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AIIMS Previous Year Question Papers | 2018 with Solutions (Published) UG/PG PDF

AIIMS Previous Year Question Papers

Latest AIIMS Question Papers for 2018 has been published. You can download the AIIMS Previous Year Question Papers PDF for UG/PG Exam from here. Applicants preparing for AIIMS must use AIIMS Model Papers to get an insight into AIIMS Exam Pattern.

AIIMS Solved Question Papers can also help in understanding the types of questions that will be asked in AIIMS Entrance Exam. You can download the AIIMS Question Papers with Solutions from here and start preparation accordingly.

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Regular practice using AIIMS Solved Papers can help applicants to know the types of questions and their difficulty level. Also, AIIMS Sample Papers can help candidates get an idea of section-wise weightage of topics covered under AIIMS MBBS syllabus.

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AIIMS Previous Year Question Papers

AIIMS Previous Year Question Paper With Solution PDF:

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Question.1) One of the following is most suitable for study of mutations

  1. Haploids
  2. Diploids
  3. Tetraploids
  4. Polyploid

Answer: 1

Question.2) One day you wake with a sore throat and a runny nose. Your doctor takes a swab from your throat, sends it to a lab, and telephones you the next day to say that antibiotic will not help you get better. Which of the following is the most likely reason for the doctor’s statement?

  1. Having waited a day, it is too late to take an antibiotic
  2. You need an antiseptic, not an antibiotic
  3. You need to be vaccinated instead of taking an antibiotic
  4. You are infected by a virus

Answer: 4

Question.3) Mutation is

  1. a factor responsible for plant growth
  2. a change which affects the offspring of F2 generation only
  3. a change that is inherited
  4. a change which affects the parents

Answer: 3

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Question.4) Solar eclipse will take place when

  1. the sun is between the moon and the earth
  2. the earth is between the moon and the sun
  3. the moon is between the sun and the earth
  4. the moon does not lie on the line joining the sun and the earth

Answer: 3

Question.5) One watt-hour is equivalent to

  1. 3 x 103 J
  2. 3 x 10-7 J
  3. 6 x 103 J
  4. 6 x 10-3 J

Answer: 3

Question.6) Large astronomical telescopes always use as objective

  1. lens
  2. mirror
  3. combinations of lenses
  4. None of the above

Answer: 3

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Question.7) The metal that is usually extracted from sea water is

  1. Ca
  2. Na
  3. K
  4. Mg

Answer: 4

Question.8) The inert gases are ____ in water

  1. sparingly soluble
  2. insoluble
  3. soluble
  4. None of these

Answer: 1

Question.9) The number of d-electrons in Fe2+ (Z = 26) is not equal to that of

  1. p-electrons in Ne(Z = 10)
  2. s-electrons in Mg(Z = 12)
  3. d-electrons in Fe(Z = 26)
  4. p-electrons in CI(Z = 17)

Answer: 4

Question.10) The names of the scientists, Newlands, Mendeleev, and Meyer are associated with the development of

  1. atomic structure
  2. metallurgy
  3. periodic table of contents
  4. discovery of elements

Answer: 3

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Question 11: Ordinary table salt is sodium chloride. What is baking soda?

  1. Potassium chloride
  2. Potassium carbonate
  3. Potassium hydroxide
  4. Sodium bicarbonate

Answer: 4

Question 12: Ozone hole refers to

  1. hole in ozone layer
  2. decrease in the ozone layer in troposphere
  3. decrease in thickness of ozone layer in stratosphere
  4. increase in the thickness of ozone layer in troposphere

Answer: 3

Question 13: Pine, fir, spruce, cedar, larch and cypress are the famous timber-yielding plants of which several also occur widely in the hilly regions of India. All these belong to

  1. angiosperms
  2. gymnosperms
  3. monocotyledons
  4. dicotyledons

Answer: 2

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Question 14: Pollination is best defined as

  1. transfer of pollen from anther to stigma
  2. germination of pollen grains
  3. growth of pollen tube in ovule
  4. visiting flowers by insects

Answer: 1

Question 15: Plants absorb most part of water needed by them through their

  1. embryonic zone
  2. growing point
  3. root hairs
  4. zone of elongation

Answer: 3

Question 16: Photo-oxidation is

  1. photorespiration
  2. photolysis
  3. light and oxygen induced breakdown
  4. All of the above

Answer: 4

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Question 17: Process of cell division can take place by

  1. heterosis
  2. fusion
  3. mitosis
  4. None of these

Answer: 3

Question 18: Most highly intelligent mammals are

  1. whales
  2. dolphins
  3. elephants
  4. kangaroos

Answer: 2

Question 19: Plant development is influenced by

  1. quality of light only
  2. quality and quantity of light
  3. quality and duration of light
  4. quality, quantity and duration of light

Answer: 4

Question 20: The nucleus of an atom consists of

  1. electrons and neutrons
  2. electrons and protons
  3. protons and neutrons
  4. All of the above

Answer: 3

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Question 21: The most electronegative element among the following is

  1. sodium
  2. bromine
  3. fluorine
  4. oxygen

Answer: 3

Question 22: The number of d-electrons in Fe2+ (Z = 26) is not equal to that of

  1. p-electrons in Ne(Z = 10)
  2. s-electrons in Mg(Z = 12)
  3. d-electrons in Fe(Z = 26)
  4. p-electrons in CI(Z = 17)

Answer: 5

Question 23: Radiocarbon is produced in the atmosphere as a result of

  1. collision between fast neutrons and nitrogen nuclei present in the atmosphere
  2. action of ultraviolet light from the sun on atmospheric oxygen
  3. action of solar radiations particularly cosmic rays on carbon dioxide present in the atmosphere
  4. lightning discharge in atmosphere

Answer: 3

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Question 24: It is easier to roll a stone up a sloping road than to lift it vertical upwards because

  1. work done in rolling is more than in lifting
  2. work done in lifting the stone is equal to rolling it
  3. work done in both is same but the rate of doing work is less in rolling
  4. work done in rolling a stone is less than in lifting it

Answer: 4

Question 25: The absorption of ink by blotting paper involves

  1. viscosity of ink
  2. capillary action phenomenon
  3. diffusion of ink through the blotting
  4. siphon action

Answer: 2

Question 26: Siphon will fail to work if

  1. the densities of the liquid in the two vessels are equal
  2. the level of the liquid in the two vessels are at the same height
  3. both its limbs are of unequal length
  4. the temperature of the liquids in the two vessels are the same

Answer: 2

Question 27: Large transformers, when used for some time, become very hot and are cooled by circulating oil. The heating of the transformer is due to

  1. the heating effect of current alone
  2. hysteresis loss alone
  3. both the heating effect of current and hysteresis loss
  4. intense sunlight at noon

Answer: 3

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Question 28: Which of the following organic groups are found in naturally occuring amino acids?

  1. Guanidinium ion
  2. Indole
  3. Imidazole
  4. All of these

Answer: 4

Question 29: Polyprotic acids such as H3PO4, can act as acid-base buffers

  1. only in combination with polyprotic bases
  2. if their concentration is kept low
  3. at pH values around neutrality
  4. at pH values around any of their pKa’s

Answer: 4

Question 30: The pH of a solution is determined by

  1. concentration of salt
  2. relative concentration of acids and bases
  3. dielectric constant of the medium
  4. environmental effect

Answer: 2

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