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How To Prepare English For Competitive Exams | English Tips and Tricks

How To Prepare English For Competitive Exams

Applicants who have just started their preparation for Competitive Exams they want to know How to Prepare English for Competitive Exams? So for your ease we are sharing Tips and Tricks to improve your English for IBPS PO, SBI PO, SSC CGL and other competitive exam.

English language is one of the most important sections for all types of Competitive Exams and lots of questions are asked in English section. It is also the easiest and most scoring portion of an examination.

Tips To Prepare English For Competitive Exams

Therefore, below we have provided the useful tips to qualify English section in any Competitive Exam. These tips also help to overcome the difficulties which candidates are facing during the exam.

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How To Prepare English For Competitive Exams

“Before Exam”:

Learn English Through Reading Newspaper:

If you want to get perfection in English, then you must read newspaper. If you are a beginner, no problem: you can read the newspaper daily. Don’t spend whole day in reading newspaper but read it’s editorial section as it will make you comfortable to their writing style as there is no need to practice endless reading comprehension questions because practice papers are just a tool to analyze performance.

Learn English Vocabulary:

It is almost tough to score well in exams without strong vocabulary. In order to improve your reading speed read newspapers properly every day.

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Spelling Mistakes:

Spelling Mistakes put down the huge impact in the preparation of English for any competitive exam. An incorrect spelling can modify the entire sense of sentence. You have to be certain that whatsoever you write.

Sentence Creation:

Sentence creation is an significant characteristic, as writing the descriptive test of any exam, as all your view and thoughts can only be put ahead simply if have the skill to form a sentence in a correct way

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Use English Words In Daily Life:

In the beginning candidates start to use English work in daily life. If you want to be a good English it is necessary to talk and use word in English. You can improve your skills only when you use English words in daily routine no matter how out of order it might seem in starting but with daily routine it will be graceful and a rhythm would be shaped.

Do Regular Practice:

For making the writing skills more effective you should have to do regular practice because practice makes everybody perfect so practice. It must be achievable by recording your voice in English and get your mistakes right or you can also attend English class for the same purpose. Reading a lot will help you in following things:

  • Increasing your reading speed.
  • Learning more words.
  • Increase your awareness & knowledge about various issues.
  • Help you in scoring good marks in the long passage type questions.
  • Gives you good hands on experience in correcting the sentences with grammatical errors.

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Must Use The dictionary:

Using a dictionary will surely improve your English day by day but stop using low quality mobile dictionaries. Buy an Oxford Advanced English Dictionary. Dictionary is a collection of words that will help to learn the meaning of word.

There are dictionaries that will assist out to obtain the meaning of the statement or word in the comparable language or the different language. It also assists us to know the meaning of words in other language. And it also assists in Synonyms and Antonyms to take your writing and analysis skills to next level.

Learn English through Movies and Film:

YouTube is an amazing resource for language learners and you almost certainly previously have your favorite videos. With bigger videos, you may discover your awareness wanders. The key to improving by watching videos is to really listen carefully and use the pause button to focus on sounds and words. Many YouTube videos now have captions.

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Practice Sample Papers:

Exams are always being very tense for all students. If candidates who are going to appear in any competitive exam that means too much stress. You can reduce your exhaustion if you resolve more and more sample papers and previous years question papers.

Applicants are advised to solve at least 20 previous sample papers of different levels. Actually, this is the comprehensive method to practice for any toughest competitive exam

“During Exam”

Manage Your time:

We all know that managing time is very important while Attempting 200 questions in mere two hours as it is not an easy task for each one of us. So, we advise you to make a strategy to attempt exam.

Attempt last question sets first:

Most of the times question at the end of English language are the easiest ones. Therefore Never leave those question.

Attempt English language section in the beginning:

It takes a lot of efforts to read full length paragraphs after 90 minutes of hard on quantitative and reasoning section. I strongly recommend you to attempt English language section at first even if you are not good at this section.

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How To Attempt Reading Comprehension

Major part of English language section is consists of Reading comprehension sets. In many exam 20 out of 40 questions comes from reading comprehension. Many candidates leave these marks rich questions which is the biggest mistake. Tips to attempt reading comprehension sets:-

  • Write main points while reading in long paragraphs as it is very difficult to recall every point.
  • Read questions properly first so that you know what are you finding.
  • Identify the theme of paragraph; it helps in answering very quickly.
  • Read first and last para twice and thoroughly.

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Dear readers we hope that you all will find the above tips extremely useful, in case of any query or sharing your views with us feel free to comment below, we’ll reply soon to your comment. By following the above Tips and Tricks to prepare English will you to crack the Competitive Exams.

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