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LBS Kerala SET Syllabus 2018 Download pdf Paper 1 & 2 Exam Pattern

LBS Kerala SET Syllabus

Download LBS Kerala SET Syllabus PDF for Paper 1 & Paper 2! Government of Kerala conducts LBS Kerala State Eligibility Test. Those preparing for LBS Kerala SET may get LBS Kerala SET Exam Pattern as well as Kerala SET Syllabus.

This year LBS Kerala State Eligibility Test is scheduled to be held on 25th February 2018. Those applied for it may plan studies by referring topics from LBS Kerala SET Syllabus 2018, well prescribed on this page.

Do you know structure of paper?

The exam will be divided into two papers. Paper 1 is common for all candidates & includes questions from general knowledge and teaching aptitude.  Paper 2 is organized for chosen subject. Refer Kerala State Eligibility Test Syllabus from here.

Each paper will include 120 questions of one mark each, except for mathematics and statistics having 80 questions of 1.5 marks each. To gain more details about it, scroll down this page designed by team of www.recruitmentinboxx.com

Kerala SET Syllabus

LBS Kerala SET Paper I Syllabus

General Knowledge and Teaching Aptitude:

Unit I General Studies
Module 1.  General Science –Mathematics, Statistics

Physics, Chemistry and Biology (Basics – Class X Level)

Module 2.  Social Science -Economics, History

Geography and Indian Polity (Basics – Class X Level)

Module 3.  Humanities- Literature (Classics and

Masterpieces of World and Indian Literature), Art
(Major art forms of India) and Culture (Life and Society in India)

Module 4.  Kerala Studies – Social reforms, National

Movements, Kerala Model of Development, Literature, Art and Culture

Unit II Language and Reasoning
Module 1.  Comprehension and Vocabulary
Module 2.  Basic English Grammar
Module 3.  Logical Reasoning and Analytical Ability
Module 4.  Numeracy Skills – Pattern Recognition and Orders of
Unit III Current Affairs
Module 1.  Technology –Inventions, Innovations and Discoveries
Module 2.  Environmental Issues, Movements, Treaties and Legislations

-National and International.

Module 3.  UN and Global Affairs

 Module 4.  Institutions of Higher Learning and Research,
Scholarships and New Initiatives (National and State level )
Module 5.  Indian Constitution and Politics and
Recent Legislations –Right to Informationand Right to Education
Module 6.  Events, Persons and Awards
Module 7.  Sports and Games
Module 8.  Culture (Films, Literature, Music and Performing Arts)
Unit IV Foundations of education
Module 1. Philosophical Foundations
Module 2. Sociological Foundations
Module 3. Psychological Foundations
Module 4. History & policies of Education
Unit V Teaching, Learning and Evaluation
Module 1. Teaching Aptitude
Module 2. Teaching Methods
Module 3. Learning
Module 4. Evaluation
Unit VI Communication, Technology Research and Educational Administration
Module 1. Communication
Module 2. Computer and ICT
Module 3. Research in Education –
Module 4. Educational Administration

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LBS Kerala SET Paper II Syllabus

Paper II Subjects:

  • Anthroplogy
  • Arabic
  • Botany
  • Chemistry
  • Commerce
  • Economics
  • English
  • French
  • Gandhian Studies
  • Geography
  • Geology
  • German
  • Hindi
  • History
  • Home Science
  • Islamic History
  • Journalism
  • Kannada
  • Latin
  • Malayalam
  • Mathematics
  • Music
  • Philosophy
  • Physics
  • Political Science
  • Psychology
  • Russian
  • Sanskrit
  • Social Work
  • Sociology
  • Statistics
  • Syriac
  • Tamil
  • Urdu
  • Zoology

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LBS Kerala SET Paper II Anthroplogy Syllabus:

Unit I Social and Cultural Anthropology
Module 1. Meaning and scope of social and cultural anthropology
Module 2. Basic concepts
Module 3. Nature and Configuration of Culture
Module 4. Family
Module 5. Marriage
Module 6. Kinship
Module 7. Political Organization and Social Control
Module 8. Social Stratification
Module 9. Religious Organization
Module 10. Economic Organization
Unit II – Biological and Archaeological Anthropology
Module 1. Meaning and scope of Biological Anthropology
Module 2. Man’s place in the animal kingdom
Module 3. Introduction to human evolution
Module 4. Theories of Organic evolution
Module 5. Emergence of man-fossil evidence
Module 6. Biological Basis of Life, Heredity and Variation
Module 7. Human genetics – basic concepts and principles
Module 8. Concept of Race, ethnicity and populations
Module 9. Biological anthropology in the service of human society
Module 10. Applications of Biological anthropology
Unit III Indian Society and Culture
Module 1. Culture, Society and Civilization
Module 2. Hindu religious and philosophical tradition
Module 3. Indian Education System
Module 4. Composition of Indian Population
Module 5. Social Disabilities
Module 6. Approaches to the study of Indian culture and civilization
Module 7. Processes of Social Change
Module 8. The Tribes of India
Module 9. Aesthetic and Creative Aspects of Indian Culture
Module 10. Changing Village India
Unit IV Methodology of Anthropological Research
Module 1. Science and Scientific Research
Module 2. Construction of Research Design
Module 3. Fieldwork tradition in anthropology
Module 4. Ethnographic approach in anthropological research
Module 5. Basic Techniques of data collection I
Module 6. Basic Techniques of data collection II
Module 7. Quantitative analysis: Basic statistics
Module 8. Qualitative analysis-Introduction
Module 9. Ethnographic approach in anthropology
Module 10. Preparation of Anthropological research report
Unit V – Method and Theory in Socio-Cultural and Development Anthropology
Module 1. Introduction to Method and Theory
Module 2. Evolutionism
Module 3. Diffusionism
Module 4. Functionalism
Module 5. Continuum
Module 6. Structural Functionalism
Module 7. Cultural Patterns and Culture and personality
Module 8. Structuralism
Module 9. Post-structuralism
Module 10.Development anthropology and early thoughts on development
Unit VI – Ecological, Medical and Economic Anthropology
Module 1. Ecological anthropology
Module 2.Fundamental concepts and approaches
Module 3. Medical anthropology
Module 4. Health and Society
Module 5. Applications of medical anthropology
Module 6. Economic Anthropology added in

