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Geologist Salary in India | Geo-Scientist/Mining Engineer per Month, Grade Pay

Geologist Salary in India

Geologists, who are also known as, earth scientists, do the most difficult and energy consuming work. They make common people aware of the natural resources and also occurrence of natural disasters which commonly can take place anytime. Here,we will aware you of Geologist Salary in India. Let’s discuss what Geo-Scientist/Mining Engineer earn per Month along with grade pay.

Many of you must be thinking of your career options. Some must be thinking of becoming a Geo-Scientist and may be searching for the details of geologist, mining engineer or other job profiles which comes under the term Geo-Scientist.

You will get full details about this career option, qualification required and the most important, Geologist Salary in India on this page which is well structured by team of www.recruitmentinboxx.com.

Geologist Salary in India

Every different private or government sector has their own rules or norms. They have their own decided pay scale. A geologist working in a government sector may earn between Rs.15000-Rs.50000 per month. A fresh Geologist Salary per Month in a private sector may be Rs.25000 to Rs.27000.

Geoscientist salary changes according to the working experience and one may offer a salary according to his /her qualifications. It may also changes according to the area and work. There are different government managements and institutes listed below with their pay scale:

SalaryRs.212,916 – Rs.1,242,002
BonusRs.0.00 – Rs.149,752
Profit SharingR.0.00 – Rs.506,837
Total PayRs.224,309 – Rs.1,468,071

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Geologist Salary at Various Organizations

  • Society of Integrated Coastal Management – Consolidated pay of Rs.60000 per month
  • National Council for Cement and Building Materials – Rs.15600-39100
  • Central Mine Planning & Design Institute Limited – Consolidated pay of Rs.10000 per month
  • RITES Limited – Rs.16400-40500
  • Oil & Natural Gas Corporation – Rs.24900-50500
  • WAPCOS Limited – Rs.16400-40500

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Mining Engineer Salary in India

In Mining Engineering (also known as mineral engineering), you will learn about the technologies and techniques which are one of the disciplines in the courses of engineering. Industry of pulling out coal or other minerals from identified mines is known as mining.

Mining is required to obtain a product which cannot be created artificially. During and after the mining is done, it creates a negative environmental impact. Hence, many regulations are passed by most of the nations to decrease this negative impact.

Mining engineer’s salary is much more than other professions in India. It may depend on workers skills, qualification, experience, location and the organization for which he is working. An average estimate of Mining Engineer Salary per Month is being Rs.50, 000 to Rs.60, 000.

An average per year Mining Engineer Salary in India is Rs.656, 000.

SalaryRs.275,819 – Rs.1,610,731
BonusRs.9,787 – Rs.357,586
Profit SharingRs.0.00 – Rs.462,500
Total PayRs.278,107 – Rs.1,784,749

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Mining Engineer Salary at Various Organizations

organizationAnnual Salary (Estimated on 1 employee salary)
ABCRs.614K – Rs.667K
Vedanta ResourcesRs.672K –Rs.725K
Ambuja CementsRs.17K –Rs.19K

Geologist vs. Mining Engineer

Basically there is no vast difference between Geologists and Mining Engineer as their working is almost same and they work in same conditions also. But still there are some things which make them different from each other.

Geologist- To search for mineral deposits and to examine the number of available sites, geologists use their own geology knowledge. After identifying the sites they decide that how they had to pull out the minerals or metals, so that they could not harm the environment and also metals are not wasted much.

Mining engineers- Similarly as Geologists, Mining engineers also search for minerals, but they are specialized in particular mineral or metal for example coal and gold. They themselves design and develop mines and decide the best way to pull out minerals, so that they can get good benefit of the deposited minerals.

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Job opportunities in the field of geologist and mining engineers are increasing with a rapid speed. Only after receiving a graduation degree in applied field one can begin his professional work with domestic as well as international management. Doctorates and experienced engineers are appointed as geological officers or any other high post.

Some other skills, management wants in geologists and mining engineer are:

  • Observation skills: Organization wants, while exploring anything geologists must focus only on his work, his concentration level must match the requirements of organization.
  • Analysis: Organization seeks a good analyzer. They wants that data collected must be accurate and properly checked.
  • Team work: As all the work of geologist are on field and with the co-workers in team. So, they need a good person with high communication skills and must not be a short tempered person and do his/her work by coordinating with the team.
  • Instruments: Many instruments are used for exploring, mining, mapping or surveying, so he must have a proper knowledge of all the instruments he is going to use in his field. He must know uses of all the instruments in geology study.

Some job profiles in this field are as follows:

  • Volcanologists
  • Petroleum Geologists
  • Environmental Geologists
  • Earth Science Teachers
  • Glacial or Quaternary Geologists
  • Structural Geologists
  • Hydro geologists
  • Engineering Geologists
  • Paleontologist

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Working Conditions of Geologists and Mining Engineer

Geologists work in surveying and surface mapping in geological areas in oil and mining industries. They have to work for hours; sometimes they have to stay away from their families for many days and have to work in bad conditions sometimes with limited co-workers. Only experienced geologists are recruited in offices and laboratories, other geologists have to begin their professional journey with the tough field work in many remote areas.

Scope for Geologists and Mining Engineers

There is already a huge demand of geologists and mining engineers in abroad and according to the surveys it can be said that in India also it is increasing with a rapid changes. Mostly these changes are noticed in South India.

Some organizations, recruit geologists, conduct two exams followed by interview and this exam includes General knowledge, English and Geology. These types of organizations include Oil and Natural Gas Commission (ONGC), Hindustan Zinc Ltd. (HZL), Coal India, Mineral Exploration Ltd. (MEL).

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There are many institutes who are offering the course in mining engineering. Some of the institutes are Royal School of Mines, London Dalhousie University, Canada, Indian Institute Of Technology, Guwahati and Government Engineering College, Gujarat.

There are many other suggestions in the field of Geo-Scientist like Economic Geology, Geochemistry, Geomorphology, Geophysics, Hydrogeology, Mineralogy, Oceanography, Paleontology, Petroleum Geology, Petrology and Structural Geology, Law ( Relating to Mining) and Then Mining Engineering core courses.

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