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Prasar Bharati Previous Question Papers Last Year Model Test/Sample Paper

Prasar Bharati Previous Question Papers

Prasar Bharati Previous Question PapersCandidates, who are going to appear in Prasar Bharati exam, need to get Prasar Bharati Previous Question Papers for better preparation. Aspirants, who have applied for Prasar Bharati Recruitment Exam, are informed that they can download Last Year Model test paper by following below mentioned steps. Aspirants, who want to crack the exam with good marks, are suggested to scroll down to the page to get provided Prasar Bharati Sample Papers.

Prasar Bharati is the largest public Broadcasting Company of India. Its self-governing body set up by an Act of Parliament which telecast Doordarshan Television Network and All India Radio. Applicants, who have applied for filling up Prasar Bharati Vacancies, may whole details through the page which is well structured by the dedicated team members of

Prasar Bharati Previous Question Papers

Q1. The “Earth Day” is celebrated on?

  1. 22nd April
  2. 21st April
  3. 14th April
  4. 7th April

Ans: (1)

Q2. Which one of the following physical quantities, is not defined in the terms of force per unit area:

  1. Pressure
  2. strain
  3. stress
  4. Young’s modulus

Ans: (2)

Q3. A particle moves in a circle of radius R with a constant speed under a centripetal force F. The work done in completing a full circle is:

  1. 2RF
  2. ΠR2F
  3. 2ΠRF
  4. Zero

Ans: (4)

Q4. The bob of a second’s pendulum is replaced by another bob of double mass. The new time period will be:

  1. 4 sec.
  2. 2 sec.
  3. 1 sec
  4. 3 sec.

Ans: (3)

Q5. A piece of ice is floating in a concentrated solution of common salt (in water) in a pot. When ice meltscompletely, the level of solution will:

  1. go up
  2. remain the same
  3. go down
  4. first go up then go down

Ans: (1)

Q6. Size of a nucleus is of the order of?

  1. 10-18m
  2. 10-14m
  3. 10-10m
  4. 10-6m

Ans: (2)

Q7. 4. In isothermal expansion of an ideal gas:

  1. heat content remains constant
  2. temperature remains constant
  3. both heat content and temperature remain constant
  4. pressure and temperature of the gas remain constant

Ans: (2)

Q8. A convex lens has a focal length of 10 cm. When it is immersed in water it will behave as?

  1. a convex tens of 10 cm. focal length
  2. a concave lens of 10 cm. focal length
  3. a convex lens of focal length greater than 10cm.
  4. a convex lens of focal length less than 10 cm.

Ans: (3)

Q9. A hollow metallic sphere is charged. Inside the sphere?

  1. the potential is zero but the electric field is finite
  2. the electric field is zero but the potential is finite
  3. both the electric field and the potential are finite
  4. both the electric field and the potential are zero

Ans: (2)

Q10. Transistor act as a?

  1. conductor
  2. semi-conductor
  3. insulator
  4. thermionic valve

Ans: (4)

Q11. A dynamo actually acts as a?

  1. converter of energy
  2. source of electric charge
  3. source of magnetic charge
  4. source of energy

Ans: (1)

Q12. In a transformer the immediate cause of the induced A. C. in the secondary coil is?

  1. a varying electric field
  2. a varying magnetic field
  3. (e) a motion of the secondary coil
  4. efficiency of the operator

Ans: (2)

Q13. A cyclonic storm is indicated by a change in the atmospheric pressure. In atmospheric Pressure there is a:

  1. (a)sudden rise
  2. (b) gradual rise
  3. (c)sudden fall
  4. (d) gradual fall

Ans: (3)

Q14. . The ratio of the specific heat of air at constant pressure to its specific heat at constant volume is?

  1. zero
  2. greater than one
  3. less than one
  4. equal to one

Ans: (2)

Q15. Two particles having charges q1 and q2 when kept at a certain distance exert a force F on each other. If the distance between the two particles is reduced to half and the charge on each particle is doubled the force between the particles would be ?

  1. (a)2F
  2. (b)4F
  3. (c)8F
  4. (d)16F

Ans: (4)

Q16. Two electric lamps each of 100 watts 220 V are connected in series to a supply of 220 volts. The power consumed would be:

  1. (a)100 Watts
  2. (b) 200 Watts
  3. (c)25 Watts
  4. (d) 50 Watts

Ans: (4)

Q17. Imperfect gases are those:

  1. which contain impurities
  2. which do not obey Charle’s and Boyle’s laws
  3. whose molecules are not spherical
  4. whose molecules cannot be regarded as point masses

Ans: (2)

Q18. Sonar is a device for:

  1. location and ranging of aircraft’s
  2. location and ranging submarines
  3. producing a musical note of high quality
  4. measuring frequency of musical notes

Ans: (2)

Q19. In which of the following cases total internal reflection cannot be obtained?

  1. ray going from water to glass
  2. a ray going from glass to water
  3. a ray going from glass to air
  4. a ray going from water to air.

Ans: (1)

Q20. When white light passes through a glass prism, we get a spectrum on the other side of the prism. In the emergent beam the ray which is deviated least is

  1. violet ray
  2. red ray
  3. green ray
  4. yellow ray

Ans: (2)


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