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BPSC Syllabus 2018 Download PDF Bihar PSC Exam Pattern/Syllabus Online

BPSC Syllabus

Download Bihar PSC Exam Pattern and BPSC Syllabus PDF of Competitive Exam and Judicial Exam here!!! Bihar Public Service Commission Examination is going to conduct Prelims examination followed by mains and interview for the assortment of the candidates of government positions.

With the help of BPSC Syllabus 2018, contenders can do better preparation of the examination and secure good marks too. You can download Bihar Public Service Commission Syllabus Online  for each subject with all topics by going through this page created by the team of www.recruitmentinboxx.com

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BPSC Syllabus

BPSC Combined Competitive Exam Syllabus:

Bihar Public Service Commission is going to conducted Combined Competitive Exam in two papers that is Preliminary Examination and Main Examination. BPSC Pre Syllabus and BPSC Mains Syllabus Of History are well provided at the beneath section for your comfort.

BPSC Pre Exam Syllabus:

According to the BPSC Prelims Syllabus, In Preliminary Examination question will be based on three Compulsory subjects as following below:

  • English
  • General Knowledge
  • Mathematics

English Syllabus of BPSC Exam

Spotting the Errors Antonyms and Synonyms
Filling in the blanks Use of prepositions, idioms/phrases
Word analogies Test of spellings
Re-arranging jumbled up sentences Comprehension of passage and answering questions based on the passage

 Syllabus of BPSC 2018 of General Knowledge

Current events of national and international importance History of India and Indian National Movement
Indian and World Geography Indian Polity and Economy
General Mental Ability Questions

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BPSC 2018 Syllabus of Maths

Algebra Linear Algebra
Calculus Trigonometry
Analytic Geometry Ordinary Differential Equations
Dynamics, Statics and Hydrostatics Vector Analysis
Real Analysis Complex Analysis
Partial differential equations

BPSC Mains Exam Syllabus:

In Main Exam, appliers have to face questions based on Hindi, General Studies and Optional Paper (Any 2 Subjects). You may go through the below given table and choose any of the two subject for main examination.

Optional Subjects (any 2):

Geology Mathematics
Physics Mechanical Engineering
Civil Engineering Economics
Statistics Agriculture
Zoology Chemistry

Www BPSC Bih Nic In Syllabus of Optional Subjects:

Agricultural Management
Animal Husbandry &Veterinary Science Mathematics
Anthropology S Mechanical Engineering
Botany Medical Science
Chemistry Philosophy
Civil Engineering Physics
Commerce & Accountancy Political Science & International Relations
Economics Psychology
Electrical Engineering Public Administration
Geography Sociology
Geology Statistics, Law
Indian History Zoology

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BPSC Syllabus 2018 In Hindi

BPSC Assistant Engineer Civil Syllabus:

Here we are providing BPSC New Syllabus of Judical Services examination for pre and main both examinations in descriptive manner, so what are you waiting for? Go ahead and grab entire information as soon as possible!!

BPSC New Syllabus 2018 सामान्य हिन्दी – (1)

  • इस पत्र का स्तर वही होगा, जो बिहार विद्यालय परीक्षा समिति की माध्यमिक परीक्षा में चौथे वर्ग से लगातार हिन्दी का अध्ययन करने वाले परीक्षार्थियों के लिये अभिप्रेत हिन्दी का है
  • इस परीक्षा में (क) उम्मीदवारों को सरल हिन्दी में अपनेभावों को स्पष्टतः और शुद्ध-शुद्ध व्यक्त करने की सामान्यक्षमता, और (ख) परिचित विषयों पर सीधी-सादी हिन्दी कीसहज बोध शक्ति की जांच की जाएगी।

अंकों का वितरण निम्न प्रकार होगा-

विषय अंक
निबंध 40
वाक्य विन्यास 30
व्याकरण 30

BPSC Exam Syllabus of General English

Question will be set to test the understanding of and the power to write English. A passage or passages will usually be set for Summary or précis. Questions will include letter writing on given Subject.

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BPSC Syllabus 2018 of General Knowledge

(Including knowledge of current events) – The paper will also include question of Indian History, Culture and Geography of a nature, which candidates should be able to answer without Special Study.

सामान्य ज्ञान (सामयिक घटनाओं की जानकारी सहित) – इस पत्रमें भारतीय इतिहास एवं संस्कृति तथा भूगोल के भी ऐसे प्रश्न पूछे जायेंगे,जिनका उत्तर उम्मीदवार बिना विशेष अध्ययन के ही दे सकते हैं

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BPSC Syllabus In Hindi 2018 of Elementary General Science

A paper of questions to test such matters of everyday observation and experience in their scientific aspects as may be expected of an educated person who has not made a Special Study of any Scientific Subject.

