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Career In Aeronautical Engineering | Job Description, Growth, Salary

Career In Aeronautical Engineering

Aeronautical Engineering considered as the most challenging field of engineering education. So today we are going to discuss about Career In Aeronautical Engineering. From this page you will get to know about the Aeronautical Engineering scope, Job Description, Growth, Salary etc.

Aeronautical engineering has changed the world’s landscape. In this field there is no limit to new and attractive possibilities. Under Aeronautical Engineering, Designing, Navigational Guidance and Control Systems, Instrumentation and Communication or Production Method, as well as Air Force Aircraft, Passenger Aircraft, Helicopter and Rocket Work are included.

Aeronautical Engineering career

This stream contracts with the growth of new technology in the stream of aviation, space exploration and defense systems. Aerospace environment is complicated with rewarding career opportunities involving leading-edge technology.

To ensure a good career in aeronautical engineering in India, a solid foundation in learning and training is essential. That’s why entrants should make every effort to arrive at the best school to study B. Tech in Aeronautical Engineering. Let’s take an overview of this article of Career In Aeronautical Engineering, written by the team of www.recruitmentinboxx.com

Career In Aeronautical Engineering

What are the Functions of Aeronautical Engineering?

The main functions of aeronautical engineer are as following:

  • Passenger aircraft equipment
  • Maintenance and management of electrical and electronic equipment
  • Operation of aircraft radio and radar
  • Checking from every angle of the aircraft before flying
  • Fuel refill in aircraft
  • Aircraft maker designing and development of aircraft machinery
  • Equipment in companies etc

Aeronautical Engineer Courses:

Courses in aeronautics prepare students for jobs in stream of aviation and aerospace. Classes in these streams are frequently part of an undergraduate or graduate degree course.

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List of Courses:

  • Fundamentals of Aerospace and Space Technology Course
  • Aerodynamics Courses
  • Current Topics in Aeronautical Engineering Course
  • Aviation Law Course
  • Mechanical Diagnostics Course

Description of Aeronautical Engineer Courses:

  • Fundamentals of Aerospace and Space Technology Course:

As aeronautical degree courses focus on atmospheric flight, many schools train aeronautics and aerospace, which focuses on space flight, together. In an aerospace fundamentals program, students learn the basic element of aerodynamics, thermodynamics, fluid mechanics, rocket propulsion, and spaceflight dynamics and launch system

  • Aerodynamics Courses:

During these aeronautical courses, which are taken at numerous levels through the degree course, entrants become common with the values of how air moves around substances and the effects of this moving air on aircraft. Areas include airfoils, vortex panels, lattice methods, fluid dynamics, subsonics and transonic flow.

  • Current Topics in Aeronautical Engineering Course:

Entrants scrutinize concerns concerning to latest technological advances and problems in aeronautical engineering. The intermediate aeronautical programs familiarize entrants with research in stream as they study about the past, present and future of aeronautics.

Many lecturers wish that entrants in this course read articles and magazines pertaining to aeronautics for class discussion, and sometimes research papers are desired.

  • Aviation Law Course:

This course teaches the policies of air. Entrants become familiar with aviation laws, consisting past laws and how they’ve changed. This superior aeronautic program covers the law’s significance, uses and practical applications for pilot, engineer and airplane staff. Problems currently facing airlines, such as aviation security, are also discussed in the course.

  • Mechanical Diagnostics Course:

Entrant taking this advanced aeronautical program learns to notice mechanical issues and expand ways to identify, isolate and examine the severity of a problem. Students study multiple analytic and basic repair methods. Other topics comprise field and signal processing.

Usually, this class is taken toward the end of a bachelor’s or master’s degree course.

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Job Prospects & Career Options:

Aeronautical Engineers work with one of most scientifically advanced streams of engineering. The main drive in this field is on design and growth of aircrafts to space and satellite research.

Employments are available with national, international, public and private Airline Services as well as aircraft-manufacturing units.

Job options for an Aeronautical Engineer in India, lies with different airlines like Air India, Indian Airlines, private airlines and government owned air service Helicopter Corporation of India and flying clubs, and aircraft manufacturers like the Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd. (HAL) with its factories at Bangalore, Nashik, Koraput, Kanpur etc.

Defense Research and Development Laboratories, National Aeronautical Lab, Aeronautical Development Establishment, Civil Aviation Department etc.

The Defence Services and Indian Space Research Organization also happen to be two major employers. Initially, aspirants start work as graduate engineer trainees or junior Engineers.

