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MBA Group Discussion Topics | Latest GD Topics with Answers for MBA Freshers GD Topics

GD Topics For MBA

The last and final round for admission in MBA / PGDM Courses is Group Discussion. Top Management Schools like IIMs, XLRI use various types of GD Topics For MBA to evaluate the applicants before finalizing the merit list and providing admission. Group Discussion is measured as a very significant feature of Group Communication. There are various types of Group Discussion Topics which can generally be covered in following categories to assist the applicants prepare better. So, here you can get the Latest GD Topics with Answers for MBA Freshers as well as Latest GD Topics For MBA Placements 2018.

The efficiency and competence of Group Discussion depends, to a huge scale, upon the vigorous participation of the members. The group has to follow pre-defined and well-known standards. In the Group Discussion round, each applicant is free to speak his / her views. A successful GD involves both listening and meaningful speaking. Candidates may read the complete details about GD Topics For MBA Admission from the beneath segment of this page which is well prepared by team of www.recruitmentinboxx.com

GD Topics For MBA

Is Group discussion is very important in MBA Selection Process?

Normally a Management Institute selects more than one method of screening the applicants in admission process. At most of B-school the MBA Admission process comprises the following.

  • Written Test
  • Group Discussion (GD)
  • Interview

As a manager, you will always be working in team, as a member or as a leader. So, how you communicate or work in a team becomes a significant criterion for your admission. That is reason why management institutes include GD as a constituent of the admission.  procedure.

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What is the role of GD & Interview in MBA Selection Process?

GD and Interview evaluate the applicant’s communication skills, knowledge level etc. This is very necessary for potential management Graduate and potential mangers to have such Group Communication Skill. An applicant without the ability to communicate his/her ideas successfully in a group situation will be a nonconformist in such an environment

Details of Group Discussion:

  • Group Size
  • Seating Arrangement
  • Time Allotted
  • Communication by the Moderator

Current GD Topics For MBA

Knowledge Based GD Topics For MBA:

  • India spends too much on defense. Discuss?
  • Unique Identification Number
  • E- commerce is the face and pace of economic reforms
  • Cold War
  • Is terrorism the price we have to pay for democracy?
  • Globalization and Privatization
  • Is Mixed Economy preferred?
  • MBA or PGDM?
  • Privatization of Universities/colleges/schools
  • Does India need a dictatorship?
  • MBA in India is overrated

Abstract GD Topics For MBA:

  • The way to heaven is through hell
  • A Teardrop on my Guitar
  • Green is better than red
  • Where there’s a will there’s a way
  • Dead yesterday unborn tomorrow
  • 26 Alphabets
  • I think, therefore I am.
  • Infinite Numbers
  • Money is sweeter than honey
  • A Walk to Remember
  • Six Billion and One Gold

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General Recent GD Topics For MBA:

  • Quality of management education in India
  • Women managers are less effective
  • The IAS is more challenging than MBA
  • A world without oil
  • Foreign investment in all forms of media should be allowed
  • Engineering students should be made to study social sciences and arts
  • Unemployment in rural India
  • Testing of products on animals. Is it necessary?

 Current GD Topics For MBA 2018

GD Topics with Answers

Question 1: Are digital payments secure enough for the Indian economy to go cashless?


  • According to my point of view, Digital payment is a good way to the growing of economics India.
  • Because there is some black money are reduced and also reduce corruption.
  • There is more beneficial for us that it saves time, and secure I know today in India someone doesn’t know how to operate digital and also a problem if any hacker hacks your account, and also a problem in digital payment if server are not working proper ways.
  • So my conclusion is about the digital topic is very well and some bad because everything is not perfect.

Question 2: Ban 500, 1000 notes – Corruption Uprooted or just changing clothes!


  • As we saw the latest news after all calculation Ban on old 500 1000 notes is just all publicity stunt of BJP GOV.
  • So that they can say to their people that they tried to collect that black money but they didn’t get succeed.
  • But the bulk of black money which is in the Swiz back no BJP person talks about it.
  • If they capable they should ask for Swiz Bank tell them all the account holders that are from Indian.
  • Mostly they’re all politicians which hide their money so nobody can point them out.
  • So that’s it from my point of view 500 1000 ban is a blunder of our govt.

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Question 3: Economic growth is more important than Ecological protection

Answer: Economic growth making human society and their environment unsuitable for own living so according to me first ecological protection then economic growth because this human comfortable environment can not be a day or months or year.

Question 4: How to Deal with High Oil Prices?


  • Oil prices are purely depended on demand and supply. If demand is more, the supply will become low then cost of oil prices will raise.
  • Buy central government can control the price of oil. For example, if government wants to raise the oil prices, instead of hiking the oil prices they can hike the price in railways, gas, cigarette, alcohol, etc.
  • Especially they can hike in cigarette and alcohol.
  • Because these two are demandable than petrol.

GD Topics For MBA Placements or GD Topics For MBA Job Interview

Question 1: Is the youth of India confident or confused?


  • It is rightly believed that the young population of any country is its biggest asset.
  • As a matter of fact, the young people of a country make the most coveted human resource of any nation.
  • And the youth power of this nation is extremely high

Question 2: Hard work or Smart work


  • Today you will read about ‘Hard Work or Smart Work’ that helps to prepare your content for Group Discussion.
  • Smart worker completes urgent & important task first and leave rest for later date.
  • Hard work may help you to complete your tasks but you may not be able to do so efficiently, and that’s where smart work comes into play.

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Question 3: Being Informative Doesn’t mean becoming Knowledgeable


  • When one says information, they simply mean data and facts that are being collected in order to describe a situation.
  • But, knowledge prescribes the way these data and facts should be used.

Question 4: Perception can be deadly if not analyzed


  • To perceive is to observe, to comprehend and to be aware. Senses play an important role in enabling to perceive things.
  • Perception, which is a direct consequence of the five senses, is, therefore, a crucial process which is self sufficient and does not require analysis to support it.

Question 5: Discipline and National Character differentiates us from first world countries


  • National character is the unique characteristics and life styles found among the population of a country.
  • While some countries such as Japan and Russia have a unified national character, with consistency in language, culture, cuisines, others such as India have diverse national character.
  • It is very difficult to point a particular thing (language, religion, cuisine and so on) that is common to the entire country.

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Group Discussion round at almost all top B-schools will start from the second week of February and will go upto end of March, 2018. Actual dates are yet to be announced by the top B-Schools and will be available after declaration of their written exam results. Above given Latest Topics for GD for MBA will help the students a lot for the better preparation.

Candidates if you have any query concerning Current GD Topics For MBA Placement or GD Topics For MBA Students then you can drop comment in comment box. You can also connect us on Face book and Google Plus to acquire capable interrelated information concerning Current GD Topics For MBA Placements 2018 or Latest GD Topics For MBA 2018 openly to your wall.

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