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How To Prepare Maths For Competitive Exams | Tips/Tricks To Crack Maths

How To Prepare Maths For Competitive Exams

How To Prepare Maths For Competitive ExamsWhether consider about cracking a school standard exam/professional level or even for acquiring a professional degree such as IITJEE, AIEEE etc, maths is a subject  engaged in our day to day life. Therefore it is necessary to be good  in Mathematics as this will bring lots of benefits fr cracking an any exam. In this article we’ll provide you few Guidelines about  How To Prepare Maths For Competitive Exams in order to sharpen your mathematics skills. Applicants with good numerical abilities and Arithmetic can easily score good and secure better scores in mathematics. It is a subject which is all about understanding the concept to solve a problem and applying it to solve the very same problems given in various phases.

Here are few tips we advise you to go through:

How To Prepare Maths For Competitive Exams

Tips/Tricks To Crack Math

  • Make A List of Formulae

It is mandatory for all applicants to note down the all formulas for Math’s preparation tips for competitive exam and list the most important one used in different question papers. first thing which you make sure that you memorize all the formulas accurately because all questions and their solutions are depends on the formula. Practicing them in different problems always helps to crack them.

Tips to Improve Your Memory for Studying

  • Do Hard Work

Practice more and more as work hard is the key to success. Remember always that Math’s can only be answered with practice, if you go for exam after just learning the method then mostly in that case you will end up nowhere in solving the problem.

  • Try To Solve last Year Question Papers

Students must Solve the previous year question papers in order to know which type of questions can come in the competitive exams and solve them more as much as possible.

  • Adopt A Positive Attitude

Keep yourself balanced with a positive attitude while you are appearing in the examination. You actually need not to be hesitate or lose your confidence.

Maths generally considered as a healthy section in all competitive exams as it covers such a wide course with so many formulas to learn whether it is algebra, trigonometry or probability. You should go for these below listed two books and we advise you to use these ones:-

  • S. Agarwal Quantitative book for learning basics and solving more questions type on particular chapter.
  • Use M. Tyra quicker mathematics book for learning short cut tricks and try to solve questions based on these tricks.

Best Tips to Overcome Exam Fear

Additional Tips:

Here are Some useful tips for solving questions within a time limit:-

  • Practice daily 2 digit and 3 digit multiplications based on the techniques used in M. Tyra book
  • Learn tables from 1 to 20 by heart, so that you never forget
  • Learn square and square root from number 1 to 30
  • Learn cubes value from number 1 to 15

These tricks will surely help you a lot while solving questions in any of the competitive exams. As most of the questions, basically 25 questions based on the above 4 tricks, through these tricks, you can select the correct answer just by seeing the questions. In many books and online web portals you will find a great help of tips and tricks along with Maths question bank to crack mathematics exams.

Tips to Get 100% Results in Exams

Few Cool Math Tricks

Here we have summarized few maths tricks that will speed up your calculation speed and will help you to score good in CAT and IBPS exam.


In this simple trick we need to modify the equation and make the units digit zero. After all it is easy to multiply when units digit is zero. For example – Find square of 43

= (43+3) × (43-3) + (3×3)
=(46×40) + 9
= (460×4) + 9
= 1840 + 9 = 1849


Multiply the number with 100 and then minus same number from the result. Let’s take an example

Multiply 32×99 = 3200 – 32 = 3168

How to Manage Time during Exams

Square root

Best method to find square root of large numbers is by dividing the number into parts. Let’s take an example

Find square √ 1936

  • √ 1936 = √ 4 × √ 484 = √ 4 × √ 4 × √ 121 = 2×2×11 = 44

Profit and Loss

In case of profit 

  • 25% of  Cost Price (1/4 of CP) = 20% of Selling Price (1/5 of SP)
  • Similarly 1/3 of CP  = 1/2 of SP

In case of loss

  • 25% of  Selling Price (1/4 of SP) = 20% of Cost Price (1/5 of CP)
  • Similarly 1/3 of SP  = 1/2 of CP

How to Score Good Marks in Exam


That’s the most important technique. This is not a secret that every successful candidate is using this technique during exams.

Example – 112 × 92

  • Simply 112 × 9 = 1008
  • Add a zero 10080 and then add 224 to 10080.
  • Answer is 10304

You need to do all the calculations in your brain; this is required but try to use less paper. Right now it will be difficult for you to use this method but do practice because by doing this you will be able to do any complicated calculation within seconds.

And always remember that………….

Math Is Not Dull & Dry,

So, Let’s Give It A Try!!!!

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