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How To Pay Fees Online Through Credit/Debit Card | E-Payment System Option

How To Pay Fees Online 

In the modern and globalizing world, while making Payment a question arose many times ‘How To Pay Fees Online Through Credit/Debit Card?’ well, if you are not familiar with E -Payment System Option then here we are guiding you in detail about How To Pay Fees Online Through Credit/Debit Card or a complete process to Pay Fees through electronic payment. Now day’s paying fees through online mode or via electronic payment systems actually facilitates people to pay fee anytime from anywhere. 

How To Pay Fees Online

Now-a-days everyone don’t like standing in queue just for paying a type of fee, because it is very time consuming method. Online payment is the quickest and most secure way to pay fee.  So, now the days are gone and almost every institution/ organization has its own policies regarding application fee and Payment options. Each form is associated with some amount of fee which can be paid any of the way like Debit Card, Credit Card, Check, Money Order and Fee Waiver.

How To Pay Fees Online 

It is very important to read all instructions and meet the deadlines indicated below. So, through this page, you can get a brief description about How To Pay Fees Online Through Credit/Debit Card? In online payment people can pay fees Using Debit Card, Credit Card through specified payment gateway.

Before using online payment system to pay/deposit a fee, ensure you have:

  • correct application(s) for the service(s) you will be paying
  • A valid email address for delivery of the acceptance/proof of payment
  • A valid credit card/ debit card and right running Mobile Number

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Way To Pay Fees Online Through Credit/Debit Card

If using Credit Card for Payment:

How To Pay Fees Online Through Credit Card

  • If you’re using credit card, confirm that there’s sufficient money in account.
  • Each website asks for mode of payment as per your choice and then directly let you to an appropriate page.
  • There enter your card number and the CVV/CVC2 number – enter the month and year (your card will expire).
  • The card holder’s names may also be required and CVV/CVC2 number is a three-digit number at the back of your card.
  • After that, if asked to create a password for online card payment, then go for this process and select the OTP option.
  • With this OTP you’ll get a password by SMS or e-mail from the bank.
  • But it is used once and valid for a limited time, after completion your transaction will be done!

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If Using Debit Card for Payment:

How To Pay Fees Online Through Debit Card

  • In order to pay your fee, hand your debit card to the cashier (of store / shop).
  • He/ She cashier will swipe the debit card through a card reading machine.
  • Now, you are required to verify that the amount of fees entered in is correct or not.
  • Then card reader will prompt you to enter your PIN number.
  • This debit option will allow you to have opt. for cash back as well, so you don’t need to go to ATM for getting extra cash.
  • After that completion of this process you may check that your transaction is approved or not.
  • With successful completion of this, card reader will indicate you that your transaction has been approved.
  • At last, Keep track of the transactions that you make with your debit card.

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Always Follow These Instructions While Making Online Payment

When you’re using online mode to pay whether Debit or Credit mode, it is necessary for all to protect from online frauds, so do such things;

  • Get printout/slip of online fee transaction.
  • Don’t Write Their Password on plain papers.
  • If you realize that there is something going wrong then instantly inform to your bank

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Yes! Keep safe your receipts or keep proof of any online payment you make and match up them with your bank statement often. If you suspect fraudulent movement on your account, inform your bank instantly.

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