is responsible to examine vehicle’s insurance and clear the pollution test. The main function of an RTO is to maintain RTO database, issue Vehicle registration certificate and Diplomatic and consular vehicles.

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State Wise RTO Code List

As we know that, every vehicle has a unique number, this number is given by Regional Transport Office. So, check here state wise Regional Transport Office Code list.

Sr. No.Name of StateRTO Code
1Andhra PradeshAP
2Arunachal PradeshAR
9Himachal PradeshHP
10Jammu and kashmirJK
14Madhya PradeshMP
24Tamil NaduTN
27Uttar PradeshUP
28West bengalWB
29Andaman and Nicobar IslandsAN
31Dadra and Nagar HaveliDN
32Daman and DiuDD

What is the major Role Of RTO?

Following are the important facts and function of Regional Transport Office or Regional Transport Authority, take a look…

  1. Driving Licence(ड्राइविंग लाइसेंस) –Main function of RTO is to handledatabase of drivers and databases of vehicles. ड्राइविंग लाइसेंस to drivers is issued by Regional Transport Office. To get his/her license, they need to appear in some tests.
  2. Vehicle Registration (वाहन पंजीकरण)–The term Vehicleपंजीकरणis mandatory for every person to know, who have their own vehicle. If you drive a car or bike without number them it is a legal offense. So, if you buy new vehicle, then you must registered in the RTO office and the vehicle is given a number.
  3. Pollution Test (प्रदूषण टेस्ट) –It is also the major work done by Regional Transport Office. In other words, if the vehicle is over polluting, then RTO can cancel its license.
  4. Insurance (बीमा) –The work of managing collection of vehicle excise duty and retails personalized registrations is come under this category. If, you want to insure your vehicle, then contact to RTO.

Final Words:

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