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Sikkim TET Previous Papers | STET Solved Paper I/II Question Paper PDF

Sikkim TET Previous Papers

Candidates who are preparing for the Teacher Eligibility Test must download the Sikkim TET Previous Papers. By regularly solving the STET Solved Paper I/II and II Question Paper PDF candidates can increase their chance of cracking Sikkim TET Exam.

Sikkim TET Previous Papers Available Here!!

By practicing from the Sikkim TET Previous Papers, candidates will be able to know what type of question will be asked in the exam. You will also be able to improve your accuracy and Time management skills.

Sikkim TET Solved Paper

Human Resource Development Department, Sikkim is going to conduct the Teacher Eligibility Test on 11-11-2018. Candidates who clear this exam will be hired as Primary Teachers for 1st Class to 5th Class and Elementary or Graduate teacher for 6th to 8th class standard.

Candidates can download the Sikkim TET Question Paper I/II PDF by following the direct links given in this page. In the below section we have also provided some important questions for Sikkim TET Exam. Take a look!!

Sikkim TET Previous Papers

Sikkim TET Previous Papers Download Link

From the below table, download the Sikkim TET Previous Papers I/II and question paper:

Sikkim TET Previous PapersSikkim TET Previous
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Sikkim HRDD TET Secondary Teacher Previous Year PapersGet Here
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Sikkim TET Important Questions

Ques1: Which of the following is a wrong statement about emotions of an adolescent?

  1. Emotional expressions are modified by learning.
  2. Emotions are permanent.
  3. Every emotion is accompanied by a feeling.
  4. Emotions are aroused by external stimuli.

Answer:  Emotions are permanent

Ques2:  In which of the following forests of India, world’s first tiger census was carried out in 1932 ?

  1. Kaziranga Forests
  2. Sariska Forests
  3. Rantham
  4. Palamu Forests

Answer: Palamu Forests

Ques3: From Bronfenbrenner’s perspective which of the following does not belong to the Macro system of the child?

  1. Culture
  2. School
  3. Rules & Laws
  4. Values

Answer: School

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Ques4: Main bench of National Green Tribunal is located at ?

  1. Lucknow
  2. Delhi
  3. Bhopal
  4. Indore

Answer: Bhopal

Ques5: Which of the following is not a trait (ability) of a creative child ?

  1. Elaboration
  2. Originality
  3. Accuracy
  4. Novelty

Answer: Accuracy

Ques 6: Which of the following provision is not differences among learners ?

  1. Their abilities should be assessed
  2. Adequate facilities and material should be provided
  3. Labelling them
  4. Making individualization necessary

Answer: Labelling them

Ques7: Which among the following is / are the main objective(s) of National Green Corps ?

  1. Educate youngsters about environment and eco-systems
  2. Prosecute and Punish the violators of Environment laws
  3. Promote Green Products
  4. All of above

Answer: Educate youngsters about environment and eco-systems

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Ques8: Which among the following alkane has largely replaced the ozone layer-depleting halomethanes in household refrigerators and freezers?

  1. Methane
  2. Propane
  3. Butane
  4. Ethane

Answer: Butane

Ques9: Development generally proceeds from head to foot, this principle of development is called

  1. Bilateral to unilateral
  2. Proximodistal
  3. General to specific
  4. Cephalo Caudal

Answer: Cephalo Caudal

Ques10: Which of the following is not true about negative reinforcement?

  1. It increases desirable behaviour.
  2. It is not similar to punishment.
  3. It never increases desirable behaviour.
  4. It can be used for children with special needs.

Answer: It never increases desirable behaviour

Ques11: Which among the following is the World’s largest Wetland System?

  1. Camargue (France)
  2. Okavango (Botswana)
  3. Everglades (USA)
  4. Pantanal (South America)

Answer: Pantanal (South America)

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Ques12: The ‘Montreaux Record’ is a register of:

  1. Invasive Alien Species and their ecological hazards outside their native environment.
  2. Wetland sites under the threat of anthropogenic activities.
  3. Endangered species of tropical and sub-tropical fauna
  4. Coastal cities under direct

Answer: Wetland sites under the threat of anthropogenic activities.

Ques13: Dyslexia is associated with

  1. Reading disorder
  2. Behavioural disorder
  3. Mental disorder
  4. Mathematical disorder

Answer: Reading disorder

Ques14: An adolescent use her/his left hand for performing act like taking food or writing, this is developed due to

  1. Inherited behaviour
  2. Developmental behaviour
  3. Wrong behaviour
  4. All options are rights

Answer: Developmental behaviour

Ques 15: A disorder related to language comprehension is

  1. Apraxia
  2. Dyslexia
  3. Aspeechxia
  4. Aphasia

Answer: Aphasia

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Sikkim TET Exam Pattern

As per the Sikkim TET Exam Pattern, only Multiple Choice Questions will be asked in exam. Total 150 questions will be there. Paper is of 2:30 hrs Duration. Also, there is no negative marking in Sikkim TET Exam and all the questions are compulsory. So, candidate must attempt all the questions.

Sikkim TET Paper I Exam Pattern (for Primary teacher for classes I to V)

StructureType of QuestionTotal No. Of marks
Child development and pedagogy30 MCQs30 Marks
Language I30 MCQs30 Marks
Language II30 MCQs30 Marks
Mathematics30 MCQs30 Marks
Environmental Studies30 MCQs30 Marks

Sikkim TET Paper II Exam Pattern (for Graduate teacher for classes VI to VIII)

StructureType of QuestionTotal No. Of marks
Child development and pedagogy30 MCQs30 Marks
Language I30 MCQs30 Marks
Language II30 MCQs30 Marks
Mathematics Science60 MCQs60 Marks
Social studies (for social studies teacher)60 MCQs60 Marks

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Final Note

Candidates can download the Sikkim TET Previous Papers from the above given links. If you have any query or suggestions about Sikkim TET Previous Papers, do comment in the below given comment box. For more updates, follow us on Facebook or Google plus.

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