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How To Prepare For MAT 2018 In 2 Months, Tips and Strategies to Clear MAT

How To Prepare For MAT

This question arises in every student’s mind, who are planning to take part in MAT Exam that How to Prepare for MAT? If you are also one of them then you also need not to worry because we will give you complete Tips and Strategies to Clear MAT exam in first attempt. Management Aptitude Test is a institutionalize test which aims to offer a chance to suitable candidates for taking up admission in the Business Schools (B-Schools) for MBA courses. Government of India has permitted MAT as a national level assessment in the year of 2003.

The Management Aptitude Test (MAT) is a high-level test of analytical ability that needs the solution of problems in the form of analogies and it generally includes sum of 120 partial analogies that are essential to be answered in approx. Candidates, who want to appear in MAT Exam they can get MAT Exam Preparation Tips & Strategy from this page of www.recruitmentinboxx.com. So, start early and have a proper and suites time table which is easy and suits you and follow it regularly. Do not make excuses to study, stay focused at all times as the time table is very useful and it will help the students to prepare for all the subjects equally and efficiently.

How To Prepare For MAT

Who is eligible for MAT 2018?

Any candidate who has graduated in any discipline is eligible to take part in the exam. Management Aptitude Test is mandatory test that must be taken by the candidates to take admission into courses.

MAT Examination Pattern 2018:

Section NameNo. Of QuestionsSuggested Time
Language Comprehension4030 Min
Mathematical Skills4040 Min
Data Analysis & Sufficiency4035 Min
Intelligence & Critical Reasoning4030 Min
Indian And Global Environment4015 Min

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Duration150 minutes
Number of Questions200 (40 questions in each section)
Marking Scheme1 mark per question
Negative Marking¼ of the total marks or 0.25 mark
Number of Sections5
Number of Options4

Well, MAT is not a very difficult test as the quantitative ability questions are directly on concepts. The followings are time division:

  • Language Comprehension: 30-35 minutes (18 marks)—Moderate
  • Mathematical Skills: 35-40 minutes (13 marks)—Difficult
  • Data Analysis and Sufficiency: 35-40 minutes (17 marks)—Moderate
  • Intelligence and Critical Reasoning: 30-35 minutes (18 marks)—Moderate
  • Indian and Global Environment: 5 minutes (8 marks)– Moderately Difficult

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Tips and Strategies to Clear MAT in 2 months:

Strategy for language comprehension section:

Language comprehension section is considered to be one of the most significant sections in MAT examination. There are certain things that you need to keep in mind while solving this section such as ability to comprehend, analyze, and reflect.

  • Read English newspapers, quality magazines, and novels on daily basis
  • Watching English news on television can also help to make strong your language section in your preparation
  • Try to solve as many as online MAT test/MAT Exam Question Paper
  • Underline the words you don’t understand check them in dictionary and keep it in mind.
  • Prepare a thin notebook and write daily words from dictionary and learn them.
  • Practice as many reading comprehensions as possible for improving your reading speed and answering questions.

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Preparation for Mathematical Skills section:

If your concepts and fundamentals are clear you can score 100% marks in Math’s section. Practice is the main key for cracking this section in MAT MBA exam.

  • Mathematical skills section consists of easy, medium, and difficult level questions.
  • First try to solve easy and moderate questions as these take less time and will boost up with every correct answer
  • After that you can focus on difficult level questions.
  • Try to solve those questions in stipulated time frame
  • Never put a habit of using calculators as this may decrease your speed in solving questions.
  • To memorize all the formulas you should write them on a piece of paper and stick it on a wall in your room and revise it regularly.

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Strategy for Data Analysis & Sufficiency section:

This section includes in MAT exam logical/reasoning skills in solving problems. To attempt from this you need to build speed with various types of mathematical techniques such as short cuts, practice with variety of such questions etc.