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Top 3 Agricultural Engineer Jobs:

Senior Sales Engineer:  An engineering degree and previous experience working in industrial sales is preferred, ability to grow existing account sales and develop new

Online Part-Time Faculty – Aerospace: They are united by the common goal of inspiring academic

Supplier Quality Engineer:  Facilitate and perform on-site visits for root cause analysis, implement and verify corrective actions of supplier quality issues including system

Job profiles:

Here below is the list of Job Profiles for an Aeronautical Engineering:

  • Thermal Design Engineer
  • Consultants
  • Mechanical Design Engineer
  • Aerospace Designer Checker
  • Graduate Engineer Trainees
  • Assistant Technical Officers
  • Assistant Aircraft Engineers
  • Aircraft Production Manager

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Work Environment for Aerospace Engineers:

Aerospace engineers hold about 69,600 jobs. The largest employers of aerospace engineers are as follows:

Aerospace product and parts manufacturing38%
Engineering services15
Federal government, excluding postal service14
Navigational, measuring, electromedical, and control instruments manufacturing10
Research and development in the physical, engineering, and life sciences9

Aeronautical Engineering Salary:

Engineers in government companies are remunerated official scales while those in the private sector are remunerated according to scales determined by management of organization. The estimated starting salaries in government /public sectors such as HAL, NAL are Rs. 8,000 to Rs.10, 000 (excluding other allowances).

 In the private organization, the scales are decided by management of the company and are approximately Rs.8, 000 to Rs.15, 000 per month plus perks. Engineering graduates with management degrees get a starting salary of Rs.10, 000 to Rs.40, 000 per month plus perks. Entrepreneurs can earn above Rs.20, 000/- per month.

The median annual wages for aerospace engineers in the top industries in which they work are as follows:

Federal government, excluding postal service$115,090
Navigational, measuring, electromedical, and control instruments manufacturing112,640
Research and development in the physical, engineering, and life sciences111,070
Aerospace product and parts manufacturing108,920
Engineering services106,320

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Recruiters for aeronautical engineering:

Some of the reputed recruiters of aeronautical engineering are as the following:

  • HAL
  • DRDO
  • ISRO
  • Air India
  • Indian Airlines
  • Helicopter Corporation of India
  • DRDL
  • NAL
  • ADE
  • Civil Aviation department
  • Private air lines
  • Flight clubs

Skills Required:

  • Strong intelligence of responsibility
  • Capability to work quickly with accuracy – since aircrafts have to be serviced in a short time
  • Normal colour vision
  • Manual, technical and mechanical aptitude
  • Ability to work as members of a team
  • Physical fitness & good head for heights

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Following is the list of the specializations of aeronautical engineering:

  • Electronic Systems
  • Aerospace Propulsion
  • Ground Vehicle Systems
  • Aircraft Structures and Materials
  • Structural Analysis
  • Transportation Systems
  • Aerodynamics and Fluid Dynamics
  • Structural Design and Engineering
  • Instrumentation And Communication
  • Navigational Guidance and Control Systems

Engineering Colleges in India where Aeronautical is a trade:

  • Indian Institute of Technology, Powai, Mumbai 400076 (Maharashtra) IIT, Kharagpur 721302 (WB)
  • Indian Institute of Technology, Chennai 600036 (Tamil Nadu)
  • Madras Institute of Technology, Chennai 600044 (Tamil Nadu)
  • Hindustan Inst of Engineering Technology, 40 GST Road, P.O. Box No.1306, St. Thomas Mount, Chennai 600016 (Tamil Nadu)
  • Nehru College of Aeronautical and Applied Sciences, Coimbatore (Tamil Nadu)
  • School of Aviation Science and Technology, Delhi Flying Club, Safdarjung Airport, New Delhi
  • Punjab Engineering College, Chandigarh 160011 IIT, Kanpur 208016
  • Indian Institute of Aeronautics, Patna Airport, Patna 800014 (Bihar)
  • Institute of Aviation Technology, 1265, Sector 6, Bahadurgarh, Haryana 124507
  • VSM Aerospace, Chelekere Village (Near Kammanahalli), Bangalore 560008 (Karnataka)
  • Hindustan Electronics Academy, 61, Cambridge Road, P.B.No.806, Ulsoor, Bangalore 560008 (Karnataka)
  • Indian Institute of Aeronautical Engineering, 179, Kalidas Road, Dehradun 248001 (Uttarakhand)

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As the Engineering commerce is very demanding and gradually becoming on high, thus new engineers should be aware of the new dynamics. To those people who are willing to learn with new things and are ready to change their working atmosphere, they can be among the various civil, mechanical, electrical and other fields of engineering which requires and need your skills.

There are different options for an engineering graduate to apply in many fields. Other jobs in engineering in Pakistan include specialized services of CAD, Chemical, Maintenance, Quality, Field Service, Network, Project, Support, System, Test, Hardware, Lead, Drilling Engineers and many others.


We hope that all the details about Career In Aeronautical Engineering mentioned above will be helpful for you. Please let us k now if you have any query related to the content available on this page by drop your comment in comment box; our experts of www.recruitmentinboxx.com will solve it as soon as possible.

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