प्रारंभिक सामान्य विज्ञान – इस पत्र में दैनिक संप्रेक्षण और अनुभवके ऐसे विषयों के वैज्ञानिक पहलुओं पर प्रश्न पूछे जायेंगे, जिनके संबंध मेंआशा की जा सकती है कि किसी वैज्ञानिक विषय पर विशेष अध्ययन किए बिना ही किसी भी शिक्षित व्यक्ति को उसकी जानकारी रह सकती है

Syllabus Of BPSC for (Law_of_Evidence and Procedure)

साक्ष्य और प्रक्रिया विधि (Law of Evidence and Procedure) – भारतीय साक्ष्य अधिनियम (Indian Evidence Act (1 of 1872) । सिविल प्रक्रिया संहिता (Civil ProcedureCode) (5 of 1908) । मध्यस्थता एवं सुलह अधिनियम, 1996 (Arbitration and Conciliation Act 1996) ! दंड प्रक्रिया संहिता 1973 (संख्या-2, 1974) (Code of Criminal Procedure, 1973 (2 of 1974)। प्रांतीय लघुवाद न्यायालय अधिनियम (Provincial Small Cause Courts Act), 1887

BPSC Mains Syllabus of Constitutional_and Administrative_Law_of_India

भारत का सांविधान अनुच्छेद 1 से 395 एवं अनुसूचियाँ (Constitution of India –Article 1 to 395 and Schedules) भारत की प्रशासनिक विधि (Administrative Law of India)

  • प्रत्यायोजित विधान (Delegated Legislation);
  • प्रत्यायोजित विधानं का नियंत्रण – न्यायिक एवं विधायी (Control of Delegated Legislation – Judicial & Legislative);
  • निष्पक्ष सुनवायी; नैसर्गिक न्याय का नियम, पक्षपात के विरूद्ध नियम, ऑडीआल्टेरम पारटेम (Fair Hearing: Rules of Natural Justice; Rules Against Bias;Audi Alteram Partem);
  • न्यायाधिकरण एवं अर्द्धन्यायिक प्राधिकरण, उन पर न्यायिक नियंत्रण (Tribunals and Quasi-Judicial Authorities; Judicial Control over them)
  • विनियामक प्राधिकरण (Regulatory Authorities)
  • प्रशासनिक कार्यो का न्यायिक पुनरावलोकन (Judicial Review of Administrative Action)
  • रिट क्षेत्राधिकार एवं सांविधिक न्यायिक उपचार, क्षेत्र, विस्तार एवं अंतर (Writ Jurisdiction and Statutory Judicial Remedies, Scope, Extent &Distinction)
  • पब्लिक इंटेरेस्ट लिटिगेशन (Public Interest Litigation)
  • राज्य का अपकृत्य दायित्व एवं प्रतिकर (Tortious Liability of State and Compensation)
  • वचन विबंध, विधि सम्मत प्रत्याशा एवं समानुपातिका का सिद्धान्त (Promissory Estoppel, Legitimate Expectation & Doctrine of Proportionality)
  • सरकारी संविदा (Government Contracts)
  • ओम्बुड्समैन (OmbudSman)

Hindu Law_and_Muhammadan_Law BPSC Syllabus Download

अ. हिन्दू विधि (Hindu Law)

स्रोतों का स्वरूप – विभिन्न शाखायें (Schools), विवाह पुत्रत्व, दत्तक ग्रहण (Adoption), संयुक्त परिवार और संयुक्त संपत्ति, अविभाज्य संपदा (Impartible Estate), ऋण, हस्तांतरण, विभाजन, उत्तराधिकार, स्त्री धन, विधवा की संपदा, वसीयत, दान, धार्मिक और खैराती विन्यास (Endowment) ।

आ. मुस्लिम विधि (Muhammadan Law)

मुस्लिम विधि के स्रोत, विभिन्न शाखाओं का उद्गम और विकास, भारत में इसके लागू होने की हद, शरियत अधिनियम (शरियत ऐक्ट), 1937, इस्लाम धर्म ग्रहण करने का प्रभाव, उत्तराधिकार और प्रशासन, वसीयत (Wills), हेवा, हेबाबिल एबाज, वक्फ-अनुरंक्षण वल्दियत-धर्मजत्व (Legitimacy) और अभिस्वीकार (Acknowledgement), अभिभावकत्व (Guardianship).

BPSC Syllabus of Law_of_Transfer of Property and Principles_of_Equity

संपति-अन्तरण विधि (Law of Transfer of Property) और साम्या के सिद्धांत(Principles of Equity) जिसमें न्यास-विधि (Law of Trust) तथा विशिष्ट अनुतोष (SpecificRelief) भी शामिल है।

  • संपति-अन्तरण विधि – अधिनियम सं. 4 ऑफ 1882 (संपत्ति अन्तरण अधिनियम)।
  • साम्या (Equity) का सिद्धांत जिसमें न्यास-विधि (Law of Trust) तथा विशिष्टअनुतोष (Specific Relief) भी शामिल है !

