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Students Generally Do These Mistakes In Exam | 10 Tricks To Remove Errors

Students Generally Do These Mistakes In Exam

The stress and pressure during exam time can lead you towards losing marks in exam. Students Generally Do These Mistakes In Exam which are well prescribed here. By referring 10 Tricks To Remove Errors, you may score well in your exam.

Final exams emphasize major impact on students’ overall grades. Good exam strategy can make a big difference. Due to fear & stress, Students Generally Do These Mistakes In Exam which must not be committed.

Tricks To Remove Errors In Exam:

By making effective planning, you can avoid losing precious marks in exam. Hard & smart work is the key to success. But for scoring well in exam, there is a need to remove Errors In Exam hall & during exam.

Irrespective of having worked hard, students do common mistakes while writing the exam which may cost in future. Here are Tricks to Remove Errors & Mistakes in Exam well presented by team members of www.recruitmentinboxx.com

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Students Generally Do These Mistakes In Exam

1).Enter Late In The Exam Hall:

Students first of all you must arrive at your exam center or college at least 30 minutes ago. Reaching there before time you will be relaxed and calm. Search your seat and your roll no on the list pasted on the notice board. Then enter in exam hall at least 15 minutes before and fill required entries in answer sheet.

2).Leaving The Exam Room Early:

Students Generally Do These Mistakes In Exam i.e. they leave the room early.

Some students complete their paper before time and leave the exam room. It is not a good habit for a student. If you have done your exam before exam then you must review entire paper to check answers. May be you need to change your answer or get new answer of the question.

3).Solve Paper With Difficult Questions:

Some students think to start paper form the most difficult questions. Difficult question takes more time than easy questions so you do not start to solve paper with difficult questions. Always start paper with easy question to save your time and then go for difficult questions. By applying this method students can attempt all questions one by one.

Students Generally Do These Mistakes In Exam which must be avoided.

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4).Missing Out Important Section:

In the exam some sections of paper are very important and mandatory to attempt. Make good strategy and solve paper completely. Don’t miss any section of paper.

5).Not Review The Paper Before Submit:

Students Generally Do These Mistakes In Exam i.e. they do not review the paper prior final submission to teacher.

After complete paper only few candidates check their answers at last before final submission. It is very important to check once your answers before final submission.

6).Not Reading The Question Properly:

Never start for giving answers immediately as you get question papers in your hand. First of all read complete paper instantly and mark the easiest questions before start. Then you can attempt all questions till end. Remember only those questions must be solved first that are easy.

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7).Time Mismanagement:

It is most important thing to execute your planning’s and preparations. You must practice to solve question papers before exam at home or coaching centers. It helps you to maintain your speed to solve question paper within limited time period. You must give fixed time for each question. Don’t waste much time for difficult question.

 Students Generally Do These Mistakes In Exam by not managing their time properly.

8).Poor Reading And Writing:

Good hand writing is easy to read and good to look at!!!

There is a limited time period to solve entire paper for all students that is pre set two hours or three hours. Candidates must practice to improve their reading and writing skills and speed. Poor writing and reading decrease your marks in examinations.

Thus, Students Generally Do These Mistakes In Exam like poor reading as well as writing skills.

9) Leaving An Answer Blank.

Don’t leave any answer blank as it leads wrong impression on examiner. Think for the answer for few seconds & write something concerning asked topic.

10) Writing Unplanned Answers:

Students Generally Do These Mistakes In Exam i.e. they write answer in an unplanned manner. Always think for headings, sub heading, content & format in which you want to write your answer.

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10 Tricks To Remove Errors in Exam

Here are some of the strategies to remove error in exam. You may follow these strategies to remove errors during exam time.

Answer all parts of the question:

Try to answer all parts of the question which are asked. Don’t miss any part of the answer. If question asked is small, then write it in a proper manner.

Spelling and grammar mistakes:

Many students generally commit these spelling and grammar mistakes which must be avoided. You can correct these errors by reading your answer again.

Rounding errors:

Students Generally Do These Mistakes In Exam i.e. they round up wrong. If the answer is 0.2674 and they round this to 3 significant figure,  the answer is 0.266 – not 0.265.

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Avoiding Silly Mistakes in Calculation:

Avoid making calculation mistakes in exam. Those preparing for various competitive exams generally commit this error in Multiple Choice Type questions.

Not looking at the mark scheme or the space provided:

Always try to view mark scheme prior attempting paper. It will offer you idea about how to write answer in best manner.


Be specific as possible in what your write but don’t be over generalize. Students Generally Do These Mistakes In Exam which must be avoided.

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Answering a question twice:

Some times in a hurry student attempt question twice which causes trouble later on. This is a common error which may be committed by student due to lack of ignorance.

Relying on your teachers to prepare you:

Many students do not attend schools & classes & it may cause trouble. You must begin your preparation yourself for your exam by taking help from teachers.

Studying in chronological rather than priority order:

One common error committed by some of the students is to study in chronological rather than priority order. You may put attention on all important topics to score well in exam.

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Tricks To Improve Results

To improve your exam result you should follow these useful instructions as followed:

  1. Improve your reading and writing skills and speed.
  2. Manage timing of your study with strictly following.
  3. Collect unique study materials and avoid reading books of many writers or publications.
  4. Set time of sleeping and study.
  5. Practice of drawing diagrams.
  6. Practice of graphs making.
  7. Make Your Own Study Notes
  8. Make habit to underline the important concepts.
  9. Learn with writing.
  10. Practice daily formulae based questions.
  11. Arrive at exam center before exam to escape any trouble.
  12. Bring required stationary along with you in exam hall.

Students if you apply these little but effected guidelines, you will definitely improve your result. We have provided all the useful tricks on this page for helping students on this page. Read this article carefully regarding Students Generally Do These Mistakes In Exam and get good marks in exams.

Final Note:

All stuff about Students Generally Do These Mistakes In Exam will be helpful for you. Try to remove these Errors & mistakes during exam.

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