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Present Education System In India – Merits/Demerits of Today’s Modern Edu

Present Education System In India

Education is what makes you stand for yourself and for yours! Didn’t get what we mean? Before starting, read here note on Present Education System In India and know about Merits/Demerits of Today’s Modern Education. Believe us, it’s the best and top most effective solution to face any kind of situation. The more you are engaged in education the more you’ll have a great future. If you’re not interested in studying then, keep in mind that your future life would be questionable. As it is a serious matter, his article is for you guys, here we’ve figured out best Merits/Demerits of Today’s Modern education in our daily life, go further an explore more.

Present Education System In India

India is a land of scholars and saints and being Indian I feel proud, as Indian civilization has been blessed with priceless knowledge of Vedas and Puranas. Now, without wasting our time we are discussing few top best merits and demerits of education in India. We all are familiar that each year India produces thousands of brilliant assets from IITs, AIMS and ISB. Therefore, in spite of its accomplishment in major areas, Indian Education System is really high.

Merits of Today’s Modern Education

#1 You Get Respect From Everyone, Everywhere – Respect is what each and all expect for others and you can’t deny with this. Since, Everyone’s life greatest treasure is the Respect; it’s Education which makes you and also others to respect each other. An educated person gives respect to people.

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#2 Education Changes Your Habits – by this we mean that when you’re educated you actually know how to handle things it a positive attitude. Yes! Education is not only sharpening your brain but also, it sharpens your habits as well and you find better way to have a good impact very much in your future daily life.

#3 Get Employment Anywhere – being educated there are more chances for you to get employed in comparison to an uneducated person. We all know that our 1st requirement to live n this earth is money and for living we need money and to earn money it’s necessary for all to be educated. So, in this world Education is very much needed in order to move into your next step.

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#4 Education Make Friend – do you believe that earlier their nothing related to education and friendship?? Maybe not, but the truth is that there’s a really big difference between friendship from year 1995 to friendship till now in year 2016. Yes! Presently, education is most qualifications for making a new friend as being educated you know how to deal with any person, whether an ordinary or an extraordinary….So make new friends is another advantage of education.

#5 Manage Time and Money – very true, that being educated you know how to manage your time properly in useful way and also to establish or spending your money in appropriate manner. Time and money management are both actually the most important things in day to day life and must be managed properly and Education breeds confidence breeds – hope breeds – peace. So education is the root of your future life.

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Demerits of Today’s Modern Education

#1 Schooling– although approx. 78% of people are educated still many are not aware of things. Well, we mean that more than half of our village students cannot learn basics. You know why? It’s just because people who are uneducated but not ready to learn and explore their knowledge are simply not doing anything.

#2 Graduate’s Involvement – is low, people who have recently finished are called up an alumni meet and asked to work and contribute in most of the phase including development. But sorry to say those, in India these fresh graduates are don’t give much importance.

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#3 Foreign Investments – If We Talk About Schools Or Universities, Then There Are Very few that actually are connected with international foreign universities. But, this is a reason education is still lack in behind a bit rate and remember that it gives more scope for exchange of ideas between the two countries.

#4 Limited Job Opportunities – if we study, we really have millions of job opportunities and if you are educated you will be definitely employed. With this, you can bring in foreign investments, simply contribution in country’s economy.

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#5 Lack Of Research Funding – Another area of frustration for our students and getting a license for a new invention or an official document itself is a highly bureaucratic process. Not much funds go in scientific research.

Hope, it’s cleared well that what’s Present Education System in India…..

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