  • Read all the questions carefully and think why the given options should be correct or incorrect.
  • Never assume any such information, which is not provided in the question.
  • All times try to use those facts and figures that are given in the questions.
  • Present Data Analysis & Sufficiency section in the form of charts, graphs etc. which will make you easy to get conclusion.
  • Always manage your time properly as Time management plays a very crucial role in solving this section of MAT aptitude test.

Preparation for Intelligence & Critical Reasoning section:

In Intelligence & Critical Reasoning section, questions are followed by 2 statements in form of logical puzzles.

  • This section is game of time so practice good amount of MAT exam sample question papers, MAT sample test, MAT mock test papers to build your speed.
  • Accuracy should also matter with speed as this helps you in scoring well in AIMA exam.
  • If you are stuck with any question, try to answer it from the given options and work reverse to see if it’s working or not.
  • Don’t ever try to make random guesses if you are sure mark only then.
  • You need to answer such type of questions with patience and a cool mind don’t panic due to shortage of time as this will result negative marks.
  • Do not waste your time in cross checking those answers again and again.

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Indian and Global Environment Section Preparation Strategy:

To clear Indian and Global Environment section you need to keep yourself updated with current general knowledge books, magazines etc.

  • To summarize, out of the 200 questions, an excellent score would entail attempting around 125+ questions with 85-90% accuracy.
  • Also try to solve as many as online MAT test/MAT exam/ sample papers question paper.
  • Read newspapers and watch news channels for latest news.
  • Watch and also read news of all types such as political, social, sports, entertainment etc.
  • Read general awareness books of different author’s month wise which will recall all your GA updates.

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Books For MAT Exam preparation:

Reading Comprehension
English Reading Comprehension – RPH Editorial Board
Proficiency in Reading Comprehension simplifying the “Passage” for you – Ajay Singh
Reading Comprehension Ordering of words Ordering of Sentences – Dilip Kushwaha.
English comprehension for MAT – Disha Experts
Practice Guru MAT Target Test Series – Practice Guru
Mathematics for M.B.A – R.S. Aggarwal
Vedic Mathematics: Secrets skills for quick, Accurate Mental calculations – Sumit Bose
Arithmetic and Quantitative Aptitude for competitive exams – R.Gopal
Data Analysis
Data Analysis and Sufficiency for MAT exam – Disha Experts
Data interpretation guide for all competitive exams – Mohammad Khaja Shareef
Data Interpretation Magical Series
Face 2 Face MAT with 19 years – B.S Sijwal
Data Interpretation and Data Sufficiency – Arihant Experts
Intelligence and Critical Reasoning
General Intelligence and Critical Reasoning for MAT – Disha Experts
Critical Reasoning Guide – Crackverbal
Koncept of Logical Reasoning – Gajendra Kumar

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Study Plan for MAT Preparation:

Reading ComprehensionMathematicsData Interpretation and analysisCritical ReasoningIndian and Global Environment
Day 1
Verbal Reasoning (120 mins)HCF & LCM (120 mins)Pie Chart (120 mins)Critical Reasoning (120 mins)Company punch lines (120 mins)
Day 2
Syllogisms (60 min)Percentages (180 min)Pie Chart 120 mins)Visual reasoning (120 mins)Geography (120 mins)
Day 3
Vocabulary 50 words (60 mins)Ratios and proportions (120 mins)Graphs (180 mins)Sequencing (60 mins)Current Affairs (120 mins)
Day 4
Self-assigned Test ( 150 minutes only) preferably in morning
Day 5
Using the same word with different meaning. (60 mins)Quadratic and linear equations (180 mins.)Graphs (180 mins.)Critical Reasoning (2:30 minutes)Geography (120 mins.)
Day 6
Contextual Usage (60 mins)Work and Time (120 mins.)Bar Graphs (180 mins.)Visual reasoning (60 mins)History (120 mins.)
Day 7
Vocabulary 50 words (60 mins)Work and Time (120 mins.)Bar Graphs (180 mins.)Sequencing (60 mins)Current Affairs (120 mins.)
Day 8
Self-assigned Test ( 150 minutes only) preferably in morning
Day 9
Analogies (60 mins)Geometry (180 mins.)Line Charts (180 mins.)Coding and Decoding (1:30 minutes)History (120 mins.)
Day 10
One word substitution (60 mins)Geometry (180 mins.)Line Charts (180 mins.)Assumption-Premise-Conclusion (120 mins.)Business (120 mins.)
Day 11
Vocabulary 50 words (60 mins)Geometric Progression (180 mins.)Pie Chart (180 mins.)Assumption-Premise-Conclusion (120 mins.)Current Affairs (120 mins.)
Day 12
Self-assigned Test ( 150 minutes only) preferably in morning
Day 13
Antonyms ( 1:30 minutes)Time-Speed-Distance (120 mins.)Column Graphs (180 mins.)Statements and Assumptions (1:30 minutes)Business (120 mins.)
Day 14
Idioms (1:30 minutes)Profit and Loss (120 mins.)Column Graphs (180 mins.)Statements and Assumptions (1:30 minutes)Science (120 mins.)
Day 15
Vocabulary 50 words (60 mins)Geometric Progression (180 mins)Line Charts (180 mins.)Identifying valid inferences (60 mins.)Current Affairs (120 mins.)
Day 16
Self-assigned Test ( 150 minutes only) preferably in morning
Day 17
Fill in the blanks (60 mins)Algebra (180 mins.)Venn Diagram (180 mins.)Assertion and reasons (120 mins.)Books and authors/ Awards (120 mins.)
Day 18
Odd man out (60 mins)Algebra (180 mins.)Venn Diagram (180 mins.)Identifying reasons (60 mins.)Sports/ Politics (120 mins.)
Day 19
Vocabulary 50 words (60 mins)Algebra (180 mins.)Bar Graphs (180 mins.)Linear   arrangements (60 mins.)Current Affairs (120 mins.)
Day 20
Self-assigned Test ( 150 minutes only) preferably in morning
Day 21
Jumbled Paragraphs (60 mins)Averages (180 mins.)Graphs (180 mins.)Linear arrangements ( 1:30 minutes)Company punch lines (2hrs.)
Day 22
Sentence Completion (60 mins)Number System (120 mins.)Pie Chart (120 mins.)Matrix arrangements (120 mins.)Sports/ Politics (2hrs.)
Day 23
Vocabulary 50 words (60 mins)Partnership (Accounts) (180 mins.)Bar Graphs (180 mins.)Matrix arrangements (120 mins.)Current Affairs (120 mins.)
Day 24
Self-assigned Test ( 150 minutes only) preferably in morning
Day 25
Sentence Correction (60 mins)Percentages (120 mins.)Column Graphs (180 mins.)Family tree (1hr.)Books and authors/ Awards (120 mins.)
Day 26
Foreign language words used in English (60 mins)Vectors (180 mins.)Venn Diagram (180 mins.)Family tree (60 mins.)Geography (120 mins.)
Day 27
Vocabulary 50 words (60 mins)Work and Time (120 mins.)Line Charts (180 mins.)Cause and effect (1:30 minutes)Current Affairs (120 mins.)
Day 28
Self-assigned Test ( 150 minutes only) preferably in morning
Day 29
Read paragraphs (60 mins)Time-Speed-Distance (120 mins.)Venn Diagram (180 mins.)Cause and effect (1:30 minutes)History (120 mins.)
Day 30
Read paragraphs (60 mins)Geometry (180 mins.)Bar Graphs (180 mins.)Critical Reasoning (180 mins.)Company punch lines (120 mins.)

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Final words:

Therefore, above given tricks and strategies will definitely help you to prepare well for the exam. So in order to clear MAT exam above tips will surely help you to get good marks. You may also bookmark this page www.recruitmentinboxx.com to get latest updates time to time.

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