LBS Kerala State Eligibility Test Syllabus

Module 7. Economic theories
Module 8. Habitat, Economy and Society
Module 9. Exchange and Service
Module 10. Organization of Subsistence production

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LBS Kerala SET Chemistry Syllabus:

Unit I Inorganic Chemistry
Module 1. Periodicity and Chemistry of Main Group Elements
Module 2. Chemistry of transition and inner transition elements
Module 3. Co-ordination chemistry
Module 4. Organometallic chemistry
Module 5. Bioinorganic chemistry
Unit II Organic Chemistry
Module 1. Electron displacement effects and Aromaticity
Module 2. Reagents and Name Reactions
Module 3. Stereochemistry added in

LBS Kerala State Eligibility Test Syllabus

Module 4. Photochemistry and Pericyclic Reactions
Module 5. Natural Products and Biomolecules
Unit III Physical Chemistry
Module 1. Solid, Liquid and Gaseous States
Module 2. Thermodynamics
Module 3. Chemical Kinetics
Module 4. Electrochemistry
Module 5. Surface Chemistry, Colloids and Catalysis
Unit IV Theoretical Chemistry
Module 1. Quantum Mechanics
Module 2. Chemical Bonding
Module 3. Molecular Symmetry and Group Theory
Module 4. Molecular Spectroscopy
Module 5. Applications of Spectroscopic Techniques in Chemistry
Unit V Analytical Chemistry
Module 1. Basic principles in Analytical Chemistry
Module 2. Separation techniques
Module 3. Optical methods of Analysis
Module 4. Electroanalytical methods
Module 5. Thermal- and Radiochemical methods
Unit VI Selected Topics in Chemistry
Module 1. Green Chemistry
Module 2. Material Chemistry
Module 3. Environmental Chemistry
Module 4. Polymers added in

LBS Kerala State Eligibility Test Syllabus

Module 5. Medicinal Chemistry

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LBS Kerala SET Mathematics Syllabus:

Unit I Fundamental Concepts
Unit II Real and Complex Analysis
Unit III Abstract Algebra
Unit IV Linear Algebra and Matrix Theory
Unit V Number Theory and Differential Equations
Unit VI Topology and Functional Analysis

 Press Here For LBS Kerala Set Syllabus PDF

Press Here For LBS Kerala Set Syllabus Official Link

Procedure to download LBS Kerala SET Syllabus 2018 PDF:

  • At first step, visit official portal of organization i.e. www.lbskerala.com
  • Hit on “State Eligibility Test” link accessible at left side.
  • At new window, press on “SET-February -2018” link, again new page will open up, strike on “Current Syllabus – Revised on 2016”.
  • LBS Kerala SET Syllabus 2018 will open up facing you.
  • Download LBS Kerala State Eligibility Test Syllabus & carry print copy of it for future reference.

LBS Kerala SET Exam Pattern:

LBS Kerala SET Exam Pattern 2018:

  • The duration of the Test shall be 120 minutes for each paper.
  • In Paper I, there are 60 questions each for Part A and Part B.
  • Each question shall carry 1 mark.
  • In Paper II, There shall be 120 questions carrying on 2 marks each for the subjects under Paper II except for Mathematics and Statistics.
  • For Mathematics and Statistics there are 80 questions carrying 1.5 marks each.
  • The questions of both the papers shall be objective  in  nature.
  • For each correct response the candidates will be awarded 1 mark in both the Papers except for Mathematics and Statistics for which each correct response will be awarded 1.5 marks.
  • No marks shall be deducted for incorrect answer attempted by you.

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Kerala State Eligibility Test Syllabus for Paper I & Paper II is well listed on this page. Plan out your studies by referring latest LBS Kerala SET Syllabus as well as LBS Kerala SET Exam Pattern. Stay connected with us for more updates.


LBS Kerala SET Syllabus 2018 will guide you in better preparation for exam. Keep visiting our portal www.recruitmentinboxx.com for receiving more updates about jobs & others.

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