साम्या न्यायालय (Court of Equity) का इतिहास, maxims, origin of use 1 चलन सेन्यास (Trust) का विकास ! न्यास की परिभाषा, न्यास गठन में औपचारिकतायें। न्यास का वर्गीकरण, अभिव्यक्त(Express), विक्षित (Employed), परिणामी (Resulting), constructive, प्राइवेट और पब्लिक,बेनामी transactions । Advancement का सिद्धांत। खैराती ट्रस्ट। देवोतर से तुलना। न्यासियों (ट्रस्टियों) केअधिकार और कर्तव्य | Determination of Trust ! Remedies for Breach of Trust } विनिर्दिष्ट अनुतोष अधिनियम, 1963 (संख्या – 47, 1963) (Specific Relief Act,1963) (Act 47 of 1963) भारतीय न्यास अधिनियम (Indian Trust Act) (2 of 1882)।

Bihar PSC Syllabus of Law of Contracts and_Torts

संविदा-विधि (Law of Contracts)

  • अधिनियम सं. 9 ऑफ 1872 (Indian Contract Act) भारतीय संविदा अधिनियम |
  • अपकृत्य-विधि (Law of Torts) – अपकृत्य का स्वरूप। दायित्व के सामान्यसिद्धांत (General Principles of Liabilities) | पार्टी, प्रतिकार (Remedies, Nuisance), दैहिकक्षति (Injuries to Persons) |

मृत्यु, हमला (Assault), मिथ्या कारावास (False Imprisonment), घरेलू औरसंविदात्मक संबंधों को क्षति पहुँचाना (Injuries to Domestic and Contractual Relations),सदोष बर्खास्तगी (Wrongful Dismissal), Defamation, उपेक्षा (Negligence) | खतरनाकसंपत्तियों के लिए जिम्मेवारी, The Rule in Rylands Vrs. Fletcher Deceit । षडयंत्र(Conspiracy) | विद्वेषपूर्ण अभियोजन (Malicious Prosecution) ।

Bihar PSC Commercial Law Syllabus

निम्न विषयों से संबद्ध मुख्य विधि सिद्धांतः-

  • माल की बिक्री,
  • परक्राम्य लिखते (Negotiable instruments),
  • कपनी विधि, तथा
  • पार्टनरशीप ।

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Www BPSC Syllabus and Exam Pattern:

Apart from the BPSC Syllabus For Civil Engineering, contenders have to check exam pattern also which can assist them to understand the marking scheme, so please have a look!!!!

There are three sections for BPSC entrance exam:

Exam Name Exam Type
Preliminary Exam Multiple Choice Questions (Objective)
Main Exam Subjective Type Questions
Interview Personnel Questions

BPSC Prelims:

  • There will be no negative marking in the examination.
  • One mark will be awarded to the candidates for each correct answer.
Papers Questions No of Marks Time Duration
Single Paper 150 150 2 Hours

BPSC Mains:

  • This Bihar PSC Mains Examination will be conducted in four sections.
  • The type of exam is Subjective Type Questions.
  • Total marks assigned to Written Examination are 1200.
Subjects Papers Marks Duration
Hindi Single Paper 100 1 Hour
General Studies Paper 1 150 3 Hours for each paper
Paper 2 150
Optional Subject-1 Paper 1 200 Not mentioned Clearly
Paper 2 200
Optional Subject-2 Paper 1 200
Paper 2 200
Total Marks 1200

BPSC Interview Process:

All those candidates who qualify in Main Exam and Preliminary exam may attend the personal interview. In Interview selection panel of Bihar Public Service Commission will test the skills and personality of applier. Candidates, who meet the requirement of selection panel, are selected for suitable post.

Before Going For Interview, Must Read Below Shared Tips:

BPSC Syllabus PDF Free Download

BPSC Syllabus And Eligibility of Competitive Examination Download Here
BPSC Syllabus PDF of Judical Services Download Here

How to download Bihar Public Service Commission Syllabus?

To download Syllabus Of BPSC PDF, please go through instructions that are given below:

  • Please visit the official site of Bihar Public Service Commission that is www.bpsc.bih.nic.in
  • Choose ‘Syllabus’ tab from table that is given at left side of home page.
  • Now select ‘Syllabus Combined Competitive (Preliminary & Mains) Examination’ or ‘Syllabus Judicial Examination’ according to the post applied for.
  • Now your Syllabus BPSC and Bihar PSC Exam Pattern will display on your computer screen.
  • Download BPSC LSW Syllabus or take print out of BPSC Account Officer Syllabus 2018 to start preparation of exam.

Directly Get Here: BPSC Admit Card

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You may join us on Facebook and Google Plus to get latest updates about recruitment, exams, admit card, results etc on your timeline. Candidates may also give feedback in comment box that is given below. If you want to ask something related to given info, you are welcome in comment box.

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