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How To Deal With a Failed ATM Transaction – (Cash Not Received), Steps to Get Cash Back

How To Deal With a Failed ATM Transaction

Are you facing the struggle for a Failed ATM Transaction??? If yes then check this page, here we have mentioned guidelines for How to Deal with a Failed ATM Transaction? Often a common man faces these types of problems in his life. Sometimes it happens that you go to any ATM for with draw money but when you enter your ATM and entered the amount you want to withdraw, and then a slip will came out mentioning “SORRY”. Or sometimes you get the slip of withdrawing of the credited amount but you didn’t receive money. This is really a matter of trouble. In the case of cash not received but you get the slip of credited amount you should take step to get your cash back because you have right to get it back.

Today in this era, ATM is a need of every person; either he is a high-level person or a low-level person. Instead of standing in big lines in the banks you can withdraw the cash in few minutes by using ATM cards. If you are facing some troubles in withdrawing cash while using ATMs, In this case, you can go the related bank for complaining against this troublesome. But in case, bank refuses to take responsibility for this problem. So what will you do???  Here on this page we are going to talk about the steps you can raise to get your Cash Back. You can take help from the details mentioned below on this page, which is well settled by the experts of www.recruitmentinboxx.com

Steps to Get Cash Back

If you are facing such problems related to the ATM transactions than the content provided below, will helpful for you. Just have a look at the steps you can do for rectifying your Failed ATM Transaction.

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Complain In Your Bank:

After such trouble in Transaction of ATM, you can go to the related bank for queries. You can get your money back within 7 days. If it takes more than that, the bank will give you a penalty of 100 rupees per day. But A question arises that if the bank refuses to solve your problem, by saying that ATM Transaction is right, and then will be your next step?

Don’t worry we are here for you convenience, we will tell you that what should you do???

The Ombudsman Officer will help you:

You must go to the Ombdasman for any type of criticism in concern of the ATM. Ombdasman is the officer, who hears all your troubles, you are facing and complaints of bank related matters. Ombudsman searches the accurate condition of your bank account by checking all the details of daily statement of account. There is no scope for anybody to escape by mistake. This will help you to get know the trouble of transaction and you can also get your cash back.

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Complaint at Consumer Court:

You have an additional option to Deal with a Failed ATM Transaction. Victim can also file a complaint regarding the trouble you are facing. Consumer Court will investigate the case and find out the reason behind it. You will definitely get help by the consumer court to get your money back. You need to complete some formalities for file your complaint at consumer court.

You can do FIR to Police:

A victim can also file FIR against the trouble of Cash Not Received. You have to show your transaction slip to the police and some related details about the bank account. It can take too much time. You cannot say it that it is the matter of any cheat. The wrong transaction can also become a situation of service decrease against the bank.

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For any trouble about the Failed ATM Transaction – (Cash Not Received), first you need to complaint it to your bank. If you will not get any response then you can complaint in the banking ombudsman. In case of not satisfying proceeding you may get help from consumer court.  But you can do all the process after the one month of complaining to the bank.

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